Active Lena and rolls

My name is Andrew I am 18 years old, Lena, we've known for six months, she was with me to study in the same group at the institute. In the audience we are sitting on the same row, or rather, I followed her. Almost all the couples I look at her hair, and when someone opened the door to the room, I could smell her perfume. And when she gets up from the desk, I looked at her gorgeous ass, and I could not take my eyes even blush when you feel that someone is watching me. I had to take the phone and pretended to write sms. Sometimes she turned to me, straightening, her blond long hair, asked what was asked, I answered curtly sometimes rough, because he could not control himself and with his voice, I just wanted it.

At the end of the winter session it turned out so much that I stayed and Lena have to pass one exam, one and the teacher. She came to me put a hand on his shoulder, and asked.
- When retake go?

I held my breath. However, he gains strength, I told her with a smile.
- Linen, tomorrow at 5 pm.
- And you're in the car, Andrew?
- Well yes.
- And you can pick me up tomorrow, we went together to take the exam? How do you like the idea?
- All right let your mobile, and where to take you.

I sang the soul. Tomorrow I will close with a girl that I like. Wow. Although what I talk to her? I thought I was not a great expert in the field of ohmureniya girls. Basically, I was silent and did not show any activity or to communicate with them. Maybe that's why, I still do not have a girlfriend, with whom I met for a long time.

She called me at 3 o'clock, and said, a little late for. On reaching the destination, I was still waiting for thirty minutes it. I was about to leave, I saw her running in boots on the long heels almost falling, in one hand a small bag in the other notebook with notes. I got out of the car opened the door for her she sat down, gave me a smile for it.
- I think a little too late - making a guilty face, kissed me on the cheek - just as well?
- Of course - that's all I could say no, there were no words. All the way she told me how she was tired of studying and hunting just relax. Then for no reason no repeated definition, making a clever face.

The institute has passed all perfectly well for five minutes, the teacher took our record book and signed it, saying only two words "hello" and to "goodbye." Lena ran into the hall and began to jump as high as melenko, rejoice in the end of the session. We took a statement, and went down to the car.
- What do we do? - She asked me, looking at me with his blue eyes.
- Come on, eat, - deciding that the more I can not help that acceptable offer.
- And I went to order a sushi, I live alone, and I get bored sometimes no one to even talk - Lena took me by the arm and pushed, so I got in the car.

I did not expect this turn of events. Taken aback, in a word, to go to a cool girl in the hut where she lives alone, I immediately stood up and was a little ashamed of such thoughts. It turned out to be living in a normal Khrushchev, mom and dad on her work in Moscow, and she was walking on the street and not the carrier who is not home as she told me. Here I am just wondering why me?
- You're so shy, but very, very nice Andrew!

She said, when we went to the porch, where the smell of cats and spilled beer. Walking up to her apartment, she put me in a room on the leather sofa, where I looked at the aquarium where the fish swim. Lena, meanwhile, called in the Japanese restaurant, that would order sushi. Looking at her, I wanted to break away, to remove her blouse pull jeans, put the cancer and fuck her. But I had to just sit and be silent, not knowing how to start a conversation. Yet the courage decided to start a conversation.
- Len, you can not live without land? - Jokingly I told her.
- Well, how to say this is my favorite dish. And it what may be a cocktail. - She said, playing eyes.
- With a tasty milkshake.
- Well, you - and left their rooms, wagging his booty.

I went to the balcony and saw a hung her thong, lace panties. I already, swallowed. And as luck would have body began to grow cold, with excitement. The TV had a picture where she in the south, and did not notice how she came holding wine glasses.
- You admire? - Bullying she said.
- Well no…
- Okay, do not be shy. By the way do you have a girlfriend?
- And no, of course.
- Strangely a prominent guy - did not let her finish the doorbell rang, she ran out into the corridor and in a minute was sitting next to me on the couch with the ordered meal.
- Andrew, and let us each other's hand-feed? That sticks inconvenient - picking up rolu, she opened my mouth and shoved it in there. And she laughed, turning away, even with tears barely understandable murmured.
- You should have seen his face.

So we had eaten them all, feed each other's hands, it was fun.

Lena looked me in the eye, and thrust my hand glass. I tried.
- Vodka, pineapple juice?
- As guessed? In brotherhood and chur volley.

After drinking her cocktail, I did not notice that her lips touched my lips. We kissed for a long time, she played the tongue, it is more and more plants. My hands went down to arbitrarily her ass, and began to knead it. Recoiling from my lips, he said, panting in your ear.
- Andrew, I want you.

It was a sign to act. She quickly pulled her jeans and stayed in the black thong, and white socks. Blouse and bra helped lift me. Before me appeared her breasts, she was not a big, bulging with swollen nipples, I began to lick. She sighed wearily, while taking off my jeans and panties. Embarked member, she took his hand and began to masturbate.

Removing that is, with each other, I admired her. Elegant body elastic ass, wet pussy turns me on. She crossed her legs, and waved me into the hands of a condom.
- Come here, my sweet friend, we will prepare you for labor and defense.

She quickly dressed condom on the penis, and a little masturbate me, she spreads her legs. From the first time I could not get there, and she helped me by sending it to the right place. She moaned, I quickened the pace, while touching her breasts. She grabbed my hand and tried to squeeze them stronger.
- Faster Aaa AAA ... Let me jump on you.

I lay on my back, and she sat on me and started jumping. I held her ass, helping her. She moaned louder, sometimes screaming with pleasure. Deciding to be active, I got along with her, at the same time was a member of it. I put it on the table and began to quickly move and within a minute finished it, knowing that the girls delivers a buzz when they lowered sperm albeit in a condom. She grabbed my hand and kissed it. Then he took off the condom with the term, massaged it, and vytrala handkerchief.
- Send another miss by a glass of the shower and my Andrew.

So I began to meet Lena. Hmm do not need to be so shy ... that truth is the truth ...