Secret passion

Today I will talk about one of their secret passions and a story that happened to me because of this. I do not know what it is connected, but I am a fan of many perversions. In particular, I am a fan of golden rain. Maybe not fully (I would not want to drink urine), but I was attracted to this subject for a long time and is very strong.

Even as a child, I found that I really like porn golden rain. I especially liked when videos showing girls wrote in clothes. When I first saw this, I was ecstatic, and experienced more than a dozen orgasms on the video where a girl in denim shorts sits on some vertically fixed a log and write. Her shorts get wet, streams flowed down a log ... But I do something about that. Enthusiasm.

The essence of passion is what I wrote in clothes. When I first tried to describe in his underwear, standing in the bathroom, I was so excited that ended at the same moment (also in pants). True to wash them then was not as easy as I had imagined. So I began to write only in those things that are going to throw.

It is difficult to convey in words is a delightful feeling. When you stand in the bath, on your pants and you know that now you described, streams will flow down the legs. Write a pretty difficult start. Interfere reflexes and erection. But the exciting feeling of covers at once, and the anticipation is so sweet and voluptuous, that the sensations of conventional sex here and some were not.

Time passed, and my passion for the development required. I received more than or less than the average salary, so he could afford to buy things specifically to write in them. I bought male and female panties and it was fun - written in the female. But in the men's class. However, now I can do it much less often because She was already married, and I had to wait for the case when the wife is not at home.

It was not long enough, but the thought would not let me rest. I really wanted to pee on the street. I do not know what is the reason, but I really wanted to. Summer was in full swing, and I could not rid himself of the idea. When I realized that without it will not be able to, I began to prepare. I had to buy a full set of clothing, and for this I went to the second hand.

Going to the store, which was located in the basement, I felt embarrassed. Never have I used in these stores did not happen. Things have been placed in groups, and the price determined the weight of the goods. I liked the white shirt with thin stripes short sleeves. I also took khaki shorts. I know this is not really matching things, but I was excited and this took some nonsense. After paying, I went home, on the road buying shorts and flip-flops in the supermarket.

My wife went for one night to my parents and my evening was. I waited for darkness. I dressed in advance "new" clothing, and to pass the time playing games on the computer.

When it became dark, I got excited. "What if someone sees?". "And how will I go home?" - Thoughts flew through my head. But I could not abandon his idea. Taking a poltorashku mineral water, I left the house.

The yards were full of greenery around, so I did not need to look for a park or away from home too far. Having a couple of yards I stopped and began to drink. I was about to write, but the desire to better increase. Fortunately for me I have not met a single passerby. I was standing on a narrow asphalt path runs along the fence of the local college. On the other side of the tracks it was not dense bushes that separate me from a neighboring yard. I was about to start writing when he heard the sound of heels.

Terrified, I went behind the bush. During the day I would be seen as well as on the track, but the night was dark, so to see something that was difficult.

The steps grew louder, and that the girl was passing me by. I could see only her outline, but came to the conclusion that it is most likely pretty. Suddenly, her steps slowed, and she stopped, he went away from me on the steps of 5. I hid even more, almost trying not to breathe. I heard the rustle of clothing, and through the darkness he saw as she sat down. It seems that she decided to pee, and at once on the asphalt track. To say that I was excited, it does not say anything. I thought she was drunk, because it explained its behavior.

I heard the sound of her streams. She wrote a long time. It seemed to me like an eternity. I myself do not understand how my hands got the penis and began to masturbate. It was a very.

When she had finished, and smooth sound trickle turned into a steep, she apparently decided to get up, but somehow fails staggered and fell back. Certainly not as a wall collapsed, but it was hands and sing on the pavement, which had just written! I was even more excited, but she seemed to be in disarray.

I stood and watched as she slowly gets up, dusts himself off. She whispered mother, resounding slaps shake hands and ass. I strained all my vision for a better view. Despite the fact that I could only see the outline, I was on top of bliss. I never thought I could see something like that live.

When she had finished with otryahivaniya and turned to leave, I decided to add thrills. I do not know why, but I just went out on the track, being a few steps away. The desire to pee I have just bursting, and I wanted to pee in the same pool, which she did, and in that fall. "I still have time to describe"- I thought. At that moment, I expected her to scream and run away. In principle, I would have enjoyed it all the same.

When I left, I made a lot of noise with grass and bushes, but she did not even turn around. Then I stood in front of the place where she wrote, pulled the shorts and pants, and stiffened. Erections not give urine output, so I could not start writing.

The girl was on me in the steps 15-20, when I managed to knock out a thin stream and start writing. Most likely, she heard the murmur of streams, as He turned and slowed.

Her reaction I did not expect. She silently watched all the time when I was writing. At least her silhouette was turned in my direction. I think we both have seen little, but the fact that I wrote on the mind of the girl, I liked to such an extent that I could hardly understand what was happening. Because erection my full bladder is emptied very long. It feels like it was a few minutes, although in fact probably less.

When I finished writing, I do not have to think what I'll do next. I became very fast and hard to masturbate, from which finished in 10 seconds, even before she stopped to look at me. There was a muffled sound of sperm, falling on the wet asphalt. She continued to stand.

After orgasm washed over me a sense of shame. I pulled on pants, shorts and then went in the opposite direction from the girl, despite the fact that in order to return home I had just her way. From the fear I had forgotten that he had left in the bushes halfway mineral water drunk. Going round the circle of campus, I went home and put things next time. Houses, recalling the incident, I again had finished and went to bed.


Yes, here so here I am shy. Then I have long reproached myself for not having walked past her. Maybe even something interesting would happen. But I have to this day remained faithful to his wife, although very lustful by nature. I want almost all girls and some boys. But my loyalty is primarily the result of my shyness. But who knows what I would experience right before the change?

A week later, I'm still pissed at the clothes on the street and have no adventure. At the moment I write this already 4 times. The last time I wrote, sitting on the bench, and it was something special. However, I decided that I will write again in the bath, as in the past, because was afraid for his safety. You never know what can happen on the street? But the drunk girl I will never forget.