Memories of first love

I know how still got acquainted with my first love.
One day when he comes home, I do not remember from where in general it does not matter (somewhere I was with friends) opened the door, and peredomnoy is devch¸nochka age of 13 (and I was probably somewhere around 18), so fragile charming with snow-white smile and with freckles, and say:
- Oh, Zdrastvujte, and I am here to your sister came, we learn it in a class to learn about the homework, and then I missed the lesson came to know that the name zadali.Menya Marina.
- And I Lyakseem.
Like it was so I do not remember, I mean it's kind of like, and then forgot I left sluchiya.Potom armiyu.Sluzhil I'm in the city (in St. Petersburg) near doma.I as a consequence often, once a week, come home, Mariska appeared and, as it turned out, often at home, though I was not ne¸.Ya came home dressed, washed and dumped to a friend, or they came to mne.My often with friends (I have two of Valery and Lenka) going in my room cut in Muzychko, drinking beer or vodka, playing cards in general rasloblyalis as they could.
Odnazhy coming in Uval I went to wash (at home I thought how no one), and bathed in the buff come out of the bath (okazyvaetsya while I washed sestruha came home with her friends) and is peredomnoy Mariska with circles: -Oh, and I for tea I go ......
I damn nearly Kondratiev hvotil, I covered and quickly flew wildly into the room, a red cancer (nadazh so got involved as well ...), but she just blushed and went to the kitchen.
After the army I got a job as a security guard in one the desk, and night guarding some kind of construction, I do not remember how, came home in the morning and showered spat.Potom from there and went into usroilsya VOHR and lady like began to appear more often, and by this time It went somewhere for two years.
And somehow one had a birthday Sis 15 years old she was, and some guests were her friends, and among them was Marishka.I I had to after the festivities (and it ended somewhere around 12) to accompany her friends on domam.Marishka was the last of I mourners escorted to doma.I during the road we chatted, nepomnyu what, in general, word for word, and we potselovalis.I then I just zatinulo into the vortex of mutual otnosheniy.Ona often become trapped in our house and I became her constant escort .Vs¸ developed as it quickly.
Kissing, hugging, loving words ... And one day, she stayed with me for the night ... This innocent charming fragile creature that has captivated me to bespamyatstva.Ey was only 15-t.a 20.YA I just did not know what to do. either surrender to madness, or discontinue all eto.My kiss (to her I did not know what could be kissing markups).
She kissed passionately and I succumbed to its magic, it just drove me uma.Slivayas with her in a kiss, I noticed something perestoval vokrug.Kogda I tried to get her tongue through the sponge, which tastes like a sweet cherry, I ran across a little obstacle it soprotilyavshuyusya pearly tooth, and a little prorvashis through them they are the tip of the tongue suddenly szhimayutsya and bitten the tip of the tongue - it's insane oschuschenie.Pri it when it pulls its tongue out and tries to vykradyvaetsya Zamon in kopkanchik and when it is it starts udaetsya pohihihivat without breaking the kiss.
And her playful hands and feet upholster me in the ring and not give any to step back dyuym.Ona like a wild kitten caught his first myshku.Nabrositsya, clutching, biting, lets go and jumps.
-Lord !? How it happened that I was in bed with this incredible girl: with emerald eyes and a voice like a spring stream prom¸rzshuyu making the way through the earth to a little warm rays of spring sun. Her skin is matched by its tenderness, sweetness and light acidity probably only with ripe peach fruit.
And the aroma emanating from it ... And? As soon as you get in touch with her scent, you gradually opyanyayusche-durmanit.Ya think any man caught in such cleverly rastavlennye network, can not this woman at least in some refuse.
Her lips like cherries juicy, and her tongue slavnenko ... Huh? You can not even imagine what it can vytvoryat.Svoim their tongue is capable of engaging such sensitivity about the place where you are not even aware.
You can not even imagine in what I generally am sostoyanii.U myself have such feelings for what I'm somewhere between heaven and earth, and in this case I covers all kinds of quantitative unimaginable sensations. I was then thrown into hot and cold, then I burn the hot desert sand, then at me obrushivaetsya waterfall glacier water. Her body is not inferior by grace statue Venery.A its smooth-gliding movements resemble the motion of the snow leopard which vzberaetsya to the top of its prey.
Her hands are strong and gentle like a wild cat when she was taking care of his slim figure potomstve.E¸ captivate you with their pastichnostyu, you try obyat her shoulders, arms ... you go through with your fingertips just kosayas her back without missing niodnoj hollows .. .Tvoi hands pytajutsja zavlodet it all, but she uvorachivaetsya and constantly attracts you and pulls like a magnet ...
And imagine the two hemispheres fit entirely in your hands, such resilient, warm and delightful, with dimples in the middle resembling a juicy fruit Sakura, and every time you touch them tremble and swell the tide of tenderness and increasingly unimaginable pritegatelnymi. Who wants to take in his mouth and gently mouthed prikusit.A then rounded his tongue these two mound of Venus you descend gradually lower e¸gladenkomu concave belly, and you are all the time chustvuete durmanische its heady fragrance, you get into the hollow of her pupochka and breaking it you hit an obstacle, a little lower in the enchanted forest in the vicinity of the young is to her a little nutmeg flavor dobovlyaetsya zapaha.Preodolev tongue slight resistance of young shoots you move deeper into the ... And in the middle of an enchanted forest, you find a small hill with a magnificent attraction raschelinkoy, and gradually moving the tip of the tongue along the attractive raschelinki you come across nice neozhidanosti.Vot your tongue natykaetsya on not a very noticeable, but a very important trigger that can not bypass their attention ... first, he is adorable, and secondly it opens the gates of the sacred that open your way to unimaginable riches and feelings.
Do not forget about already traveled paths that still remember your passage enchant ...
I would argue that you can not imagine what happened when she dobrolas to the most important for her syurpriza.Chto to speak about my feelings for ...
You are currently only imagine .. it prelesnym his mouth became isledovat get her toy ... Her playful tongue was just a mock my samolyubiem.A her lips? .. They seized my "Jade dragon" odurmanyaschy in captivity, and tried to capture it completely and without reserve, and with her playful tongue trying to find a less secure place to introduce me to even more numb ... It is ceaselessly tytalas hook, the string from which to prekosnovenniya my restraining valve was ready to explode into billions atomov.Vy EEC can not imagine .. I was ready to just take it on board the ship, but at the last moment just dissolved.
I've ... probably will not be able to forget myself, I opened it the Diamond cave, stuffed with treasures and pleasures of proniknoeniya in which you lose your head and in her delightful samoobladanie.Popav raschelinku I found the most hidden lever that opened my input in her sokrovischnitsu.Moy "jade dragon"gradually producing intelligence penetrated deep into the Diamond pescherki.Pri he slowly examined every corner of it in all directions, came back again and threw himself into the depths of glub.V for research of is not clenched corners hiding ... a new experience