She asked me to poonanirovat

To the present, I began to meet only in the fourth year. Before that I had short novels. And simultaneously with several. This allowed to gain sexual experience.
For example, with Lenka, from medical school, I met almost half a year. Lenka not so beautiful and flawed figure. The face of rural girls, some freckled, with short-sighted eyes - Lenka wore glasses. She was a little plump, with small breasts. Ask, how do I get up on this? Well, first of all, she flunked me drunk at a birthday party with a friend. All the girls have already been dismantled, I stayed Lenka, because I was late for a student feast.
Second, I had a big break - a month with the girls never met, have influenza, because on her daring and skillful caresses I had such an erection, if I do not fucking year. And, thirdly, Lenka in bed was just ace: it is not afraid of no positions podmahivala me when I was on top; rider galloping, when I was a bottom; booty moved when there was cancer; she could do a blowjob so that it seemed, her mouth has no teeth.
Once, when we had finished and were rapidly relaxing and sipping coffee, Lena suddenly asked:
- Wan, and you're doing masturbation?
I was stunned by the question. He shook his head.
- I caress yourself - honestly Lenka
But I did brehat that these 14 years have not been doing, although, in truth, of course, sometimes I indulge myself in the shower.
- It is a pity - handed disappointed girlfriend.
- What a pity? - I did not understand.
- I am very winds when I see a man in the hand of erection.
I remember when I was 12, I ran ahead of time from school. I quietly entered the apartment, because my older brother (he is two years older than me) at this time was sick and was at home. I thought he was asleep. I gently took off his shoes and went to my room, when I heard in the music hall. I wanted was to get to run to greet his brother, but through the half-open door she saw him lying on the couch with a deflated shorts and training pants. In one hand he held a magazine and the other moved sandpaper on his penis, that's it.
Lena reached for my cock and as hostess, grabbed his prick, then closed her head again. From her story and began fondling my friend nabryakat.
- This I have not seen. No, I saw a naked Vitka, as he slept, to open, pants he bulged and I considered his segment and eggs. And then I see what he's got a lot, what a great and brilliant in his head. I froze and watched, what will happen next.
A brother is becoming more frequent, then he slowed hand movements on the penis. Then he began to move very quickly, and froze in that moment became a member of sprinkling some white liquid. I'm still fool was, did not know anything about the sperm. Then brother stood up. I backed away from the door and quietly slipped into his room. The groin tickles me all buzzing. I ran a hand in the pants and began to pull at her clitoris. Like this.
And Lenka openly demonstrated their art: the middle finger of his right hand rested on the top of the vulva, where converged lips and began to move them quickly from side to side.
- Since then, when I want to please myself, I always remember Masturbates brother and I caress myself. Maybe you show as you engaged in masturbation?
Member at me from her caresses, and the story has a good nabryak that even the foreskin slightly slipped from the head. I think that girl refuse the pleasure. I sat in a chair in front of her. I lay back. He closed his eyes. legs apart, in his left hand took their eggs and began to masturbate right. A minute later I opened my eyes and saw Lena eagerly looking at my hand, and a member, and she pulls her clit with his hand, like a vibrator.
Though before that we had engaged in sex violently, but her greedy eyes, her overt masturbation - all this has spurred me so that within thirty seconds I started to cum splashing on her stomach, the sweetness already groaned. He opened his eyes and has very Lena closed her eyes and continued to fondle himself furiously, then jerked in convulsions and became noisy inhale and exhale the air - it's a sign (so I knew) that it ends.
A minute later we had embraced, she whispered to me that today received double the pleasure.
Then we had often repeated sessions of masturbation in front of each other. And that, in this, too, has a buzz!