As I opened the world

I had a friend, his name was Sasha. He was of medium height and thin. When the events described took place, he was 17 and I'm 19 years old. He was a virgin, he was not gay and tendencies in him, I did not notice, but I'm pretty long harbored him sexual desire, and all suitable occasion not granted.

One day he came to see me at a party, we drank beer and chatted about anything. Then my mother called and said that she will spend the night with a friend. House was no one else, and was not expected and I realized that this opportunity should be used. I offered to take the beer still though Sasha was already tipsy. He called home and said that he will remain a friend. Taking a beer, we sat 2 more hours and Sasha drunk. is he "like a friend" He hugged me by the shoulders, and carried all garbage from the faltering tongue.
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I suggested bedtime, to which he replied that he had to take a shower, because the day was quite hot. I supported his proposal and took him to the bathroom. There, he is not without my help undressed and my eyes opened Sashka's gorgeous ass, which I have had the opportunity to see in the bath at his dacha. Under the guise of helping zalezanii in the bath, I put my hand on her buttocks and squeezed lightly.

My cock began to swell treacherous, but Sasha did not notice anything. But then there was the inexplicable - it hułk, only 12-13 cm in length, is also swollen and stood up. I pretended not to notice this, Sasha helped wash thoroughly splashing his shirt and shorts, and at the same time and worked a little finger in his ochke. Soaped finger penetrated to almost half when Sasha, whose bathing in the bath razvezlo all, asked what I was doing. I replied that nothing, just my ass to him, that does not stink. Sasha answer satisfied and he closed his eyes and snorted in a minute.

Water from the bath almost merged and I began to act. I pulled off his T-shirt and shorts with shorts and climbed into the tub (it was large enough to fit two people). Podrachivaya his cock, I waited until the water come down completely, Sasha turned to one side, smeared it with soap and water hole and began to insert a standing member of the stake. Member of the initially entered easily enough, but Sasha stopped puffing. He tried to pull away from me slightly, but the size of the bath, though they were great, but do not let this special. Sasha moaned and said that he was hurt. I told him that I do not care for it, I pulled him to the bottom of the bath and plunged a member with full force to its full length. Sasha screamed, but the cry was drowned out by the noise of the water.

I've been waiting for this moment, that was really shit on his feelings. I cared only about himself, his pleasure and satisfaction of the demon of sex and sadism, who lived in me and began to flourish Sasha to fuck in the ass. Every movement of my cock was accompanied by his groans, but these sounds, though I heard as if through cotton wool, but only excited me even more. After 10 minutes I was violently ended, he drew from Sasha still standing member of the stake and Sasha turning back became its seat. His face streaming with tears, he begged to leave him alone, to which I replied that I wanted to blow and make him do. I began to attach his mouth to its members, but Sasha stubbornly refused to open his mouth. Then I squeezed his nose, and he found himself in a situation from which there was only one way out - to open his mouth, which he did.

At the same moment, I let go of his nose plunged into his mouth member. Sasha instinctively pressed his lips together, and I took him by the ears and began to stick his head on his penis. With every move I moved deeper and he began to choke, but I did not slow down the pressure. After a while, I again had finished and got out of the bath. Sasha stood up and reached for the shower turned to me ass from which the stream flowed my sperm. The show was exciting and I'm not leaving the bathroom began to masturbate himself a member. Sasha rinsed and started to get out, but it hops is not released without my help, he could not. Get him out of the bathroom, I took him to his room on the sofa and putting on her stomach again fucked. As soon as I came out of him, he turned and passed out.

In the morning, saying that I was a bastard, and that because I have a sore ass, he got dressed and left. I was sorry that our relationship ended, as it seemed to me, but I was happy with that dream realized.

P. S. As it turned out later, Sasha was no longer with whom to communicate, and a few days later he called me again, offering to drink beer in the park. When we met, and opened a beer, he said he was not happy that I'm so tough has managed with it, in principle, not opposed to periodically repeat such a night, which I am very happy and after a few minutes we were chatting as if nothing had happened.

Later, he even said that with the girls he was not interested, and I almost opened him the world of homosexual relations. So we often repeated such marathons without a twinge of conscience ...
Since then it has passed almost 10 years, but Sasha never had any personal contact with women. Neither for friendship or sex. But I had with him "contacts" still going on, and we have long expanded our sexual practices, but this is a topic for a separate story ...