Just I met one girl - light. She lived with her mother, her father she had, threw them, making child. We studied in the 10th grade, though not in one but in parallel. I went to her house to watch a movie on a video player - her mother worked in a video rental store, and problems with new tapes never existed. But one day I got a porno tape, which was offered to see her friend - "learn how everything is done and the present".
On Saturday we did not have class, and her mother left for work - we no one should interfere, though in the afternoon she had to go to school for music. That's why I came in the morning and we started playing a tape. On the tape fuck about our age guy with a girl. In a wide variety of positions and options, which we did not know - and oral pleasure caused simultaneous disgust and the desire to try. After a half hour of this video, we were both on the limit - my friend fidgeted in his chair and held his hand between the legs, as though holding back something. My friend had sent the stone, and was ready to break through the pants. Sveta home always dressed easy - it was usually either a bathrobe or a long T-shirt, but this time she was wearing a nightgown of some thin material. Her nipples suddenly began to bulge, and were clearly visible through the nightgown. After the end of the tape to both of us, it became clear what the outcome of this review, and we both did not mind. Sveta got to come up to me on the couch and I saw the light in the window, that it only nightie that she did not even wore panties or bra, I saw that was down between her legs.
She went up and fell on me. Her breasts and nipples rested against me as an emphasis. We began to kiss, from the beginning timidly, just touching the lips, then began to lick each other's lips, rubbing zykami. All this time I stroked her warm buttocks, feeling that she really without panties, and she tried to take off my shirt. I started to move on - to kiss her ears, neck, shoulders, and she fiddled with my hair and softly moaning. Then I suggested to undress. Sveta easily off her nightgown and was facing me naked, black shoulder-length hair, beautiful breasts and a small fluff Mezhuyev feet. I had to tinker with the clothes for longer, but I also quickly mastered. Approaching her, I began to kiss her breasts, licking and rubbing her nipples, as we saw on the tape. Sveta took my penis with his hands and just held him, but I was very pleased that the girl holding my dick. I pressed it to the manger, and began to descend lower and lower - and now the navel: I could not even dare to kiss her crotch, but she drew me like a magnet. We Svetka it was in the eyes "do it, I want it!". After stroking her pussy, I could feel the moisture. Using both hands, spread her pink lips and saw, palming off your hands under your buttocks, I began to lick her pussy, finding the hole tongue slowly began to penetrate inside. Svetka was shaking all the time, she throws her head back and was making it groan, then "more more!". After several penetrations in her, she suddenly stiffened, arched, her thighs squeezed my head, hands gripping the hair and his voice became choked, and she was able to say only "Ltd!" After a few moments she relaxed and rock that came. I got up and asked me to do the same. She squatted, took both hands to my cock and began to kiss - lipstick remained on the head and soon she became very red. Then she asks him to lick the beginning like eating ice cream. I bent down and began to massage her breasts, she with one hand grabbed me by the balls, the other began to rub herself between the legs. Headers head so that it seemed about to come off and at this point she shoved my cock in his mouth. Her teeth brushed head - but it did not hurt, her lips wrapped around dick and tongue in my mouth began to make some crazy moves. And then I had finished - Svetka grabbed his head and wanted to still deeper thrust his cock - she began to resist and repel it, so that the first portion came in her mouth, and then on the face. From this picture was even more excitement, and I groaned. Sveta smiled, kissed my cock again, and said that it was time.
We went to the bathroom she turned on the shower and began to wash, and I stood and watched as the soapy sponge moved over her body, the foam is stuck between his legs and chest. Then she said - "let's at least a member of the wash!", Took his hot wet hand my cock and dragged to the edge of the bath. Lathered his hands and began to wash and massage my dick - "main wash head", Headers and rubbed her, even after the orgasm that was so nice! Rinsed with water, it said - "go wipe" I found kakoe- the towel - and went to lay down on the sofa. A few minutes later came Sveta, already dressed with a folder in his hand, came up to me took the hand of a member, gave me a kiss:
-"Everything was very nice! Did you like it?"
- "Yes very".
-"Well, I went to learn through chasa3 come, you stay here, then descend somewhere .."
- "OK"
She turned and walked to the door and put the tape on rewind, - let's see what we missed. As well in May - warm, lying naked and you cold!
I rewind the tape and watch lying, suddenly - a key in the lock! The door opens! In my head only managed to flicker - "hell, the mother has come!". And I'll bare! On Vidic - "Stop" pressed and immediately comes to my mother. I must say that the mother of Svetkina was 35-40 years old, named Nina Timofeevna pretty good woman, know that I'm friends with her daughter. Then five minutes dumb. Well, the nurse understood everything, of course; in my head - "all kapets relatives tell the school will razdalbon". I still like a fool with remote control stand. I take my stuff from the back and in the cupboard under the key. "Where's the daughter?" - I went on talking class, "and you're here, you expect it ?, that look?" - He asks, I just published the bellowing, "I'll see?" - "aha" I say.
To sit down on the sofa takes control includes, "hell, as I ugarazdilo?". "Yes, you sit down, do not be shy" - He speaks, "I have my clothes, and I'll go home" - I say. "And this we will think about what to do with you". "Well, all"I think - "death".
He sits there looking like fuck, and corner of his eye at me - on my penis. She looked this video for about 15 minutes and I've already moved away from the first orgasm of my cock - fight again, I have it both ways, it is not convenient to her aunt, and he is like a stone. And then it turns off Vidic says "Stand up! Hands behind your back! That's what we will do to you: you fucked my daughter?" - No, I say, we just engaged in oral sex. "It's good", Picks up the line, comes up to me measure the length, width and wholesale member says: "Well good luck to my daughter, but her things will work out"Well I say how? "Five minutes in, Come in the bedroom"He said, and went into the bedroom.
My mind refused to believe. But with no clothes is not very much to go around the city. On the wall clock timed, it has come a long 5 minutes. He went to the door, knocked "can?" - "Yes, come". I opened the door - hung window, lit a table lamp. Nina is next to the bed in pantyhose belt, panties and bra. And the panties is a strong word - vertical, narrow strip of translucent fabric barely covers her jewel. "You know what today is?" - Asked - "aha" I say, "I have not had a man for five years, I really need it, but nobody, not even her daughter did not dare to tell! Come to me". I closed the door and walked right up to Nina. She took my cock sat down and began to lick it, once it became clear that she was not doing it again. Then she pulled a condom from somewhere, printed, stuffed it in his mouth and began to put on his mouth member. When it happened, she asked ... to remove her panties, and caress her pussy. I squatted down when touched her thighs were hot and slightly damp. First I kissed her pussy through her panties and licked - from her pussy smelled, she really misses spirits there ?. Nina approvingly patted me on the head -"as a boy, on". I pulled off her panties - they were very thin and light. Strangely, her pussy was completely shaved, there was not a single hair! I saw her lips, and a beautiful hillock pubis. Nina lay on the bed and, bending your knees, spread them. I fell down to her pussy, my cock in persya in bed and throbbing. How nice shaven pussy licking, hair do not climb into the mouth and everything is immediately obvious! I found a hole, fell to her and my tongue began to penetrate into it. As soon as I entered deeply, her back and hip sagged slightly clenched. "Wait, not so fast, I was still too early to finish. With oral sex you all right now come into me as a member!" I corrected the condom on the penis, on my knees to crawl under her vagina, a member of the set in the hole and began to shove, but he would not climb. "Yes, I have a narrow" - Nina said smiling, she now did not seem strong or evil rather a very sweet, "let me help". She hugged me with his feet, put her heels into my buttocks, and moving your hips to the left - to the right, began to help me to penetrate into the interior. And my balls already pressed against her ass. I went into it! Despite the fact that my penis was in a condom I felt them all - slippery, warm and elastic vagina. I put her bra on his stomach and saw her breasts, she was not as resilient as my friend, but also beautiful. Massaging the breasts and nipples I am stuck and stuck out his penis each time trying to penetrate deeper and deeper. Then Nina says "Let's change the position - I'm on top" - I did not mind, for me it was mostly to penetrate into it. I lay back a little legs apart, she mudslide on top of me, sent my penis inside himself and all his weight fell upon him-it was like a knife through butter. Nina began to rub her pubis on my. She took my hands to her hips and put it on his chest. Yes, it looks like a horse race, but on the best racing in the world! A few minutes later, Nina asked "are you ready to cum?"- Yes, i am ready! She somehow squeezed my cock harder inside - and attack orgasm pierced my body, and I groaned. At the same time, Nina arched like a cat, stiffened and began to move very slowly, wincing with every movement. Then she lay down on me and lay there for five minutes, sweaty wet, hot and satisfying.
Then she rolled onto her back gently pulled my cock out of myself, I just lay on my back after such a buzz. Nina took off my condom looked at sperm count and said "not bad! You like it, boy?". "Yes, really, I did not expect this!"- I said. "Well, then say thank you my pussy. I think you know how to do it". I got up and again fell to her pussy tongue now she was very wet, red because of rubbed sore, and the hole has been larger than the first time. Licking her entire crotch to the belly button several times and licked her vagina as far as language is allowed, I fell beside her, moaning in languor - my girlfriend's mother.
"Go pomoysya, then I'll give you clothes. And do not forget about our agreement!" - She said, dressed in a bathrobe. I washed, dressed and was about to leave when Nina said "Cassette leave, I did inspection". And going up into a tight and kissed me on the lips. "I no longer worried about his daughter. If you want more in my lunch from 12 to 14"
After this incident, and several more, my friend began to wonder - that her mother had become to me as something different attitude.