Half dressed.

I am a very sociable person and in one of the letters I received a comment on his story, and a new proposal to do something unusual. For others it may indeed seem strange, but not for me and I am happy to become a think about how it all to present to her friend and collaborator in one person. We are in the reading room of one of the libraries are working together, and nothing escapes from her eyes when she proznala about my passion and enthusiasm for nudism.

Outside, winter, and on the thermometer minus thirty. We in the reader, too, not a resort, even though such supplies. In the evening I have thoroughly thought through all the details Irinka please help me rearrange the table.
- Why - she asks me.
- From the window pulls and back does not breech - I say.

We take the table and are now taking a closer look to our table and put it behind us. The front wall is perfectly covers our back, and it is quite normal fit into the environment. Then I take all the books from the table and tables compiled on the table a small stack tightly clutching their friend to the arc. Height increased even twenty centimeters, and almost the entire back was hidden from allegedly cool spun away from the window and, of course, first of all, from the prying eyes of the reader. I sat down at a chair to twist a little and said.
- Well, quite a different matter and books at hand and not the cold draft.
- You're used to, beggar go, and there's something chills - Irina said.
- But now it has become more comfortable and warm to sit here - I said.
- You're back to something that - suddenly asked Ira.
- Well, there is - I replied.
- Not in front of me - she suddenly growled.
- Okay, let's go home, and then it's too late - I said, pulling Ira in komorku dress.

Together we get to her house, and I told her the three words that I want to do. I was not sure she could not say to avoid trouble, and suddenly will cause the boss, so that she could cover for me. She initially excuses referring to my latest trick in the university, but then waved his hand and said that I did not convert and agreed.

The next morning, I just flew to work in the hope to experience something new. The street was cold, minus thirty-two, but I was even hot from the fact that I start to get up. I have a few days went to work due to frost in the pants and turtleneck, but for this I was now in my sweaters with a hollow collar, which I no longer wore a year and a half. He was very soft and warm. Decent length hem of a sweater during the severe frosts, covered me half ass, and tight-fitting buttocks.

When I entered the reading room, I immediately felt that something is wrong. It was cool and I did not even want to undress. Then Ira went and saw it too. We do not even have time to her word and a bad break, as our dear boss came.
- Girls who can not work now, we have a small accident so all cool. But in general, as you wish. - She said, and then left.
- Well, let's go home - said Ira.
- Well, if you want, then go, and I'll sit a little bit - I replied.

Ira, not even undressed, left immediately, and I decided to check in the absence of it, how things will look in place. Closing the door, I took off my coat and bringing itself in the form in which I was going to spend all your time, sat down at the table. It is original and unusual, but immediately pulled the cold, and I began to freeze. I got up and went to the thermometer. It was only seven degrees.
- Yes, temperaturka that it is necessary - I said, and dressed warmly.

Check email, I also went home. Sitting in a cold that I did not really like it. The next day, everything changed. The accident eliminated, and at night in the room warmed up and stood very warm. I came back in the same outfit in the hope that I still manage to make a plan. I have not had time to change clothes, just started to unbutton her coat as Ira entered, and behind her, and our boss, Tatiana.
- So girls, I'm going to a seminar, to be not me tomorrow - all close - she said, and check the temperature in the room, she added.
- Yes, you now simply Tashkent.
- Yes, not what yesterday - we responded with Ira with one voice.
- Well, work - she said, and left.

I looked at Ira and smiled. That's lucky, so lucky, I thought.

Ira smiled and looked around me. I, too, was moved again looked at her and asked.
- Well, if that prikroesh?
- Okay, where you put it, and the more pohlesche suddenly invent that - she said, and also began to change.

I quickly took off her coat and sat down on the couch, pulled off boots, and then by his trousers, remaining bare ass in a sweater. Putting trousers in the cupboard next to the fur coat, I wore boots and back krutnuvshis front of the mirror, asked Ira.
- Well, as you my outfit?
- I understand what you are talking small, but not to the same degree of short - she said, looking round me with a look from head to toe.
- And that, in my opinion, looks not bad - I said, and turned again to the mirror.

Sweater course was long and tight-fitting body and the waist and covered the buttocks a little, although I think I have it a little longer. Probably, after washing I sat down - I decided, but it was too late to retreat. Propikalo eight o'clock, and readers could come at any moment.

I came out of komorki More specifically povilivaya bare ass in front of Ira and after going to the table, sat down on his chair, for which I have to spend the whole day today. Pridvinuvshis as close as possible to my bare feet and knees could not see under the table, I looked around and felt themselves to know where and how much seen my ass. It turned out that when I lean over to the table, my ass is almost completely open because the sweater rises and bares her. Thighs so they do not closed, and even the left and right sides. I was approached by Ira and having taken my eyes smiled,
- So how does it feel? - She asked.
- Yes, everything seems to be nothing - only sweater high ride up when I put my hands on the keyboard - I replied.
- What's that, that's when you're something of filing to get - if yours is just like in the palm of your hand will be - said Ira.

I immediately turned to sex trafficking and reached for the cards. Take them and I could not get up. And could reach the uppermost, but when pulling them his hands, the priest completely denude and was half a turn to the reader who has not yet come.
- Er, and what to do - asked.
- Well, let's move the nightstand closer - she said, and we both began to move with her if you can say a fixed pedestal with the whole filing cabinet.

Move it to us of course was not possible, but we are on the left side of a mobile bedside table was moved to the right and my chair has become very close to the cabinet with the cards. It was great and it came quite by accident. But I equip and test in front of Ira all their movements as the door creaked and entered the first readers, two students of man and woman. I just shrank in the chair and mechanically od¸rnuv sweater, sitting naked booty and became a little embarrassed to ask them. They called their names and what they needed. While Ira was looking for books on the shelves, I found their cards and has written to the titles and submitting them to follow them look. They are about something whispered and sat down at the far table became engaged.
- Er, come here - I called employee.

Ira came up and asked.
- What do you need.
- Get up here - I asked her to stand up to the place of women. The guy was a bit further.
- What is clear - I asked quietly, and has done all the same manipulations with his hands and turns the body.
- Like anything, so a little bit shone on the left side when you're pulled out and began to turn around - said Ira.
- And if so - I said, and turned at first, and then raised his hand and took the card.
- So nothing much - said Ira.

Then it went like clockwork. I have already rehearsed movements took out the card and enter the book. Ira found them and gave readers, constantly looking at me and smiling. An hour passed, and the second has already ended in the third hour. Before dinner it was about an hour, but I could not stand and wanted to make a pi-pi. But how to stand in front of the readers I can not imagine taking a piece of paper and wrote Ira.
- I want nuc-nuc do.

Ira first reading was surprised and looked at me in disbelief and then laughed and took a pencil and wrote.
- Come on let go, our Tatiana still there - and gave me was the laughing watching me.

I knew that here so I can not stand - all who were in the reader, once they see my ass, but do nuc-nuc under him on the chair, too, did not want to. More on all of this smell reader is not enough. Looking out of the books, I looked visitors, buried, each read his book, solved. Before komorki was only three meters. I stood up and bent out from behind his desk, pulled a sweater on the ass as I could. Ira was taken aback and even opened his mouth in surprise. Quickly made three steps, I hid behind the corner and hid in komorke.
- Well, you're absolutely gone mad - whisper Ira said.

Silently I threw on a robe and a quick step out into the corridor and almost run moved toward the closet. What pleasure I felt freed from this burden that I was now nothing to fear. Returning to the reader, I again removed the robe and making sure that no one is looking in my direction. I make these three steps and almost fell into a chair pressing against his bare ass.

During lunch, I walked around in a sweater on chitalke and glanced at myself in the mirror. Ira tried to reason with me and that I was dressed, but I decided that dosizhu until the end of the day.

After dinner, I again experienced a slight embarrassment when two men tried to flirt with me, but Ira has helped me, and they quickly found the book, offered to pass that they do not interfere with me.

There were a few more risky, and Ira me to expose situations always come to the rescue, diverting visitors and explained to them that I had urgent work there and they say to me once. Some who tried to bend over my desk to quietly whisper something in my ear, but I step back and I do not know how it turned out, has excluded them from themselves.

Has anyone seen that I am in a very short dress sitting and in general I was there on a sweater or a knitted dress, I do not know. But a few smiles in his address, I still noticed. What I wanted to say Il at the end of the day, I do not know yet - because she stuttered, and then stopped, and only when we parted outside her house, she simply asked.
- Well, when you're still in this dress will shine?
- Once you agree to cover me - I said to her and jumped into the minibus.

That's the story happened to me yesterday, and I hasten to tell you about it.