Outside, the gray misty morning rusty brick crimson haze autumn park. From this contemplation of the landscape sweet moaning, tightens, burrow into the snow-white embroidered bedspread. The naked bronze body tenses from slipping on the perineal tissue, causing once again to bend me. The tips of the fingers instinctively slid down his cheek, rounded curves plump sensual mouth, slid inside, moist, played with the tongue. We went down to the neck, leaving a wet trail, the left hand gently stroking small breasts, causing the hip to bend toward an invisible partner. Crotch humidified, ached, looking for sweet delights, tenderness or perhaps rudeness. Have a good laugh with breasts lascivious hands moved to caress his belly, hips, bringing his mistress to tears unsatisfied desire. Surging excitement wet rivulets spread over the inner thighs. Tears welled up in the eyes, red face haggard passion. Grabber slipped on a wet, hot surface of the clitoris and the vaginal entrance to the cave, and moments fingers plunged into tireless bosom lust. Stone fell from his lips, forgive deeper, longer more and more. Whispering in the void, mmm hand escaped from captivity wet, stretched to his lips. Tasty, spicy, boldly.

- Vlad, I want you - suddenly broke, no, floated out of the lips, the name of the future lover. Taking always lies at the head of the vibrator beds, setting the soft mode, I started to head lilac miracle caress the clitoris, as widely as possible pushing the legs. He rolled onto his side and pointing the barrel of the vibrator in the wet pulsating vagina. Breathless with excitement, increasing range of motion. Flash, a bright flash always makes poskulivat rush to compress the legs stronger. Vlad, Vlad, metyas I screamed until I calmed down a buzzing vibrator inside, plunged into a deep sleep.

Twelve, yes, I was your age, I experienced her first orgasm from masturbation. The first excitement of the games in the mother's daughter, with his girlfriend of seven years. Sensual world of affection by touch, coupled with prohibitions and sin.

When the parents were not home, like any girl wore her mother's dress shoes, teenager, trying on my mother's lace underwear which mingled with the viewing of the first porn film "Red Riding Hood". And always bright, sharp flash.

In 30 years, reached the peak of sensuality, that is now covered by skin, plus meeting the expectations of new sensations made me break out.

After sleeping one and a half hours, I began to gather for a meeting with the next candidate for polyubovniki ready to show me the sharp edges of BDSM. The meeting appointed a small cafe «FLY» at three o'clock. Splayed black hair, a minimum of makeup, shirt, plaid shirt, ballet flats ideally, not to stand out.

As always came painfully punctual to the minute, the telephone rang.

- Hello. Yes. I'm listening?

- Oh, hi. You have to listen to me?

Ignoring the interlocutor, but appreciating humor.

- Vladimir, you've arrived?

- Yes, now, I go already.

Nice man, smart, with impeccable smile, sitting in front of me and radiated positive energy, with the caveat that it is in the subject of BDSM.

- So, Diana, did not expect to see such a pretty girl, what you are interested in this topic?

- Thanks for the compliment. Just curious to try his hand at something new, it's exciting.

- What exactly do you want to try?

- I do not know, I was the first time I find it difficult, to talk about the fact that I wanted.

- I think I like the binding lashes clips.

- About classic of the genre. There are a lot of things that I can show you.

- Well I not yet experienced the I can not be defined in their desires.

- Yes, right, so you agree to be my slave?

- Yes, I think so. I'm here for this has come.

- In order to educate so to speak, I can throw a link to your mailbox.

- Yes, I think it would be interesting to know ahead of time what will happen.

- Do not flatter yourself on this score, there is greater staging video, amateur little.

- And how did you come to this topic?

- Ceases to satisfy the simple sex, I wanted more.

- And how long has it you did it start? - Mocking, I said.

- Yes, ten years ago, believe me, I have a lot of experience.

We ordered coffee, still further, to talk about everything and nothing. Finding entertaining each other's company.

- Let's meet on Wednesday evening?

- Why Wednesday?

- It's just a favorite day of the week.

- Okay.

We came out of the cafe, Vladimir offered to turn gray in his car.

- May I kiss you?

- Oh, is it acceptable in BDSM?

- I am the master, slave, you, here, I think, what is acceptable and what is not. In general, I am pleased to see that you do not like something.

He kissed me, just without sense, without a spark, my excitement did not wake up, it was cold on my part. He lifted my shirt, his chest bared, I froze, I hate, too fast, brazen. Taking my hand and placed it on his groin, he grabbed my hair, having got his head back.

- So you want to spit in your face. But I will not spoil your pretty face. Well, do not be cold caress my cock.

Vladimir unbuttoned sports pants and pulled out a short but strong and thick cock.

- You're just like a little girl, timid and shy, you know how to do blowjob, cute take it in her mouth.

I bowed, feeling shy splash of excitement, anticipation adventures begin. Licking a drop of speaking and covering his eyes with pleasure, lips and tongue swollen ohazhivaya head, stringing mouth deeper and deeper to the ground.

- Yes, you pretty well, but you do not have enough looseness. Why such squeezed? Okay, do not try, I finished today.

And past the people went about their business, but the tinting machine to hide my next fall ... into the void.

Wednesday. October. Eighteen.

- Hello - accompanied by buzzing floated a message on your phone screen.

- You've already got? Today in power?

- Yes. Just give sleep - I hastily typed message. Where will we meet?

- Waiting for you at the bus station at 16:00. The place will go to my car.

- OK.

Now I can not sleep, trudge to the kitchen, I put the kettle on the way to drop into the bath, climbed by contrast jet showers, bring thoughts in order. The club head thoughts. My conscience, or inner self, in general, something inside me led me dialogue. And where you once again embroiled? You want adventure on the second ninety? Dean did you ever finish the. Someone else for me to justify himself, dodge, argued and lied, replacing their conclusions.

Taking a shower, turn the player on the phone playlist at random, from the speaker broke cries In Waves Trivium calling screaming. Shout not shout, girlfriend congratulate you plunge into another, I congratulated myself. Coffee with milk, together with a selection of music cheered and comforted my soul demons.

Having a bright red manicure salon, solarium, going on a date with exotic sadist. Tanned brunette in a red dress with the lips and the color of the varnish of his red car.

On reaching the station, reseeding in the car to his master, I felt the excitement. How will it be, it may well, stop Pozniak rush, bring it started to end. Parked in an inconspicuous hotel, up in a small room with ocher-colored bathroom, a small sofa and a large bed behind a partition. I briefly told to undress and take a shower. I obey, smiling, for what would later get a hefty slap.

- What's so funny? Slave, I am the law here.

Gets hit on the second cheek. Wildly looking into gray eyes offender trying to incinerate green eyes fire. Vlad took me by the hair and pulled to the side of the sofa, and ordered to kneel down and to get his hands behind his back.

- Put your head and do not dare to look more presumptuously in my eyes - with these words, bringing down on his back hit the belt pre-tied his hands behind his back - Vlad said.

- Bend your head back and to the floor.

First, the belt, and then his hand slid over the skin of the back and buttocks, kneading, stroking, dealing blow after blow. I really did not hurt no feelings, excitation of pain, resentment, desire, only emptiness, which soon gives way to a desire to subjugate the master to take possession of his soul, my devils standing ovation.

Grabbing his hair, he jerked up, staring at my bold cunning eyes, spat in my face, and again by experienced no feelings of emptiness and the reaction subordinate to this amazing man.

Lay me down on the floor, with his hands tied, his back down. He himself sat on the edge of the sofa, legs apart, ordered to disclose his mouth wide, close your eyes. Warm, salty stream flowed into my mouth, to my surprise I did not jerked finished pour into my mouth, he stood up and walked to the table.

- Do not swallow, keep your mouth, spilling, do hurt. Spread your legs.

Vladimir, leaned toward the crotch wearing gloves smeared with grease of cream and began to slowly introduce your fingers into the vagina, one by one, stretching the elastic walls, exploring the depth of the vagina, submerging and pulling out, as long as the fist did not go completely. It was painful, tough hate, I was afraid to drown in urine, which has flowed across the face, fist violence seemed to last forever, arms and legs bent behind his back stiff, sore crotch.

- Clever, can swallow deserved. Get on your knees, hands untie - began massaging his stiff wrist freed hands. He took my chin spattered face and spat again with relish, hand wiping his creation.

- I like when a person is a slave sticky, spattered. Infiltrating into my mouth with two fingers, he began to try to induce vomiting spasms. But to no avail, I did not give in, the gag reflex is not manifested.

- Why are you looking at me, still boldly?

I was inundated with tangible impacts on the cheeks, which only further fueled the inner fire of rebellion, stubbornness and unbowed, tears were not, I would not give him the satisfaction.

Pulling anal stimulator of sport bags, Vladimir, put a condom on it, sucker securing on the floor.

- Arise cancer, leaning on the sofa, hands push the buttocks. I want to have fun with your ass, so tight anus, it is necessary to fix it.

Not to say that anal sex, I liked, but when your partner suggested they do, I do not usually refused, did not bring pleasure and pain, too.

Having developed my anus with your fingers, ordered planted on the stimulator, I made no objection, the vibrating machine gave other delights, sharp dark igniting passion. Oh, how I liked to sit down to the ground, deep, sharp movement of the hips pulling himself and plunging again, performing a frantic, exciting jump, increasing the flash pulled, sharpened and body and feeling. I was on the verge of a second, and that's my body shudders convulsing orgasm with the come immediately collapsed belt blows on the back, coupled with the granting exemption indelible impression, hit my weakened body on the floor.

He sat on the edge of the couch, leaning back on the couch.

- Get on your knees, worked mouth and neck, bitch.

Tired, reaching the sofa, I reluctantly began first tongue to lick his balls, ring anus, penetrating the language, so far as the length, then take the dick in your mouth at once to its full length. My head snaps his hand which stopped all movement, pressing into the skin, blocking the access of air, as long as the tears ran from his eyes, and I started to choke. A few more such attempts and my red face for his pleasure, has become a subject of mucus, saliva and tears. Continuing to sit on the couch, Vlad ordered to lie on your back head to the couch and open his mouth wide. New torrents of rain poured into his mouth, saying: "Do not swallow" - he began to spit in the open mouth, penetrating finger mixing and smearing his face, staring fixedly into the depths of my eyes, masturbating his cock clearly enjoying the picture of my humiliation, adding to a mixture of mouth thick foam sperm cream.

Now you can swallow, bitch.