My favorite cousin

Angela was very attractive and I have had thoughts about having sex with her. But I did, I could not offer it to her, did not know how to do it.
One day, Angela ran flushed and told me that she saw a member of the older brother, was frightened and ran away. She said that it stood was huge, and asked:
- A too, so you have the same?
I said:
- I do not know, go out the door, I'll see.
She went out, but I knew she would spy, pulled out a member and began to measure the ruler. He has stood as a carrot and looked up. I noticed that she was peeping through the hole and tried to lock her to see my rampant cock. Wearing trousers, I opened the door and let Angela back. She pretended not to see anything, but she could not hide it. I said that I looked and that he rather big. Then, I abruptly pulled out his trunk and grabbed her hand and put it on him! Angela was confused and did not know what to do, stood hesitantly. I said that I saw her peeping, and that I am not against it, so she was not afraid, this will remain a mystery. I only asked to see her pussy, as never seen before, and promised that it will not hurt. She stood in silence and I took that as consent, gently lifted her skirt and pulled slowly her panties. In front of me opened a charming picture: the pubis, covered with soft down. In short, I saw a virgin womb, untouched by anyone! I just gently put her panties back and dressed himself so as not to startle her ahead of time. We agreed that this would be our secret. After that, we sometimes, hiding somewhere, and looked at their bodies. Then, I began to masturbate, sometimes touching her pubic area, thighs. When she saw the first time I pulled, she was confused, but his curiosity was taking, and she caressed my cock hands, helping me. The next step was the initiation into the caress her virgin vagina. She caressed his hands pubis, clitoris, I also helped her in this. But, more caresses, masturbation is not reached, because I loved her and did not want her to lose her virginity. Because then, it could not then get married, at least I thought so. And I could not marry her because she was my cousin, and it could be no question! It is difficult for me given, because it is difficult to restrain the man in moments of excitement. Angela, seeing as I am to her, treated me with all the sympathy. And, one day, she said she wanted to help me, decided to give me in the ass. You can have sex and to remain a virgin, but she was a little afraid that will hurt. I promised that if she would be hurt, then stop. At first, she was getting on my heels, I just puts his dick in her ass and drove up and down podrachival hand. Angela same fingers caressed her pubis, clitoris, and we got to enjoy. Then, I began to lubricate his finger caressed the cream and ring anus, sometimes sinking into it. Then, I slowly developed her ass, turning the finger inside. And there came a moment when I realized that it was time to start to take decisive action. I put her cancer on the edge of the bed, and he stood on the floor behind her. As usual, I caressed her finger her ass, well smeared with cream, rolled his inside and put his dick in her hole. Then, stroking her sex lips, I strongly aroused her, and felt that they were wet. Then, extending her hands buttocks became gradually enter in the ass. I did everything slowly, massaging, caressing her hands, trying not to hurt her. Overcoming sfinker, my cock plunged into her. It felt great, her anus tightly encircled my body. I let her get used to the foreign object in the anus and began to smooth bumps hands I caressed her pussy lips, hips. For a long time, this torture, I could not stand, pulled out a member and podrachivaya, finished on the floor.
Then, he puts it on his back and kissing his chest, caressing her hands