"When Little Johnny was born, his dad for
a few days broke all the storks in the neighborhood"
"When Vova was small, with curly hair ..."
(A paraphrase of the famous poems for young October)
Childhood, adolescence, youth ... How beautiful it is, how many other plans and accomplishments to come. But I'm not going to describe the scene of debauchery involving tender age. The erotic situation gets the boy's father, boy, boys, just some git, libertine, finding adventure in the community kindergarten teacher, school teacher, head teacher of the educational plant. All these worthy women had fallen low when the fate pushed them into the arms of anxious magnus ## sufferer.
Son Leschi Sedov, Little Johnny went to kindergarten at 3 years, as befits a real kid, as Faith, Hope, Love, older daughters Sedov went to junior school classes, and their mother, Sophia, who got tired of sitting at home with children, I went to work. Alex usually in the evening in time to pick up from the kindergarten Vovochku but stayed this time. All children have taken home alone Vovochka fumbled on the floor with the machine. Natasha, a kindergarten teacher, was not thrilled that one of papas delayed.
-Excuse me.
-What are you so long?
-Job. Sorry, I otdyshites a little before you go. That you for your patience, chocolate.
-And I sykoladka, Dad?
-You will be at home.
Alex looked at Natasha, and felt the rise of his apparatus. She was plump but not loose and tight, juicy. Sedov rose from his chair, took Natasha's hand and led her into the hallway. The child continued to play on the floor. Natasha weakly resisted. Alex squeezed her breast with his right hand, put his arm around her waist and kissed her on the lips. Sedov then slowly unbuttoned robe, slowly removed his kissing with Natasha all places. He took off her panties, curly hair on her pubic hair was black. For this place, and it grabbed Alex. He gently squeezed and squeezed her crotch, stroked the belly, thighs and buttocks. Now Natasha was completely at his mercy. Sedov quickly closed the door, spread robe girl on the bench, put her on her back so that divorced in hand legs feet flat on the floor, and a lovely silk was closer to the edge of the bench. He eagerly clung to the heart of the girl and, inhaling the aroma of young beauties, kissed her lower lips and push through between them their language. Natasha breathed heavily and moaned. The corridor went out Little Johnny, pulling on a rope fire truck.
-Dad, you're a hundred delaes?
-Aunt Natasha splinter, I pull it.
Little Johnny again left the room for games. Sedov relieved and decided to actually plant a thorn educator, which he at that time was more like a log on. He put Natasha on the bench on his knees, her back turned while Zadran up - back, took off his pants, and shorts, standing, slowly and gently fuck her. Her girl has long been wet, Alex the glory there my tongue. Gradually accelerating, Sedov governess brought to orgasm, and then finished himself. Before sharing konchalovom they both groaned enormously, but Little Johnny was so passionate about the game of cars that did not pay any attention to the sensualist. The boy was buzzing, beeping and talking to himself. Alex and Natasha sat down on a bench to catch his breath. Sedov decided to complete buzz fuck Natasha in her mouth. He went to the bathroom, washed in the sink member, wiped his hand towel. Alex sat on the bench, Natasha got up on the floor, on his knees and began to lick his penis. Then to lick sucking motion to add. Feeling of languor under the belly grew, finally, Alex leaned back back on the bench, and the girl took it trickle of fluid in the mouth, and carefully licked the whole banana. After a short rest Sedov Natasha again laid on his back, he conjured his fingers and tongue. With his right hand he aroused her pussy fingered left nipple of one of her breasts, sometimes took the nipple into his mouth and gently sucked. Natasha had finished with groans and cries could hardly contain. Sedov examined the star of her anus and promised:
-In the ass, I planted with you next time. In my opinion, it is you the same sweet as the front.
When Alex Vovochka returned home, his wife and daughter wanted to know where they disappeared.
-Dad Aunt Natasa splinter vynmal.
Sedov went cold. Fortunately, the home did not wonder where Dad took out Aunt splinter, and Little Johnny is not continued the story.