I came here for a friend's wedding at the witness. Friend-Sasha, 27 years old, his bride 23. But it's not about them. The main object of my attention was the girlfriend nevesty- Alla. It's pretty high brown-haired 25 years. I am on this special focus on. Why it will be appreciated later. Alla was in a beautiful striped yellow evening dress, long below the knee a lot. From this woman looked even taller and slimmer.
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Well, in general, the wedding went on as usual, toasts, laughter, jokes, stories, etc. I parallel around, trying to take pictures. How then during the slow dance Alla said:
- Why do not you drink?
- In the sense of? - I did not understand.
- Well, I noticed that you do not drink anything. No vodka or wine or champagne. A glass in the hands of a long hold, you touch his lips and put a full back.
- Why? - I said - and I so well.
So you do not you drink? - Do not let a friend of the bride.
Instead of answering, I nodded silently.
- Well, you're damn you give? - Alla's eyes widened in surprise.
Then she asked him about the photos, what and why I photograph, and at the end asked, and for me Take photos.
- Come on, where.
- Not now, later, in the evening, after the wedding. Good?

How can you refuse a lady, even more so charming. Of course, I already imagined it in my dreams in my arms, but really understand what is actually no sex will not.
At the end of the spree and get-togethers for young, we went to the Alley for a photo session. She was tired, I also decided to relax a bit. Alla showed me his album, fascinated, relaxed, her eyes lit up with lights joy than I took - started her photo shoot. Little by little we got carried away, I planted it in different poses and asked to unbutton the top of the dress and lift the chest a little, then lift the skirt and bare legs, Alla willingly posed as a born model. Then I offered to pose topless, she agreed.

Send pictures from behind, in front, polubokom, breast covered hands, etc. Suggest to remove her panties, I did not dare. Something tells me that it would be superfluous and spoil everything. I and so it was not easy. Seeing in front of a slender beauty, with perfect shapes, leaner ass and standing chest and not be able to touch them. Here they are, these two lovely ripe buns. How I wanted to put his hands on them, crush them, stroking, touching the nipples. And you can not. Model inviolable, otherwise good nude photos with the girl will not work.

When our imagination dried up, went to the kitchen to drink tea. Suddenly, Alla said suddenly:
- You never even touched my breasts. But you really wanted to, I could see it in your eyes.
- If I'm going to paw each model, it's not a photo shoot will be,
- But I you like me.
- Highly. Come watch the pictures.

Gone to her room, we sat down at the computer, began to look komentirovat. At some point, our faces were very close, I turned my head in her direction, she in mine, our noses almost touching. I realized that the moment had arrived, a little bent forward, she did not pull away, and finally our lips meet for a kiss. At first it was just a sensual and gentle kiss, then I put an arm around the girl's waist and began to stroke her. Everything was amazing. In my arms, such a kick-ass girl. I kiss her and hug, and maybe even that you get. My hand went down from the back, on the priest and on. But as soon as I reached the hip, I caught the change in the girl's mind. She's a bit tense. Then I decided not to rush things, because to me, and so it was fine.

Well, and then we kissed, hugged, crimped. Alla I suffered on her bed and there we continued. Gradually clothes us became less and hot passion. We rode naked on the bed for a long time, I obtseloval every part of her body, including her thighs and pussy. She caressed me the most, including the member who just do not burst from the strain. I have such a strong riser has never had. Alla I relaxed, and I realized that the time had come. And when I was once again lying on top and kissing her on the lips my baby as if he himself had found the entrance to her womb, it has long been wet, and I became a member of the squeeze inside. At first everything was Okay, but then there was like that crowded. I had thought that she stiffened again, but did not want to retreat, otherwise bursting from overflowing sperm, so showing head, and breaking all the barriers broke into this wonderful pussy.

It was very crowded, so I'm making just seven strokes, rapidly, with the roar finished. All this time Alla quietly wailed a shrill voice: "Have pity, have pity, have pity ... And only then it dawned on me:
- You virgin? - I could not believe what had happened. I just fucked ... I Tore virginity hymen stunned girl, which has managed to fall in love at the banquet table at a wedding.
- Not anymore - smiling, the girl said. Her face is not something that would have shone, but it was quite happy - take a photo of me there. There's a lot of blood?
- No, not much.
I made a couple of shots a torn hymen. Blood is almost was not, but had a lot of flowing out of her pussy sperm. I showed her.
- I thought the blood longer.

I woke up from that felt the her eyes. Opening my eyes, I really saw a face Alla, her eyes, they looked directly at me. Alla smiled softly. Then he looked down, my eyes followed her and saw a strong, standing member, ready for battle. And I rushed into it. To battle. I clung to the girl with a kiss, turned her on her back, climbed the leg and went into it. More specifically I wanted to go, because she stuck her hand between us and saying, wait a minute, I myself, sent it to myself. I started to move it. First Alla just lay there and did not move, then he began to breathe deeply, and then moan and finally help me to fuck myself. Well, well, I thought, well, you see, and be able to finish. I decided to wait with his ejaculation, and bring it to the finish.

After a while Alla moaned, became tensed, squeezing my legs and muscles of the vagina, I realized that it is suitable. I no longer hold back, I began to move at full amplitude and Alla suddenly arched, stiffened and moaned limp. When he finished, I thought, and after a few movements he finished, throwing the girl into a powerful jet of sperm.
- By azhetsya I came, - said Alla satisfied voice.
I got out of it and saw that my cock all red with blood, and a huge red stain sheets. In the same Alla ass red spots. Again, I made a couple of shots and showed the girl. She smiled happily:
- Finally, I became a real woman.
- Not while you're still a girl who has only just as it should have broken hymen. Maybe in the morning and you'll be a woman. To do this, you need to horoshenechko razebat. What would you get pleasure from sex. Teach sucking dick.
- I have a chance? You will help? - Alla said jokingly.
- Help course, with great pleasure. And chances are good you have. You have just finished. I am ready to help you in this day and night. I'm so lucky. Breaking the first flower with a stunned girl. This is happiness.

Alla smiling. We went showered. Again, little bed. First of all, barely formed, Alla clung to my pal, kissed him several times, he began to react, stood up. She widened her mouth, hiding her teeth, planted his mouth on the penis. After playing, she sat astride it and has itself become a fucking me. Gone era of experimentation. I do not know how many times I finished it, exactly four times, but to get an orgasm from sex, I taught her.

Morning woke up, the sun shines, in my arms a beautiful girl I had all night in the box, besides the flower plucked her innocence. and one night with a whole day ahead. That is happiness. I realized that I had found the one single. Alla woke up, smiling, looked at me and put her head on my chest. I stroked it gently. Was very good. The decision was made by me, it left his voice, and to see the reaction of Alla.
- So, - I said - now August deadline means to give birth you will have somewhere in May - June.
- What makes you think I'm going to give birth. I'm not even pregnant.
-Just Like me, what would you have become pregnant today, in this magical night. I want, what would you have borne me a son or daughter, I wish that you would become my wife, half. Marry me. I want to love you forever. Be near.

- But you do not know me.
At that moment the front door slam, snapped the lock lockable.
- Who is it? - I asked, puzzled.
- My mother - the girl said laughing.
- But we're here all night ... - I stopped. - You should have at least warned.
- Come on. She obviously liked it. She sleeps and sees that I probably married, or at least bore. All had eaten baldness that I with any of the men did not meet. And with whom to meet. Some alcoholics and lazy dolt.

I pulled her to him and kiss his mouth shut to stop this slovopotok. Then I put on the tummy and entered her from behind. Alla immediately began to breathe deeply, uttering sweet moans. Again, I brought her to orgasm, and finished himself. Getting up from the bed, we scanned the field, our joys. The entire sheet was thoroughly crumpled, spattered with sperm. In the middle of two red spots, one large and the other quite small. Alka grabbed the sheet, pleased with her began to spin.

- Take a picture of me with her. I took a few pictures, a naked girl whirls with mint and a bloody sheet. Then I made a couple of staged shots. I put her in the doorway, so that the light from the window describes the texture and delicate plastic female body. I asked to cross the legs and between them missed the edge of the sheet. The upper third of the folded and wrapped belly girl. Chest was outside, red patches covered the navel. It was very cool.
Then we brought myself up, got dressed and went to the newlyweds. On the way Allah said:

- You go, I'll go in twenty minutes.
I came to the young, we have seen pictures of yesterday and were remembered yesterday. What, and how, etc. Then call. Lena went to open.
In the hallway rattled heels and entered the room Alla.
-Vau! - Screamed at the same time we Sanko. It was something.
The girl was wearing a thin transparent blouse, through which shone a bra, through which a good view of the breast and nipples girl. Blouse short, above the navel. But most importantly skirt girl. Broad, beige color with frills, and a length that barely covers her ass and panties. Below skirt amazing harmony and beauty legs.

Alla was held in the middle of the room and spun on the spot. Skirt with natural rose up, taking the form of a saucer and opened ass girl in a white thong. Though, all this lasted a moment, they saw a beautiful ass and pussy panties covering. Dumb. All with gaping mouths.
- Stepanov! Are you done with the girl? - This remark to me.
- In terms of? - I did not understand.
- We have it so never seen. She always went midi and maxi. You came here, and she has all its legs.
- Come on, kolites that you were there.
Alla took a cell phone and showed a few pictures with a sheet. The people number two shock.
- Look, I do not drive that the wedding with us, but the wedding night you something?
Then Alla dragged me into the next room, where we kissed, and when I got up, she smiled mischievously, pulled off her panties and put it on my shoulder his left leg. In this position I'm in it and entered. Acrobatics, and only. I got carried away and did not see the young wife came into the room, but I heard her voice:
- Go see what they're doing.
- Fuck, I suppose.
- You look like.
Then steps Sanka and his voice
- No, well, what are you, exactly ohreneli. Our wedding and your honeymoon?
When we finished and left, embarrassed, in the hall, Sasha asked:
- Al, what's this? Karate, karate, or after?
- No, it's after karate, - said my girlfriend.
- ??? - I did not understand.

I was told that Allah has long been engaged in karate, and sometimes goes to the peasants felt for their harassment and lapane. Local her do not touch, they are afraid. And I was here and they say ohmuril innocent girl.
Then there was a continuation of the wedding. A month later, we have applied and Alla became my wife. And she gave birth to my daughter in May.