Deprivation of virginity with her mother

I was brought up and raised it only. What is my mother? The answer is: age 33, height 165cm, weight about 55kg, dark long hair, gray-blue eyes, perfect figure, lush, high breasts and curvy ass! About myself I can only say that I am 16 years old and until recently, I was a virgin!
When I was still small, I do not understand why every Sunday, late at night, my mother led the men, each time different, and something to do with them in your room, then they (the men) went, and I have them no longer seen never. As I grew older, I realized that she took them just for the fact that to have sex! Once, when I was 15, I decided to spy. I carefully opened the door, so I did not notice, but it seems that I, and so would not notice so much, they were passionate about their work! My mother was on all fours, clothing, and moaning, shouting occasionally, and a man of about 40-fucked her! I did not see where he fucked her - in the ass and pussy, because he was blocking. Then she rolled over, lay on her back and spread her legs very wide, he began to fuck her so quickly that if it was not theft, it would beat her head against the wall. She was screaming and writhing, he touched her breasts and kissed right through blouse and bra! I noticed that my cock stood up, and I very much wanted her. Finally the last movement, she yells, and ends up with him! I'm still 15 minutes of sitting in my room with a riser and remembered her face and screams! I never got to see her naked!
Since then, I began to look at his mother did not like the man who gave birth to me and raised as well as the one that I want to fuck! I watched the way she dresses. She loved, and now likes to wear tight leather pants and just loves mini skirts that barely cover her panties. She wears tops and blouses, too tight or transparent, but always in a bra, and I could not see her breasts, and so wanted! She wears pantyhose and stockings only black. She has all the shoes with heels, mostly she wears sandals in the summer and winter high boots. I wanted to dig in her underwear and learn at least what breast size my mother, I thought, which is about the size of 3! She liked me more and more! I did not dare to enter her room in her absence and to look at her bra, panties, pantyhose and stockings! And suddenly notice that something is not there! But two months ago, I decided. I went and opened her closet. There was her outerwear. And I found what I was looking in the chest! There in the first box were her pantyhose, stockings and belts with elastic bands of different colors to stockings from slipping off! In the second lay panties, a variety of different colors, 25 pieces! And in the third were bras of different colors, some are simple, others with foam rubber, which supported the shape of the breast! I finally read on the label of its size - 4 !!! That's cool! My mum 4 breast size !!! My cock was standing at attention! I considered all, I put everything as it lay, and went as if nothing had happened!
Eighteen months ago, and it is somewhere in the end of May 2004, it has ceased to drive men. I think, because she moved to another job, and she has no time to look for the men. Without men and sex, she became some not so, it is no longer fun. June 27 she had a day off, and she wanted to stay at home. I left early in the morning and returned at 8 pm, I found a note saying that she had gone to a birthday to his girlfriend aunt Lena, this Aunt Lena was also very personal, she 25, and my mother 33, but they still real friends, no matter what the age difference! Mum rang at 9 pm and said that an hour will come, and come back at 2 am! I did not sleep, watching TV in my room! The doorbell rings, I opened the door and saw her. She was in a white skin-tight tank top, a black leather mini skirt from under which peeped gum supporting the black fishnet stockings that she had bought five days ago, and black platform sandals and heels, these sandals are similar to those that are stripper! She was divinely beautiful! And she was drunk, not so that the language is not tossing and turning, and very fun, and that was something strange in her eyes! I went back into the room, lay down on the bed and felt that I should! At that time she entered the room, even the sandals are not removed! Mom, I asked:
-How are you?
-Good. As a birthday? - I asked and saw that she was looking at my riser.
-Excellent! - she said. - What are you watching a porno movie?
-No! And why are you thinking? - My cock got even bigger and harder!
-Because you excited !!! - She said, so soft and sexy!
-I have not watched pornography - I said, then thought about it and decided that nothing to lose - I'm excited for another reason!
-For what? - She murmured, staring at the riser, and added - Can you masturbate? - And I sat in the chair so that I almost saw her panties and took off sandals!
-No! I have never masturbated! - I said, and believe me, dear reader, this is true.
-And sex you already do? - She asked.
-No! Never! - I said, looking at her.
-So you my dear, yet a virgin !!! - She never called me