As the wife of my ass virginity robbed

I lie on my stomach on the bed. Hands stretched out to the sides and attached to the legs at the head. Legs also bred and well documented. Irishka sitting between my legs spaced and having fun with my buttocks. That stroking them, it crumples like a dough. Sometimes loud slaps him on the palm. Often pushing their hands in hand and admires yet tightly compressed asterisk my anus. From all these manipulations, my dick is like a stone, resting on the mattress.

That devil is once again trying to push my polupopiya. I resist it, struggling squeezing rolls. Why I get savory slap on the right buttock.
- Well do not fight it, honey. I still play the virgin sobyu yours today.

Actually I have long understood and even accepted, and resist rather by inertia, well, at the same time for the mind. No, of course, she and standing member of the guess that turns me on everything that happens, but you need to also "keep the brand".

After the slap has to relax rolls. Ira then do not miss a chance. Her finger slides between my buttocks downward from the coccyx up to the holes, stroking the anus outside. I can not relax, instinctively straining it. My wife laughs, massaging my hole outside. I would like to advise her to add grease, but my mouth blocked her panties, "so as not to disturb a good time", and sealed with tape. But Ira sadyuga not, she just spoiled. Who better than her to be aware of the need to properly lubricate the ass before penetration. How many times I took it back. That we have a ritual of reconciliation, as soon as she nakosyachil - reconciled through sex and rap while it was her ass. Now here it was the turn of my.

Massaged my Gorny, after depilation, hole, wife leaned over her, and let a trickle of saliva directly on my ass. (As she taught me in the bathroom to use the gel depilatory, and how my ass lost hair - is a topic for a separate short story). And immediately after that, I felt like her finger again massaging my ass.
- Do not pinch, cute, need to relax the ass, then everything goes like clockwork!

She said sarcastically, while continuing to massage the hole, but not trying to get inside. Then, apparently taking pity on me, I stretched even wider my buttocks, bent, and I felt her tongue gently touching my hole. I exhaled. Her tongue, scurrying around my anus and Drilling him, as if trying to get inside - away unearthly feeling. This I had never experienced. This is really awesome! That's why she likes it when I caress her ass tongue. Words can not describe what I felt. This concentrated unprecedented tenderness and pleasure. Under the pressure of her tongue, my sphincter softened, relaxed. Apparently, she and achieved by giving such kindness to me, that I should not clamped. Her tongue had already sank easily into the entire length, and it seems they got tired to work. Because in the next moment, I felt like my ass already relaxed pours cool lubricant. And then, overcoming the resistance of the sphincter - dives finger. From unusual sensations, I shudder. A little hurt, unusual, uncomfortable, but exciting.
- You see, I am for your ass, even her nails sostrigla! Prices, asshole! How tight you have a point! Mine was the same as long as you did not rastrahal?

Ugukayu back through the gag.

My wife laughs:
- How cute…..

I'm all focused on the sensations where I am nothing of the sort had never felt. A tiny finger Irishki snu¸t back and forth, lubricating my anus, pushing deeper into the lubricant, smearing it on the outside. Thumb already goes easily, without causing me pain. I know that no matter what happens - do not strain your anus, he must now be relaxed all the time. Ira uses it, noticing that. Invasion her finger into my ass no longer causes me pain, it starts to play it slightly bends, moves them from side to side. If not for the gag - I'd bitten my pillow. Psychologically, to get up with me that that is forbidden - is very mixed with a thrill. Stretched anus, feeling of fullness in the ass, cock, rubbing on the bed, when I try to jump off of the "hook" on which he was caught. And when Ira finger touches the prostate - I do nafig ready to explode.

This torture continued for a long time. She wiggles her finger in my ass, I ¸rzayu trying to either get off with him, whether planted deeper. It's funny, I was hurt, shame, and a good time. By itself, scurrying back and forth finger no longer delivers discomfort, light pleasant pain comes when she is trying to move them. Anus used to finger volume, and easily takes him inside. Irina pulls it completely, and re-enters, admires flushed slightly sprawled ringlet anus, and suddenly I feel that once again enters already that that column. After a few seconds I realize that my tormentor screwed already two fingers, further stretching the anus. I mychu excitement and pain reappeared. Sweet calming stroking my testicles (Member it is not available, it is beneath me), but does not stop the invasion. Under the pressure of her fingers my hole stretched to the desired diameter, and now two fingers moving inside me. Now Ira sports in full, not just flexing and rotating them, and stretching them in different directions, causing moans through the gag. This continues another ten minutes, and although she pours grease directly into my hole-suffering, I still keenly feel her every move in me. The pain goes away again, and now I myself looking for her ass fingers nasazhivayas them. Too excited, too bright feeling. Also I terribly want to touch a member, but I can not, but when I turn my ass, he crawls on the sheets, making it easier to me to fate. I feel that the sheets all wet from my selections, but it's not my problem. So fingers leave my wife wipes his soiled hands lubricants in on my buttocks, reaches for the bedside table, where we kept the "toy". It looks like I was waiting for a new torment. I impatiently ¸rzayu already want to back that feeling of fullness, to me at least something stuffed, stretched the point, touched the prostate .... I want, I want, I want ... .. Wishes come true. I feel like in the already half-open hole pours lubricant as something rounded touches my overworked ass. Spreading the wall, smacking sound is heard, and this is what is sinking into me. And again, that's pushing the anus. Clear. This anal beads. Chain gel beads, the gel held together by the bridge. Balls of various diameters, from small to large, gradually increasing, and Irishka the beginning, it seems from the very small. FER, the second dive in me, for him as soon as the third. Then I feel like they are just one, stretching my ass at the output, slightly twisting the anus to the outside, leaving me. I myself love to play with this toy Irkin ass, I like to watch as the ball dipped one each in her hole, and in particular - as a leaving her ass. And now she has a good time, carrying out a similar procedure to me.

After playing with the narrow end of the beads, introducing them to the middle of me, my wife turned it, and I felt like she twists in my ass the largest of the balls. Back pain, but with his hand under my hips, she feels my standing as a stick - a member, and gently squeezes, podrachivaet him ease the pain. This amount has not been in me, but prepared to cope ass, and taking it. The second and third beads is smaller and the first - dive easily inside. Ira throwing my cock and gently pulls the balls out. Leaving them even easier than enter. Only the first, the biggest re-raises an easy pain. Ira pulls him not to finish, leaving his ass stretching the widest part. Again, gently stroking my balls. After thirty seconds, I feel the beads again dive into me, and again stretch out. It takes a few minutes, it is easy to snu¸t toy in my ass, unopposed. When the balls are the anus, I feel an unprecedented buzz, if a member of my someone touched - I would end up at the same time. I howl like a wild beast, badly wants to come, but the friction member of the already wet sheets - enough to it, and his hands tied, and my tormentor seems not think alleviate my suffering. It is for fun toying with my ass.
- Well, I feel about what has to my sentimental ass when you're there breaks! Nothing, dear, it's only the beginning!

Whispers Ira leaned to my ear, and after these words, abruptly pulls out of me the whole chain.

vibrator was next in line. When you are away on a business trip for three months, I gave his wife as a joke, saying that this thing will replace my absence. And when he returned, he found that "Boy"As it is affectionately called, has become a frequent guest in our bed. It consisted of most of the vibrator, it is not very great thickness, and number of nozzles of different forms, increasing its diameter, and at the same time giving relief. In the end, having tried all the tips we left one of the same shape member. I must say, my head was thicker member, and the toy itself was podlinshe, but I'm not from complexes. Most of all I liked to introduce the inclusion of a vibrator in her pussy when I caressed her clitoris tongue. Wife while experiencing unprecedented orgasms. Yet sometimes he played the role of "second mate" in our bed. Sometimes when his wife caressed my mouth, "Boy" at this time I filled her pussy, or was it when I was fucking her in the ass. I liked to feel its vibration through the thin partition between Irishkinymi holes.

Now I felt like a vibrating smooth tip touches my testicles. barely touching them, his wife held at the perineum, anus beads stretched touched lightly pressed, and fell into a vibrator. Rastrahannaya ass easily let him in. Ira began to twirl smooth thin vibrator inside me. Nothing special, I felt, beads, periodically stretching the anus, delivered a much more vivid experience. But suddenly vibririruyuschaya wand touched the prostate, and I, in spite of the ropes, arched on the bed, as if thrown up shock.
- Oh nifiga yourself!

And only said my tormentor. From my feint, vibrator slipped out of me and rolled away the corner.
- as well ka once more try

With interest, she said. I groaned in protest.
- Well not mychi! your ass belongs to me now.

Wife obt¸rla vibrator from dust with a damp cloth, and again put to my hole. He easily entered into me, and a few seconds later, Ira again groped the prostate toy. This time I was ready for the sensations, but to sustain them for a long time I could not. Thank God, I almost groaned and twisted, almost tearing belts on gowns, holding me, again slipped a vibrator.

I was breathing heavily, his eyes closed .... It felt very sharp, pleasant, but unbearable. Hurt the eggs, "scratched" member really wanted to come. Would I baba, with their psychological rather than a physical orgasm - have already obkonchalsya hundred times. Ira probably seemed dull just fuck me thin vibrator, therefore, adding the lubricant to my long-suffering ass, she put the nozzle on its "boy"And began to twist it in me. Again there was a pain in the stretched anus, feeling of fullness, feeling incredibly great thing inside you. In addition, he is also vibrated. I ohrenevayu already poorly represented what happens to me. Moan, moan, twisted, fucking huge, in my opinion, a vibrating thing in the ass. Suddenly I noticed that Ira did not move a vibrator in me, bent as much as possible, and turned his head toward her. My wife was sitting on the bed, biting her lip, her eyes glittered excitedly. Both hands were clenched between the legs in the crotch.
- I am now!

She snapped and jumped out into the corridor, began to rummage in her purse. I restored the breath after this frenzied fucked, device humming in me, slowly slipping. Finally fell out of my anus tortured, I still almost did not finish. Also damn vibrator now lying, touching my crotch and infection, vibrate, not giving focus.

Irishka appeared nude with long thick thing in his hands.
- Honey, it's a gift from me to you!

It turned out to be a two-way long dildo in my face. two-way, in the sense that ended in the head on both sides. He was probably the same in thickness and can be thicker than that just fell from my vibrator. Crotch Irkin shone secretions, probably what she was doing with me - not a joke it has brought. My wife noticed that I fell out of the vibrator, once again brought him into my ass, making me bend, a little fuck, smoothly pulled out.
- Honey, would you now saw his ass. She's so raz¸bannaya such defenseless! It makes me so excited!

She purred, and then began to shove in my own "Gift". Turning his head to the closet with mirrored doors, I saw this long contraption centimeter by centimeter disappears somewhere between my buttocks. I felt relief dildo felt like even more stretched sphincter, hardly passing it inside, felt like my insides are filled with this thing. Finally, he rested in that the half-sunk into my ass. In the middle of toys was narrowing, and around him instinctively tightened my sphincter Despite the restriction, it seemed to me that he was stretched to the limit, it seemed a little more thickness, and it just will tear. Leaving a toy (it hung and swung under its own weight) in me, my tormentor began to untie my legs. Slide them together (I myself was not able to), she tried to move a toy in me. she sat tight. 30 Centimeters was in me, and the same protruded outward.

Ira sat on my ass on his heels, has introduced a second end of the dildo his pussy and began to fall on me. In this toy, plunging into it - and stir in crushed my ass. Finally, I saw in the mirror that my wife has fallen completely to the sticking out of my penis, buttocks and felt her thighs. She sat me in a pose rider, but not on my penis, and the artificial that one end was in my ass, and the second - in it. And then he began to move Irishka. like having sex with me. Each of its motion, the toy was moving in both of us, delivering strange sensations. Member of the mine, was ready to burst with excitement, the priest responded mild aching pain at every movement of the subject in it, and Jirka only gaining momentum. She jumped on the toy, as a living member, rising above it, and again falling all the weight, driving it deeper into ourselves and into me, moving back and forth, with the toy and walked us to the left and right. Rotating through his hips, drove me to distraction. I was howling loudly, and if not for the gag - the neighbors would call the police. My tormentor was also wound up beyond measure, I felt like it abundant moisture dripping on the toy, right on my buttocks, mixing with the lubricant. It has never been so excited, and I vrochem too. Thank God, it has led to excitement, she quickly finished and stretched out on my back, stopping suffering torment my ass. And without dismounting from toys, rest in bed a few minutes with me, she reached out, untied my hands and slid off the artificial member. To pull out a toy from me, it was in no hurry, and I just enjoyed the rest because this hefty crap in my ass did not move more without twitching back and forth and swinging in all directions. Turning me, my tormentor carefully ripped scotch from my lips, took out thoroughly wet with saliva panties and leaned into the kiss. I lay still feeling it a thick "snake" in her ass wide apart knees bent legs (it was easier), with a standing like a stake aimed at the ceiling member. Forces to respond to the kiss was not simple, I just lazily turned his tongue. But she did not need my kiss, kissing her neck, she started down below, kissing breast, stomach, and finally the whole perepachkany my cock was lubricated in the power of its jaws. Just a few movements of the tongue and I groaned, sensing the approaching orgasm. Mischievous-Irishka noticing it - pulled the rubber cock from me, and the moment when he left my torn ass, with a member of a prisoner of her beautiful lips and tongue - I began to finish. By shooting a portion of portion of semen, I finished unimaginably long and so clearly for the first time in my life forget all about everything. I feel like I was transported somewhere in another dimension, floated on the waves of bliss, where nothing existed. No land, no sky, no bed, no cars or roads, NO-thing. Just me and bliss ... I regained consciousness after a while.

I lay on the bed completely exhausted, totally devastated and infinitely happy. Shevel do not like, and if I had to - that my arms and legs would not obey me. On my chest lay my wife, I saw only the back of her head. She played with my hair in the groin, reeling them on the index finger. I was in bliss. Even I do not want to talk. Just terribly thirsty. The anus was moist, and slightly itched. Through itching light made its way dull pain, reminding that everything that had just happened to me - it was in fact, not a dream to me.

I handed unruly, padded arm, putting it on her shoulder cute. She turned to face me, on her cheeks and her hair sparkled drops of my sperm. His wife smiled.
- Well, as you?
- Fu-oo-oo-oo-hoo

Thoughts into words does not add up, it was all I could say. She smiled even wider, and her eyes jumped stray sparks.
- But now you know how I feel, when you .... Me…. There….
- Yeah ....

I closed my eyes and nodded. The body listens to me with difficulty.
- You're exactly like it?

Ira crawled to me taller, so making an effort, instead of answering, I made a disgruntled face, and slapped her on the buttocks, which meant: "Do not ask stupid questions."
- Just this…..

Cheeks have Irishka blushed, and his eyes danced amusement.
- ... Now you have a few days ass will hurt, and you're probably tomorrow in the toilet does not converge.

Well, damn pure angel as she was embarrassed ... I wonder, damn it, and who is it all just done with my ass that I am now waiting for such consequences ?! Instead, I opened his lips and licking them, whispered:
- For this, it is still possible and to suffer ....