Once, coming back from work very early in the morning, when the dawn was just giving hints on their approach, Andrei saw lying on the lawn of a young girl with no signs of life. "It happened that?"- Andrei thought and approached the girl. But after looking closely, he obradovalsya- girl was dead drunk and it is very pretty: long slender legs, a fairly large breasts and appetizing-elastic ass, covered with a mini-skirt. "Just a godsend to some"- I decided to Andrew, who has been almost a month did not sleep with women.
He took her into his arms and raised in one of the nearby yards. Finding there a gazebo, he put a drunk lady on the bench, put her cancer, lifted her skirt and took off her panties. He had noticed that the girl's crotch decorated neat "Brazilian band".
Unbuttoned his pants, Andrei was attached to the back of the girl and started fucking, stroking her elastic-ditsy Iago. "Should drink less!"- Mentally reproached male female, continuing to make slow, to prolong the pleasure, movement in the slightly dryish vlagalische.Devushka was apparently mortally drunk because they do not even move, and only a measured breathing and the warmth of her body could be understood that it is the action -telno alive.
Andrew continued to fuck a girl with some curiosity fingered her anus. To his surprise anyone-led, "Parent" hole instantly opened and wet. "It is probably most peasants jo-pu substitutes than pussy"- Andryukha concluded and put into the anus just two fingers. They went amazing, but it's easy and beginning of the hole open and close, even though she did not even think to wake up.
Andrew had never dared to ask her a few girlfriends to stick to one of them in the ass, and then turned up the chance to try the best anal sex that refuse was ridiculous. He pulled out a penis from the vagina, put it to a higher level and opening them was literally pulled inside. "It is precisely zhopnitsa."- Established in his thoughts Andryuha. In the anus, unlike the vagina was very wet, even a little water came out. Andrew was "seventh heaven" New sexual sensations. In a narrow wrinkled the hole he was moving much more active and harder because it decided that to protect the hole, which is so fond of men's pussy, it makes no sense.
He did not want to finish too quickly, but almost monthly abstinence and pleasant new tests in the form of anal sex took their toll: he jerked poured semen into the rectum girls. Catching his breath, he decided to pin a little. Woman seated on a bench, legs apart, Andrew tied their bra girl to her chest. Then he took out a notebook, tore out the page and wrote: "Pyanstvu- battle!". Turning the paper tube, he put it into the anus girls. The picture turned out stunning: beleyu-conductive in the shadows back, put his feet up and a piece of paper sticking out of assholes. "Yes, should drink less." - Once the hearth-small Andrew and: went home. Her panties, he put it in his pocket. In memory.