Mothers and Daughters

In this story we will talk about what a simple family, which established quite an interesting relationship between its members, if the word "member" applicable to the mother and her two daughters. So, get acquainted ... Julia - charming brunette 35 years, the head of the family. Her husband was killed in a car accident. Kate - her daughter, from the first, very early marriage, 15 years old, very slim and precocious girl with a stunning figure, with long blond hair and big blue eyes. Masha- daughter from his second marriage, 12 years, low fragile girl with dark eyes and dark hair.
This story began immediately after the death of her second husband of Julia. Shortly after his death, inconsolable widow indulged in all sorts of experiments in the field of sex, having tested a few months almost all of its forms, except, perhaps, bestiality and necrophilia. She suddenly realized that the bisexual and the greatest pleasure it afforded group sex with a man and a woman at the same time. As she was very fond of anal sex in which she succeeded and became a goddess anus.
Early one morning, Julia and Kate sat in the kitchen and breakfast. Mary went to the summer camp and had to come in a couple of weeks. Suddenly, Kate put down his plate and said ... "Mom, I need to talk to you very seriously!" Julia fill the serious look and nodded. "You see, my mother - start Katya - it seems to me that I was ... how shall I say ... Lesbian!" From surprise Julia choked juice, and her eyes got out on his forehead. "What do you mean?" - Mom asked. "Every now and then I want to. I can not bear to look at the girls in the class, I immediately begin to represent them myself naked as they kiss and hug. You are now going to despise me for this, Mom?"- Asked Kate, trembling voice. "What are you, Katya! Do not think so! Moreover, maybe it's not so bad? Maybe you should just think so?"- Julia rattled. Kate shook her head silently. "Calm down, dochura. Let's not rush, sit a couple of days, think about it, okay?" - Julia asked. Kate nodded again and left the kitchen. Julia remained seated at the table in a state of stunned. She suddenly realized that she really wants to Kate that she was not just her wants, and wants her madly! "But, come what may!" - Julia thought, and came into the room of her daughter. Kate sat on the bed and flipped through a book. Mom went to the girl, hugged her and kissed her cheek. Kate clung closely to her mother and her mother's narrow suddenly felt a hand on his chest. Kate flinched and pulled away slightly from Julia. And Julia had already undid a button on his shirt daughter. After reading in the eyes of the daughter of a dumb question, Ma said ... "Do not be afraid, Katya!" Kate closed her eyes and gave herself completely to the will of Tymoshenko. Mom slowly undid all the buttons and took off her shirt with her daughter, and then she just looked around and otdvinulas attentive gaze daughter. She frequently and rapidly breathing, from which it is very large for 15 years, chest heaving. Katya left hand frantically tried to get into his jeans, which in her eyes got wet in the crotch area. Julia kissed daughter, slowly stroking his chest with one hand Katie and the other, undoing her bra. And two lovely breasts free. Julia pressed her lips to the nipple left breast, to swallow him whole, massaging his tongue, a little biting, stroking his fingers a second nipple, which stood upright. Katya is softly moaning and writhing in mum's experienced hands. Then daughter tipped back on the bed, causing Julia to lie on top of her. Mom took off with one jerk daughters jeans and penetrated through her wet panties. Continuing to kiss Katie chest with one finger she found the entrance to the cherished daughter of the hole and slowly introduced him to. Kate jerked and moaned louder. Covering small frequent kisses the chest, abdomen daughter Julia slowly began to sink to the daughter's cave. And mother tongue penetrated pussy Katie, forcing the girl to bend the arc and the loud cry of pleasure. Deep penetrating into the womb of the daughter of skilled movements of the tongue and fingers, are hosted in the depths of a girl's vagina narrow Julia made Katya writhing on the bed, screaming and moaning loudly. Finally Julia broke away from the daughter and lay beside her on the bed. Katja quickly lay down on top of her mother, and began to frantically kiss her lips and neck. Then Katya so abruptly yanked my mother's shirt that buttons simply sprayed in all directions. Daughter glared at her mother's nipples, and her mother's hand penetrated under a short skirt and pulled her panties to her knees. Now came the turn to groan and shudder of pleasure Julia. But suddenly, Julia felt a big male member, who was one impetus broke into her pussy and penetrated up to the uterus. Julia cried out in surprise, and a member of the continued gimlet her pussy by sliding in the hole, leaving the entire back and penetrate to the depths. Slightly raising his head, Julia saw that her daughter had found a collection of large artificial phalluses, one of Stribro and now furiously mom had one of the largest members in Julia's collection. Katya simply drives a dick in my mother's vagina with such force that the pelvis Julia tossed. Soon Julia finished with a loud cry, Bay Bed their juices, and on her with the same loud cry fell Katya. Standing close to each other they lay on the bed.
-Oh, you little wretch - he was finally able to exhale Julia - stolen my toy!
-And you're good, Mom! Do you think I have not seen you here with Aunt Lida? I was used to from school came and saw everything, everything! - Katya said with a sly smile.
-What is my depraved daughter!
-All went to the mother!
So fun podkalyvaya each other, Julia and Kate returned to the kitchen. There they sat opposite each other, poured himself a glass of juice and began to decide how to be further.
-Mom, I love you very much and I would like to sleep with you at least every day - Katya said.
-You talk as if I protest!
-That's good - Kate nodded. - Only I will have one condition!
-Oh, you blackmailer - smiled Yulya.- Well, out with it!
-I want you to teach me everything what you can, and in particular I would like to try in the ass - Katja said.
From such statements daughter Julia felt that just flowed. She imagined everyday sex with his charming daughter, and realized that for a long time like this!
-Well, Katya! Come into the room! Today I will teach you the first lesson! Only consider! Today I fuck you so that will not find it! - Julia smiled seductively. - First, it can be a bit unpleasant and even painful, but in fact for further enjoyment you bear it?
Kate nodded, her eyes glowing with excitement.
-So - start mentoring tone Julia - first I'll make you an enema with fragrant jasmine. You'll have to do it always in front of anal sex. After a while, the ass Julia and Katie were ready, so to speak, to eat.
-Get on all fours on the bed with his back to me - Julia commanded. Once Kate has met all that said my mother, Julia went to a special countersunk locker and pulled out a few anal plugs of all sizes, a few artificial dildos and ointment. Carefully smearing cream around their holes trembling with excitement daughter, Julia gently introduced the first plug diameter of two centimeters. Himself the mother put the cork that way for 5 centimeters.
-And now, my dear, we have a little go crazy on the bed! - Julia said. She poured Kate on the bed and started kissing her body, the time of opening and closing time mate ... anus daughter. Katya also began to lick gently shaved crotch mother. Soon, Julia decided to replace cork Katya and took second, diameter 4 cm Katya shuddered and cried out in pain, even when Julia a sharp and strong movement shoved the cork daughter in the ass.
-Like this! - Julia said. - And now I want you to lick my ass!
Katya eagerly began to lick the ring anus Yulee, deeply penetrating the language, the time from time to time by replacing the language in the ass finger mother, and then, emboldened, and two. Julia softly moaning, actively podmahivaya action daughters. The very same mother just penetrated in the ass Katya. Soon Julia decided that Katya is quite ready for the first in the life of anal sex. She gently without stopping warping finger in the ass Katya, reached out and took her panties fastened with a big dick. In a couple of seconds, stopping lavish affection daughter, Julia quickly wore panties, Kate put on all fours in front of him and a very strong and sharp movement, pulling the plug, he has driven member in the ass daughter. Katya wildly cried out in surprise and pain, and tried to pull away, but Julie held her hips firmly, repeatedly thrusting deeper dick in the ass girls. Kate began to cry loudly in pain and cried ... "Mom, that's enough, it hurts !!!!"But Julia did not hear, powerfully snoshu Katya, roughly her, raping, tearing her ass too big dick. Never before Julie had not experienced such wild delight. Kate screamed out loud, hail tears flowed from her eyes, but soon the girl felt a pleasant languor, and from deep-penetrating member in the ass and began to actively podmahivat, occasionally sobbing and moaning. Julia also entered into the taste of racing, she decided to deprive the innocent Kate personally. Turning his back on the girl, she was as powerful and rough movement broke into the vagina virgin daughters. From the bounce Katya already thrown over the bed, she again cried wildly at a time when the 25-member isantimetrovy hymen broke and hit the back wall of the uterus. Julia with pleasure to drive themselves into a narrow pussy daughter, ignoring her cries. She saw only what appears, Extincting pussy Katie member, shaking her breast, heard her moans of pain, which began mingled with the groans naslazhdeniya.Vskore Kate rapidly came, announcing his room howling in Kotormo mingled pain and fear, and pleasure and desire to continue this insane leap. Katie heard a scream, Julia felt a wave of unprecedented orgasm covered her head ...
To be continued...