How I lost my life.

I wrote this story to tell you about the terrible things that happened to me, maybe it will seem to you interesting in terms of sexual arousal, or read the story itself, the story is really, all character names and places changed. I ask the reader to stock up on patience and ponder over the meaning of the girls.

So, by the time of the history I was 16 years old, lived in the village, we call it N.

He was handsome, than a similar American "towns": Small, uyutnenky houses, square streets, clean streets, good people, the air is fresh as the smell of ice spirits. In short, N-village charm, not like Russian city, they are a dump: the same house, such ugly white entrance smell like rusty metal; a city similar to the dump, dirt in the American gold ingratiatingly mud, and people are the same: the sullen and angry. Our "town"-ray to compatriots, not Stalin, and American. Around the village meanders woods, smelling of fresh race summer sweet snow in winter.

There is a secondary school, even the university, but we'll talk about things related to me. My study proceeded casually, I studied for four, well communicated with all, and had few friends. Guys I did not just up to 16 years. I talked with a classmate rapidly: the athlete, but compulsively ugly with straight hairstyle and young, growing leaves, a mustache. With him I did not even kiss. In general, life is enough modest, but good.

I'll tell you about my appearance: thin, with white hair like snow, curls; pretty face: small eyebrows, rather plump lips, firm buttocks, richly showing her waist under jeans (especially worn to attract attention), the second the size of the chest and the cat's large eyes with white skin. Ashamed to call myself a beauty, but it is possible ..

No, do not make me. In general, any guy would not have refused to touch me, but I did not give in, I hated in his fantasies that me somebody owns and more preferred to girls: caressed them, kissed, touched pink apple pink pussy, but she loved to finger over the clitoris, Oh, how I loved to do it on the girls! She looked at her friends through the Internet, such innocent and beautiful as scarlet leaf and masturbated her charms; Oh, how I regret that they will own, like animals, and that is to me?

This is a very tormented me, I sometimes watched porn and horrified, as men are cruel to us! They are ugly and rough, I must lezbiyanki, because even on a photo I like to sit touching the girls and I feel that my crotch wet after the rain. With her boyfriend I treat cold, to which he is offended, but in my heart I hate him, he sought me, and I gave way, but then he did not get!

Days and nights I was excited at first ran into the bathroom and touched their organs: breast and vagina, oh, how I trembled for in its body: it is such a beautiful, fragile like a match. How badly I use idioms, but I love them, and without it there is no art of speech, we will not be distracted. My appearance such air as the smoke raised to the heights, like the soul of an angel is pure and without blemish, ah, how I wonder! But I lost my faith in the appeal, I decided his ideals of canine men and beautiful women, I mastered the skies of Hades Hell (not about China). About this was said to be lower.

In the summer, I passed the exams and joyful his achievement went to bathe in the river at the Country N. The beach was empty, the waves gently rustled, the sun was shining weakly, as the fire goes out. I spread a towel, took off her shorts that squeezed my ass and she was seen in all its glory, a T-shirt, and stayed in some bras and shorts in white. She lay down, her hair fell on his chest, her panties were so small that the pubis was a little seen, but so far had not noticed. So I sunbathed for about an hour, when he heard a man, but at the same time high-pitched, like a child's voice:
- Hi, probably you do not have one here? 'I asked the voice, which I knew him for about 12 years. Do not you mind if I will put a carpet near you?
- No, of course, I took off her glasses and looked at him, to my surprise he had inflated the press, cubes vyperalis like my ass and mound on the muscles were similar to Everest, his face pleasant (to my surprise, as seen beautiful guy TV only), on the face precipitated eagle bangs, straight hair, but mnogavotye, like sheep, but compared to her, straight, medium height, but it did not hurt. So he spread on the five steps from me:
- You know, you have such a great height, you probably twenty years?
- Ahah, no, I'm 16, but it's nice, you can at "you"

He smiled, Oh, I did not know you have a lot of tanned, you want to swim?

I do not know what to say, I'm going to do on the river with this little boy? But in order not to upset its agreement, we entered the warm as in the bath sea went deeper and deeper, but my legs did not keep, and I fell down, and it is at this moment already sailed and picked me up, I felt a hard object on my the pope and realized what was going on, we sailed close to the shore, and I asked him:
- Do you like me?
- You? to me? I .. I ... I do not know, embarrassed and pawing the air, yes, I confess to you, but do not be surprised and do not be angry. I saw you at school, watching your page VKontakte, constantly waiting at the gates of the school, could not break away from your face, you're the most beautiful girl on earth, will now be a strong word, do not be angry, I ask: I've been watching you, find out where you go and when, made a plan and found a secluded place where you go every Saturday, and wanted to meet.

I was shocked, this cute little man, was as lustful and wanted to seize my body! But he kept his head, as happens with great excitement: it goes away, he grabbed me by the waist and kissed her on the lips, I have not had time to do anything, as his hands pushed through my panties to the pope, and he touched my "AT". Oh, how nice to kiss: feel sexual excitement in the vaginal area, but to get an orgasm as if drochbe no.

Under water, he caressed my pussy and make me moan, no, I have to push him away, yell, I do not navidela him psychologically, but at the same time wanted to physically. Do not have time to finish, he shifted me down water, I know how to keep the balance, removing the pants began to lick my smoothly shaved pubis, his tongue blended with sea water and I felt fusion juice with saliva and Marine River. I finished ...

It was a pleasant hand, I could not stop, removing the pants, he plunged into the water my hips, pressing me to her and kissing her, thrust a dagger into the passage between the freedom of my life, he killed me! My virgin Pleven was broken even before my own hand. Well, guess that did not finish in me, white liquid water left. After we got out of the water, I began to cry and ran away, the more I have not met him, I went to the city for college.

This incident ruined my priorities about men, I thought they were disgusting, vile pigs, but now, I do not know what I should do, I did not like it now, but I took advantage, I'm dead, I'm pulling out at night, I can not do anything, me now 19, how can I be? I do not live...