Student's day

My name is Irina, me ... it does not matter how old I am. I was taken aback a few stories that have happened to me.
The first occurred in the distant 90s. I then studied at the college. It is the 2nd year. In late January, we decided to celebrate the day of the student. By the time we cobble together a friendly company, 15 people.
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They chipped in, bought and went to the apartment to our classmate Sergey. Fortunately, his ancestors somewhere left.
When the festival was in full swing, there was a further 2 guests.
Sergey had led them into the room and said:
- Well, you all know Anton. And it Igor, my classmate.
Since we have predominated the female part, the new guests took welcome. Anton liked me, and I seemed to him too, because he sat at the table next to me.
Time passed quickly, some people (who lived in the dorm) has left. After some time, they began to gather, and the rest, including me.
Igor said that holds me. I then no more hesitation agreed.
Stay Igor Anton, I, of course, Sergei. They went into the kitchen, they had something to talk about. I stayed in a room trying to watch TV. Igor came back and said:
- I ordered a taxi, will arrive in 40 minutes.
- Ltd. Where are you all gone, I'm here one bored.
- Now we come.
A few minutes later they appeared.
- There was found a bottle of wine. We continue?
Taking my silence for consent, the banquet continued.
When the bottle was empty, Antom Sergei went to the kitchen to smoke. Igor asked me to dance. We danced, he had something to tell me. His hands stroked my neck, back and buttocks. I did not try to stop it, I wanted it. Then our lips met, and we have merged in a long kiss. His hands began to act more decisively, he squeezed my breasts. I soon lost her blouse and bra. He continued to kiss me, his hand nestled in the jeans. I'm at the bottom of it was wet, I wanted it. He put his arm around my waist and led her into another room.
It was, most likely, Sergei room, in the corner stood a large couch. He put me on it, pulled off my jeans and tights with shorts. Later, his jeans, spread my legs and ...
He fucked me, his movements became faster and faster. I already did not realize anything, everything was a blur. Suddenly he took a sudden a member of me and after a moment I felt like he ran into my lips. I let him in, and he began to fuck me in the rum, while firmly taking me by the hair on the back of his head. Whatever I was comfortable, I turned my head to the side.
And suddenly, at that very moment I felt that I have included another member! I wanted to turn my head, but Igor was holding me tight. So he drove dick in my mouth to its full length and froze, and immediately I felt my mouth filled with sperm. I began to frantically swallow it, but it was a lot. I felt like she ran down her cheek.
Igor finished and got up from the couch, I turned my head - I f ... Sergey. But I did not care, I was in some kind of prostration. Nearby stood still and Anton, waiting for their turn. Sergey finished me in the mouth, too, and his place immediately took third. Anton finished my stomach.
They left the room, and I lay there. I dozed off. When they did not hear back, but felt someone's hand penetrated me between the legs. I was pleased and I, lying on his stomach, spread her legs wider, what would it have been more convenient. Then someone's hands lifted my ass and someone entered the back of me. He came to me on the back. He was replaced by the second. Then a third.
Then came a voice from behind me Anton:
- Serge, your mother any cream is?
- What for?
- You'll find out.
So, I have Anton. What was needed cream, I do not even thought.
Sergei returned. Anton's fingers began to massage my anus, it was very nice. Then he took out a penis and put it to the anus.
Then I understood everything. I'm not there yet ...
- Not nadaaaaa ....
It was too late.
- Mneeeeee boooolnooooo ... ... ... .. aaaaaaaaaa.
But he did not pay attention to my cries and thrust his cock further and further.
- Aaaaaaaa ... yayayayaya ... proooooshuuuuuuu ... aaaaaa ...
He went the whole length. He stopped, waited a bit, began to slowly move back. Then, little by little forward ...
I began to get used to the fact that in my ass dick. It was not as painful as in the beginning. Anton began to speed up the pace. He finished in me, z felt cum fills my ass. When he came out, I fell exhausted on the couch.
I woke up in the morning. His head ached terribly. Back too. She got up and went into the shower.
The apartment was only Serge.
I went to the bathroom. Sergei me. He bent me. Resist, I had no strength ...