Timur and his team I. Part 7. Playing room

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
Separate showers for men and women here, of course, was not. The tiled room where they had come, along the walls was located about ten open showers, five on each side, facing each other. Angela immediately took off his shirt, went to one ties them. In addition to them in the shower were two more women employed washing, a man, at this moment to lather head, and one girl, whose look was not more than fourteen years. The girl completely naked, stood in the shower, as if someone ozhidaya.- Hello, Shura! - Passing the girls greeted Angela. - Again, wait to you washed? - The girl nodded. - Vaughn Timur worth. I think he'll like it. - Angela gestured Timur. - Timur, help Shura - she turned to Timur, and went mytsya.Timur stood and watched as the girl, did not hesitate to their nakedness, heading for nemu.- Only you just do not bother, right? - I asked ona.Timur decided that, apparently, all here in the order of things, and took the girl by the hand and walked with her to the nearest kabinke.- You'll bathe in a sling - Shura laughed. - Give, take off it, with skill, pulled the restraining bandage laces, and Timur was standing in front of her in the buff!. The girl went to the shower and let vodu.- You start from the top - she instructed him. - Here shampun.Timur I squeezed in the palm of hanging on the wall of the tube, shampoo and began soaping their heads down devochki.- Faster! - Ordered Shura.Timur dropped his hands to his neck, then shoulders, lathered hands and hesitated ostanovilsya.- Come on, I'm all dirty - not appeased girl, and Timur, squeezing a little shampoo to lather her hands began to begin to form , grudi.- how old are you - could not resist Timur, continuing to rub the breast, gradually descending to zhivotu.- Thirteen - without hesitation, the girl replied. - Do not worry, mom allows me - she has added, and pointed a finger at one of the opposite washable zhenschin.Ta heard the words his daughter, he came to the Timur dumbfounded, and said: - All right, you just do not let her anal sex, and then she just -chut ass tore the last time. Let healed - and patted his daughter on the head, she returned to her kabinku.Timur decided that nothing in this building will no longer be surprised, and went back to washing the girls. He has discarded all doubts, immediately proceeded to the lower part of the body of his newfound partner. Carefully, so as not to frighten the girl, he soaped her ass and put his hand in the crotch. Shura started, and spread her legs wider. He soaped, washed with water and then every fold of her small body. After the procedure was over, Alex took his hand and said that now they will go into a playing room. Timur, of course, did not mind. Vytershis hanging at the entrance to the towels, they went to "a playing". Passing through the main hall, Timur saw Lara dance on the court immediately to the two men who, holding it together, stroking her breasts and hips. Mikey's sister was not there. Timur followed ahead and they Shura, after passing through the corridor, were in another room. Playing room was a small room with soft carpeted floors and walls, on which were scattered mats, and a whole bunch of sex "toys". Probably because of their room it had a name. They went there at a time when some young and very leggy girl standing on all fours, furiously fucked herself decent sized dildos, while next to it was a young boy, who enthusiastically followed the process. The other people in the room until bylo.- This Denis - immediately said Timur Shura - he also trinadtsat.- Fourteen have - immediately corrected Denis, and continued to watch the exciting zrelischem.Shura chosen mat nearby and motioned Timur to sebe.- That's my favorite toy - in her hands she held very familiar Timur bunch of metal balls. - Want to see how I play with her - I really want, - said Timur and prepared to watch the unusual zrelischem.Shura, licking balls, lay back on the mat and legs spread, start to push back his toy. At first, Timur decided that she did not come out, the ball seemed too big for her pussy and stubbornly did not want to get involved. However, tinker with a minute, the girl lay down on his side and, with his left leg up, yet tucked the first ball itself inside. The second ball came after almost without effort. Timur followed as the third and then the fourth ball disappear into the vagina of a small nimfomanki.- Then most not, - said Shura. - Help! - And turned over, stood on all fours, vognula back and lifted up her pussy popku.Iz stuck two more, do not place the ball. Timur gently took them in hand and pressed. The fifth ball plunged by nearly a quarter and ostanovilsya.- Then goes - Timur.- said, Well, that's always the case! - Upset girl. - I never grow up. Mom puts a handful of them, and I can not in any way, - saying this, she again lay down on his back and pulled himself out of shariki.- Do not worry, - I tried to calm her Timur. - I'm sure you still succeed. - Timur, realized that says strange things, but he continued, - you yourself grow up .... and uh, your vagina is too uvelichitsya.- Yes, I know, - she said - only to wait long for the time of their ochen.V distracted by a moan, which published the Long-legged. She apparently peaked and is now fun, groans heavily, violently drove himself to ecstasy. Roughly finished, it had fallen to the mat, face down, and out of it, and so continued to stick dildos. Long-legged and sat down, and without taking the toy from themselves, he turned to the Shura and Timuru.- What Shura, do not get more. You do not worry, you're even one ball could not stick in the past year, remember - have already Tomka now all fit easily. She even goes with them sometimes, and because she is younger than me and a half years - objected Shura.- And Faith can not, though, and will be older than you, - he retorted Dlinnonogaya.Timur listened, and he wanted terribly to get acquainted with all these volumes and faiths. A Leggy, meanwhile, continued: - So do not need to worry. Ask better uncle - Timur realized that talking about it - he let you pussy kneaded, then try again - And it is better in the ass - just revived Shura.- Let it be in the ass - agreed with her Dlinnonogaya.- You can not be in the ass - Timur already quite mastered ... with you. He was not embarrassed even a rough mat used in the presence of a little girl. - There porvano.- This rubber stick, a healthy - she grabbed his forearm with the hand, as if showing off what was a stick - I asked Tomka. She popped it yourself first. This bitch! - You see! Let healed - said Timur.- Yes does not hurt almost, and your dick is not like that stick, - he said Shura simultaneously becoming on kortochki.Poka they said, Leggy fished out of the pile and now adjusts itself to the thigh straps, rubber healthy member. Dennis again was with her ryadom.- Come on Denis, tandem - offered Shura.Deniska looked leggy, she nodded, and the boy sat on his haunches next to the Shura, head in the opposite direction. Children standing on all fours, were waiting. Timur knew what to do. He knelt, got the girl, while Leggy came from behind Denis. Timur was about to start entering the ring member in the anus, but then reached for his member Denis: - it is necessary to moisten, - said the boy, and, at once, swallowed his cock sucked by the most yaytsa.Malchishka stunned Timur member with knowledge of the case, the full releasing it from his mouth, swallowing it whole again. At the same time a member of the Shura processed rubber leggy. Member was so thick, that did not fit Shura in the mouth, so she just licked it and slobbering over the entire length. Leggy sent a member in the direction of the boy and touched his anus. Denis, clearly regretting his mouth issued a member of Timur and his head down on the mat, arched, higher cocked his ass. Long-legged, without apparent effort, became incorporated into his term. After a few seconds he was completely drove in Dennis. Timur also decided to start, especially because Shura already eagerly fumbled. He picked up his penis and began to drive it on the labia girls, gradually rising to anusu.- Come in pussy first - suddenly asked Shura.Timur head back to the labia and making a circular motion, began to penetrate into the vagina girls. The walls of the vagina tightly around his dick, but he confidently moved forward until it rested in the womb. A member was absorbed almost completely. He fucked thirteen year old girl. From progressive movements Timur she swayed, breathing loudly in time with the movements. But after a minute she grabbed his hand member, and sent it into the anus. Member again began to sink into the girl. This time he went a whole. Schur obviously get more pleasure from anal sex. Once Timur began to fuck her ass, she became loud, very adult, moaning. While Timur, increasing the tempo, to bring themselves up to the eruption, the girl had finished, at least three times. It was evident, as her little body began to convulse and moan grew into a shout. At these moments, Timur would stop, but then collapsing under a new force, as long as violently did not finish in the depth of children's ass. He lay down next to the fallen on the mat Shura, and a word or words, kissed her on the lips. She said wearily and said: - It was good, you just do not tell my mother, zarugaet. I lie down a bit, but you go and - and she closed glaza.Timur decided it was time yet to change their place of action and waving goodbye continues his fuck, neighbors in tandem, headed for the exit. In the room were just more people. Two women, like, like sisters, and two holding hands of young people who were clearly younger than his companions. Timur give way. Looking back, he saw Alex, still lying on his side and tucked his feet under him, thrust her back into the vagina yourself metal balls. Timur smiled and went, as he was, naked, in the main hall.
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