Sunny summer morning. Warm and dry, as they say. What else is needed for a great and joyful mood. I woke up with a smile. What inspired me in such a good mood? .. And then ... I remembered last night. Clear. I experienced a moment in the memories of the night events, and a wave of excitement covered me again ... How good was yesterday. But something disturbed in the head. And, I forgot. Now I have something to update your wardrobe.
Throwing off the veil, I again took the treasured piece of paper from his jeans. That's right, there was no error, there were 100 bucks. Not much of a sum, but still. I immediately thought about tonight. Yesterday, in moments of bliss, quite out of my head that today is my day off. What to do? After all, today I have an appointment. The solution of this question, I left for later. Now the main thing, to spend wisely the amount received from Sergei.
I wanted to buy, and this and that, but how to do it? Question. Okay, I thought, finally we get up, wake up, take a shower, have breakfast, and then we will see. And then, when I was drinking coffee, the phone rang.
- Hi, - I heard the voice of his childhood friend and neighbor Kolka. - You did not forget?
- I do not forget what? - I say.
- We're agreed today to go beyond the present ...
- And ... completely forgot - just flew out of my head that today Kolka wanted me to choose a gift to his sister, she just had a birthday today. - Already flying.
Kolka we were friends since childhood, living side by side. Only he is a year younger than me. They attended the same school, playing in the same yard. Once in the seventh grade, he came to me when the ancestors were at work, and I decided to show him how I look in the female image. There was a force hiding, wanted to at least someone saw and appreciated. Leaving a friend in the room, he locked himself in the bedroom of parents, saying that I wanted to teach him a surprise.
The hand was already packed, so make a lot of time was not necessary. Just got a little catchy, well, never mind, I thought. Then, underwear, stockings and a belt with a light summer dress. Clips, shoes, perfume ... That young girl is ready. Overcoming shame and struggling with doubts, I opened the bedroom door. Kolka was sitting in a chair, and turned to stone.
- Wow! - Only he could say. - It's you, ? - He called me by this name.
- Call me Eve - very quiet, I said, and lowered his eyes to the floor. - Well, how do you?
For a moment he could not say a word. Then it seemed to burst:
- That's class! Super!! You just spilled a girl. How did you come to mind?
- I just changed clothes for all competitions and events in the holiday camp in the school. So I try at home, - I replied.
- Cool - I summed up my friend. - And you can dance like a girl?
I must say that I copy the women's movement has always succeeded, even in discos friends always make fun when I parodied dancing girls standing behind them and imitating their dance steps.
- I do not know, do not judge me. See for yourself.
And I began to dance to the music, which sounded from home speakers.
- Cool, - said Kolka - quite like a girl. - A dance ballads?
- I wonder with whom I dance them? - I asked ironically, it is already quite unashamedly, and sitting down on the chair, crossing his legs. - Except you I will not show up in this way, and I hope that you will not tell anyone.
- Of course not! - Said my companion, openly staring at my feet, which were clad in thin stockings, which edge peeking out from under the hem slightly lifted her dress. - And can I ask you?
- Try it - almost condescendingly told me.
He gallantly held out his hand and said:
- Let me invite you to dance, Eve.
- With pleasure, - I replied.
We danced for five minutes away quite rapidly decreased and I felt something that I abutted against the front below the waist. First he held me with one hand for a hand, and the other put on the belt. Then moved my other hand on his shoulder, and it turned out that I poluobnimal his neck. Then, quite unexpectedly for me, Kolka strongly embraced me and pulling completely to his kiss.
- Are you - I was taken aback - I'll man, and changed so that for fun.
- But you're quite like a girl, with a beautiful girl, so I could not resist, - said one ...
That ever since he came to me, I changed clothes, we danced, pinned. Sometimes they climb onto the balcony, and passers-by smiled at the young girl and the young man who had a nice conversation on the balcony.
I was very pleased. Of course, we kissed, but nothing more. It happened that a friend of mine put me on his lap, and we smoked one cigarette for two, but only on the open balcony to the ancestors is not scented. Further kisses we never went ...
Here with the friend we were going for a gift to his sister for my birthday.
Having met in the yard five minutes later we moved to the locations of shops, supermarkets, markets, etc.
- What are you going to give Sis? - I asked Kolka.
- Not yet invented - he said - but it would be something fun, 16 years still executed.
- I agree - I said - you need something cool and unusual.
I then already mentally replayed, how can he pribarahlitsya.
- And let's buy her a cool underwear? - I suggested.
- And that, - said Kolya, - not a bad idea. But how with the size to be?
- Well, did you get a girl stately, even though younger than us for several years. Growth almost me, that'll be up to me to try.
- And you do not stremaneshsya? - I asked one. - Or do you have any other ideas? - He said, and narrowed his eyes slyly.
- Of course have. I myself would like to buy something. - And briefly outlined to him last night in the cafe.
- Those guys themselves - and only friend replied.
- Besides, I would have really stremayutsya, not knowing how otmazatsya in the store. And so, I do not be difficult to be calm, we're really going to buy lingerie for your sister. Well, think of that .. in two copies - there is, I smiled.
- OK, how do you say - Kolka said, and we walked on.
Fully describe the process will not, except to say that everything went smoothly almost, except the purchase of shoes (yes, I still decided to buy himself shoes). For me, we hardly find sandals in any second. And that's where I'm worried (just say that a girl of sixteen and a half the size of 41, it would be exaggerated to say the least. But we coped with this, or rather, I managed because the Kolka did not care in the long run.
He even sometimes make fun of me. The truth is I was a little hurt because we came back with a decent catch. In two sets of clothes. Sister Nicholas bought a white, I myself chose black. There were a pair of stretch-string panties, a bra with foam podkladochkami belt for stockings, stockings themselves (in a wonderful fine mesh). Besides, I had shoes. Yes, Kolya decided to buy Sis-fitting top and very short flared skirt (I would say super-mini).
The same thing took me, only the other colors (pink topic, a black skirt). Satisfied, we are already returning to their hearth and home, when my friend gave the phrase:
- Listen, my friend, - he said - let me leave it up to you at night, and then my sister would find ahead of time, will not be a surprise.
- Come on - I said - the more my ancestors drove off for a week some in the guest house, no new things, even accidentally finds.
- That's good.
At that we decided to do. Nicholas said he would go through an hour, hit the road to the store for champagne, the benefit is now sold all over it, and then slightly overspent money, and not just bought a drink. And in order not to run twice, descend directly behind ... half an hour before the name day. I agreed, and my friend ran home to check preparations for the celebration. And I decided not to waste this time of wonder and immediately try on all newly purchased items.
Since all I was doing (and now again - doing) more than once, and buy everything directly to me, so to speak, then quickly and deftly, I dressed. All things were like a glove. Excellent set of underwear, thongs, bust, stockings with a belt. To this it took me five minutes, no more. Quickly dismissing his tail lightly fluffed and brushed her hair, struck a light make-up. Last one's left bar, top and skirt. Super!
Another five to seven minutes, and the mirror was an attractive girl. Wearing sandals, I walked down the hall, where there was a large mirror on the go swinging her hips. Nice to tied up the groin and ass thong pulled up breast bra, slightly creaking brand new stockings. Stunned ... In the mirror moved slender girl in Topeka, supershort yubchonke, and looking out of the corner under her stockings ...
Suddenly the doorbell rang. "Probably Kolka forgot something" - I thought, "Although earlier like never called, and came to me. I guess I closed the door".
And not thinking about anything, I did not hesitate and went and opened the door. Almost immediately even more widespread than the door, opened my eyes in surprise, with only painted eyelashes. On the threshold stood ... Sergei, my yesterday's unwitting beau. He was holding some kind of package, standing and smiling, as always elegant. I'm from such surprises could not utter a word.
- Hello! - He said, looking me up and down, - So I'm not mistaken.
I continued to stand like a fool, like I froze. Seeing my state, he apparently decided to explain his magical appearance at my door.
- I was in the store, when I saw you and a friend. I for some reason recognized you at once, and see what you bought new clothes. Then he went behind you, watching your packages increases. When he reached the yard, I saw where you went, but the apartment is not immediately determined. I had to wait until your friend will be released. So I find out where you live. Only once I did not dare get up, who knows what. Suddenly parents home. - And he smiled his charming smile.
- Rrroditteley nnett .. - for some reason I stammer barely squeezed out of himself.
And then something happened ... The door neighbors right clicked the door lock, someone obviously going to leave the apartment. The door slightly opened beginning. "Oh my God!" I gasped and mentally, from myself this without expecting Sergei grabbed the hand, dragged into his apartment, closing the door and leaning back on her. At the same time in the heat, I do not let go of his hand and he Sergei abruptly turned and found himself pressed close to me, to my quickened heaving with excitement breast.
We were right across from each other. In no "pioneer" distance does not even smell. His face was right in front of mine. Eye to eye .. Our views shared by some millimeters. And then he whispered: "You're so pretty", Advancing a little, she kissed me. The package fell to the floor, and he embraced me with both hands and held her stronger. Our lips touched tightly. His tongue entered my mouth and I, even without even noticing, passionately responded to this penetration. Time seemed to stand still. We kissed so violently that I started to feel dizzy ...
In the end, he let me go, and I downcast eyes sheepishly told him that I need to freshen up.
- Well, - said Sergey - Where can you wait?
Without raising his head, I silently pointed to the room where he was and went, taking with him a package. I quickly rushed to the bathroom. Glancing in the mirror, I saw in the mirror a little vsklochennuyu girl with flushed cheeks.
A little calmer, straightening clothes and make-up, powder the nose, I went into the room where Sergei was sitting on the couch. On the table stood a bottle of champagne, a bottle of cognac, sweets and fruits.
- Oh, and I do not drink champagne, - I have emboldened I told him.
He smiled and said: "Then we drink cognac".
I brought brandy glasses, he poured the tea drink and we clinked their glasses and drank. Whether such excitement and extreme sports with neighbors, or even from what, but I these fifty grams of cognac immediately hit in the head. I got up, turned on the light music and a little darkened shutters at the center. Turning to her cavalier, he began to move in time with the music, gently swinging her hips. Sergei did not have to wait long. He stood up, and bowed his head slightly, letting me know that invites me to dance.
I put my hands on his shoulders, and he put his arm around my waist. Divine feeling strong hands on his body. We danced, slowly closing the distance between our bodies, the composition is not ended. The next song was much slower and sexier previous, and yet began long introduction, my legs began to buckle themselves. However, I did not cease to move her ass from side to side.
It is sinking, I unzipped the pants do not go and put her hand in the pants. Oh .. His baby was in full combat readiness. I took his head and touched the tongue. "Come on, honey!" - Serge whispered. I began to fondle his penis tongue and lips, slowly pushing it deeper into his mouth. Soon his entire unit was immersed in my mouth for the most eggs. I Participation movement, podrachivaya it with one hand while stroking the other eggs. It was just a miracle ... After five minutes of this action froze my dear.
I felt that the end was near. I was getting hot and the most pleasure and the presence of his baby in my mouth, I ran. Here the hot jet of seed hit my throat. I drank every drop sucked again its trunk and ran head on his face. Then barely lifted her head and asked, "You have everything?". But he growled something grabbed me in his arms and deploying entity to the couch, leaned on the cushions.
- You do not mind, my dear?
- I'm just waiting for this, and, dear, - I said poluvzdyhaya.
He nearly crushed me to the sofa railing, so I leaned toward him, and my ass sticking up. I felt he pulls my strings. In response to this, I am even more pushed his way his ass, placing legs wider. Here in my area got wet holes, he smeared it with his saliva.
Oh, heavens, I felt his comrade began to rub on my pussy around the bush, sometimes pushing and returning back. But each time a little further and deeper. "I can not resist," whispered hoarsely, my dear, and thrust his rocket in my bowels ... A-ah .. I just had time to scream, but a slight pain was immediately a great desire to eclipse a obvoloch his whole unit.
"Come on, darling ..." I moaned, and he has not stopped ... I could only close my eyes from pleasure and moan and purr like cat, completely dropping elbows on the sofa pillow ... Space, unearthly feeling of penetration, perfect waste of time .... and I am in the astral plane ...
Finally, I once again felt the head of the penis on their made-up lips. My tongue began to automatically inspect the entire surface of the foreskin, the sponge is also not lagging behind, smacking his lips with pleasure. Only the strange feeling did not leave me ... .. And then I realized that I was standing on all legs, knees on the couch, his elbows on the railing, but not only male member in my mouth, but also continues to plow me from behind.
Carefully, in order not to sbrendit, I opened my eyes and looked up from under her painted cilia Ufff up ... ... This turn was not me never. Above me was my friend Kolka, with absolutely blissful expression on his face, with half-closed eyes, and I furiously sucked his cock !! This situation and also could not assume, moreover, that behind me continued to systematically and uniformly have at most nehochu !!! ..
"Come what may," I spat at all, especially since it is only podzavelo me even more, and continued to the rhythm of sexual gestures .. That's almost all. The boys had finished almost simultaneously, I was flooded with all their moisture and the front and rear. We are only a couple of times swapped partners (and what else it would lose?). In general, all were satisfied (and I - more than anyone else).
As it turned out, Kolya again forgotten some package birthday sister and returned. I apparently forgot to latch the door in a hurry, when hiding from the neighbors with Sergei. And when my friend went to the room and saw that ... all of his nature fell, like a battle charge, he could not restrain himself, pulled out his penis and podrachivaya closer to my mouth. Well, I, as already said, in haste and in ecstasy, could not tear myself away from it.
In principle, all ended normally, several violent orgasms, moans and sighs. Then accumbency dopivanie brandy and eating fruit, in which the boys openly stared at me, and my body is in stockings, thong and bra polustyanutyh ...
I then, after sharing with the boys shower and another friendly double blowjob, conducted by Sergey.
We exchanged phone numbers, and hoped for further acquaintance. And Kolka, saying that a long time ago it is time to go for his birthday, became haul me in. Throwing light t-shirt and shorts (make-up I had already washed away) I went for a holiday family friend. But not for a moment forget the past hour and a half spent in my apartment, first one and then two strong guys (I must say that Kolkin bolt did not yield Sergeyev).
Apparently my friend and this random orgy made a lasting impression, because sitting at a table at a birthday party with her sister, he sometimes, as if by chance, put his hand to my knee, gently stroking. Such tenderness I have for him (as a guy and a friend) had not noticed ...
Well, after a good booze when his parents Nicholas and his sister drove off in the night session of the film ultramodern and girlfriends Kolkinoy sisters gathered a dance club, my friend called, he said, "stroll around the yard before my entrance". And just - take me home ... But that's another story.
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