Tram has not already twenty minutes. This damned dozen walks before rare that even cry. Nearly the whole holiday went to such painful here waiting in line for a beer. And Monday already at work. People near nervous growls slowly, but wait - home everyone wants. Only one I probably will not hurry home. I'm twenty-five young people a year divorced, live alone and meet me in the apartment except the cockroaches. But wait still sick, I moved to the side, lit a cigarette to calm down, and decided that if I'm going to count to a hundred, and the tram will not, then I will give to someone in the face. Or he'll get - it does not matter, the main thing to be discharged. Summer day came to an end, it became almost fresh. In some places, including rare advertising signs, signboards, etc. From the park opposite came two cop with a walkie-talkie, shuffled his feet and disappeared around the corner. Evening came.
Somewhere in the forties, I suddenly heard:
- Hey, guy ...
I turned around and saw a little girl of sixteen low, staring at me with a sullen look.
- Treat cigarette - she asked in a whisper.
- Go home, babe! On the pot and sleeping okay? - I said, but nevertheless noted that in this small crumb very impressive.
- Nurse far - said the mysterious stranger. - Do not zhmis.
We got to talking, and after five minutes is already sitting on a park bench and the girl casually wielding a cigarette, told me that her name is Olga, came it from Leningrad, where she left home because mum and dad - gaga, generally for a week It has complete freedom. Then I gently inquired where she spends the night, accidentally in the hotel suite.
- Fu! - Olga snorted. - What am I, some kind of whore, so hang on hotels? Where I want, there and sleep, none of your business.
Clearly, I thought, an interesting little thing. Especially thighs. The young interlocutor, throwing his leg over the other, had the most relaxed posture. She seemed to be reclining on a bench, and the dim light near the lamp effectively singled out the entire body of a young beauty. Tightened in black tights, a child Large, not yet touched by the feet eventually attracted to her, beckoned, called vague hopes. They seem to whisper: "We are soft, warm feet, we were created to be maddening. Take us!" In short, I liked her thighs. Inspired. I began to gab about everything: about how good our city and how well she came here, and how well that greeted me, not any bully, from which you can expect anything. The words flowed of themselves, and I just listened and was surprised because it turned still quite smoothly, without a mat. I was so carried away that he did not even notice that my friend quietly dozing, her head resting on my shoulder and his legs stretched out the most straightforward way. Her dress is already impossibly short, raised even higher, and as Olga slowly slipped down centimeter by centimeter exposes rounded, luxurious hip. My dick is like a hunting dog loyal, alert, and at the same pace, slowly but irreversibly begun to acquire the right rack. It was stuffy.
When the dress has risen almost to the navel, I suddenly made a startling discovery. It turns out that this crumb absolutely no coward! Transparent black pantyhose over the naked body, and under them - nothing. Rather, there was something. And this is clearly and unambiguously indicated a dark triangular spot just at the very spot where he was supposed to be, and in any normal woman. True, under the dim light and dark tights, it was perhaps not as spectacular as in physical form, but the situation I was blown away. Baba without panties on the road do not roll. Slightly shocked by this turn of events, I looked around. Thank God, like quiet, only the tram noise somewhere, very well, I thought that no one, very good. Olya, buried in my side, breathing steadily and smoothly, as if it was necessary. Not enough sleep, perhaps, poor guy, I thought.
Then I resolutely threw away all extraneous thoughts and began intently watching how my hand is getting closer and closer to approaching the small dark triangle. Finally, I touched the soft tubercle spent on it with the tip of your fingers, listened, then my hand grew bolder, and after a moment found herself under the tights. Olechka did not react to this invasion, her belly breathe and not feel anything. This gave me an even greater insolence. Soon, my trembling fingers penetrated between the might, the very feet that are already so long caressed my opinion. Just a little bit of perseverance, and I felt how warm, soft and wet pussy this girl, as there is good and comfortable, what sort of delicate hairs as there are all wonderfully arranged, whatever ... My finger already being groped in girlish vagina, when I suddenly heard:
- What time is it?
That I from Olechka did not expect, though has become accustomed to many surprises.
- Without the seven eleven - I replied, glancing at the Lantern, and he just confused. I really wanted to stop their disgraceful activity, already a member of the weak, but suddenly I felt like my little Olya pressed tighter and tighter, so tight that one could hear her heart pounding as snuffles her nose. That's the case, I thought, but his hand already numb. But how can you stop when she yells so grateful, so stroking a heroic hand, so gently sways her hips? So we puffed do not know too much. In the end, it was annoying to me, I even felt a little resentment. Finally Olga subsided a little and asked:
- Do you want?..
- Well, - I said, instantly realizing the issue.
Then I quickly assessed the situation and figured that fuck this doll will be best in the nearest bush, although, in principle, could be in the tall grass of a swing. I grabbed Olya on hand and we marched straight across the flower bed to the bush. The girl shyly lowered his eyes, remained silent. All our plans violated the sudden appearance of a police outfit, which is slowly moved along the central avenue. I quickly dropped to the ground, Olga, it also smartly pulled the tights, and we hurried back to their original location.
- I hate cops! - I hissed my girlfriend when we sat down on a bench, - smelly goats.
- Oh them in Figure! - I reassured the girl.
- Now washed away, you see.
However, it turned out differently. One of the policemen slowly walked to the bushes was chosen by me, took off his pants and sat down ... and did his thing. After some time the patrol left. I almost wept with resentment. It felt that this moment of not just shat in the bushes, but shit into my very soul, So zapadlo! Perhaps I have been a frustrated expression on his face, that Olga stroked my cheek and said:
- Never mind.
Then she stood up and pulled the tights up to the toe. Then, with his dress, she stood on a bench with cancer so that directly in front of my nose proved its lush, juicy ass, dull gleam in the light of a full moon. Slightly taken aback, I looked around. Desert Park, and with it the whole town does not violate the ensuing silence of the night. Complete silence, only occasionally proshmygnet car on the road, but some shaggy kotyara rummaging in trash. Fortunately, the shop was not too wide, and I put the leg ... her sides, so that gets pretty convenient. So as not to waste too much time (midges and circled over us, poor Olka because of them and then pulled ass), I did not take off his pants and pulled out his petrified penis through his pants and slightly parted Olechkiny legs, with the feeling drove him the possible depth. Olga gasped. Grasping her hips, I did a few test cycles of our future symphony. Olechka also tried to take the right chord, which has become a uniformly moving her pelvis to meet my movements. The girl, apparently, is no stranger to sexual matters, I said suspiciously, trying to cover up a nly from mosquitoes, and at the same time reach out to her boobs under her dress. Soon we will both be tuned in unison and snorted, and Olkina pant inspired me so I'm just stunned. I drives the member with such force, as if to pierce the juicy fruit through, I squeezed and kneaded breasts, as if he wanted them to tear off and throw it away, I held her soft and gentle back so that the poor already vzoprel and covered with spots, gradually passionate Olkina sniff beginning to move in intermittent postanyvanie, and her pretty ass began to make more frequent and circular movements. Lambada From this we simply stunned. In his pants and a sweater I'm worn out, and could only envy Olka, if anything, I was thinking at that moment. My thoughts were scattered on some incoherent, bizarre images in his head all mixed up, and in the world, except ass anything already there. And above all holy and high sense - Kaif! My dick hard worker dived and dived relentlessly, like a wound, more filled with lust, which every movement grew and strengthened. And two or three powerful shocks and hot, poignant wave piercing fire scorched an amazing feeling, like I'm flying high above the ground, and there, on the bench, my glorious
Olga, arching his back, and a long, muffled moans, and that it does no longer, because my eyes are closed, and for me there was nothing there. The terrible thing, especially if a long time do not fuck.
When I opened my eyes, I saw that there is nothing in general, has not happened: the night, the silence, Olka is on all fours on the bench, shaking his head like a drunk. Nowhere is not a light, only in the house opposite the park lit some window later, and in it someone looms. Well, to hell with it, I thought, the contagion. and envious looks. In silence, we have led ourselves to the order (poor Olka barely straightened), we sat down, lit a cigarette. Saying I did not want at all, nothing like, but, as befits a gentleman, I broke the awkward silence:
- And with you nothing, this is the most ... Cool.
Olga shook off the ashes with a trembling hand and said:
- Little nothings of life,
To this I told her something about the damned mosquitoes, which do not know why created by nature, and I hate to childhood. Olga agreed and called them "smelly goats". We got to talking, and then went to catch a wheelbarrow.
While Olka was scratched in the hallway in front of the mirror, I looked at my watch: it was something about two nights. So little, I thought. It seemed to me that it has been God knows how long, maybe even all night stayed there in the park, on a bench near the swing. Olga asked to go to the bathroom, and I hastily cleaned in the room - put the sofa, the window povybrasyval different trash from the table, along with empty bottles, old rags hiding - turned out quite comfortably. For a complete happiness popshikal all deodorant, I sat down and began to think. Everything went well, except for the taxi driver cursed, absolutely brazen, it remained an unpleasant aftertaste. Okay, I thought, walking the red today, and all of FIG.
I went to the kitchen - the refrigerator, except for the margarine, there was nothing. Finally, it seemed to my young guest, all radiant and happy. Now, under normal lighting conditions, I could easily see her face, person, in general, normal, not to say that beauty, but it is a pretty girl with a nice round-faced with traces of perm. Such mordashek on the street - a million.
- Turn magician - Olga asked, noticing on my desk an old "Yauza". - You have "Depeche "?
- For what? - I was surprised.
- This group - "Depeche Mode". We have everything it dragged. You got that, no?
- Ah, - I realized. - There are, of course, only now from a friend. Let's hear it ... anything. I put the reel with some old Soviet music collection under which ukatyvayut even my ex-wife - Ninka, when she was a little girl. Then he offered humbly to note our acquaintance,
- I generally do not drink, - jammed Olka. - And what have you got?
- Alcohol - I admitted frankly. - It was even beer, so drink yesterday,
- Well, - I have agreed to Olga - only if a little bit.
I perched on the table quart jar filled to almost half of the alcohol, and since we did not want to eat snacks instead poured into another jar of water from the tap. Feast happened, though not very elegant, but meaningful. Mixing in a glass alcohol with water. we drank the first toast. For acquaintance. Olka, well done, right, only after a long time she could not catch her breath. The second toast went much easier soul was filled with a calm, quiet joy, I began to caress the ears poignant song about love. I wanted to fuck.
Olina eyes sparkled, and there was silly face, meaningless smile. I told my favorite anecdote about the monkey from which Olya laughed so that it became clear - the girl has reached the condition.
- Let's have a drink as well! - She said cheerfully, drank, and then I sat the baby on her lap, and our lips have merged in a sweet kiss.
Sweet thing - kissing screwy. Olka Sosa just amazing, I was drowning in her hot lips, panting, I melted. In the end I gave up and answered only barely moved his jaw, but bellowed like a fool While our lips hungrily dug into each other and a quick end to all this was not forthcoming, I took up other parts of the body Olkina. My hands have done a familiar route for tights. However, this time their movements were much more confident, and they soon felt there quite freely, at home. In addition, Olga is so widely spread her legs, my two fingers just moved into her wet, hot vagina as part of the key to a well-oiled lock. The girl screamed and nearly tore my lip. With difficulty tearing grasping little hands from my neck, I started pulling off Olka dress. Bra under it, of course, and did not smell.
- Let's have a smoke, - Olga asked, getting down from his knees.
- Come on - I supported the proposal and reached under the table for matches. While she was pouring into glasses, I meticulously examined her plump bust and came to the conclusion that this bust has a great future. Who would have thought that these two plump, slightly swollen balls belong to a young girl, almost a teenager? Do not wait until it's busty creating his drunken hands will light a match, I grabbed her breasts in his mouth, sucked as possible, almost all of it.
Soft, fragrant body was just amazing, and I finished with one breasts, taken for another, and so on until, until somlela jaw. Sated, I suggested to raise their glasses to our acquaintance, especially since the first time I met such a good person. On this Olga replied that I, too good, and my ex-wife, probably a decent ... bitch.
- No, Nina is good too - I said, and we drank to Ninka.
Drained the glass, I almost fell off the couch - Alcohol was quite clean. All my insides literally inflamed, I barely had time to grab water and drained to empty the jar. Then he ran into the bathroom and slurped from the tap until until Prochukhan as follows. When I returned I saw terrified nly with nevypitym even a glass in his hand.
- You feel bad? - She asked, angelic voice.
I wanted to strangle her, but I looked at the two plump balls and restrained.
- All ok - I said glumly. - This stuff should be diluted, and that so long hooves and discard.
- You're it! - Olga sulked. - I diluted, I swear! Here here.
And she pointed to the bank, where there was alcohol. All clear, I thought the girl was wrong. In such circumstances, it is not so easy to distinguish alcohol from water. From the unfortunate misunderstanding Olechka very confused and almost drank from his cup, which was also clean as a tear, alcohol. Though drunk, I just reacted, but slightly miscalculated, and knocked over a glass to your pants. We laughed. They laughed for a long time, to tears. When I finally calmed down, I suddenly found that I was sitting quite without trousers and Olechka already targeting and pants, even though they were completely dry. But it ended with tape, had to deal with a tape recorder. I turned on the music, and to no longer take risks, invited a lady to dance. Tightly pressed against each other, we stamped out of the room. We swerved in one direction and then the other, something somewhere has fallen, but we continued our night's waltz. We were very well together.
- You liked it, - said completely touched by Olga - in the park?
- Kla-al! - I whispered. - And the mosquitoes you this thing, huh? Goats, right?
I felt very, very sorry for the poor little girl, I wanted to tell her that the case with alcohol - is nonsense, who does not happen, but suddenly felt my panties quickly slid to the floor and covered the hip unusual chill.
Looking down, I saw kneeling Olka, right at her head gently rocked my dick poured lead. Slightly taken aback, I looked back. In the room, except for us, no one was there. On the floor lay a miracle without breaking the bank, has cut his eyes light over his head. Then I saw Olga took my cock their little hands and gently kissed him. I caught my breath. Not knowing what to do, I was enthusiastic watched in amazement as my sexual organ, grasped full lips, slowly fades in Olkina mouth. I leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. Meanwhile, a girl sold outright. Like a little vampire, she is eagerly and passionately vpivalas in my dick, then began to violently tear it with his tongue and lips, then got up at all clear what. I felt out of my body somewhere to go away the precious life-giving juices, both with them and I am now all will melt and dissolve forever. But unless something was then the value compared to the achingly-sweet feeling, dragged me down, feeling, which I wanted to cry and laugh. I sank to the floor. And somewhere far away, drowning sweet smacking, Sofia Rotaru sang about a mountain herb lavender. After a while, I felt that a little girl's enthusiasm begins to wane, and soon the feeling of unprecedented bliss and all left me. Opened my eyes, I found that my little friend simply fell asleep. Yes, Lafayette came to an end, I thought, and pulled out a member of the serried lips. My poor body then issued a lot, but by all that has happened even more stronger and just can not wait. And in fact, soon the morning, and I'm damn doll Bugger still not as it should. Not even to the end of the section, you idiot! With these thoughts, I began pulling off the lifeless body tights, my mood rose sharply when I saw my sleeping beauty completely naked, turned inside his body shamelessly. I lashed out at Olu and began to kiss her breasts, abdomen, between your legs - all this gentle, soft and smelling young body. Then I can be a wider spread her legs. My eyes appeared a miraculous creation: two slightly parted pale pink lips of the vagina, gently surrounded by silky hairs. Word someone lecherous eyes stared at me unblinking eyes, and seemed to say haughtily: "Yes it's me. So, for what you are willing to do anything".
- Oh crablouse unhappy! - I suddenly got angry. - Just let me drive a fool, and then you and I do not want FIG.
- Ha-ha-ha! - I laughed pussy. - I know you!
I was not myself.
- But who are you? The hole and nothing else, nothing to look at. Prostitute fucking!
On this red-eyed lybitsya only as a May rose, mocks the most natural way. Then I decided to grab the bitch and snatch her filthy language, but suddenly felt that I could not move a finger, and the hairy monster, meanwhile, more and more draws me to his black, bottomless maw. I was so scared I cried like crazy, and when barely opened his eyes, he saw bending over a Olka.
- What are you doing? - She asked anxiously.
- A dream bitch, had a - I replied, slightly Prochukhan.
This is what causes alcoholism, especially if properly sort out. This is not the case, I thought offensively cut down when the holiday bliss is only approaching its climax. Somehow get to the bathroom, we have included a cold shower and stood under it until zadubela. It was better, so good that on the way back, I did not deny myself the pleasure to very carefully evaluate Olkina ass. This part of her body for some reason especially attracted me. Poured juices, elastic, it is at least moving slowly swayed from side to side, it is tempting to play with their rounded shapes. Language does not turn to call it just any ass, ass and asshole, and especially the buttocks. It was the ass, and the ass, designed for big love.
We returned to our smoke-filled room. While I was pulling off his wet sweater, Olka quickly spread a sofa. I have only to dive under the covers, and our bodies shivering merged. To quickly heat up, we gave her a cheeky hands full freedom, so that soon became suffocating under a blanket as in a bath. My penis, more heartsick from all gone through in recent years, quickly came Olkina through perseverance in good condition and is now bulged ballistic missile, awaiting the team. There was nowhere to hurry. One hand frantically wielding Olkina in the vagina, the other I tore her supple body, squeezed and crushed everything that came - breasts, thighs, stomach - so that poor Olga already wheezed. Yet she somehow contrived to grab my elastic body, dig into his convulsive aspirated from which breath away. Slowly we were crazy. My lips were between Olina feet, sat down at her inflamed vagina, but this time the hot tongue penetrated farther into my anus. From such a weasel I embraced this unearthly delight, that I almost cried. So we were busy and groaned for ages, until finally, exhausted Olka has not sat on a pillow, legs stretched almost the entire sofa. Slightly tired, I looked back. Outside, the day has arrived: in full sun was shining, the kids roared, flying birds. Under the ceiling lamp was burning.
I climbed up on his girlfriend ... and lice souls plunged into it tired of waiting for your cock, eyes closed, Olka grunted appreciatively. First we dryuchit slowly, stretched pleasure, but then gradually began to enter into the taste, sweet and warm, more filled my body. Olka, meanwhile, biting her lip, carefully moved his hips; these movements, each time becoming more and more strong, until at last, losing all sense of rhythm, Olga did not start to shake your hips so that I could hardly keep up with her. I've never had to make love in such a frantic pace. Like any striker Stakhanovite, I poke my crowbar in this blessed mine and did not know fatigue. If I then pondered something, make sure you have exclaimed: "Hail Olkina pussy! Hooray!" The partner, apparently, was also delighted. Frantically grabbing me by the hair, she made some strange sounds breathy moans, sighs, inarticulate words, of which I knew only one thing - "Mama". Then she grabbed my legs and paused in trembling suspense, I also feel it is clear that we are already twitching briefly left that isolation has come. Just a little more, two more powerful push even more furiously, we shrank with each other, another breath - and delicious languor washed over my body down to the nail, turned the bones, frost ran through the skin. All faded and over.
Just a blanket covered with Olya sweetly slumbering on the pillow, her face was clean and bright, like a baby. At last night's sleep, the poor fellow, I thought, and reached for a cigarette, unfortunately, the pack was empty, and I had to settle for a little crooked chinarikom.
When I woke up, I found that this was the day, the leaves rustled outside the window, the sky was blue, the sun's rays were scattered all over the window sill. At the edge of the sofa sat Olya and hugging her knees, staring out the window. Her face recently filed an imprint of sleep, because of what seemed to some particularly touching and close. Fallen blanket opened naked young body, the purity of which was broken except a tiny birthmark, lonely peek out from the armpits. I closed my eyes, thinking about what the night is behind us, as we had it good, and on the other, no less pleasant things. I do not believe, but it was really delzh.
In the courtyard shrill chirping sparrows, some woman's voice called to dinner some earrings, somewhere there was music, kids running around - the usual day off, it is light and pleasant to the soul. I yawned and thought it would be nice, and I something to do. Maybe go to the toilet or something else sdelag? Olga stood up (so easy that I almost felt) and went to the sideboard, where at the beginning of the mirror to tidy her hair, and at the same time and enjoy themselves, not noticing my gaze. She meticulously on all sides stared at his reflection, and apparently she liked it. For such a reflection of any woman would have given anything, it was the perfect figure, each line of which could only cause admiration. Whatever the form of the girl has not appeared before the mirror - inadvertent or melancholy tempting hiding behind ladoshkoi - everything looked appealing before that is simply breathtaking. One hips could enjoy forever, because it was not just the hip, but something else, created exclusively for joy. As they were shaking! As gently rounded at the slightest movement, beaming its youthful freshness! How was life in them!
It so happened that our eyes met. I saw her eyes in the mirror: they widened in surprise, but she coyly narrowed, and Olga smiled.
- Oh no no no! - she said. - Peeping - badly.
I felt uncomfortable, I had no idea, as they should do in such situations: to turn away? Once exercised its presence? And maybe, just grab and drag in the bed?
- What time is it now? - I asked casually. Olga shrugged. Still without looking away from the mirror, she suddenly asked:
- Do you like me? Be honest!
- Well, of course! - I replied. - You're a good girl, are you so interested ...
- And yet?
- Once you're good. In general, you have a very good character. Seriously.
- No! - Stamped her bare foot Olya. - Not in the sense, I you like me - as a woman? Externally.
- As a woman? - I asked. - Of course, like you! Such a beautiful first time I meet. You know who you are?
- Well, who did?
- You - Miss Universe. Do not believe me? .. Quietly could be, if I wanted to. I saw: there are terrible, worse than ever, even with crooked legs are.
- Why are they considered beautiful? - Olga asked.
- How do I know? Others, perhaps, no. Look, how long?
For a moment Olina eyes were thoughtful. Then she turned and angrily asked:
- Noodles to hang, huh? Tell me honestly, if not offended.
There was nothing, and I sincerely as possible tried to explain to the girl that she really can claim the highest title. Vdohnovlyaeiy her soft roundness, I spoke with such conviction that it will soon doubt on Olga's almost nothing left, and she asked again only interested views "really red?" or "how-many dollars?". I did not expect such an effect, but it was too late for my careless words Olya reacted quite aerezno.
- Oh, I think. I came up with! - she exclaimed. - First you need to send a picture!
And I reached for my old "change"From time immemorial lay on the sideboard. I also had no choice but to agree, albeit reluctantly - in my entire life, I used the camera three or four times, not more. It soon became an essential point: the girl was going to pose in the nude. I quickly got dressed and we got down to business.
The most difficult part was to find the right position for Oli. She certainly wanted to present only those photos of her dignity she seemed to be the most important, while the rest is considered optional. I thought that, for example, nail polish to put it would be useless, no one to admire her painted nails will not need anything more serious. But in this respect, Olga to show great enthusiasm, so I'm even confused: what is the point to be photographed naked, if you can not see anything?
- That's why - I explained - and then caught with crooked legs. Maybe you are?
- I have?! - Angry Opya - Better Look at yourself, too - Alain Delon!
I have already perehaatilo breath. Staring at Olka astonished eyes, I could not utter a sound. What did she mean? How, then, should understand its recent words not yet cooled e my ears, that I have it, it seems like me? Then another asked me if I was tired, patted on the back. She said that I was not heavy, but she is now hints. To dispel his bitterness, I put on his boots and went to the store for cigarettes. When I returned, eg
I walked into the room an unexpected order. Glittered vytertyi table beside neatly put chairs, straightening polovichek, removed the bed - a pleasure to come .... Through the open window came the smell of some greenery. Behind the sofa, beaming in bright sunlight, I could see the familiar butt. What was she doing there, it was not clear.
However, once seemed herself Olya.
- Where are my stockings, I did not see? - She said glumly.
I replied that I have no idea, and then we sat down to drink yogurt with biscuits.
- Good, right? - I asked, that was not so boring to eat. Olga smiled affirmatively. Then I touched her shoulder, said in yogurt, among other things, also have degrees, and if it is to drink, as it should, you can easily get drunk. With me so already, I lied. On this Olga smiled even brighter.
I picked her up and easy as a ballerina, took on the sofa.
It all happened so fast - almost by accident - I did not even have time to recover. And long afterwards he could not catch his breath, leaning back on a pillow. My heart is pounding and I took out a pretty shabby and lit a cigarette. Olga pensive finger stroking the wall, did not pay any attention to me, as if nothing had happened. Just lay there and stared at the ceiling. Some small midges that had entered through the window, anxiously circling over her belly, down on his chest. Olin finger froze and it was fun to watch as she lifted her arm, and her full breasts and gently swung like two ripe apples. Midge immediately disappeared. Also quickly melted and fleeting shadow of irritation on Olin's face it once again shone a quiet, serene calm.
Olga did not differ bright beauty. She was a simple and good person; round brown eyes, full lips, slightly upturned nose up with a few random freckles, smooth oval chin. An ordinary girl, but it was something subtle, which is not possible to find no one else. I did not know what it is, but I felt it whenever it saw. And even when just heard her breath on his shoulder. And then, sitting on the couch, I was ready to believe that she is the best in the world. At least for me personally.
- Baby - I said - so what about the pictures? I change your mind?
- Yeah, - said Olga. - To reconsider.
- Because of me?
- Nope. Just...
That's all. As for the stockings, they were found safely under his pillow. I shoved them back, and then forgotten.
I do not believe my eyes.
- Olka, are you ?! How?
- Hello! - I heard a familiar voice to the pain. - Nothing to do, went and came. Now I go away, do you want?
Like which was the vague memories of my Olya hardly changed. The same crazy child, as before, the same brilliant, childlike round eyes, as if we parted yesterday, and our little romance everything flows your everyday, hectic procedure. Only painted - it became very dark as a gypsy.
While Olga risible looked around, I asked about Leningrad. It turned out that there is a mess, as well as everywhere, but you can live. One time was selling flowers in the cooperative, but then left - chairman of the bored. With case studies so-so, she transferred to the correspondence department, have probably throw all. In general, everything is fine.
Olga saw the scarf in my hands and asked;
- Where are you going?
- A trash - I explained. - Settled here in one office on duty at night.
- At night? I do not play like that.
Indeed, as it turns out wrong: we come to such a visit, and I'm out of the house. Maybe urgently ill? No, Andrew S. - an experienced man, split into two accounts will be big trouble. And already the hand does not greet. Noticing my hesitation, Olya no reason, no reason at all suddenly said:
- And I have, among other things, a new swimsuit ...
This message caught me off guard and I did not know the answer ,,. Although by Olka can always something to be expected - not a girl, and a walking surprise.
- Show? - She asked.
- Who?
- New swimsuit - show?
- New? Show.
At that time, while Olga was pulling off his jacket and numerous other winter clothes, I tried to remember, looked like her old swimsuit. And was surprised to find that totally forgot, I do not remember if he was at all. To this end, it took just six months. I wonder how much you need to forget this strange girl?
- Well? - Olya said, walking through the hallway, on the beach.
- Nothing suit! - I commended. - Looks.
Indeed, it was a great swimsuit, the more so that his presence on the body was the most significant. Swim, or rather a faint streak crossed the thigh, clearly trying to convince others of its purely symbolic existence. Moreover, they are encouraged to: "Hey, look, there is something there!" The same could be applied to the upper part. I immediately perehotelos go anywhere. Let it fail fucking control! I will say, was at the funeral of such a misfortune can be understood. Since anything can happen. However, with the foreman such numbers do not pass, then starts yelling, already sick of listening.
What if people nervous by nature?
- It is necessary, babe - I threw up her hands. Service. You until it ... do something. Turn on the telly?
- You yourself telly! - Olya angry. - Where is your office, far away?
- No, near here.
In general, Olga threw his jacket, and as such we went to watch. The evening was chilly and dark, zhilmassiv light part of their high-rise fires, teasing smells of something delicious. Noisy kids riding a roller coaster, and the sidewalk, not paying attention to us, pedestrians walked with a shopping bag. After a few minutes we were on the spot. We sat in a small trailer, abandoned in the midst of new buildings, basking in the radiator, telling each other their news. On a hot plate heated kettle,
- What are you all night and you sit? - Olga asked.
- I have nothing more to do! - I replied.
- I lay down and dryhnu until morning - all the work.
- And on what?
I nodded my head on the bed with a mattress, somehow covered with ragged blanket. Somewhere lay cushion, but it is so decrepit that I preferred to do without it. What can you do - well, at least so. Nevertheless, this did not bother my guest. She quickly brought the bed in decent condition, and then happily placed at the top.
- I love to ride on trains! - she exclaimed. - Ride - how great it is!
I agreed, and for some reason, laughed. With me this happens, especially when there are some hopes in intimate terms. Perhaps this is due to excitement, but still, somehow uncomfortable. Some understand this wrong, so to calm down, I lit a cigarette. From the street came the abrupt howling wind, on the stove hummed makers. The more our trailer filled with the warmth and comfort ..., the more I embraced the strange excitement withdraw chills all over my body. Cigarette and I jumped in my fingers, and I did not try to calm down, my condition became more and more unbearable. It's time to really start was with Olga, but the mind does not come, and I did not know where to start. Maybe offer to go to bed and then get up early tomorrow? No, on this hint she lost every mood, a little too bluntly, the more so tomorrow - Saturday. It is better to wait until she starts to yawn.
I almost was not surprised when the floor fell Olin jacket, and her and two tiny shadows slid along the wall of our closet. Left completely naked, sweet Olya reached, and then began to treat their feet, pulling each almost to the ceiling. In light of the heater, they seemed completely red.
- What are you doing? - I asked hrillym voice.
For the first time I saw that girl looked at her feet, though in this form.
- Aerobics! - Olga explained. - For your information, a month I am doing.
- Than?
- Aerobics, what else ?! Here look.
And she showed a bit of exercise, from which I was not myself. Of course, if you think about it soberly, nothing special there was not - all this can be seen in almost every magazine. But the strange thing; in this dark shack, among the boxes and dirty overalls, it seemed something incredibly exciting and desirable. It was the epitome of perfection. With all my heart I rushed back, between the legs of purple, but there I felt the source of his desires. Olga felt it and began to scatter their charms before generously that was breathtaking. In temples pounding blood, pinching in the groin itching became unbearable. An invisible force tore me away, and I was on the couch. Olya uspepa not finish with its bridge, both in and pushed her with all the fluff took it. She gasped and sagged a little, but immediately calmed down, she came to a standstill in the sweet anticipation.
It should be noted that because of my haste Olya had not quite normal posture: his knee she rested against me at the chin, and with every movement I felt it is very sensitive. Not giving beginning this circumstance really matter - whether it was before? - Further, I realized that he was in a difficult position suddenly, when it was not before sex. When Olga began to vigorously moving his hips, I began to think seriously how to make haste to stop LRA senseless. Maybe, citing poor health? No, Olga did not understand, think of God knows what, everything will be over.
My savior was a phone call, a normal call from the control room on the duty. I grabbed the phone and said that everything is fine, no comment. I then offered to do the tea.
Olya drinking tea in small sips and looked indifferently past the cup. I did not dare to break the silence, though at the moment the words were necessary, even the most empty and meaningless.
- Baby - I suddenly said - And I miss you.
Olga did not answer. His displeasure she looked like an offended child, who chose a favorite toy. I felt sorry for the girl. I leaned over and kissed her on the neck. Then, in the knee. Then we threw the cup and touched each other's lips, slowly felt their hot taste. Continuing unsteady, almost weightless kiss, we threw all my clothes and went to bed. It was crowded, and I almost fell on the floor when your manicure Olga touched me in the groin. I flinched as electrocution.
Elastic soft and forgotten Olga's body odor than offset all my inconvenience. I could not tear myself away from him, trying to get enough of his tender youth and purity. I wanted to feel every bit of it, each of his finger and hair, I wandered in its maze of confusion and froze, unable to believe his luck. I wanted to feel that body until the very end.
This time, I did not hurry. Without much fuss, calmly, I placed Olu follows: put it on the widely parted knees to his backside, so that her head and hands firmly rested on a corner, just under the window. Under the edge of the cot placed a brick, and all the board and different stuff, sticking out from the top, tucked away safely and eakrepil, so as not fallen down. Pillow tucked well adapted to the case - vidnevshuyusya plugged in the slot floor. Then with a light heart and exhilaration I hurried to the couch. There, gleaming impatiently its rounded forms, waiting for me Olin ass, hot and quivering like a stale horse.
Long efforts were not in vain, it was felt in everything: in the coherence of our movements, and in their extraordinary lightness, even grace, and in a quiet, measured creaking cot. Olya buried in his hands, not making a sound, but my hands, grabbed her waist, clearly felt the girl's heavy breathing, as well as all the rising sound of her heart. This girl, I thought, must remember this night.
I held his tongue for Olya's back, almost touching the blades, listened. She held her breath, but her moving hips became even more energetic and now gently bumped into me, which was also extremely nice. When Olga a little calmed down, I somehow miraculously managed to get her ass lips, where he left two bright crimson Suction - in memory.
While we are so amused, everything went its order. My hips do not know respite, and it cost me a great effort to keep them within reasonable limits, to stretch these sweet moments as long as possible, pleasant languor more filled my sinful body, with each thrust this feeling intensified and strengthened.
Olya, standing on all fours, moaning and sobbing quietly. It was good sex.
Satisfied with each other, we were going to finish. Our once-graceful dance has turned into something like a violent agony, moaning become hysterically, and the whole meaning of what is happening fit in our bodies touching. Turbid veil clouded consciousness, more catches eye. Staring blankly out the window, I saw there some ugly night peyzazhik not vyzyvaashy me a single emotion. Panels, brick pile rusty generator, different stuff, which overwhelmed all settings. Moon, to cling to the crane. Snow. Some dark silhouettes, wading to the warehouse ... From here silhouettes?
Before I knew it, strange entities, knocking castle has hosted in stock. We had to do something. Quickly finish with Olga and immediately call to the control room, blowing sound the alarm. For the first time I had to be in a similar situation.
The girl, meanwhile, did not notice anything, and when I'm at a furious pace took the old, her excitement knew no bounds. Sensing the impending denouement, she's just sick of lust. If the girl does not calm down, I thought it might be a lot of trouble, especially since the window everything was in full swing - hauling bags of cement.
Under these conditions, get it in the neck was not difficult.
From this kind of experience I was seized by a light lethargy. Although I continued to mechanically knock at Olin ass, but nothing happened, no matter how I tried to concentrate. There was only one: drop everything and hurry to do something before it is too late. For cement Andrey Stepanovich would not forgive. It is the ... Cement knocked almost all winter.
But what about Olga? If the climax of our meeting, I throw, no excuses, it just does not want to listen. There will be no words to calm the girl, for which all the feelings meant. There will be tears, worried because of some stinking bags, and I give a damn, right? Tell me that you do not want, and so on. N. It is better not to stop, but as something to try, as trifling, in fact, the case. As long as they're finished, I still have time.
Olya completely calmed down, her reaction to my efforts was more than restrained. But I had only for a while to cool his ardor, she immediately came to life and began a variety of ways to express its concern: sighed, pulled, kicked or frankly askance at me as if to find out what was going on. I had no choice but to continue, although the weakness and fatigue covered all parts of my body, and his head more and more filled the void. How sexy robot indifferent moved his hips, staring glassy eyes on the street.
There's a glimmer of dawn. His blurry, almost transparent dark could see the vacant building: all the same bricks, panels, the same valve with drooping hook, unfinished house ... Rare snowflakes, cover tracks from the warehouse ... Sound early trolley almost at the other end of the city , weak, like the squeak of a mosquito ... a phone call ...
When I finally looked up, the window was quite light. Covered with gray haze heaven has touched unsteady beams, there came a new day. It's okay, I said indifferently to the control room, there is no comment. In my heart I felt light and calm, and everything that happened seemed quite frivolous, with something like a silly dream. Oh, I sighed, that's already morning. That Olya turned too oddly squints, but her smile. Good morning, my young angel!