Erotic exchange

This gentleman may have as many women as a
Today is a good day. The sun gently shines in the sky, a light breeze dispersed svezhevyhlopnutye gases and the planet formed a favorable zodiacal combination.
I slammed the door and, jumping over the stairs, ran into the street. Good! I plunged into the world with a head popped up again plunged. Very good! Machine beat the hoof under the windows. A hundred meters zazyvno prodrebezzhal red tram. No, guys, now walk on foot.
Past blonde with a figure of a hanger held on a leash shaggy terrier. Wind blowing chemistry thinning hair, hip, begins just under the breasts, gently swaying. It enveloped me, a wave of uncertainty and anxiety. I easily felt that despite the earlier time, she was tired, she was sick and tired of black terrier, which has to be dragged out into the street in any weather. But ... It is necessary to save face and to consider dog family favorite.
I carefully looked closer to the mole on her neck. To feel the condition of the person and learn about it the whole truth, it is necessary to find some bright mark on his body, such as the wrong earlobe, birthmark, scar or something else, and carefully to keep this image in mind. If it is possible, and no other thoughts will not come back in the head, then in half a minute gush understanding of the essence of the person. For me, such a device - a piece of cake. That of moles girls ran a stream of images. It works in some dank office, which smells like boots, but the most memorable - peeling wooden chair. Lord, why is it the hair color? Perhaps for her husband. By the way, who have a husband? In the minds of some that there was a small plump man with bad breath. The owner of a commercial kiosk. The apartment bought furnished. Breadwinner! Well, God give you happiness.
I pulled away from blondes and went on his way. Well, that I do not have eyes at the back of people. It can be quite fearlessly dig in their brains. But some women still feel something.
Speaking of women. The teacher says that you should not spend time on them. Yes, maybe, love, and stupidity, but no harm from it! An ordinary man is rude and always busy, and only I, a man of high spiritual organization that never in a hurry, a woman is able to deliver a true delight. What she sees in life good? Nothing. Give it innocent fun - a noble mission. Thin teacher, revealing sexuality. Tempter. Seducer. Amateur women. Nature lovers. Catch and make a scarecrow. What am I doing? Thoughts fun rolled in my head.
The sun has risen in the meantime and it was warm enough at home and sidewalks. Light breeze finally dispersed the usual smoke and fumes of the city, creating a feeling of lightness and freshness. It is time, my friend, it's time! It's time to start a new round of study of life, a new round pleasurable.
I went inside, climbed to the third floor and rang the bell. Door opened. On the threshold there was Masha.
- Hey, - she said, - come.
I went inside and took off running shoes. It was very pleasant to stand barefoot on the floor, ustelennom straw mats, which instead of rugs and carpets Masha covered the floor in his apartment.
- You will drink tea or just begin? - She asked briskly.
- Come without tea.
- Then I get changed.
I nodded, dropped his jacket and left lung trousers and shirt, walked into the living room.
Masha I knew for about ten years. We grew up together in my skill, and in parallel with umnel were the same way. Masha was the same age as me, had her husband, blockhead-son, mother and father, who are being evicted in the summer at the dacha. Externally, it is not beautiful, but quite attractive lady, who had a lot of boyfriends. If not for the patience of her husband, she would certainly broke the scandal, but they give each other enough freedom, which, however, are not abused.
My boyfriend and for the gentleman was not considered. This is quite consistent with the truth, because the last time we made love with Masha four years ago, and then realizing it is clear that it is not too interesting. Then the rough carnal pleasures we preferred the spiritual pleasure, more sophisticated, inaccessible to most people.
Today, however, is another matter. To this day we have been preparing for two weeks, accumulating the energy of. We observe a diet, not watching television, eating all sorts of drugs and continually meditated. And we were going to have sex. But not just that. We would like to swap bodies.
This is most likely no one had done before us. No man can not even imagine what a female orgasm, and no woman does not know what a man feels. The differences of male and female at the time of the merger can be described without end, but in different languages, and without the slightest hope of understanding. A man a woman to the end will never understand, woman and man, too. And we would like. This will be the peak of pleasure, a fountain, an explosion of sensuality, after which my research in the field of human sexuality can be considered finished.
- Let's start?
Masha came into the room and sat in front of me, crossing his legs. She was wearing a bright red sports swimsuit and thin black tights, she threw over her shoulders a dark blue bathrobe.
- You are now extremely sexy. - I bowed slightly, betraying compliment.
She laughed and closed her eyes. I sat in the lotus position and followed her example. Before my mind's eye there was nothing familiar. It was nothing as small as a poppy seed lying in the back of my mind. Quietly, as if afraid to frighten off, I reached out, touched, and seed exploded mad chaos of different images. It threw me away, leaving only a feeling of bliss.
So it should be. From the first touch of grain rose and approached. I reached for him again, and again received a strong influx of some chaotic as in a surreal dream imagery. But the seed has grown again.
After about half an hour I was able to immerse themselves in nothing. I got myself anything. The absolute emptiness and quietness surrounded on all sides, and only my own, infinitely expand consciousness remained in this vast emptiness. Then out of nowhere I felt the eye of your body and slowly lay back on the mat.
Now I am as a person existed separately, but the whole world, including the body separately. I felt that this is my body, but only because his mind to fill as the water fills the vessel. And I slowly began to pull out of the body consciousness.
He started off his feet. It seemed that the muscles running down like water, so they relaxed. But then came the consciousness of the gastrocnemius muscle, and she fell several times involuntarily, just as involuntarily twitching frog legs on the electric battery. I pulled on the consciousness. I felt like the whole body twitched small seizures, but absolutely did not attach any importance to this. Any muscle a couple of times shortened by removing the control.
Seizures stopped. Now I'm completely turned himself somewhere in the throat area. The heart beat regularly, breathing was very slow and shallow. Then I cut the last thread, took a deep breath and spit out the consciousness of the body. Flying through the pipe of its own backbone, microscopic pea soul jumped out through the crown and, jumping, hanging a meter above the floor. Without opening his eyes, I saw the bottom of my own pallid face.
Interior vision has stabilized. Now, next to his body, I clearly saw a woman just lying on the floor. According to her body ran fine twitching, and a sudden light appeared above the crown, which is instantly transformed into a soft cloud, supernatant from the ceiling. Half of the work is done. Feet and hands I did not have to walk, I could not, of course. Will - the only remaining means of transportation .... With an effort, I imagined myself a drop of water, gently flowing from vessel to vessel, and slowly, very slowly, like a viscous liquid, was the dent in the consciousness of noctilucent clouds female body head. It resisted, made it impossible to connect, rejects me rejects a drop of oil water, but if you find a single entry point, it will submit. And, indeed, in a woman's body as if something snapped and I fell on my knees in an unfamiliar environment.
Mentally writhing like twists, getting into a narrow sleeping bag, I pressed the self in body and mind propihnul all organs. Inside again something snapped, and I felt the heart beating. Fine. I breathed. The air entered the noise light.
- System OK - I stated - start flying.
After lying a little and rest, I opened my eyes. And I saw the light. Listen to your body. Concentrating, I tried to bend the leg. To do this, the team had to give each muscle separately, it is not relying on the reflexes that a normal human millions of years imprinted in the genetic memory.
I tried to move, gently bending the fingers, elbows, turning his head. The body responds as a mechanical doll, but to answer. And thanks for that. Very, very slowly turned over on his stomach, I got up on all fours and sat down on his knees. Muscle control was becoming deeper and deeper, became aware, or to straighten a bent arm, tense or relaxed muscle, but no skin sensitivity or total body picture did not come. It was as if I pushed into the lifeless mechanical robot. This feeling was one time after I received a strong electric shock. The hand is not paralyzed, she continued to move, but did not give absolutely no feelings, not even sick. I watched in horror as it is part of myself turned into something alien, and then beat her for a long time about a stiff brush, hoping to regain sensitivity. Let's try the same technique.
For a start it was necessary to knock gently hand on the mat. This time I did not feel anything, and rubbed his hands on the mat more. No result. No, that will not do. Then I again remembered his long-standing acquaintance with electricity. One strike paralyzed me, so can the other will produce the opposite effect? Only need to strike was a high voltage, but not fatal.
Afraid to get up, I crawled out into the hall, where Masha was a small black and white TV and teeth otkovyryat the back cover, then I turned it on, pulled the cord out of the socket and, with clenched teeth, so as not to bite his tongue, put his finger inside. Now I will knock some charged capacitors.
Shock turned out really is not weak, but because of the small safe TV capacity. I flew with a crash into the opposite corner and painfully hit his elbow. The sharp sensation of pain for a moment overshadowed all thoughts, and then I felt the whole body. Only the body was not mine. Centimeter by centimeter inner eye, I fingered it, comparing it with the old. The greatest difference was that the center of gravity has shifted significantly downwards. In the male body the bulk of the muscle at the level of the chest and shoulders, so the guy while driving puts mainly the shoulders and torso. Here, the basis weight was about, I'm sorry, at the level of ...
I slowly stood up and turned it over this very spot. And there is. And, in addition, the body inert. To him it is necessary to adapt, in order not to bump into all the corners. It is, of course, lighter weight, but also a weaker muscle, and hence their voltage must be greater. This creates a feeling of heaviness. We get used to.
I made (did?) And two steps walked (walked?) To the mirror. Staying in the soul man, I'm from the male point of view to evaluate yourself and gently held her hands over her breasts. Suffice it a pleasant feeling, though not very new. Female breast more sensitive, but not fundamentally different from men. Once again, I patted myself on the chest. No, still nice. Very sensitive skin. And here...
My old body left in the hall is not very confident, a little unsteadily. I looked at myself. Well, nothing like a front. This picture is quite familiar to me in the mirror reflection. Just do as I slouch? Disgraceful, we must take care of yourself. But good shoulders. Although for a long time not to pump up, but still has muscle. But the ass! Trousers tight! It is in any gate not climbing! Really in my life such a fat ass! The peasant! From tomorrow I start to run in the mornings! Generally speaking, I like cute.
The body went to the mirror very close and stared at itself. And I was really scared. The body was mine. The head was mine. But the person - not mine. Once again, I looked in the mirror and to himself. Instead of the familiar faces there Mashkina looked completely unknown woman.
- Masha, is that you? - I asked in a strange voice. - It's you or did not you?
- This is me - replied a man's voice - but it is not clear his face.
And then it dawned on me.
- Masha, - I said, even poor command of the language, - are our faces, but only with a strange expression.
I tried to smile. Lips Masha - dry and thin, and a smile stretched her mouth for the most corners. I used to smile a little vzdergivaya upper lip, and now Mashkina face with upturned upper lip suddenly turned into a cross between a mine and hers.
I tried to change the face and felt that every second with Mashkina body disappears of its own face and there is mine, natural, but only women. Probably exactly the same person would be my twin sister.
- Look! - Whispered Masha, whose face is also changing rapidly.
- This should be expected, - I said - this is quite normal. Once a person has changed, so the body is completely under control. Well, let's do business?
- Yeah, take your time - smiled my body - let's first poobvyknemsya.
I waved, and went into the bedroom with a large bed and a mirror on the ceiling, and lay back, trying as far as possible to experience sensations in a new guise. In the supine position the mechanical characteristics of the structure has not felt so much, and I was able to focus on feelings. Oddly enough, but they are not particularly very different. I'm a little shaken up hair. They were much longer and heavier than the bandit hedgehog, who was of my male body. The woman in the mirror, arranged above the bed, graceful, obviously not my motion, as well straightened hair strands.
I gently ran his fingers over his face. The hand was small and light, and its touch - barely noticeable. I stroked his neck, listening to feelings, from which nice goose bumps. Like an outsider viewer, I followed the movements of the body and at the same time they felt. That's fingertips touched her shoulder, then neck. Hands slid easily up and down, diving into the cut-out swimsuit. A hand stroked his chest, at first gently, then harder. Unfamiliar pleasant warmth spread through his body. Beautiful movement in the mirror merged with penetrating delight, his hands unconsciously caressing her shoulders, then again touched her chest.
Already excited breasts easily responded to affection. I held her hand on top of a silky elastic tissue, dropped lower on the abdomen. Hands slide easily on the stomach, stroking it. I spread her arms to the side and gently rubbed her back against the silk blanket, absorbing its pleasant slipperiness. I stretched out on his back, then flattened, admiring herself in the mirror. There was no desire to turn over, grab, squeeze someone, as it usually happens in men. There was no desire to go to some kind of action. All the excitement was expressed only in the desire to open up, surrender, lie down and wait for the one who will come and take you. There was not even any particular sexual image, but only some general vague, but very welcome feeling.
I gave this feeling I started gently and vigorously stroking themselves ... trying to find the most coveted place that will bring me complete pleasure, not finding it, and realizing that this is the place I - the whole body. I have not looked in the mirror, and his eyes closed, and feeds itself by internal sensations.
- Ah, how beautiful I am, - I moaned in ecstasy - oh, how beautiful I am. Take me, take ...
I spread out on a blanket, hips involuntarily lifted.
- Yes, yes, - I whispered - to me, please, I want, I want ...
And then he felt someone's hands tightly pressed between my legs. Sweet flour pleasure shot through the whole being. It was more pleasant than the stroke itself, and quite painful. Meanwhile, tough men's fingers something pushed right through the cloth and dug into me, finding the most painful place of pleasure.
Trying to get those fingers moving correctly, I whirled her hips, and then, writhing like a snake, weighed down leg, began to pull off his clothes.
The man deftly pulled off my leotard and tights, and pressed his chest against my breasts. An unbearable feeling of mutual desire to merge and extend it made me once again to bend and completely open in front of him. His fingers gently squeezed me, and then find the most sensitive spot and began stroking it. His every touch causes acute pleasure, I could not cope with them. I moaned, and suddenly the sweet spasm swept from the bottom up, first time, then another and another. Heat, like a shot, rushed from the abdomen to the chest, and I physically felt the heated skin of the neck and face. Then, feeling the sharpness somehow suddenly dim, and I had only one wish - not to destroy our bodily contact. Unaware of their actions, I crawled under his body and stopped.
Slowly regaining consciousness, I still feel a touch of it. The man moved. I grabbed him by the neck and tightly hugged her, trying to keep. He embraced me, pressed, and I felt a pleasant firmness in his trousers, which he never took off. I patted him on the back, sides, and then confidently unbuttoned button on his belt and got his hand inside. Closing my eyes, I reached down and gently squeeze it as it would have been nicer to all of myself in the image of man. It is strange that although I was no homosexuality in me, that touch does not cause any negative emotions.
On the other hand, my hand even though delighted. I gently squeezed his hand again. He groaned and reached out toward me. His movements were strong and tough, but that's what excited me. Confidently and I gently caressed him, feeling him respond to my affection movements of the body, and it pleased me most of all. Under my hands it slowly becomes elastic, dews, and it caused a strange desire to continue to caress him, so he grew even more. I have hope that he will become hard, but he suddenly twisted, screamed, and his strength elastic huddled in my hand.
Apparently, it is well understood what happened. Metering, he only tightened his arm around me, and we froze in that position. Then he stood up. Gradually regaining sanity, I opened my eyes. Man, Masha in my body was sitting at my feet.
- Well? - I asked myself, his half-familiar voice.
- Oh oh oh! - I am pleased reached, and the naked female body in the mirror was pulled too. Excitation is missing, it has remained, but was not sharp, but somehow muted, like a healthy clean skin itching after a steam room.
- Great - I noted - could not be better. Good play. Now let all the rules, as it should be.
- You play, but do not flirt, and my body did not spoil - strictly said Masha - and the pleasure to receive you, but nine months I will disentangle. What TV I do?
- And what do you do? - I stared at the fine red rash on the chest of the male body, which I have not had in the morning.
- What are you restoring the sensitivity? - With a question I answered Masha.
- TV. - Reluctantly I admitted.
- I diphenhydramine. - Confessed to Masha.
- So you train allergic to it!
- For contact and recovered - she scratched at a rash - do not be afraid, change of mind, and allergy pass.
- And the body? - I was interested in her feelings.
- For some it rough, - she said in surprise, - no excitation, sensitivity is zero, and all the time for someone to crush, squeeze, want to rape. Or shove something somewhere.
- Well, shove, - advised me, - me.
- It does not, - said Masha, - not worth it. To stick must stand firm, and it is on women is not excited.
- But I somehow helped you! - I was surprised.
- Well, I know my own body, not once tried, where stroke is necessary, and where and nibble. All-taki you - I, I - it's you. And I seem to emotions something which is not enough.
Still in a slightly euphoric state, I have a woman's body is easily jumped out of bed and went into the kitchen. Pleasant feeling of warmth inside is not passed, but on the contrary, continued to grow. My throat was dry. I got out of the fridge pack of orange juice, poured a glass and drank it in small sips. My consciousness denser and denser was part of the female body, and I increasingly felt like a woman. But at the same time it felt that the energy slowly as it flows out of me, spent on the close contact of mind and body. Positively, foreign body refused to feed the mind.
Masha has already put on the broad shoulders of my shirt, and busily tucked it in his belt.
- Yes - he held out - not feeling too weak. The main thing that comes complete relief.
- And women usually like? - I asked, though I remember well that my excitement did not subside at once, and has significantly increased.
- Male excited weaker and ends sharply and completely - he closed his eyes, - now I know why men are constantly striving to be the new women.
I grinned. Now I became more clear in the psychology of women, and I did not fail to prick:
- A woman wants only one man, but wants it all the time.
- Well yes. - Masha looked at me slyly. - Properly understood and achieved the desired result. Me back?
- How is back - I was surprised - but the most important thing to try?
- Look, I have something you do not want nothing at all.
- I see. - I nodded - and no benefit from you. Still, how do you, guys, primitive arranged.
- But you're a woman, a set of difficulties.
- And what do we do?
- Those who meet a woman in the hour of sadness, - murmured Masha - who caress her? You can not trust such a thing to the first comer.
- As far as I know men enough to me now to go out, and after half an hour they cluttered up here a complete apartment.
- As far as I know women - said Masha, - any of you are not only not over, but do not even excited, because they will all be hateful to you in the soul, and their rude and disgusting antics coltish physically.
- Do you have any lover? - I did not let up.
- And you have? - She retorted. - You look at your face, you is not even my husband would drive from home.
- Maybe the boy's phone call? - I suggested.
- Do not you dare ruin my body! - Masha snapped commanding bass. I never thought that I could scream so disgusting.
- But you're wearing mine. And smoke, among other things, - I pulled out from under the bed with fresh ashtray with cigarette butts - and I cough from smoking.
- That bastard - felt sorry for Masha.
- Well, like - I sheepishly folded bow lips and looked away - even itching ...
- Hey, can not yet be? - ... Sobered Masha, - energy goes, and the heart can not stand it.
- I'll - I too became serious - once started, let's finish.
- Then we need a legend. Invited to visit any of your friends peasants prettier, without complexes, and to you, and I was pleasant. I'll call him and your voice will say that the cousin came, because the muzzle and similar. And then he will understand everything. Only you write me a call text in advance, I'm kind of relationship you do not know.
- I got it - I nodded, and took down the notebook and pen - and you, how to call, something to eat but go for a walk.
- With such a mug? I'm supposed to know the whole yard! No, I'll sit at home, and you say that we are a couple exhibitionists.
- A couple of what? - I did not understand.
- Not what, but who. Exhibitionist. It perverts such, when a man loves a keyhole to watch as his wife amuse others.
- Will you watch? - I asked.
- Maybe I will.
Masha took note brazenly grabbed from a table a pack of cigarettes and went into the hall.
- Do not smoke, infection, lung spoiled! - I shouted after her.
- You n me ... I do not spoil! - She slammed the door behind him, but then again put it in the living room - and do not forget the condom, perverts!
the door bell did not wait. I opened. On the threshold stood Acne. Of course, he could not recognize me in this way, but I knew it inside out. We quite often soared together in the bath, and once I was even present at his amorous games. And his girlfriend, and his body, and his character, and his advances were quite familiar to me as an outsider viewer, and the prospect to try them on themselves did not cause protest.
Feminine and masculine tightly intertwined in me, and each pulling his own way. Being a man in the shower, I evaluated the sex appeal of man as man, though, and kept again male promiscuity in choosing a partner. However, a woman's body, which I wore, too, exerted its influence, like not giving the man to surrender, in the nature of manhood which I would doubt.
All this lasted for a moment, and then I stepped back from the door and nodded to him:
- Hello. Your friend went out, but he asked for a bit of fun and to entertain you with something.
- Well, well, - Acne with a sly squint looked at me - wait.
In his message delivered Masha on the phone, I quite transparently hinted that we are visiting our mutual friend, we walk with Masha, and he will own to meet my cousin and not a special ceremony with her. Before Vitalik reached the subtext of my speech, and now he looked at me appreciatively clearly. The evaluation result was positive.
I led him into the room and brought a tray of tea. Dealing with Vitalik was not difficult - as a true secular lion, he immediately began to tell all kinds of stories of women, in response waiting unfeigned admiration. He courted gently, slowly, and I quietly sat in a chair across from him, not so much by listening, appreciating how much from the point of view of a woman, and oddly enough, could not concentrate. His body I definitely liked it, but his stories, and demeanor, usually the familiar, somehow unnoticed change in perception.
Obeying surging tenderness at me, I got up from his chair, walked over and gently ruffled his hair. He chuckled good-naturedly, grabbed me by the waist and drew to itself.
I never would have thought it was stringy yap has such nice hands. Barely touching his shoulder, I suddenly felt cozy, like a kitten climbed into the basket. Instinctively, settling back, I paused, putting her hands on his neck.
Acne free hand picked up a cup, a little sip of it, as it were, re-tasting, put the cup back on the table and gently drew me into his lap. Razmyaknuv of comfort, I obediently sat down on the arm of his chair, sighed, and trembling with excitement fingers unbuttoned collar Mashkina pink blouse under which I did not have anything. Seeing my gesture, he had moved me gently ran his hand over his face and carefully undid the second button of.
I never thought it was so nice. This soft feeling strokes flowed through the body. I'm wanting to focus on him, she closed her eyes. Acne undid another button, and I felt relieved from the chest tissue. A strange sensation struck me as if with this simple movement, I completely surrendered, and he took me in his arms.
This feeling was to be expected, and new. In sex, as a man, I have led the process itself, and our co-operation is usually subordinate to my will. Keeping everything under control, I had no fear. Here was scary rely on someone else's will, which lead me. Only the inner confidence in this man would not let me escape. And then instantly, like lightning, I slipped a feeling that I have known him a long time ago, and I love it ...
Carefully, as if afraid to hurt, he threw back my head and touched his lips to my lips. Suffice familiar feeling greatly increased my relaxation and willingness to comply. Dizzy with pleasure, and only men, accustomed to analyze all intelligence is still kept on the surface. Meanwhile, his lips moved from my lips to the cheek, then started to caress her neck. His fingers slowly unbuttoning of a button and kisses followed bares skin. These barely noticeable wet touch was very light, but were given to the whole body, and I involuntarily tried to extend the touch, arching them in tact. And he unbuttoned buttons until blouse fell to the floor and bare breasts do not come into contact with his warm body. When he had time to take off his shirt?
This feeling was surprisingly pleasant, delicate skin of the abdomen and chest gladly accepted his touch, relaxing pleasure. I felt strong hands put me on the sofa. Continuing to kiss her neck, he pressed against my chest, and the sweet feeling of all was growing. Wishing to strengthen his, wanting to feel even tighter this contact, I arched my back and moaned involuntarily. It was a sweet and painful moan of pleasure, what I have not yet experienced.
Those soft hands held over my stomach, driving a sweet warm down. I froze. He again held his hand over his stomach, and then furthered his hand further. I was pleased, and that's so scary to reveal itself, but in obedience to the flowable pleasure, I spread her legs, freeing his way. For a moment, looking up, he deftly pulled off my skirt and tights, so fast that I did not even feel, and then gently, with two fingers, quietly began to lower my panties.
I froze, I was listening to a sense of how my body is fully opened before him. First opened abdomen, then on and on ... Naked, I lay on his back, completely surrendering his male power.
Feeling my condition, he hugged me, and his lips were once again caressing my neck and chest. Then fingers gently walked through the hips, above, above, and penetrated inside. The first sensation they were pleasant enough, but not too strong. He just patted me, but all of his affection poured warm, becoming heavier, something rose up in me. And as it grew feeling his every touch there, inside, it was getting nicer and nicer. And suddenly he touched something that struck me incredible, never experienced pleasure, and I groaned and arched.
His fingers did not let go, and I'm looking for this pleasure, arched, writhing, squirming in his hands. Once again, I moaned as he touched me again, then again. Acute pleasure flooded my stomach ... and feet. Touching me, he did not forget to caress her neck and chest, and from this my whole body turned into a pleasure center. Painfully pushing legs, I surrendered to him and waited for him, and was afraid. I was a virgin, even though he did not know it.
Continuing to caress my lips, he went on. This was completely different, much stronger feeling. It was not hard, although fingers nice and soft and warm flesh, all the power strove to me. Ready to take it, I was all in its power. Absorbing this new feeling, I stopped taking it. He cautiously in small steps, and penetrates all suddenly seized me, burst, filling in all of me.
From an unexpected sensation, so unlike the previous ones, I cried out sharply. He was inside of me, he was moving, he was a part of me. This pulsating motion of another person inside my body filled me with languor, and I have not moaned and cried out in a loud voice. Gentle, warm, big, bouncy, he moved inside me, he caressed me inside, not outside. It was incredible and sweet. Inside I still throbbed, and he moved to the beat of the ripple. Trying to get the best, trying to bring this to the pulsation of the heart, I'm all caved in, and he easily lifted my hips. Inside, everything broke, beat, incredible pleasure spread through the body. I squealed, feeling instinctively moving to the beat of his movements.
And then a sharp blow threw me into a black pipe. As if someone hammer hit me in the chest. Air took off from the lungs of a female body, the heart has stopped. The world has shrunk to around a black dot, and my consciousness itself crumpled into a ball. There followed a new blow. Attract powerful impulses Mashkina regained consciousness in the body to its rightful place, and thrown the invader out.
The defocused consciousness floated colored spots, perception, lose a significant part of the energy lost its sharpness. I lost control, like sleep, and knew that the dream will be the last. We must be awake, come what may.
The inner feeling drew me to her own body, but the weakened power could not inserted into the soul and heart of the run. Consciousness is barely warm and refused to work. Too much energy was spent on all these games.
- Bastards !!! - I mentally screamed as in a nightmare, but my voice was drowned in the surrounding cotton. It seemed as if I'm running on a black viscous plain, legs do not obey, do not move, a fierce blow helplessly falls and catches behind the incredible, incomprehensible horror.
- No! - Again I shouted, feeling the bony hands me his hand.
Wake up! But this is not a dream. This is hardly flown away the soul fluttering over the prostrate body. Hell. I do not believe in death. I know there is an afterlife. Do not!!!
Urgent pull myself together. No hysterics. Then all will be well. Yes, I would be lucky. And I live a long time. If in the next thirty seconds, I could start my own heart.