Love of sibling

The events of that time, I was wearing a long, not wanting to talk about it, even a close friend, but accidentally got on this site and read the candid stories decided to confess. It is just a fictional name. I do not live in my mother's family, because she had a new family in which her sons were born, my so-called brothers. We never industries together. I once stayed in his mother's family, when I was 10 years old and after that we have not met for a long time. During this time, I successfully got married, had a child in one of the years, decided to visit his mother and brothers. Meeting with his mother was cool and I went to his brother in the neighboring village. His joy knew no bounds, we could not get enough. We hugged and kissed like mad, and his young wife was happy, looking at us.We went with him to walk, to talk about life and could not nagovoritsya.Stolko things have happened over the years! When we returned home in the evening, we were in for a lovely dinner, prepared his zhenoy.V their apartment was renovated and only one room was habitable, their bedroom, where two beds stood. On the one put me on another lay youth. We could not stop and continued with his brother whispered in the dark.
His wife suggested we go together, so that we could talk more quietly and not disturb her sleep, she has to get up early to milk the cows to kick in. He moved toward me, we continued tihonako whispering, but I felt the tremor hit both of us, I realized that we strongly want druga.Brat friend also felt it and we as a team have turned their backs to each other and tried to move away as far as possible different storony.Mne seemed that everything was sparked by this voltage. As if his wife did not feel? You can not then we had so trusted, it's feeling broke out suddenly, in spite of ourselves. In the morning, we were still able to sleep. When I woke up, on the nightstand beside my bed I stood a huge bouquet of flowers, which my brother had picked for me while I slept. My brother likes to settle for the summer shepherd: the fresh air all day, near the river, the forest and around nikogo.Mozhno all day sunbathing, reading a book, and even pay for it to receive. After breakfast, he offered to go with him to work and I certainly soglasilas.Den was sunny, we collected food for the day, mounted their horses and rode out to pasture. Because of the heat cows calm, peacefully lying on soltse without requiring attention. Brother of public areas of all the forces trying to I liked it there. We rode on horseback to the distillation and I saw how he admires my slim figure and developing the wind hair. I saw that he admires me always when I say, when I smile, in his glyazah was so much warmth, affection, admiration. I have always admired the man, but to me did not look one. Foaming, leaping from their horses we quickly undressed and ran into the river. I did not feel the slightest shame, when his brother took off all my clothes completely, I just do not hesitate to follow his example.
We played in the water like children, fun drowned each other, laughing and know that we're all alone. It seemed that we were alone on the planet. Only the sun, glare, splatter and blue, beautiful eyes the color echoed the azure sky. I was drowning in these bottomless eyes. When we came out of the water and lay down on the blanket, he turned away to the side face said he was madly in love with me, I said that I, too, but he went on to say that he loves me not only as a sister, but also as a woman. He fell in love at first sight. The same feeling I did. I hugged his shoulders, he turned his face to me and looked at me with gentle eyes, then slowly began to approach me her face and gently kissed my eyes. Then he was kissing my face, neck, chest, abdomen, descending lower and lower. I began to repeat after him, we obtselovali other other completely. My husband and I, we had not received oral sex seemed to me that something is not very honest, what-if, in short, I believe that decent people do not do. But to me there was something unpredictable. When I got to kiss the belly, I saw in front of the strained brother's cock. I irresistible desire to take it into his mouth. I did it. I never for a moment did not seem that I was doing something dirty, on the contrary.
I slowly sucked his cock, caressing her mouth. I caressed his lips, tongue, inside of the cheeks, I drove myself in the face of its members and spytyvala bliss, then I wanted to, he finished in my mouth, I hastened their movement and felt the approaching orgasm. When I was strong, but not painfully squeezed his testicles, I felt the taste of semen. I drank it with relish, Stra not lose a single drop, and wondered to myself, that I just could not decide on it, and what I feel from this is bliss. It was the best blowjob in my life. I loved this man's heart, body showers. We were one. We tested the dual love for each other that we were not just lovers, we were family by blood. All day we caressed each other, dissolving into each other. The next day, feeling guilty before his unsuspecting wife I was going to leave. He was killed, and wept like a child, buried in my lap. He said that we can go to a city where no one knows us and sign. Names and patronymic, we are different, the child I already have, with his wife, he was ready to divorce, no children. I left without giving an answer. The end of this story sad. I have not decided when to marry him for divorce from her husband, and so on. D. He came many times to persuade, and I laughed, the mother as a daughter mnya cast, may, as a daughter-in-love. Then his wife became pregnant, or rather she was already pregnant when I came, at an early period. And this fact seemed to dot the I. They are then born, and another child, I divorced her husband and moved to another city, and then immigrated to the West. Neither the mother nor the brothers did not know my whereabouts, they do not know anything about me, and I am no longer there will never be back. Never in my life with those people we do not vstretimsya.A whom I there now arrived, the former mistress of his brother? Yes, he is, by the way divorced, I do not know what he told his mother, but she was looking for me. When I arrived in the city where I had lived, neighbors gave me a letter in which she asked the neighbors tell me, was the phrase in a letter that his brother is worried, going crazy, which I lost. Previously, not to worry and not iskali.Sosedi they responded to my submission, I do not live here longer, the apartment belongs to other people and I do not know about anything.