Once, in one particularly hot summer days, when it seems hot air undulates thick waves and even the wind does not bring relief. I sat at a party at her friend Anastasia. We took refuge from the heat in her old private home, talking, drinking cold red wine and were planning to climb on the roof to sunbathe. Suddenly it came to her neighbor Stas, tall, dark-haired young man, he joined us for half an hour, however, soon left, citing urgent business on the farm. We drank a bottle of wine, and I said that it was time to go sunbathing. Nastya said she did not go, because she can become ill from the heat of wine. She handed me a blanket, and I went to the roof. It should be noted that this house was above everyone else on the street, so I did not bother putting on a bathing suit, and simply took off his semi-transparent blouse, bra and shorts and put her slender body scorching rays of the July sun. I am the owner of a truly excellent figure: juicy thighs combined with a small waist and large breasts high, my golden tan is advantageous set off blonde long hair and tiny white panties made from delicate silk.
After about half an hour I was very worn out in the sun, apparently affected wine. I started stroking her breasts and belly. Gradually, my hands reached and pussy. I began to touch the delicate little crease between her legs right through her panties. I was seized with an extraordinary desire. Hot winds were like hot men's arms. I spread her legs wide, pinstriped pants tucked between folds her pussy, which was revealed from this as much as possible and began to caress the clitoris through the fabric. Then I put her middle finger into the vagina, and large continued to press the clitoris. My pussy was already all wet and slippery. It seemed to me a little finger, then I picked up a tube of sunblock and gradually shoved him inside the entire length. I enjoyed the feeling of fullness of your vagina, and luxuriated, closing her eyes and softly moaning with pleasure.
Suddenly I felt that thing inside me began to move, opening my eyes, I found myself on the Stas. He fucked me what was in my vagina. His tanned, muscular body was covered with small droplets of sweat and shimmered in the sun. Stas started the second hand to caress my clitoris, while his lips sucked my breasts. I began to pull his shorts. View his penis me stunned. He was truly a great and tanned same as all the rest of the body. I was a little turned around and touched his lips, revealing a shiny head of grease. Despite the large size, I swallowed a member Stas almost to the base. Because breast youths broke out a loud groan, he could hardly contain. However, I was not going to hold back! Not pulling the tube out of her pussy, I got up on the blanket and fell back to Stas. Sitting on top of it, I began to rub his nipples excited about the man's chest, and the ass his burning head driver. The guy simply stunned by such pressure of passion and did not resist. A sudden movement, I took the cream from the vagina and stuck it in his mouth Stas, he began licking it greedily. Meanwhile, I sat up on her pussy cock. Oh, it was a moment of revelation. His flesh filled me to bursting. I began to slowly lift your body on the trunk of a member of my juices flowed. Each movement brought great pleasure. Unable to restrain myself, I began a frantic jump on this great thoroughbred stallion. A few seconds later, I felt a powerful jet hit me in the womb, but I did not stop sweet torture until he had finished. I fell on the young man's chest, and his penis was left in my contract in the throes of orgasm vagina. No, he did not think to fall! It seems someone has longed to continue !!!
Stas took me to prostrate themselves, but not completely quench his lust. Now he has become master of the situation. Lowering his face to my bosom, Stas stared at my lips expiring juices vagina and semen. He seemed to want to suck everything out of me to drop. He ran his tongue strong pressure from the anus to the clitoris, which caused me a new wave of desire. Sitting up, the young man abruptly threw his cock into my wet slit torn, but then took it out and started to drive head on my second little hole. I was completely relaxed and his cock easily overcame the ring anus. The hole was very narrow, hot and tight. My ass tightly enveloped massive cock. However, I did not have the fullness of feeling in my pussy. I began to thrust there right four fingers, and then the whole fist. My arm felt a powerful member of Stas through the thin partition, and his cock felt my hand, I finished very quickly. A couple of seconds orgasm caught and my lover. We fell relaxed and happy.
So we were a long time in silence, eyes closed. Suddenly I felt something touch my clitoris, something slippery and rough. Opening my eyes, I saw in his head between the legs of Anastasia. The girl eagerly licking my clitoris, vagina and anus is particularly filled with sperm. Nastia was already naked, with one hand she caressed her pussy, and the second began poking me in the vagina. I can not bear it wanted to touch her tongue to wet a small lower jaw. We took the position 69 and started licking each other. I was on top. We have completely lost their sense of time and space. Suddenly I felt like a member of Stas was stuck in my vagina and started sweeping movements to fuck me. Nastya continued to lick my clit, and I even more furiously dug his lips in her womb. Feeling close to a tube of cream, I stuck it in the vagina girlfriend and started deep strong tremors. The girl underneath me moaning and writhing. In a fit of orgasm, she gently bit her clit to me, it made me immediately terminate. My vagina was violently reduced, and I got another sperm charge. After taking a rest, we continued to copulate, but more on that another time: