Young beautiful Kazakhs - captive skinhedok. Episode 1.

skinheads nasilnitsy
Episode 1 Young beautiful Kazakhs - captive skinhedok
The author of this story - I Sholpan, a young Kazakh woman - and I do not pursue the purpose inciting ethnic hatred.
All that is described in the story - this is my fantasy, and any matches are random.
Part 1. Sholpan and her friends
- Finally, the sabbath. This week was a hectic, bustling, and I'm so done, all managed to make time. But very tired. So a couple days off will do me good. And today I meet with their favorite friends. And on the street as good warm as did the middle of July. So thought Sholpan - young beautiful slender lady, Kazakh, brunette - when she stood naked before a mirror in his bedroom.
Sholpan admired her beautiful body - soft white skin, well-developed breasts with nipples stood firm, slim waist, long, waist up, brown hair, - all this was immaculate, pristine. Because, despite his 27 years, Sholpan never married. But most of all men, and women, amazed eyes Sholpan - beautiful, dark brown, almond-shaped eyes.
The young lady began to dress. Sholpan wearing a snow-white lace bra. Wearing a bra, Sholpan thought, eyeing his underwear on a bed.
- What's wear - pants or thin trousers - thought the young lady.
On the bed lay a few pairs of long trousers and ladies' panties.
Sholpan opted for white, long, to the knee, ladies, lace trousers made of thin cotton. After Sholpan trousers, thin snow-white blouse, light stockings, very long, floor-fitting, silk lilac skirt.
Six years ago, she graduated from the University and Sholpan boss worked in the department of a large firm. With subordinates Sholpan maintained a good relationship, because she herself has a soft and modest in nature.
And today, the warm, the July Saturday, after 15 hours of the day, Sholpan was to meet with friends.
When Sholpan came to the cafe, there were her friends, peers - beautiful slender fragile young unmarried Kazakhs - Mahabbat, Gauhar, Shakizat, Madina and Lyazzat.
- Sholpanochka - you as always elegant - Mahabbat came out from behind the table, and kissed girlfriend.
Mahabbat Kazakhs and the other four were dressed in thin blouses and very long, floor-fitting silk skirt.
Part 2 Skinhedki
When Nienke Svalova 14 years old, she got three years in the youngster for beating a young student, Kazakhs. The colony Nina tasted all the pleasures of lesbian love, and when she came to freedom she wanted more: she wanted to humiliate and subdue the young beautiful asian-girls. In the area Nina met Verka, who became her podruzhkoy.Ninka a bed and Vera from the area came almost at the same time and the first thing which they became engaged - is to gather into its ranks the same as they cool girls, skinhedok.
A year after the release of a "zone" group there were already 14 people. Banda, this was called "skinheads wolf." All the girls were skinheads, wearing leather pants, such as jackets and heavy boots.
Lair of the gang was located on the outskirts of the city. Nina and Vera have agreed with the local skinheads and Bandidas "rented" from his "comrades in struggle" ground-floor room with a well-equipped gym. And besides, local skinheads kindly provided Bandidas dark blue van.
On that day, when Sholpan and her friends had lunch in the cafe, Bandidas relaxing in a city park: Vera and Nina and four skinhedok impressively stretched out on a bench and sipped a beer when they saw coming to the cafe fragile young Kazakh women in a very long skirts.
- Look - Vera pushed Ninka - which swirls us go. It seems to Kazakhs. Entertain?
- Yes, that Kazakhs and that is they all six such long skirts? - How to ask herself Nina.
Kazakh women were held in a spacious gazebo, surrounded by low birch trees, and began to talk. The gazebo is gone and skinhedki. They sat opposite the young ladies, and began to look at the girls.
- You do not want to talk to us? - I asked Nina and went to the girls. In this case, Nina put one foot on the edge of the bench on which sat a friend. And Verka Sholpan sat down and stretched to kiss a Kazakh:
- What are you sweetie - disgusting prohihikala Verka.
Sholpan said:
- Get away from us, dirty perverts - and wanted to jump off the bench, but Bandidas were ready for this. Verka Sholpan deft movement twisted his hands behind his back, and Nina ducked Mahabbat head to the abdomen and wrung her hands back. The girls tried to kick, but Bandidas were stronger.
The remaining four Kazakhs were stunned by this behavior and the fear could not resist, so skinhedki easily twisted girls hands behind his back.
Two skinhedok Sholpan yanked off the bench and held the girl's hand. Sholpan continued to kick and then one of the girls several times struck a Kazakh-fist in the stomach:
Come on, bitch, calm down! And that will be worse!
With horror, looking at his narrow eyes on standing in front of her maid, Sholpan subsided.
Bandidas, grabbing the hair of six Kazakh women, girls forced to kneel down and, using tape, tied his hands behind his back a prisoner.
A few minutes later a dark blue van was moving towards the outskirts of the city. Behind the wheel sat one skinhedok, and on the second, and the rear seats next to each other closely pressed captive. On either side of the captives were two skinhedki. Bandidas killed a girl's head by the hair and kissed the captives in the neck.
Captive tried to resist, but their hands were tightly tied behind his back. Girls pleadingly looked at skinhedok with fear thinking about what lies ahead. Minibus stopped near the one-story brick building.
Part 3 Humiliation
Nina came out of the van, opened the door and said in a mocking tone:
- Welcome, beautiful!
Captive out of the van and looked around.
Outskirts of the town, one-story brick room, high thickets of weeds around. Driven kicks gangsters, young Kazakhs, tangling his feet on the hems of their long skirts, dutifully entered the room.
They met in the gym. As in every gym, there were wall bars, beams, mats, and long, narrow benches.
Verka ordered:
- Stand on your knees, narrow-eyed fillies.
Kazakh obediently knelt before skinhedkami.
Verka Sholpan said:
- Now we are Let us first you, and then your narrow-eyed friends.
Two gangsters jerk Sholpan rose from his knees and firmly held captive by the shoulders. By Sholpan approached Nina. Sholpan fearfully looked at Ninka and stammered:
- What are you going to do?
Nina Kazakh woman slapped a resounding slap in the face and shouted:
- Shut up, narrow-eyed filly. You and your friends - my slave. If you want to apply, then call me Lady. Clear?
Yes, of course, - Sholpan whispered.
In response to a prisoner he received another slap in the face.
- What do you understand?
On Sholpan eyes filled with tears, and whispered a frightened prisoner:
- Madam! Me and my friends are your captive, but we are not slaves. Just do not beat us, please.
That's right, well done - rather said Nina. And he asked:
So you wanted to know.
Sholpan stammered:
- Madam! What will you do with us?
- At first I undress you naked, then just fuck you - Nina laughed.
Nina slowly began to unbutton her blouse Sholpan. Sholpan lips trembling prisoner imploringly looked at bandit was afraid to say anything. Unbuttoned buttons on her blouse, Nina picked up the scissors and cut the shirt into two parts, pieces blouse fell to the floor. Then Nina undid ... snow-white lace bra, exposing resilient tender breasts with brown nipples stood firm. Bandidas took the feather and tickled her nipples Sholpan. From this swollen nipples like two ripe raspberries, and Sholpan moaned and felt her legs weaken.
Then the bandit began to stroke his chest naked prisoner and said:
- What is your nationality and why you and your friends dressed in long skirts?
Sholpan said:
- We - the Kazakhs, and wear long skirts, because we like such clothing.
Sholpan trembled with fear, and her heart was beating strongly, strongly.
Nina enjoyed the fear that is experienced in front of her, this beautiful young Kazakh woman.
Nina said:
- You are very pretty and so sweet, and your skirt is so long and sexy, let's see what you're wearing a skirt.
Nasilnitsa with impudent grin grabbed the hem of her skirt, and giggled Sholpan:
- Such long skirts are usually virgins, and we will check whether you are a virgin or not.
Kazakhs tried to press in skinhedok who held her, as if seeking protection.
Nina continued:
I wonder what you wear under a long skirt. Well, answer me!
Sholpan stammered:
- Under the skirt I'm wearing ladies' underwear.
Nasilnitsy laughed and Sholpan, blushing, continued:
- Me and my friends - pretty young lady and we love to wear very long skirts. I will not be humiliated in front of some minors Bandidas, and talk about his underwear. In addition, you must know what underwear are lovely young ladies under their long skirts.
Nina held the knife in the neck Sholpan and said:
- It is necessary to undress you
Sholpan clogged, but immediately got two slaps from Ninki:
Stop twitching, narrow-eyed filly!
Kazakh doomed froze, allowing Nienke undo the buttons of the zipper and the skirt. The skirt fell to the floor, Sholpan stayed in one knee-length, white ladies, lace trousers made of thin cotton.
Nina slammed her hands and said:
- You see, that is our beauty! That's trousers!
Then, on the orders of Ninki two gangsters unleashed Sholpan hand, brought the girl to the wall bars, tied with tape Kazakh woman hands over his head and his hands tightly fastened a rope to the railing.
Nina went to Sholpan and said:
- Now you're my sexy prisoner. You'll do what we say. You all right?
Kazakh murmured almost inaudibly:
I got it.
- What do you see? - Nina took Sholpan his face and abruptly and rudely turned to him.
Sholpan was hurt, but their protest prisoner dared to express a barely audible groan and said:
- I am your prisoner, and must fulfill all of your orders
Sholpan, stripped to his trousers, with bound hands over his head, was tied to the wall bars, and at that time began to mock Bandidas Mahabbat.
Two gangsters captive raised from his knees, and Vera came to Mahabbat, and said:
- Well, let's see what kind of underwear you wear.
Captive stammered:
- It may not need to, please, I beg you, girl, do not humiliate me.
- How are you called me, bitch? What I tell you girl, I'm your lady, and you're my prisoner, Come again! - I ordered Verka and slapped his hand on the girl's face.
Mahabbat stammered:
- I am your prisoner, but you are my Lady
Vera began to slowly unbutton her blouse captive, then pulled the shirt from his shoulders Mahabbat revealing a pink lace bra.
After that Verka Scissor girls blouse and undid the bra.
Nasilnitsa Mahabbat squeezed his chest. Captive shuddered when his fingers began to feel Bandidas sensitive nipples.
Verka captive kissed on the lips and whispered:
- And you're very sweet.
Mahabbat tried to turn away, but Verka squeezed the girl's head and again kissed the prisoner's lips.
She stammered:
- I beg you, Madam, do not remove from my skirt, please, I beg you.
In response to this, nasilnitsa I asked:
- Tell me what you wear under a long skirt? Also, pants, as well as your girlfriend?
Mahabbat stammered:
- Under the skirt I wear pink lace long pants.
- That is what we now verify - Vera said, and undid the zipper and pugovochki skirt captive. Long skirt fell to the floor, revealing a long, knee-length, pink lace panties.
After a few minutes Mahabbat as Sholpan was tied to the wall bars. Two beautiful, slender, fragile young Kazakh women, stripped to his trousers, with bound hands over his head, were tied to the wall bars.
Skinhedki began to mock the other captives.
Crawling on his knees to me - ordered skinhedka named Julia, pointing towards Madina. Captive dutifully crawled to the bandit. Madina, pretty tall, slim girl, wearing a thin pink blouse and a very long, floor-fitting crimson silk skirt. Madina was kneeling in front of Julia, and Julia sat down on his haunches, grabbed the captive of the face and said:
Now I untie your hands, and you yourself snimesh her blouse and bra. Clear?
Madina stammered:
- It is understood Ms.
Julia unleashed captive hands, and Madina dutifully undid the buttons on her blouse, took off her blouse, and a snow-white lace bra.
After that, Julia captive bound with tape hands above his head and ordered:
- Tell me what you're wearing under the skirt.
Madina was on her knees, and murmured:
- Under the skirt I wear pink lace panties knee-length
Two skinhedok Madina stretched on a mattress, and killed a prisoner of her long skirt, revealing a thin long pants. Madina felt like one of the skinhedok put her fingers inside her trousers and tried bryknutsya Kazakh, but immediately received a strong kick in the stomach.
Kazakh woman calmed down and cried from humiliation. Julia pulled off her skirt and Madina captive was tied next to Sholpan and Mahabbat.
The remaining three captives - Lyazzat, Shakizat and Gauhar - obediently waited their turn to be humiliated, stripped to his underpants.
Nina walked past the captives kneeling, choosing which method would be best to humiliate. Heart poor kazashek struggled in tact Ninki steps on the floor.
Finally Nina stopped at Lyazzat - pretty young lady with beautiful dark eyes. Lyazzat was dressed in a thin, light-colored blouse and a very long, floor-fitting silk orange skirt.
By order of Ninki two skinhedki Lyazzat yanked from his knees and firmly held captive by the shoulders.
Nina said:
- I always wonder, what kind of underwear are these Kazakhs, as you - and Nina began again slowly unbutton her blouse.
Nina decided not to cut blouse captive, and so we had a free hand. Lyazzat tried to escape, but was followed by two biting punch in the stomach, and the doomed prisoner froze.
Lyazzat remained in a white lace bra and long skirt. Skinhedki again Kazakh woman tied with duct tape hands behind his back, and Nina undid the bra, revealing a small but firm breasts with brown nipples stood firm.
Beautiful eyes filled with tears captive, Kazakh and stammered:
- I beg you, girl, I do not undress to their underwear, I beg you.
Please captives brought from Ninka yourself skinhedka squinted and her hand with a flourish imprinted captive in the face, and then went to a succession of slaps to the beat of the words:
Remember, narrow-eyed bitch when to contact us, you should call us Ms. !!! - You're clear. Repeat, bitch !!!
Lyazzat polepetala:
- You are my lady.
Long skirt prisoner fell to the floor, and gaze opened skinhedok long, knee-length, thin white pants, exactly the same as that Sholpan. Lyazzat was tied to the wall bars in hand next to Sholpan, Mahabbat and Madina.
... Now it was the turn Shakizat and Gauhar.
Bandidas unleashed Captive hands. And Nina walked past kazashek and asked:
- You know, what you do now?
Both Kazakhs, picked up his very long skirts, pleadingly looked at Ninka.
Skinhedka ordered:
Kneel down in front of each other.
Shakizat and Gauhar obediently knelt.
- And now undress each other! - Came the following order.
Captive to the laughter skinhedok removed each other's blouses unbuttoned bra, and then it was the turn of skirts.
Shakizat and Gauhar remained in the same length, knee-length, thin purple knickers. After that, Gauhar, Shakizat Lyazzat and took his place next to Madina and Sholpan Mahabbat.
Six young beautiful kazashek fragile, stripped to his shorts, expecting new humiliation.
Part 4. Violence
Captive, stripped to his underpants and suspended by the arms to the railing of the Swedish wall, looked very sexy and helpless. Kazakh watched in horror at how skinhedki stripped naked. Naked Vera went to Sholpan, captive kissed on the lips. Sholpan started by sweet feelings. Skinhedka hands clasped behind the prisoner, firmly pressed Sholpan to him and began kissing his chest, nipples, neck. Nipples swollen, Sholpan also felt the clitoris swells, gradually prisoner was wet.
Moisture stood out through the thin fabric of long trousers. Skinhedka noticed it and asked:
- I see you already excited? - And he squeezed her nipples captive.
Sholpan moaned, beautiful eyes filled with tears has been a prisoner, Kazakh pleadingly looked at skinhedku and stammered:
- I beg you, Madam, do not humiliate me, I beg.
Vera stroked his hands bare stomach captive. Sholpan was shaking with excitement.
- You're so beautiful and sweet, your long pants very sexy - said Vera ear captive - I want to see your pussy.
Skinhedka let down his trousers captive. Sholpan clogged, but subsided after two strong slaps.
On display skinhedkam appeared pink pussy with wet hair pubic bush, small reddened swollen labia and clitoris, which acted through the folds of the labia minora.
Verka fingertip touched the clitoris. Sholpan issued a muffled moan imploring. Skinhedka turned to Nienke and said:
- This bitch is ready, you can fuck her.
Two loosed skinhedki Sholpan of handrails, put the prisoner on his knees and with the Kazakh pants trousers crawled on his knees to the side iron beds. Before bed again Kazakh woman tied with duct tape hands behind his back, stretched out on a mattress, stripped trousers captive. Sholpan nude lying on the mattress with his hands tied behind his back, and Nina sat on the bed and put his foot on his chest and became captive toes to feel the nipples.
Nipples become bright red and very sensitive. Captive was very excited, grease oozing from her vagina. Nina grabbed Sholpan by the hair and dragged along the floor to a wide low bed, a prisoner was kneeling by the bed, and skinhedka untied her hands and ordered:
- Get in and lie down on your back.
A few minutes later a naked young Kazakh woman lay stretched out on the bed, and her hands were tightly bound with duct tape over his head.
Nina stood next to Sholpan hands and began to stroke the belly naked prisoner.
Kazakh moaning stronger and stronger, it was fully wet, sweet waves rolled over her body. From the coming of excitation and orgasm approaching Kazakh woman closed her eyes.
Naked Nina sat on Sholpan and slipped a finger into the vagina. Sholpan twitched and Nina continued masturbating lovely young a Kazakh.
- I see you like it. Maybe try this - mocked skinhedka showing captive long, slender dildo.
Nasilnitsa dildo slipped inside the vagina captive. Poor Sholpan again twitched on the bed, wanting to get rid of the dildo, but not able to do it.
Kazakh pleadingly looked at skinhedku and murmured:
- I beg you, Madame, I beg you, do not, please, I beg you, I beg you.
Sholpan groaned when skinhedka moved the dildo, as long as the prisoner had finished writhing and sweating.
- I told you some fun, and now you make me a pleasant, - grinned skinhedka - lick me narrow-eyed bitch - ordered nasilnitsa.
Sholpan turned her face away and wept, frail body shook Kazakhs sobbing prisoner murmured through her tears:
- What are you kidding me so that I did you wrong?
- Shut up, bitch, - skinhedka swung and slapped Sholpan few strong slaps - oh, lick me - bandit pressed her face hurt Kazakhs.
Captive tearfully obediently began licking tongue genitals nasilnitsy and skinhedka moaning and rather say:
- You're good, very good.
At this time, the remaining five female prisoners were subjected to forced masturbation skinhedkami.
Unhappy young Kazakhs with their pants hanging trousers twisted handrails wall bars until skinhedki fondled their genitals. The room was filled with gym captives pleading moans and laughter skinhedok.
Mahabbat recalls:
"I, like the other four captives, was suspended from the railing of the Swedish wall. We watched in horror at how skinhedka raped Sholpan and understand that we can not avoid the same violence. So when I was approached by skinhead girl, all I cringed and begged her not to touch me. But skinhedka only laughed at my request and began to caress my naked body: she stroked my breasts, pinched her nipples, kissing my stomach, then skinhedka let down my pants and stuck a finger inside me. I already had all the wet and looked at her friends, who were subjected to the same violence. A friend looked at me and kind of helpless naked girlfriends aroused me very much and I'm finished. "
After masturbation skinhedki untied captives, and naked Kazakh women were stretched on iron beds. Six nude pretty young Kazakh women with bound hands over his head lying on the bed and began to rape skinhedki girls with long thin dildo.
Sholpan lying completely exhausted when her village Julia. Julia lay on the prisoner and began to rub his genitals to genitals Sholpan and kept saying:
- You're such a sweetheart and delicate, so beautiful.
Julia caressed the naked body of a prisoner, licking nipples on the chest with the fingers masturbated a Kazakh, a prisoner moaned, writhed and begged:
- I beg you, please, I beg you, do not, I beg you.
Naked pretty captive associated more and more excited and skinhedok Bandidas were young beautiful kazashek more sophisticated sexual abuse. Over Lyazzat bent Verka. Skinhedka grabbed the captive of the clitoris, and began to torment a Kazakh - squeezing the clitoris with your fingers, rubbing and plucking, then, ignoring the pleas and moans of a young charming Kazakhs, he began to lick the crack Lyazzat: nasilnitsa tickle the clitoris tongue, chewed and sucked it into his mouth, rubbing his teeth.
Bandidas moved to the vagina captive: biting her labia, caressing language of internal sponge penetrated the vagina.
After skinhedka convinced that the prisoner excited, she tucked into the vagina Lyazzat two fingers tickled there, then introduced the third and then the fourth.
- What do you think, if I can completely stick to your girlfriend the whole hand? - Nasilnitsa asked Sholpan, in front of a rape Lazzat.
Do not, I beg you !!! - Sholpan cried - she is sick !!!
Sholpan tried to escape, but the tape, her hands pinned down, was strong. And with all Verka Sholpan force struck his fist on the bare stomach.
- What are you doing !!! - Sholpan and cried from helplessness ... sobbed loudly.
Verka introduced remain free finger and began to push his hand into the vagina captive. Lyazzat, gasping in pain, writhing over the pelvis. Skinhedka with a smile watched as Lyazzat frantically biting his lips as rapidly rose in her breath so bare breasts of a young lady. Bandidas made an effort, and her hand beginning to move further into the vagina, and now the whole hand was plunged into the vagina.
Vera began to caress her hand Lyazzat inside. Kazakh experienced the pain sensation of pleasure, which is covered with a wave of her slender body.
One of skinhedok came to Lyazzat and began to twist the nipples captive. From this mixture of pleasure and pain, prisoner huddled in orgasm. Exactly the same violence were subjected to the remaining captives.
When skinhedki finishing, they made captives lick their genitals, and then excited again taken kazashek rape.
Part 5: Torture
To satisfy his lust, skinhedki dressed, the girls untied his hands, dragged naked Kazakh women from their beds and forced the captives to crawl on his knees from the gym to another room. Driven by kicking and biting whip blows on the back, the prisoner meekly crept along the corridor.
Sholpan recalls: "We tease on his knees along the corridor, and we skinhedki lashed whips on their backs. We were led into a wide room, and when I saw this room, my heart sank with fear. It was a real torture chamber: there were iron chairs bolted to the floor, poles with hooks along the walls were hung with long lashes and leather straps, and in the center of the room are small carts were on which were neatly curling, long thin needle, narrow lashes and thorns. "
Captive kneeling along the wall, and Nina walked past the captives, and the mocking tone said:
- Now we will see how you are sensitive to pain. Let's start with you. - Nina leaned toward Sholpan.
Two gangsters picked captive by the hand and brought the girl to the center of the room. Sholpan on orders Ninki raised her hands up and spread them apart, Bandidas tied his hands to a wooden bar, then skinhedki pulled the rope so that Sholpan raised above the floor. Kazakhs became helpless jerk legs, causing laughter gangsters.
After that, skinhedki stretched between walls gnarled, thin rope, so that Sholpan was suspended just above it.
Captive looked down and realized that it now will be put on the rope.
Bandidas captive slowly lowered on a rope, which is dug in the crotch Kazakhs unhappy. Sholpan moaned in pain. Then Bandidas captive raised and then lowered again to the rope.
Captive began to moan and cry because the rope each time more and more bites into the tender flesh of the girl. Sholpan through the groans and tears begged:
- I beg you, do not, please, it hurts, stop torture, I beg you, it hurts me.
- Enough with her - Nina waved and stopped torturing skinhedki Sholpan.
The girl was untied from the rope, and the prisoner slowly crawled on his knees to her friends. Mahabbat pressed trembling Sholpan to him and began to calm the girl:
-Sholpanochka, sweet, patient, calm down.
Two skinhedki Gauhar picked up by the arms and led captive to a wooden table on which were laid out many small and sharp metal spikes.
Captive began to struggle, then Bandidas put the girl on her knees and tied captive tape hands behind his back.
Gauhar says:
"I tied his hands and brought to the table, I saw a lot of small spikes. I force down on the table, so that the thorns pierced on my bare nipples. It was very painful. I began to struggle, but skinhedki been stronger. "
By Sholpan approached Nina.
Get up, bitch, fast - ordered skinhedka.
Nude Sholpan rose from his knees, covering her breasts with his hands.
Captive stammered:
- Madam! Can I and my girlfriend put on pants?
Put it in the pants you're sexier than naked.
Captive to the laughter of gangsters put on his long, thin pants. After that, the girls skinhedki tied back scotch hands.
- If you want, I'll put you back on the rope - Nina went to Sholpan, hurts grabbed the girl's face.
- I beg you, do not, please, I beg you.
- Stand on your knees.
Captive obediently knelt before Nienke.
Sholpan, with related hands behind his back and stripped to his trousers, was on her knees, and Nina continued bullying.
- Now, narrow-eyed filly, kiss my ass, - Nina and let down her jeans and melting, and turned his back to Sholpan.
Sholpan tearfully kissed skinhedku in the buttocks.
And now, lick my feet - there was another order.
Kazakh bent his head to the floor and began to tongue lick feet Bandidas.