Anya and her charms

I called my old friend, we are now with her friends, but had met before, she had received an advance and decided to walk it, how to give? Still with the blonde with teloy 3m size butt such that all the guys just looking at her. Posiledi cafes, pretty drunk, she told me all about his work told me that a very nice place and so on ......, and she has already reddened from the vodka, sat the whole evening, I have no mogotu was simply-sleepy but for the sake of a girl I was ready for anything. The music began and we went dancing. In dance, she says-polapat me in front of everyone, they say I'm looking for some of it. Well there are 3 couples and were all close, I went down to the waist and started stroking the ass, and then knead. I feel it is already direct puffing the whole, and then the faster the song began to play, so it is like a cat around me spun. She got booty to me and pressed so that I have already stood up, still, there are people in the campaign was a shock to us, and we do not care! Then I touched her in dance throughout the body and has gone to deal passionately, in general, all that.

Off the account, the amount was nearly, its advance, well I also had. divided equally. They went out into the street, I have to push her into a corner and start to kiss, then pulled on her ear-I want you to fuck TODAY !!! She probolchala and kissed him on the lips, then said, went to the car to catch! The machine flew instantly turned bartender from our restaurant. Halfway asks, you are going to fuck? I said that it is our business! He said he wanted my girlfriend and was looking for her all night, and dozed off a little girlfriend. So I was wondering how she would react, I knew that she did not have parents at home. I say, went to her krvartiru, to surprise her! Which as we arrived, dragged her, she opens her eyes and such-did not understand! and Th are two of you then? I responded, we were not alone, he also wants you! She ohuel on such a topic, what about you? very chtoli? I do not take part in group sex!

I-it all happens for the first time and you'll like it for sure! She shocked looks at me and says it will not do so!

The taxi driver without hesitation, Burt her by the hand and makes it clear that I have to do the same. In general, we gagged her mouth with her hands, and by the arm dragged into the entrance, began to touch all over the body, she moaned and relaxed, after-said, I agree, but let's both at once, so quickly!

Our eyes popped climbed-fucking myself and then che broke? Straight in the elevator she sat down and began to suck me, and go to the 9th, I almost did not finish there!

Vova was the name of the driver, asked among business as well? sucks right? I-fuck and even better! Well, he understood and smiled only! Of course even on the stairs and she sucked him, but not for long. Entering the apartment, we sent her to the bathroom, but was told that the door did not close, and then suddenly fall asleep, or ill-will. She dutifully went there. I went into the room and spread sheet, it's still my ex. Feelings are not dead yet.

Vova came and there we stripped, by the way, our companion on my physique and powerful with good bolt, I think she would like, through 40 minutes appeared Anya .....

About of God is, stockings, black shadows and languid eyes .... getting in front of us on his knees and looking at our instruments .....

Then, with a mischievous glint in his eyes, Well, that boys, who will be at the bottom? I said that I choose myself, who was the first to finish, and the bottom, after 7 minutes, the shooter, I became. Vova said that he was about to shoot, but I have not fucked a month and I just give. God, you would have seen this body-elastic, smooth skin, Sissy 3D, and pop-wide with holes designed, in general, she sat on me and started jumping-sighed and gasped and said that missed my bolt. Then he paused, looking at guest, Come in the ass, Vova, together we right now! He vlshel, slipped deeper in her straight-dyzanie caught how much would have two good dick inside.

She began to move her hips, rocking harder, then the influx and Vova prosoyvat became deeper, and I was just starting to move. Our nymph said, Come on, deeper, guys, I'm your whore! Fuck me together, it seems that in the first minute she experienced an orgasm. Then we decided otherwise-tarhnut its canopy, Vova picked her up and brought her pussy your dick, and I went in the back door, blyayayaya, kakzhe she screamed. Her campaign had never fuck once with two, 5 minutes later the goal was reached, finished at the same time. Our visitor looked at his watch and said he had to go. We do not even understand what happened, so quickly he was gone, only saying that Anya would be great whore. I am in agreement with him, she is smart and knows a lot about sex.

Anya looked at me and said that he would go into the shower, but leave the door open, so I decided after 5 minutes to look. Gods! I walked in and saw her running water, wet it even more beautiful. She stood back and washed his body. I opened the cabin door went in to her inside. Did not realize that it is not already one, and that rests on her ass, she looked at me and her head otkrinulas on my shoulder, I began to touch her all the secret places of the female. Under a stream of warm hearths we stood and kissed, then I took her foot away and entered his insatiable cock in her pussy. The soul is even steeper coming out of it, we went to sleep and woke up in the morning the next day, still well off was. For a long time I did not want to leave, she made me breakfast and I went home, but her hot breath and the form I will always remember!