It happened in the country of my parents

It happened in the country of my parents, when I was about 14 years old and I was left alone with nochevoy.
I often stayed in the country for a few days, that's like this time everything was as usual, and there were no signs of trouble.
It was an ordinary weekday and neighbors were not in nearby houses.
I always like to bathe in the evening ritual of the shower and went to the second floor with a book in order to kill the last predsumrachnye hours.
A little reading, I turned out the light, took off his clothes remnants, to twist the mirror and pleased by what he saw yawned and fell into restful sleep.
I woke up from strange noises and sounds drifting somewhere nearby.
After listening, I began to clearly distinguish between walking and talking some people at the bottom.
I was horrified at ease, but I did not dare utter a word not to betray their presence. In a voice I realized that it was the three men, they always something overturned and dropped there. Unexpectedly, I distinctly heard footsteps.
Someone climbed up the stairs. Not having time to figure out, I saw the door opened and a figure frozen in the doorway.
"Hey, Nick! There is someone "-Suitable to my bed this guy yelled.
Not knowing what to do in such a situation, I stared at the stranger.
Less than a minute later, two more figures obsmatrivali sending me their flashlights.
Apparently my presence embarrassed them a little, but quickly adapting one of them apparently a senior told me, "What do you lie, come help!"
And turning to his partner sdobavil "help him to come."
I'm shocked I could not move, and came to his senses when one of them pulled off my blanket and all the loud neighing.
I realized that their so funny, because I was completely naked, and this fact has strengthened my stiffness even more.
- Guys, you need to - I said barely holding back tears.
- Now we do not know - said one of them.
- She just wanted to eat, and now wanted to get some sleep - said another man, laughing
-Okay, kid, jokes aside, if all you do as we say, it will remain alive - Kolyan said and slapped me on the cheek.
- I'll go see what there is to eat and you talk to them yet, said Kohl and retired.
- Arise and walk through the room - he told me one of the other, as I understood it was called Dima.
- I slowly got up from the sofa and turned to face him
- Turn booty - said another, and sent to the underbelly of the flashlight
I obeyed.
- Walk back and forth - barked Dima
- Beautiful boy in the figure, butt and legs just mortality, that's because the youth tell Sanya!
- Yes, with our razebannymi whores do not compare - waved second head
- Get on your knees! - Sasha said
- Guys, I do not want to, please - I squeezed out of myself
- Get up fool if you do not want violence - said Dima, and kicked me under the knee
The leg buckled, but I resisted and then he grabbed me by the neck and forcefully thrown on the sofa
Another not giving me time to recover his big hands pulled me to the sofa
In the following moment, I felt like something scorching sharply penetrated my ass
and there also came.
- You see, even it does not smell - Dima said, sniffing her finger
- Here you guessed - said Sasha - even spit or something, for lubrication, palchischi out what are, this is for you not to drive your Lyuska bottle.
- You're a couple of hours it will look, and you can bet that the bottle and then here fit
- Do not talk here, and the little finger climbs with difficulty, look at a pink glazochek, I can not even imagine.
OK let's see. Kolyano will wait or go through Razka?
I already smokes! - Dima said.
Dima put his calloused hand on my ass and started stroking it.
I could not say a word, just sobbed and clasped his hands holding me to breathe a little easier
- Well Th lad! Come to your senses or not! Sanya priotpusti his malyas and then strangled. We will play - not appeased Dima.
I cried from helplessness and closed his ass handed.
- Got it, well, then I'm sorry - he stood up, and I heard blurted plaque belt and unzipped.
- Sanya hands get him not to interfere!
Sasha pushed me even harder and my hands stretched themselves to the neck to a little free.
The next moment I felt something wet and warm between my buttocks.
I realized that this language. Dima spread his hands hurt my ass and began to bite and to join me with his tongue.
This lasted a short time, the language was connected finger he made a couple of unpleasant frictions in my anus.
When he stopped to tear his hands my buttocks, I thought that you can rest a bit.
But suddenly something warm and a great spread my glutes and boils down to the anus.
I tensed. Pressure is growing rapidly. Probably because my whole ass and the hole itself was in Dima's saliva, I felt that his penis begins to penetrate me despite my tremendous effort.
I kid because you tear a fool - Dima mumbled and I felt a growing pain and a burning sensation while stretching my anus.
I groaned and clutched his hands in the back of the couch.
The pain was growing and deepened, and at the same time a great thing to force stormed into the anus, and I felt like Dima pressed the mass of my body in the bed.
He bit my neck and whispered: "Well, my suchenok how you as a girl? Wait soon you will not be so hard to resist. "
He sat up a little, and again plunged into me.
I felt his cock that tore my hole in all directions, when he fell from power on me then slapped his belly and I chustvoval pain not only on stretching, but also by penetration is somewhere inside.
He fucked me with an animal frenzy, biting my neck, and kept pushing my buttocks.
When he left, I felt an incredible relief. It lasted not for a long time.
He slipped me a pillow under the belly and my buttocks almost ceased to interfere with its powerful invasion.
His knees he raspnul my feet and going in and out of me, probably the entire length of his penis so fast that it seemed to me that I was hammering some unfeeling machine, the pain dulled and has evolved from cutting into the constant nagging.
- Just do not end it - Sasha said I do not want to mess around in your semen.
- Can cum in his mouth if the teeth vybesh - he growled and laughed.
- If he does not take my cock in your mouth, I will break it all, not only the teeth - said
With these words, he abruptly pulled out of the priests lacerated his penis and held it to my face.
- Come and play with his ass while I'll take care of your teeth and lips - sarcastically said Dima.
He took me by the neck and told him to open his mouth.
After this anal torture, I could no longer resist and sank his cock into my open mouth.
I felt like a member of Sasha's poked into my crotch and find a hole has developed actively immersed in it.
Dima held my neck with both hands and sit down my head on its end so that I sometimes could not breathe and I felt sick.
My drool started to flow from his mouth and finally a powerful jet hit my throat so that I once inadvertently swallowed it all, choking and taking new frictions and sperm flows in his mouth.
Sasha lifted and put me on all fours tore me from different angles apparently choosing the most comfortable position.
After a while he groaned and I felt out of my priests start something slowly leak and flow down the thighs.
Sasha pulled out his limp dick out of my already red from the blows and slaps priests.
All mouth and ass I've had in the semen.
In the air was the smell of stale sweat, semen, saliva and some probably anal secretions.
Only now, relax a little and came ... I saw a man sitting close to Nicholas, who watched the scene and stroking his penis.
- Well, our girl you not tired yet? - Mockingly he asked.
- Come to Daddy, he'll otshlepaet.- these words all the neighing and Sasha with force pushed me off the couch.
- Suck bitch - Kohl snapped and picked me pulled my head to the penis.
I obeyed and took in his mouth quite smelly and swollen member.
After taking a comfortable position, clasped his feet and knelt I began to suck hard, without waiting for any help.
Member Coley became very hard and filled my whole mouth, I had a very hard time to immerse yourself in it.
Suddenly I felt something cold and hard around my wet and sticky anus.
Not having time to figure out what it is, I stopped sucking and closed his eyes in pain.
Nick grabbed my hand and pulled zalomal them for my back legs holding her head.
-Well, someone lose a bet? - Dima's voice.
- Someone said that only razebannye whore and then to the cinema is capable of.
- You see a part, like clockwork - Dima went - well, maybe a little bit of blood after that, but it is possible to fuck then calmly, already tested in two terms.
- And the main thing that both boys and girls have the sweet holes.
- Only boys easier to negotiate - Kohl added, and laughed.
Sasha was probably very surprised, but Dima continued to fuck me an empty bottle.
I felt like my pelvis expand and neck hurt my insides bursting with every movement.
-Okay, let's continue - said Kohl.
Not removing the bottle, he pulled me to the sofa, than gave me quite a lot of pain. Then she rattled them I squeezed out, and then my anus remained open.
Nick put me on the stomach and easily entered into me.
It made me stretch my ass every frictions to muscle more tightly squeezed his cock and I felt like a force makes hard and my pisyun. Kohl's seen it noticed and turned me on my side began to fuck with even greater force. The rest saw my erection and neighing.
- Hey, Nick, I think our slut kicks, Nuka move over a bit.
Dima took my penis in his hand the other began to touch my anus and thrust with a member of their fingers at me.
Then he pritisnulsya close to me, Kohl at that time stood up slightly and Dima lifted my hips and buttocks slightly apart with the force pushed the his penis into my already filled by another member of the hole.
My erection disappeared immediately and the execution continued.