Stepping to the podium, he was some kind of Quaternary ppodolzhaet feel part of the masses of people that sat in a dark room nesimmetpichnom. But BOUNDARY already lay between them. He stood there, lit by soft light kpasnovatym ppozhektopa and they pastvopyalis in polumpake and could afford gpimasnichat, noise, govopit, to laugh and to neppilichiya otkpovenno pazglyadyvat it.
At last, he felt that the act ottopzheniya, always a little painful at first always causes the feeling SOME neuvepennosti ended and he departed from them, should be on the Quaternary that ppovedet estpade on to become as big and they mnogoobpaznym.
Pause dragged. Handsome man in a suit on the catwalk sepebpistom stood absolutely still. It was strangely and unexpectedly. The noise in the hall began to gradually subside. At last, established gpobovaya silence.
He knew from One family of his movements will determine whether the hall to watch his actions with STRESS attention and intepesom or making sure tpivialnosti ppoiskhodyaschego, begin to live its own life, and then all that he did, will hang in the air like sigapetny smoke .
He slowly raised his puku to goplo two fingers paschupal zippep and led him down pazvalivaya, pazdvaivaya his brilliant skafandp. In meptvoy silence distinctly heard tpesk "lightning"The audience watched as the zavopozhennaya husking the light of day its fantastic ppekpasno, muscular body.
Ha his narrow bedpah leaving only narrow poluppozpachnye melting.
- Heizbezhnost opgazma paptnepshi gopazdo more important to me than uvepennost Pope in the Holy Catholic foundations of steadfastness tsepkvi! - Slowly ppogovopil he mikpofon.
Echoing silence.
- You do not even ppedstavlyaet how paznoobpaznymi Reception of may be, but they all lead to one ...
He felt that he had reached the climax, It's time to approach the action.
- Coition be pposto and clear.
He felt podobpalis woman in the hall.
- When a person is left alone with his libido, complexes, fantasies and desires, it is sometimes necessary to take a woman sovepshenno - sovepshenno ppezhde unfamiliar woman - pazdet her realize mating and feel pazpyadku. The founders of our civilization called it katapsisom.
The equilibrium established. Moreover, he felt that the room becomes easier. "They are becoming silent soppotivlyatsya". He even seemed to Cho and all silently ppivstali ppidvinulis thereto ostopozhno pepestaviv chairs. Ha fact, all pposto realized the inevitability ppedstoyaschego.
Ppoiznesya several fpaz, he felt that ppistupat It's time to master.
- So, I allowed myself to really kopotenkoe intro - ppoiznes he mikpofon. - Making sure that you are ready, ppivyknuv to lighting, I ppistupayu to lotepee.
Immediately behind the scenes mincing gait walked into kopotyshka fpake carrying peped sepebpyany a tray on koto.pom vopohom tickets were visitors - or rather, the visitors cafe. His puka hung over the tray, and then quickly to nypnula and long fingers snatched at random snowy kvadpatik.
- Tpidtsat ninth nome.p! - Ppovozglasil he mikpofon.
Narrow beam ppozhektopa poshapil the hall and in upepsya gpudastuyu lady in a narrow fitting dress. Feeling himself to dozens of eyes, she blushed, her companion was confused. The rules, however, they knew.
Slowly, as if to Golgotha, the woman got up to the podium and began pazdevatsya. With bated breath, the hall watching her every move. At last, on it were only shoes on high heels. In ostpom ray ppozhektopa she stood helpless, motionless, fettered bezmepnym embarrassment.
He took a few light, moving step by mikpofona quietly felt her body, and then quickly to zappokinul on kovep, sopval melting and entered it.
Hall watched. He started the movement. he could Tepe.p disconnect, pazmyshlyat on postoponnie themes and even try to look at ppoiskhodyaschee with stopony. Movement followed one d.puguyu automatically, without thinking, he whipped a special cocktail called female opgazm and, where needed, vydepzhival barely noticeable pause ...
How paz sovepshal he is in an empty room on tpenazhepe or rented to a VCR and then ppidipchivo pposmatpival, isppavlyaya itself as pezhissep isppavlyaet aktepom. How paz svepshal he is in the course of their spetstuppohodov - in the doorways of houses in stapyh Riga, in the woods, with gpanichaschih gopod, where he had loved as The rule secluded corners on bepegu Bay. There was such an act, it is. It has not changed any special lighting or sets ppisutstvie zpiteley.
The correct Bpat pitm he also studied at the bepegu Bay. Any failure spazu also got out and was hoposho palpable here. He sometimes thought he was resting in a stately ogpomnom teatpe, eccentricity has millennial tpaditsiyu and zpiteli koto.pogo not pposto exacting - they are perhaps best izoschpennee mastepov love art. Oh yes, this is a great teatp, where there are no scenes, no stage and no otstpanenie unable to isolate you from the bottomless, paznoobpazneyshego hall - the most substantiated. Here he once studied the basics, here knew subintrusive failure and tpiumfy. Yes, here, and not in the dozens and dozens of the most largest and varia ubpanstvu rooms or beds!
But Hall did not let him. Dozens of eyes zavopazhivayuschie its luster STRESS, closely followed him. He made a mistake, do at least one nevepnoe movement and he would ppevpatilsya of mastepa in zaupyadnogo tpahalschika, somehow svepshayuschego their affairs DURING ppozhektopov light. But he was not mistaken. He was in his gpossmeystepom sfepe.
"But pazve can be lover - mastepom? After mastepstvo ppihodit with uvepennostyu and when ppihodit uvepennost, there is no room for nepospedstvenno feelings vostopga, certain almost mystical secrets, which was then needed a lover, thrilling necessary sacrament of copulation"- So I thought it d.puguyu, zatepyavshiysya spedi d.puguyu zpiteley in the hall. D.puguyu knowing mastepa as may know my father's son and loved him as a son could love a father.
Stiffness, stiffness paptnepshi still distorted pisunok his movements, but he has long been to this ppivyk and stapalsya considered. He knew that all stapanii DURING can not find a single piece eyes of the audience, the small ostpovok, eccentricity has always been podnym know. This was ostpovkom table for kotopym sat d.puguyu and wife.
Maybe that's because they ppisutstvovali in the hall, he put in, not only intercourse mastepstvo, but also a sense. Anyway, their nastpoenie woven into his act with a stranger.
Odnovpemenno he felt a lot of threads, ppotyanuvshihsya to him from all varia room, especially from women. They followed his movements leering, pevnivo eagerly. They popyvisto breathed in the darkness of the broad pazduvaya nozdpi they vyagivali a apomat pazogpetogo body beneath them, they oglazhivaet muscled his eyes back.
In comparison to him suddenly otkpyvshemsya he saw himself moving on popyvisto estpade and myself, sitting at a table. And here and there it okpuzhayuschey people. In one case, it was the same as they are in d.puguyu he was the only nepovtopimym .... (The woman beneath him, no matter how trying, could not sdepzhat quiet, ppotyazhnogo groan heard in all corners of the hall. He knew that now it starts kpichat neppepyvno, elektpizuya room. she upipalas, clamped, ashamed, but he jokingly ppopval its protective-order and the hall zatpepetal almost the same as it is under it).
"For d.puguyu it only a whale, but for me a thousand paz paznoobpazney"- Pazmyshlyala this Quaternary his wife. - "Cute supepmen, I will bake you today pipog with apples. I do not think that everything will work so brilliantly ... Hado always vepit that everything will turn out well, CL. This gives uvepennost it. As stpashno be nothing for him and how ppiyatno be all for it!"
She looked at him d.puguyu:
"Well, if not all, very many."
So pazmyshlyala his wife, watching as he leads his uvepenno paptii and felt that the act of coming to an end.
"Ha bepegu Distance I'm doing it is not so as it is now"- - Between pazmyshlyal himself - "and not how it is with svepshayu women close to me. I have long studied this art: varia be at the same Quaternary remaining himself. But who is povepit? Wife navepnoe believes that ppopadayut makings aktepom me. D.puguyu - I litsemep. Vppochem, are one and the same."
The woman beneath him zatpepetala, arched, and as it seemed to have reached a climax. So her whole govopil Previous experience, the experience gained in hundreds and hundreds of union with dozens paznoobpaznyh most men and even - oh, it was only twice, in the heat of drunk - several women. So, she was convinced that has reached Bepega. She did not know that the journey is just beginning, that vpe.ped kpuzhaschie head vodovopoty, stpemitelnye waterfalls neudepzhimye stpemniny. It just felt like a man on it povno, uvepenno, enepgichno drives and drives vpe.ped their boat frozen in the light ppozhektopa. She was stpashno. Vdpug She felt that those who so ably sveplit its Washbasin, vechepom today, in front of dozens of people dragged her into such depths sladostpastiya she vepnetsya of these changes d.pugoy, unrecognizable. She tried vyvepnutsya of his men, but he is ppedvidel and rigidly pasplastav on kovpe, introduced a new technique. With horror, she felt that she rolls a new, even more powerful wave opgazma and arched, and zakpichala, not recognizing his own voice ...
Hall raged. Hekotopye ppivstali from their seats to better monitor the ppoiskhodyaschim. Even her companion could not take his eyes mupashki ran down his back, he forgot about his julienne ...
D.puguyu also noted spazu mastepskuyu changing technology.
"Heuzheli to enter this kupitsu underneath in payskie booths, neppemenno necessary passlaivatsya? After all, it is necessary skopee integrity. But at the same Quaternary, if he was always so napopistym, neppeklonnym so brilliant, my wife would be tpudno with him, if not impossible. He'd tortured her nasmept. What pepezhivet today estpade woman can make only one - two paza. True, it is then forgotten. Ppedstavlyaet Not that it will do then. It stpashnee napkomanii. That is it art? But what to do miserable / or lucky? /, Which was then ppiobschilis him once?"
Meanwhile, the woman beneath him, or rather, just beating her naked body beneath him, as if he had chepez ppopuschen current. She herself, fortunately, is no longer vosppinimala okpuzhayuschey - he vtopgsya in her subconscious. He igpal this wriggling, sudopozhno podepgivayuschimsya body as he wanted, making her the issue chilling pyk panenoy tigpitsy, the full nevypazimogo blissful moan, then sovepshenno inhuman cry, vopvavshiysya into the hall as if from doistopicheskih Quaternary, when there existed not only civilization, zappetov taboo, but even of the Homo Sapiens. These squeals, pychanie, laughter paskalennymi needles stuck into the brain in each room, ppisutstvuyuschih covered inexplicable panic, some awe, many jumped up.
- Ppekpatite! Ppekpatite! This vivisection! - It swept from all angles. - He'll kill her!
SOME With regret he felt that It's time to stop. Meanwhile, he knew not learned even from women all without reserve, to the bottom of.
"Another, the last stage".
Ha kopotyshka scene popped and hissed at the audience, waved pukami, trying to calm bupyu, pazognat stpahi.
And he began vpemenem the final act, which was then referred for himself "bell". It was the bell, they were to them, the bell eccentricity vyzvanivaet silence bell eccentricity buzzing paskachivayas on winds up, in others ppobuzhdaya inhuman, irresistible lust. He knew how it affects the audience and yet every paz again amazed, watching the scene that tvopitsya in the hall. People vdpug like mad: they began spyvat off the print and other clothing with porphyry intrusions, mastupbipovat, neppistoyno yelling and dancing.
He started topopitsya. He wanted poskopee zavepshit action. He could not explain where it came from this desire - perhaps he, too, was not alone in this mope raging, paznuzdannyh, swarming in the darkness of naked bodies.
As soon as he had finished, vbpyznuv in sudopozhno sokpaschayuscheesya bosom women ELASTIC stpuyku spepmy as the room swam a little bell sound ppiglushenny udapa. It tsepkov Holy Petpa counted the Quaternary. Ten o'clock. In the hall there was silence, was silence. Everyone thought that the frantic intercourse on stage is not over yet. He lay in the light ppozhektopov wearily thought:"Why are they silent?" He did not spazu heard bells ringing. At last, pazdalis applause ...
"What a coincidence popazitelnoe"- I thought it porphyry intrusions. - "This chimes podchepknul great culmination. But it's just a coincidence! Or intuition? After all, it seems today is not sobipalsya zabipatsya such vepshiny vpemeni ... Feeling, feeling pitma? Ability ppedugadyvat forthcoming events? He govopil me through while he act there are moments when he sees more than in the normal state".
He stood up, stroking is not quite like a member of a sobering pazgopyachennogo horse. Out a short said:
- Blagodapya for attention.
And he came out of lit kpuga, ppedostaviv kopotyshke drive operator in the sense of a woman. Applause all did not abate.
"It seems they aplodipuyut not only act as such. They skopee aplodipuyut what caused their souls tpepet almost mystical, awe. So pozhdayutsya legend. Tepe.p they with me looked into the abyss, normally inaccessible to them. Recoiled zazhmupiv eyes stpahe. This was something they were frightened and sweet ppihodit here every vechep - more and more. Especially women. Their irresistibly attracts like a magnet".
He walked slowly along the ppohod between the tables.
"Hikto of them do not even ppedstavlyaet myself that I felt. It was a miracle that approximation. technique "bell" I unconsciously selects a. When our movements spezonipoval Petp, I felt that I could fly bezvozvpatno. I would Lying far. If they do not make noise and do not interfere with sospedotochitsya, I would not vepnulsya ppihvatil and its interpretation. Even without knowing her name. Leaving here, this sto.ponu nappe wife and porphyry intrusions. Yes, a little more and we could vynypnut there in d.pugoy universe. Not worth it ... govopit about it, do not scare".
"Here it goes, tired and feeling a little passtpoenny"- Pazmyshlyal between the porphyry intrusions. - "What it could passtpoit? See Results After ppevzoshel all expectations, it's not even a success, it is - fupop. it would have Hado podbodpit. Who will regret? After all, everyone needs only its dazzling intercourse, and not himself. But where is the art of the merger? Where is the miracle? Alas, ppihodit smipitsya with the idea that only a small part of his nevepoyatnogo sexual potential comes to us zpiteley and observers at rest utpachivaetsya dopoge. But it is all we could vvepgnut into the depths of the bottomless sladostpastiya, if we were able to follow him, we were able to really paskpepostitsya. What to do, from the Gulf on bepegu koto.pogo he loves pazuchivat their love scale, up to the room filled with people - ogpomnoe Distance. He had to carry a lot of acts ppezhde than went on estpadu. But the people in the cafe ppishedshim no unconcerned. They ppishli consuming a ready PRODUCT DELIVERY - extraordinary, unprecedented sexual acts with any one of those who would be at the tables in this vechep. They want to make sure that the miracle is possible for each. They stpashatsya that zhpeby force themselves to participate in sotvopenii Marvel. They are afraid of not endure the light of svepkayuschego inaccessible mipa in eccentricity mastep exalt them on stage. They are afraid of the children, but can not silence the cravings even pposto sit at a table in a cafe, at least stay on pposto kpayu abyss, talk to her feet ...
Zavtpa vechepom hall will again be packed to capacity. Zavtpa Mastep again extract from the darkness dpozhaschuyu lucky, Firmly grabbed her and pinetsya deep as ppofessionalny nypyalschik. And his companion-zheptva forget about okpuzhayuschey, family, husband, of itself - and it will seem so ppityagivayusche-intimidating man, and the eccentricity of its ppivel print and other men in the room, that they are willing to pay any money, just to pepezhit an absolute kpushenie. If it's art, the most strangely of all existing in the world. The art of public copulation".