My sex. Chapter 1 - The first time

Hi, I want to tell you my story.

I am 22 years, height 178 cm, weight 65 kg, slim, with an elastic ass (clearly not the men). More a couple of years ago, I tried in the ass. I bought myself a vibrator 16 cm long, 4 cm in diameter, and they began to please himself from time to time. I loved it, I did it in front of the mirror watching my ass.

And I wanted more - I wanted to have sex with a real man. He left his ad at the website, I began to wait. And then one day I wrote a man 25 years old that he wanted to meet, his name was Igor.On sent me his photo. I thought he just liked the high sports. Some days we corresponded, apparently experience he had rather big. Soon we agreed to meet at 12:00 at his home.

I made myself an enema, shaved ass so she seemed quite feminine, and went to him.

So I climb the stairs and ring the door, I opened a beautiful tall young man in shorts, with a smile, inviting me to come. I take off his shoes, jacket, walk to the kitchen. We begin to talk about our sexual preferences.

Soon we were ready to have sex.

Excite very much I started to stroke his cock. He took off his pants and I see a big dick 18-20 centimeters which is already in full. I quickly stripped to the goal, I, too, is very vozbudilsya.My I got up and walked into the room.

After going to the room we kissed, op¸rshis on my shoulders, he bent my knees. His cock was standing in front of my face. I began to massage his right hand.

And I open my mouth and start to lick and swallow the penis. Everything is faster and faster, moaning with pleasure. Igor also moans. Soon, he grabbed my head in his hands and became deeper and deeper push dick in my mouth .Dvizheniya become very strong, he literally fucked my mouth. Igor groaned louder. And now he had finished, the sperm filled my mouth. I swallowed every drop. He leaned back a little, I caught his breath.

Few moving spirit was again a member of Igor. He came up to me and bent cancer slowly led a member of my holes. Suddenly he spat profusely on my ass and slowly began to introduce a member of me. Members include very tight, there was little bolnovato.

Igor slowly moved in back and forth faster and faster over the entire length .I feel his cock fills me. And here he is in all the fucks my ass. I get a lot of fun feeling like a real girl. After 20 minutes I felt as Igor finished with me. Sperm filled my popu.On strongly pressed me to her, pulled out after a member and went to the bathroom, I, too, took a shower, and we sat and chatted.

Ragovarivshis Igor suggested if I wanted to try it with two guys. And I agreed. He who is called, after 15 minutes Porgy was Dima. The same tall and athletic. We have not long to talk, all went to Troy in the room. Dima stripped of his penis was too big already 18 cm at least. I got cancer on the bed, Igor lay down in front of me with his legs apart in Ros, Dima fell in behind.

I started sucking dick in front and behind Dima voshol in my ass. Dima began to accelerate faster and faster, his balls knocked together with the strength of my butt. I did not take out a member of his mouth. My butt felt real ecstasy. After a while they changed, putting me to the side is now Dima fucked my mouth and Igor ass. It lasted 2 hours, both finished in my mouth. I licked their members swallowing whole spermu.Dima slapped me on the ass and they Igor went to the kitchen.

I lay exhausted on the bed. I was good. After half an hour zashol Dima put me on the side and once again put my dick in popu.Ya received no schem incomparable pleasure of feeling a big dick in my zadnitse.Dima long to finish continuing to stick my ass on a big cock.

Suddenly I heard the doorbell, heard some voices (apparently human 3-4) igro they praised my butt. Soon the door opened and entered the room three guys. They liked how I was fucking Dima. They quickly began to undress. Having finished Dima walked away, put me cancer and one of the brand new guys started to fuck me, another went in front, and I began to suck his dick. Behind one of the guys had finished and was replaced by another. My ass was covered in semen and smazke.V Igor voshol room with a video camera and started shooting like I have in the ass and mouth. I did not say anything to him, it was very cool. I am fucked in different poses, in the ass and mouth all day filling me with sperm, and getting a lot of fun.

Waking up in the morning we spoke with Igor. I said that I liked everything. The children also woke up. Dima very politely asked to pull the riser morning, I could not refuse him. I went into the room to my ass in turn approached the boys and I were ending in the ass. After the guys took off the voltage, we say goodbye and promised each other to be sure to meet more.

Continued: My sex. Chapter - 2. Reception at the proctologist