Devoted son

In the evening went to sleep max contents of the sachet in juice pack standing in the refrigerator, he knew that his mother would be sure to drink juice. Sitting in the kitchen, he impatiently waited for the mother decides to drink juice. And Irina came into the kitchen and reached into the refrigerator. The boy's heart pounded. Here are his mother got the juice, taking a glass poured to the brim. There is still time to stop it, not to drink, but Max continued to sit, staring in fascination as his mother prepared for drinking a potion. After drinking staakan Irina sat down beside her son - Maxim, what are you so gloomy - she asked, patting him on the head. Yes, no, I'm normal - he said, taking the package he refilled the glass - Mom, here's another juice. Thank you son, you're so caring - Irina kissed him on the cheek. The second glass of Irina has not finished her, the powder has already begun to act, Maxim saw clouded her eyes. Maxim, I'll go lie down - handed Irina - something I tend to sleep. Good Mom - Max stood up and raised the glass to her unfinished - dopey juice and go. Irina obediently drained the glass and leaning on the wall went to her room. When he reached the door, she squatted down - I can not continue - Irina faltered and fell to the side. Maxim went to the unfeeling mother - my mother, my mother - he called it. No reaction, potormoshiv her shoulder and making sure that his mother fully sedated he dialed the number of the novel.
Five minutes later, three teenagers went to the apartment. Well done Max - praised him Igor, is he took a powder. Maxim saw that the guys brought a video camera. We will shoot porn - catching his eye said novel - you love porn - with a smile, he looked at Maxim. The boy shrugged and said nothing.
The boys lifted and dragged Irina's room, laid her on the couch. What teen - said Dima, a third of the men - just super tits - unleashing the robe he squeezed large breasts Irene. Maxim sat down in a corner silently watching the scene. We turn on the camera and began to shoot. Women pulled off her panties and robe, podrostiki began to paw Irina delay breast nipples, squeeze their hands, gently slap, forcing tremble. Roma Irina spreading legs began to penetrate his fingers into the vagina. What a pussy - he admired - a big, hot. As the two paw Irina third all shot on camera.
Plenty enough of her body, the boys began to put Irina in different positions, continuing to shoot, pushing her hands labia vagina they filmed close-ups.
And now - the Roma began to take off her clothes - it's time to fuck this bitch, declared during sex. Maxim fascinated watched naked novel located between the thighs of his mother divorced. Going into a woman, he grabbed her hips and began to move her hips. Dima camera approached them and shot as a member of the teen appeared then disappeared into the vagina Irene. Excitation of teenagers was great, so Roma finished in a minute. Next - he triumphantly shook sperm balances stomach Irene. He was replaced by Igor. Nawal at Irina he was beating her violently, his hands clutching her boobs. As Igorek sold - Roma grinned. Yes, I fuck that bitch - shouted Igor - I fucked her in full. Its eruption is also not long in coming. What a bitch, I liked it - he said to the insensible woman - our know - he slapped her thighs. Dimon, it's yours - Igor gestured hand. Dima did not wait, and now his cock plunged into the already filled with sperm of his bosom friends. Damn, how very best, an adult cow fuck - he said - and then those kids are already tired. Maxim looked like chest twitching to the beat of his mother thrusts Dima as shakes her little tummy. Max you have a great nurse - Dima turned his head - it will. Maksim blushed and shook his head. Well, as you know - the guys laughed.
Otymev Irina for the second time, the teenagers got a break. The woman continued to be unconscious, prostrate she lay on the couch of her bosom flowed sperm guys. Eco we pumped it - whistled Roma, rubbing his thighs woman leaking liquid. It is necessary to it in his mouth poebat - suggested Igor. A confused - said Dima - she's like a log, will not suck, and so easy to knock - he waved his hand. Then maybe in the ass - not appeased Igor. In this proposal the eyes of the children light up - exactly fuck in the ass - agreed to Roma. Maxim you do not mind - mockingly asked Dima, going to his mother, and turning it into the stomach. No - he forced a boy, he knew he had done a big mistake by agreeing, but now it was too late. Irina flexing through the arm of the couch, Dima fell in behind. Wait, it is necessary to remove the close-up - to it flew Roma and standing over Irina began to take off. Dima parted buttocks female hands, put her anus to his dick. By moving his hips, he slowly became a millimeter penetrate the anus women. Tight goes - he gasped - it is seen never gave up the ass. Nothing, when it is necessary to start - Roma joked. Introducing a member of Dima completely stopped for a moment - fucking cool feeling - shared it with friends. Come on, move, not one - urged him Igor - and how wakes up, so will the number. Okay - Dima grasped Irina wide hips began to move her hips.
After Dima anus women seized Igor. It is necessary to pour her another poroshochka - without stopping to fuck ass, he said - and it is already beginning to respond. Indeed, Irina began to publish soft moans. Dima went to the kitchen brought a glass of water, add to the powder he tried to pour the liquid into the mouth Irene. Igor came out of the anus, women and seated her on the floor, tried to get the guys together Irina drink. But Irina did not swallow all of the liquid and just flowed out of her mouth. Damn, it does not work - swore Igor - what do you tell her so little given - he turned to the maxim. He just shrugged. Well, fifteen minutes, we still have - examining Irina concluded Igor - then it will begin to quietly come around. Then hurry - Roma woman knocking on the floor, rolled her on her stomach and spread his hands buttocks stuck his penis in her anus. Yarosno nasazhivaya Irina ass on his penis, he held her by the shoulders. Discharge, he gave way to Igor. When Igor was finished, the boys began to get dressed. Maxim looked at the body lying on the floor of his mother. He could clearly see the ring my mother's anus flushed from which thin white stream flowed sperm from her swollen labia fucked long and tormented children chubby buttocks.
A minute later, Max is closed for the guys front door. Back in the room, he was not controlling myself down next to her mother and began to knead her ass, climbing fingers into her slimy semen holes, flipping her onto her back, he pressed his lips to her breasts. His hands roamed over her lush body, he kissed her, he passed his tongue, his old dream come true, he owned his mother. Throwing off his clothes, he lay down on top of her mother. His penis touched the hot and alluring womb, Maxim went to the mother. Desire overwhelmed the boy, he furiously fucked his own mother, taking her nipples into his mouth with the force he put them off, his hands clutching the mother's breast. Sucking sounds crowded vagina sperm more whipped up the boy.
Meanwhile, Irina began to rebound, it became to make sounds, but absorbed passion maxims did not pay any attention to that. When he came to the final, Irina tried to push away from the son, but the vzhav her to the floor continued to rape her. Mother, mother - took off from the open mouth boy - wait - his cock continued to walk furiously inside her. Irina did not understand what was going on in my head buzzing, the whole body ached. Finally maxims finished and stood up with his mother. Irina sat down on the floor trying to understand what is happening. Before her stood her son, who has just ... fuck her, she herself was completely naked, and most importantly, she did not remember anything. Irina tried to stand, her body still badly heard her, so she just sat on the sofa. She felt that her entire crotch filled with sperm, it pursued a dull aching pain in the ass. Maxim - she said - what's going on. Maxim stared at her mother. I ask what is going on max - Irina shouted. Without saying a word, her son by a bullet flew out of the room in a moment Irina heard the slamming door. After sitting for a while Irina went to the bathroom.
It's late in the evening max returned home and went to his room. Irina did not dare to ask her son what had happened. She realized that she had been sexually abused by her son that somehow was sedated. Her worried another thought, was a bit too much sperm has made only if it's her son, or was someone else. Irina did not know how to behave on and decided to look at the actions of his son.
The next evening, the doorbell rang. Irina opened the door and saw a boy of sixteen. Hello - hello one - it will look necessarily - he handed her a videotape. I - Irina was surprised. Yes, you just be sure to look, tomorrow I will come - giving her the tape boy went down the stairs. Closing the door behind him, Irina stood in the hallway, fingering the tape did not come to any decision, she shrugged and carried the cassette into the room and returned to the interrupted work.
Later, she decided to still see that in the cassette handed her boy. Turn it she could not tear myself away from the TV until the end of the recording. On the tape were the events of the previous evening which Irina did not know and could not remember. Here is her unconscious body lying in the corridor and lift are in the room, lay on the sofa, here gown untied and begins to play with her breasts, here are some kid pulls off her panties and fingering her vagina. Irina looked at the screen instinctively pushed the hips. That camera snatched her son sitting in the corner, that's back to her again. Irina watched in horror as the film three guys fuck her one by one, in this case were talking, laughing. That scene deprivation Irina anal virginity, that teenagers grin over her tight ass. Inspection to the end, Irina still some time sat staring blankly at the screen extinct. The events of last night it became very clear. Her own son opoil her in some potion and gave it to mock your friends, what is after them, and he himself has satisfied his lust Irina remembered so.
Anger grew in Irene wave, tearing away from the couch she flew into his son's room. Grabbing of hair she poured it on the floor and began to whip hand over his cheeks - animal, scum - she weighed out the son of a resounding slap. Maxim has been a sobering lack of mother's reaction to yesterday's attack was extremely surprised by her anger. Irina pulled her son into his room and turned on the video - max I'm your mother, for you - she did not finish, she sobs poured from her and she sank into a chair. Maxim stared record, he could not believe that the guys gave his mother's drawer. Every second wave of desire rolled in the boy. Looking like his buddies fuck his mother maxims excited stronger. Irina continued to fight in hysterics. Maxim sat on the arm of the chair tried to reassure his mother. She continued to sob and pritchitat - for what, for what. Mommy, Mommy - max stroking her head - take it easy, you are my favorite - the boy's hand slowly slid down on the mother's back out on her hip. Well, take it easy - with one hand while continuing to push the mother to her maxims became the second shift gown with thigh - quiet, quiet. Expose my mother's thighs, he began to untie the belt on the robe. Irina continued to sob looked at his manipulation. Mom, calm down - unleashing times he parted the robe revealing her breasts - all right - leaning, he kissed one breast - softly - his tongue began to pull the nipple. Actions son is so surprised Irina that she slowly began to relax. That's good - continued to persuade her maxims began to pull gown with her mother's shoulder. As Irina stunned to limit did not resist. Come Arise - Maxim's mother asked. She obediently got up from his chair, robe fell to her feet. Now let's take off panties - said as gently as possible max. His hands pulled down the gum.
Here Irina woke up and came out of his stupor - you mean, maxims - she pushed her son and his hands covered his chest. Mom, do not worry - maxims held out his hand. Sonny, what are you doing - backing away from him said Irina. I want you, Mom - stammered the boy whispered. No, Max, you can not - Irina shook her head - you that it is unnatural. But Mama - protested maxims - it already was, so do not be worse - with these words Maxim dropped his trousers and underpants. On Irina looked upturned member of her son. Maxim, son - Irina's eyes were filled with horror. The boy continued to emphasize it. Irina turned her back to the wall, next to depart was nowhere to go. Sonny - she said with a plea in his voice - I can not do. And you do not see - said the son - Arise cancer and all. Irina was crushed, her own son offered her lasciviousness. Maxim - she whispered. The boy was adamant. Grabbing his mother's shoulders, he abruptly turned his back to her. Bend - he accompanied his order a slap on the back. Irina humbly bent. Meanwhile, the boy pulled off her panties. Thighs Arrange - voice sounded son. Irina resting his hands on the arm of the couch rastavit wider feet. Rotten, sticking out his ass - his son words were like a whip - that scrap as a virgin. Lost woman unconditionally all fulfilled. When a member of her son entered her eyes Irene gave way to tears. Biting lips Irina cried silently as the son pulling her hips drives the hands of his cock into her womb. When he had finished in the mother, she left her maxims. Irina sat down on the floor with his head in his hands. Sobs shook her. Cry, it can feel better - cynically remarked max - but remember, I now often going to fuck you. Then he left the room, leaving a humiliated mother.

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