We just wanted to love 1.

Thanks to social networks, I met with her, she turned my whole life upside down. We had similar hobbies, both loved to listen to heavy music, corsets, body piercing. After several months of communication, we decided to meet, very much wanted to go to somewhere together. And we decided, let's go to a nightclub.

Lied to the parents was not difficult. And so, together we stand at the entrance and poured a sweet heady with cheap alcohol, in the form enernetikov. We are easy to miss in the club, we danced and had fun. And when it does not have the strength, I offered to go to the bathroom to wash. It was unbearably hot. Even though I was in a state of extreme intoxication, I noticed that my friend was damn sexy. She had long brown hair, with bright kracnymi tips, short black dress that she really went and high heels. I licked my lips and pressed the girl to the door of the toilet stall. Glaring in small, neat hand lips I climbed into her neckline and took the breast massage.

This happened to me the first time. I was very surprised when she lifted my dress and started through the panties massaging my clit. I'm on time otpryala the girl opened the door and dragged her cabin behind him, she closed the stall door. well it was spacious. I saw she was smiling, she came to me and sat on the toilet seat, she herself down on her knees and spread my legs.
- I see you're already wet, check what you're tasty.

She dug her lips to my clit, then kissed him, biting and pulling it achieved my voluptuous groan. At the time I massaged her breasts, the third size. While I was in a state of euphoria, I did not notice that I was brought in as soon as two fingers. She slowly input and output fingers while kissing my chest.