Miracles on bends. Part 2

Severe paw sucked, carefully manicured nails, confident movement laid down on a large bulge inside of the lid mahogany table. A moment later revived hidden speakers, filling the huge office roar tearing air aircraft propellers and barking sound bursts of machine guns, which rises on the eardrums.
- Don Kornazh? - The question was in part the claim for the controls of the aircraft could not be anyone else.
The tone of gentle, light shade boudoir.
- Mr Khan! - Live burst husky baritone leader of a group of pirates, storms in the local area. - Glad to hear you! Only we're a little busy. Bartholomew, if you let him climb, sobyu you myself!
Some time Han listened not without pleasure. His experience allowed him to navigate what is happening, even without seeing the participants aerial fights. Link fighters tried to take in the "bag" four-engine plane. Judging by the incessant swearing on the air, that they do not really work. Kornazh was furious.
- With all due respect, mon cher (fr. Each), the last fighter is not so good ... The above two thousand feet they maneuver worse than falling lead weights.
Conceit this fool sometimes even amused.
- All complaints are not on the phone number, Mr. Kornazh - was uttered with a strictly calculated bit of humor.
Khan brilliantly mastered his voice. However, as well as situation.
- Kornazh !! - From the terrible roar of heavy curtains fluttered and rattled thick glass cabinet.
Pirate issued unintelligible sound and stunned for a few seconds out of control. The pilot of the transport, sensing slack opponent, used his chance at a hundred percent.
- Guys, hang up, return to the base, - the voice sounded tired Kornazha. - I beg your pardon, Mr. Khan. I was a little carried away ...
- To you I went to the base of my assistant. He takes the package from me personally. Warn your posts.
Easy push hard pads wide finger to break the connection with the resounding click.
The bed squeaked mournfully under gladly pulled the bear. Ball lazily opened his eyes and scratched his right side. A small round window in the room penetrated the bright sunlight, promising a beautiful day. A little thought, Ball raised his leg and forcefully set her lying beside him a figure with the head wrapped in a thin blanket. In response came a hurt cry, and leaned blanket. Beneath it was discovered naked young fox, gorgeous brown-red color, with a spot of white hair, starting from the neck, chest and held by an elastic stomach, and goes down to the pubic area. She sat on the bed, eyes blazing angrily drilling its yesterday's lover, and rubbing his hand bruised ass. But she could not resist the spectacle of playing: Balu. She finally dropping them with two blankets, clung to him with all his body, feeling hot and heady masculine hardness, which drove her to distraction last night. She gently squeezed his head with their fingers, and Ball had already started to respond to her kindness response when the door knocked softly. Chanterelle immediately dived under the covers, while Baloo got up and opened the door, stuck his head out into the corridor.
- What's the matter!!! It seems that yesterday, I paid for the room until this afternoon ...
- And so it was, Baloo, but someone you urgently calls - shrugged.
- And if you say that I do not?
Orangutan slyly looked at him.
- I'm afraid when it arrives here in person, and will spread my little restaurant in chips, looking for you.
Ball again disappeared behind the door. It could be heard as he pulls the suit, talking in whispers with someone.
- And what about your security? - Playful altercation continued.
Fox, knowing who they are, trying hard not to laugh.
- All my guards will go on her first and second, and for dessert she obglozhet me ...
- Damn him, this phone - growled Baloo, already heading for the exit corridor.
- To tell the truth, he really did not need too. But old Han Navariya his laying a heck of a lot of money ...
- I predict - loudly and clearly said the bear suddenly stopped and raised his hands to the ceiling. - Someday, the last time, he will receive the income from the sale of our skins!
- Most likely it will. Happy Ball!
Without turning, Ball reached back with expanded upward palm and felt a strong blow his hairy paw.
Beyond the threshold a magnificent view of the port. Dozens of planes, seaplanes bobbing on waves transparent blue, stuffed as balls in the holes in the giant maze of hundreds of wooden pier. While Balu, slowly, came to dive, he had time to greet at least a dozen pilots, so he was almost relieved dived into the hold of his plane.
In the cool gloom came a long yawn and rustling, somewhere near the ceiling. There, behind the welded ... was tied a large hammock. Ball, standing on tiptoe, touched dozing in it. The body instantly tensed, and Kid in three movements jumped down.
- Good morning, baby!
- You're a bit early today, Baloo. We've holiday!
- And, the truth. Yes, but it ended ten minutes ago.
- Rebecca? - The kid nodded his head, already climbing into the seat of the navigator, and connect one after the other navigation devices usual throwing levers in the up position.
The instrument panel green lights came to life and, having abruptly working position, the arrow dials. Ball sat side by side, in the pilot's seat, enabling the radio to transmit.
- Dispatching, 43AV2, requesting permission to take off and weather forecast for 24 hours.
- 43AV2, give permission to follow the course of 4/1. If the side of timbre - rain and fog, Cape Syuzeta - the sky is clear, the wind up to 5 m / s from south impending cyclone - a woman's voice was utterly fascinating.
- Thank you, dear dispatch, - said Balu almost in a whisper.
Several minutes later, the plane gained altitude steadily and rapidly evolved to the point, barely visible against the blue sky. Until the last second they were following him from under the glass dome of the control room wet with tears the dark female eye, framed by soft red fur.
- Ball, you have to wait forever - Rebecca Cunningham deliberately slowly turned over the reference air-traffic routes. - Before Cape Syuzeta only three hours of flight.
- Yes, if we do not take into account - Baloo acidly remarked, sitting comfortably in a chair facing her desk. - Turn on landing and police checks.
Rebecca gasped, covering her mouth with her hand.
- So they have to check? ...
- But, of course, they found nothing. Routine check whether you know ...
- Yes, yes, I know .... I do not know, why I was so excited.
- Probably because of another is not entirely legitimate, but terribly profitable order - prompted Ball.
At Rebecca's cheeks flushed played.
- What are you saying! He's just a little non-standard ...
Baloo sighed: "Alcohol, weapons, slaves, or even better? Recently: direct successor to Mr. Khan. "
- Cargo - fifteen boxes.
Ball leaned over the table and zagovorscheski winked.
- Sender - anonymous, and inside a ton vibrators, huh? For the ruler timbre to warm his cold wife?
- Leave your sarcastic tone, Baloo, for my office door. Inside gold, two hundred kilograms, it forwards the Bank of Cape Syuzeta.
- Conventional aircraft? On my dive? Without safes, armored corps and others?
- Right. And even without an escort. 70% of the amount prepaid. Baloo, do not strain their brains arithmetic. Payment is for the fruit, so as not to arouse suspicion, but the prize is huge.
- Our Guarantee?
- No - Rebecca wearily rubbed her temples. - If you do not deliver - no penalties, only half of the advance payment. The officers of the Coast Guard does not know - in the order of secrecy, but in the case of checks - all legal documents for the cargo - you.
- Of course, I understand, everything is negotiated without me, and yet - as we Keith for it is owed. How much you appreciated our skins this time?
- I'm flying with you - in Miss Cunningham's voice again became steel. - In case of success - you redeem your craft and earn a long carefree life.
- And yet I do not understand Mr Khan .... Why is he telling me this? So I stole his gold?
Kornazh thoughtfully scratched his ear with the tip of the sword.
- That - Patience adjutant Khan seemed to be limitless. - Details are not important. Remember one thing: Georgia will not have to fly to the destination.
- No problems. My boys shot down it in a jiffy.
- In no case. - On the forehead lean tiger tread sweat, although his voice was smooth and calm. If this happens, the Khan ... - Nobody Gets Hurt. Quiet boarding, you take away the gold and disappears.
- Quiet boarding? And you know who is at the controls of an airplane?
- The rest is your problem. I can only remark: the plane will be extremely heavy and unwieldy.
Watching how quiet tinkle against each other in a foldable wooden boxes of gold bricks, Ball felt that going crazy. Beside him, the loading seen dressed in a black formal suit overweight rhino, half a head above him. Out of this artificial grotto steel barred massive gates. Powerful lights on the ceiling filled the whole space with bright white light.
- Everything is done in the framework of the policy group companies - owners. I have the right not to disclose his decision. In the event of unforeseen complications - no provocation.
- Pirates are among the complications?
- No amateur. Immediately land the plane and perform all their requirements. Handling over. Have a good trip.
Gates began to slowly disperse.
- Um, Mr. Khan ... I ...
- Yes, of course, come in.
The door opened. Slot indicated by a vertical band of light, almost blinding by contrast with the darkness in the room.
- As our business?
The door slammed shut, but almost simultaneously lit the lamp by placing a circle of light of Mr. Khan, carefully bent over his desk, his chin resting on his crossed legs. On the snow-white shirt cuffs peeking out from under a dark blue sleeveless coat, large sparkling gold cufflinks. Crouching step on the edge of the illuminated spot parquet floor covered with expensive appeared his adjutant.
- Mr. Don Kornazh received your order and the necessary explanations.
- I hope you are lucidly explained to him that not a hair must not fall from the head of Miss Rebecca Cunningham and her companions, m-m-m?
Khan's head leaned forward, his eyes hid in the shadows, in the black ovals were only sparkle emerald green pupils.
- P-p-clearly and repeatedly, Mr. Khan! And its pilots ...?
- He carries them with information in person, in my presence!
- Very good. In this case, the responsibility falls on you.
- Yes, Mr. Khan!
He has repeatedly had to take full responsibility. Head liked the courage and sense of duty, and even more in the limit of their terms. It is thanks to their qualities Khan himself became powerful. That is why he himself paid so much, despite several unsuccessful operations.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Khan ...
- Speak.
- You will be queen.
- Fifteen minutes later, I will be ready to accept it.
- Listen, Mr. Khan.
Adjutant quietly disappeared from the Han, some time later the door re-opened and closed.
Hydroplane, raced on the water surface almost twice the normal distance, barely looked up from the surface. Ball with relief breath.
- Keith, how we overload?
- The miracle that took off, Baloo ... Are you all right, Miss Cunningham?
Rebecca, standing behind their chairs, the last before takeoff thrust did not stay on his feet, and flew deep into the hold and landed, fortunately, on a soft burlap.
- I'm fine, Keith - she responded, vyputyvayas from under the folds. - And you all right?
Ball pulled out from under the seat cleverly bent piece of scrap iron and fastened them to the steering wheel to the neutral position. Then he stood up and walked to the still lying Rebecca.
- While yes, - he said finally, holding her hand. - And then - we'll see.
- I am so much obliged to you, Mr. Khan ...
Powerful host office figure head and shoulders rose above a slender young tigress, faithfully gazing into his eyes. Yes, at another time and in his usual surroundings, it would look fierce and indomitable. Now she felt very embarrassed.
Han held out his feet: ... one of them began to unzip skin-tight dress, the other - to strip centimeter per centimeter of her body.
- I am glad that you really understand it.
One hemisphere of her breasts was already free from covering the fabric - and immediately turned in captivity hungry fingers. Berry black swollen nipple pleasantly tickled the palm of Khan. Gently kiss powerful neck, tore his pants female trousers on his master. Blue buttons sprayed in all directions, and jumping, the rolling all over the floor. Han felt a breath of fresh air on his release the members. Mind Remains ducked under the pressure of an image trembling body. Muffled growling, Han turned her back to him and dug her claws into the quivering elastic range, forcing her body to bend in ecstasy. With his free hand, she sent it quivering burning end of his bosom, at once a shudder from his wild rage. Aromas lust embraced both, again and again, they tore the flesh of tortured until he fell to the floor, filled with sweet-smelling juice and spicy sperm.
- How long do we still have, Baby?
- A hundred miles in a straight line, Ball, but we'll have to go around the center of the cyclone ...
Ball corner of his eye saw eleven hours ten black dots, however, is rapidly increasing. Narrowing his eyes, he watched them until finally they do not become ... the wheel sharply to the right, to get away for a moment from the machine-gun fire tore the air. However, one of the ailerons proved spaced to shreds successful pirate. The plane abruptly lost in maneuverability.
- Bala, can you hear me? - Receiver revived, and the plane's voice filled Kornazha. - Immediately landed! Otherwise, in spite of the order, I ...
- How interesting, right? - Cried Baloo, hit the button turning off the radio, trying to shout over the wind whistling, penetrating through the neat rows of bullet holes. - Fearless Pirate unquestioningly obey orders. I wonder whose? Thus, a clear advantage in power sit down and raise the foot upwards.
Ball roamed the chamber: four metal wall and door with the barred window. Just ten big steps away from the wall to the door with regular looming head pirate-guard in a hole in it by a narrow iron bench with his head hanging dejectedly Keith and Rebecca. Suddenly he turned abruptly, but before he could open his mouth, like grated lock. Arte slightly bent, not to hit his head on the jamb, inside the hardened gone wild boar. Looking around, he glared at his small, bloodshot eye, Miss Cunningham.
- You want to see Mr. Don Kornazh.
Rebecca backed away from his outstretched hand, Ball tried to knock him down, but he was casually pushed aside, like a roaring Keith. The thug grabbed the prisoner's shoulder and jerked, nearly dislocating her arm, pulled her into the corridor. The door slammed shut again, prisoners looked at each other in confusion. Ball tiptoed to the door.
Han slowly buttoned the top button of the latest snow-white shirt. The girl pleased him with her rage and incontinence. Nice additional dividend to bargain. At present, only one thing left in his schedule.
- !!!
Adjutant quietly appeared on the verge of uveshenny dressing mirrors.
- I ask you to prepare a cinema to contact with Mr. Rabin.
- Yes, Mr. Khan!
Slowly checking the perfection of his appearance, Han spent tips of claws on the glass surface, calmly listening to the annoying sound thin. These small acts of vandalism were among his habits. Confirm your personal impunity for any actions amused his pride.
- Come on, kid, faster! - Whispered Ball, hanging on a horizontal beam above the door, clasped her hands and feet.
The kid knocked on the door and said in a sweet voice:
- Mr. guard, and you know that on the plane there is the gold?
- Where?
Idiot instantly opened the door and went inside, where on top of him and hit the bear, bringing it into unconsciousness. To be sure, the Ball a couple of times put his head against the metal door and left the rest on the shelf. Getting out into the corridor and shut the door, they began creeping closer to the center of a huge flying pirate base in the direction receding screams Rebecca.
- Mr. Kornazh - old tiger, whose head, with grizzled hair on the edges and faded brown eyes, occupied almost the message screen, trying to stick with dignity, but it had turned out badly. Because the tick, twitching his left eye, was the result of fear and panic. - We made a deal. I promised to take you to my family, to make a member of the government and to give his daughter! And all went well until the last stage! The money was transferred, cashed in gold bullion and prepared for export. But...
He says the country gurgled, and continued with a kind of hysterical high note in his voice:
- Coast police know something! Nothing in particular, the charges they can not yet present, but it is at the moment. You understand!?
Dangling pause interrupted by a loud crunch. In Khan feet thick pencil broke. It is the first time looked at his interlocutor's eyes.
- If they find gold, I am lost, - the old man finished dejectedly.
- Consider that it is no more. Kornazh does not release its prey. In this he is a specialist ...
"Specialist" quiet down on the floor in a dead faint, after of a good punch in the jaw enraged bear. Ball podgadat when he came out of his cabin and did not give him even a scream.
- Keith, stay here. If someone appears in the hallway, to warn me.
Ball disappeared behind the door. The spacious room was divided into two semi-transparent curtain. Behind her someone wheezed, if inserted through the gag, and a figure writhed tied to something very strange. Ball carefully went behind the curtain. Rebecca was tied to a hastily welded iron frame, which was based on the three floor with their feet. Miss Cunningham ankles were tied to the two front supports, fixing her legs wide apart. Hands as her pre-connected at the wrists and elbows were tied to the back of the support. Thus, her body was free of the shackles, and she struggled squirmed, trying to free herself. Ball silently walked over to her and put his hand between her legs, deftly unbuttoned and unzipped. Rebecca wheezed and began to struggle with a vengeance, but strong rope securely held her. Ball thrust his thumbs into the waistband of his trousers and pulled them slowly, exposing her ass, veiled white silk panties. Let your hips touch the strained member Rebecca, for a moment, he pulled back and enjoy the view of her elastic ass, took the gag out of her mouth.
- Kornazh, you're a pig, - anger Rebecca on time even speechless.
- Calm down, Miss Cunningham, it's me ....
- Baloo! How did you manage to escape, I want to say, I'm so glad ...
Rebecca blushed, blush flooded her face entirely.
- Untie me quickly, and then this ... this ...
Baloo looked around, took the dagger from the wall, and a few strokes cut through bonds.
- Thanks, Baloo - Rebecca awkwardly picked up the fallen pants and hurriedly dressed them, still not turning to face him.
- Well, after that it was all very simple - Baloo enjoyed his almost theatrical role, in spite of the round eyes of his companions. - I accidentally gave your route and call sign on the radio m-th-th, manager and when we're done with the early warning radar, this clever raised the alarm.
Ball realized that blurted out too much, and was silent.
- In any case, it was your last flight at the beginning of my - Rebecca sighed and explained. - I have no doubt that you will take part of his prize for the capture of all the pirate gang, to redeem "Dive."
- This, of course, so - Ball Keith winked. - But where are we to find such a Kid smart and charming merchant? And, besides, we both got used to your pizza, and I became attached to the little Molly. In short, what about equal cooperation?