Olga and Mary (part 2)

Sometimes Olga suddenly began to tell me about their former relationship with a student Masha. Whether to tease me, or simply because the situation reminded her of something from the past. And I have every story aroused to frenzy.

- Once we have treated themselves to a cultural program Sunday - Olya said. - Dress up in evening gowns, came the romantic comedy in the theater, and then went to a restaurant. We had a private table by the window, and we discussed the different scenes from the theater, when suddenly I felt that she was stroking my leg with his foot.

- It is time to take off her shoe under the table and caressed me, her fingers stroking the legs on my feet. I was worried, actually. In our side no one was looking, but he could see at any time! Men love to stare at the women, and if someone will turn his head, then surely her tanned leg is now clearly visible down there between my legs.

- To be honest, I almost immediately flowed with excitement. These unexpected touch under her dress, right in a public place. I remember instinctively I took Masha's hand and began to listen to her movements under the table.

- This first modestly touched me legs fingers, not rising above the knee. Outlines the bends, stroked me. I spread her legs even wider, so that she touched to the inside, where all sensitive.

- And then Masha grew bolder and climbed higher. She leaned back in her chair, watching the emotions on my face, and I felt her leg already above his knee. I looked around in a panic, but no one in the restaurant did not look at us.

- Her foot touched the inside of my thighs, stroking my bare skin. I shuddered and swam every touch, I do not even know why. Especially much I jumped when fingers suddenly pressed my crotch. Masha smiled sweetly when I looked at her - I am sure that in my view was clearly seen my fright - but still continued.

- Large finger her feet rubbed the fabric of my pants, stroked my crotch from the pubis to the middle of the lips and tried to put pressure on the clitoris. I blinked, bringing little legs, but then spread them again, so as not to hamper the freedom of movement Masha.

- Her finger again held in my underpants, and then she tried to pry them from the edge, getting under the fabric. It turned out not once, but I helped, spreading his legs even wider. Hot big toe of her foot touched my crotch Now, apply pressure to the pubis and clitoris, trying to get into the sponge.

- I remember how crazy I ran at the time. It seemed to me that after I left a large dark spot on the restaurant chair. Mashkin finger too soon scored this moisture and began to slide my lips up and down. I clung with both hands on the table, and now and then looked back, afraid to look at me. I imagined someone else's eyes and it scares me, and excited.

- Masha suddenly contrive and penetrated big toe right at me. We have done this before in bed - she lay on her back, and I sat on her foot and is placed on the finger, since he is a rounded and nice size. But in the restaurant it seemed to me that it is not a finger, but a real man's penis suddenly sunk into me the entire length.

- It felt so good that she leaned toward me. The rest of the fingers rested in my crotch, recalling that it is still girlish leg caress me there rather than male stem. I ¸rzala hips, and Masha tried to move the foot, introducing his finger in my mouth.

- Oh, it was unusual and nice! I was trembling with fear that this someone would notice, and from Mashkina insolence, and from the sensations down there. It seemed to me that my heart beats for the whole room, the chair creaks loudly and rhythmically, that now all see it and be shamed me.

- I came, holding her mouth and arching convulsively, just half a minute before the waiter came to us. Masha pulled the leg, I barely had time to take a breath and realize where I am and what's going on.

Olga sighed, remembering.

- Oh, how I avenged her that night, naughty. Never again, I did not finish like this, in public, nor-COH-da ... But how did it was great.