Joy repair

Last summer, still could not find a permanent job, and so earned in the repair of apartments. I worked in tandem with its im a friend, who in this case has "dog ate". It was us eighteen and it was impossible not to us.
The order was not very complicated - redevelopment one-bedroom apartment with separate bathroom and a small kitchenette. Our task was to tear down the wall connects the toilet with bathroom, and CME-Stith wall between the bathroom and the kitchen. Remove debris and conduct a non-big repair - tint, butterbur and stick wallpaper in the room.
Customers were a young couple, Vladimir and Olga. He was in his early thirties, she was about twenty-six. Vladimir worked in any commercial company, and we met with him only twice. Per-st time agreed on the price and volume of work, and the second time he was paying. His wife, we see every day, is Mr. Bota.
Having defined the size of the order, we have planned the work for three days. We started in the morning, about eight, Olga The appearance-lyalas just after eleven. She changed clothes in a working-forward and ode to the best of their forces, trying to help us, preparing dinner in about-present part showed.
It was low but very attractive girl. Corot-Kie blonde hair, blue eyes - looking at that, it was very difficult to break away. Her working form is a white T-shirt with detached sleeves, which emphasizes its ma-Lenka, but very sensual breasts and brief hebeshnuyu skirt. In this dress, which literally drove us crazy, she felt quite comfortable. She did not try to correct for, had fought her skirt or cover nipples protrude through the thin fabric. And at the same time it did not show itself as a strip tizersha. She behaved quite naturally and this was ka-kai something own, special beauty.
Only one wall was brick. Second, most partition, covered with shingles and plastered from the boards. We coped with them on the first day. On the second day to clean and lay down their lord Peachey, but with the garbage was a problem. The nearest trashcan, was three hundred meters from the entrance, and the idea to drag on the remnants of re-towns, not very pleased. My partner proposed to use the-vatsya for these purposes "Cheburashka"One of his friend. Since the rights were only his (partner), he quickly dressed, went in search of the car.
Left alone, I began to collect the resulting garbage bags. Twenty minutes later I coped with this task. Hiding from the clouds of dust rose, I walked into the room, where at that moment Olga worked.
- Oh, you're just in time - standing next to the window, looked about Olya credit Plaine curtains for curtains.
The house was old, and the apartment was a ceiling height of more than three meters. Curtains hanging from the ceiling were probably the same age as the house itself, rusted and broken. Corroded "Croc dilchiki", Holding a faded cloth curtains.
- I wanted to remove the curtains, but too high. - She smiled a smile that wanted to make some sort of feat in her honor.
- I can do it - I also approached the window.
- No, I can handle. I just need you to Streit-myanku held it until I have them disengaged.
- O, sure.
I went into the corridor, and brought a three-meter ladder by which we were going to whiten. Parting and secure it, I helped Ole rise to the top steps. When she BOAD-las to the top, I hugged stronger support ladders and looked up.
From the opened picture, I just gasped .. Olga was leaning forward, leaning with one hand against the wall. Her skirt, and so virtually nothing is concealed ridden up even higher. Standing at the bottom, I perfectly see her panties, lost in the lie-Bink between the halves of her delicious ass. I have seen on-pryagayutsya her calves as she moved his weight from foot to foot, trying to keep his balance.
He coped with a portion of the clips, it came down to move the ladder to the left. When she climbed up, my mind automatically stuck to her feet. During the second shift of the ladder, my erection was so strong that it did not cover a cart-is possible. Later, Olga only glanced at my vzdy proceeded who-pants, and climbed back up.
More I could not stand. Climbing a couple of steps, I huddled under-cheek to the velvety skin, the inside of her thighs, inhaling her scent. She shivered, but not from the tried-country, while continuing to tinker with the clamps.
After receiving her tacit consent, I touched his lips to her ass, covering her with kisses. Holding on to the ladder with his left hand, with the other hand I pulled her panties to her knees.
Her pussy, clean-shaven, with small lips, looked like a little girl's pussy. Pushing their fingers, I noted that it had already glistening from her selections. Apparently Caracol on the stairs, excited not only me alone. I licked, feeling the taste of her love-tion selections. Olya sighed softly and put his other hand, Py-hiding to keep his balance and not fall.
I licked a few times, but the position was not very convenient. So I sat up taller, turned his Atte-set to her ass. I kissed her lightly biting teeth, flesh of her Iago-Diez. Emboldened, I let go of the ladder and holding two hand-mi for half her backside, threw them aside. Olga leaned even lower, making it easier to access me. Before my eyes opened rosette her anus, not pink like most girls, and dark brown-wai. I sank to the language, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible.
Olga grabbed the hand of the ladder, one hand rubbing the clitoris itself. The ladder shook madly, ready to fall at any mo-ment, but we are not aware of it, continued his work. A few general body movements and Olga cramp orgasm. Her knees buckled and my tongue popped out of her ass. She loudly vskriknu la froze, I felt tense muscles of her thighs under my hands. After a few seconds it was all over. I licked all that it has released from itself and helped her down.
On shaky legs Olga went to the couch and sat down on the edge-nis. She lowered her panties and hung out at the ankles. We supposedly-Chali, not knowing what to say, and say it was nothing. Five minutes later, I drove "Cheburashka"
Rubbish was loaded and taken, we washed and painted the door in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Work on this day was completed and it was time to gather. However, I have not finished, or rather, did not finish. Throughout the evening, I felt the tension in the scrotum and attitudes that threw me to Olga.
What was needed was just an excuse to get rid of a partner. Before we went home together, it "nine". But today, machines have two-lo, he suggested that I was driving in his car, and drove to him tomorrow. But I am referring to the fact that do not want to get up early tomorrow, first offered him to drive away "muscovite"And then come back here for me. Not a lot of broken, two bottles of beer, he would not agree-silsya.
When he left, I went back into the room and sat down on the sofa, began to sip the juice from the package. Although I was eighteen, my experience in the relationship with the girls was not very big. I never knew how to begin. What happened between us during the day, it was on the level of instincts, but now, having calmed down, I did not know what to do. I could not just walk up to her ... and to say: "Well, yes-wai Fuck Quick and home".
When finished with your chores, Olga changed clothes in the bathroom. She came into the room in a white blouse and leather skirt. Before apartments, koto-Rui while they were filming, they get on the bus. Care is about five, and now it was almost the sixth floor, and it still was spinning-familiarize the room, pretending to be busy with something.
After losing a few options, I finally decided:
- You, the rear skirt with dirt, - I said, slightly trembling voice.
- Where, - Olga turned, and as she could, looked at herself behind. Nitsche th not seeing it supported my game:
- You would not be able to shake me?
- Of course.
She came close to me and turned her back. I do not how many times, ran his hand over her ass, erasing a non-existent dirt. I took his hand away, but Olga was still standing.
- You have a very nice ass.
- Thanks, I'm flattered by your comment.
I put my hand just above her left knee and right slipped under her skirt. Short leather skirt, fettered my movements so I lifted her up to the waist. Panties on it was not.
My right hand groped her ass, her fingertips left crept between her legs.
- Sit down here, - I showed on the couch beside him. Sitting next we kissed. This was our first kiss, I held her right py Coy, and my tongue was walking inside her mouth. With one hand I lightly squeezed her breast and massaged it through blouse fabric. While we kissed her hand unzipped and found my cock.
Sensing that the time has come, I gently bent her head down. Dropping to his elbows, Olga took my penis in her mouth. Her skirt with all-ridden, and I teased her fingers wet pussy, then it's up-birayas anus.
Tearing it from a member, we kissed again. For a while our tongues fought, and I undid the buttons on her blouse. My hands cupped her bare breasts, and I bent down to him, kissing and caressing their mouth. I licked their halos, slightly biting nipples and zasasy Val them into his mouth. Olya just breathless with surging emotions.
Continuing to suck her breasts, I put one hand between her legs, feeling the heat and humidity of her crotch. Fingers, I pushed the top of her lips, and began to rub her clit. She shivered.
Pressing on her shoulders, I knocked Olga on the couch. She lay on her back, legs spread slightly bent at the knees. Her pussy appeal, but shone. Quickly off his pants and shirt, I lay down on it from above, from the first movement, pounding his cock into it at full length.
I started to move her hips, all accelerating pace. Olga moaned, beginning of sleep, quietly, and then louder and louder se. Soon my every impetus heard her loud cry. Her hands, lying on my buttocks on-pryaglis, leaving scratches from nails. I bent my head and severely bit her right nipple. That was enough. Olga again screamed and writhed in orgasm.
Not slowing the pace, I covered her mouth with a kiss. Having a couple of jerks in limp body, I rapidly finished, snatching seed Skopje sheesya me from the dinner.
I gently slid off of the frozen body of Olga, and went into the bath to clean up. Once dressed, I heard a car gu Dock Street, behind me came.
Finally, I once again entered the room. Olga was still lying on Gaia, sprawled on the couch. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Feeling that it responds to the kiss, I said goodbye and left the apartment quickly.
The next day, everything was as usual.