Appeased sperm. Descent three

We lay in bed with my girlfriend - lesbian when she told me the story ...
Kabul. 1984. The sky is blue, not a cloud. Summer. Heat. Her husband, an adviser went on a business trip in the Host (administrative province in southern Afghanistan).
She says... "Here I lie on the bed and talk, what do I need to buy more? And it wanted to buy the normal coats. one shit sold in Dukan, but if you order, you sew properly, even attach a Canadian label. Her husband, a lieutenant colonel, although getting enough bucks, but that is not enough ...
She remembered when you come into a shop, right here in the neighborhood of Kabul, one Afghan hinted that, they say, may make such. True, he rudely hinted in broken Russian that for this it is necessary to sleep with him. Somewhere he had studied in the Soviet Union, on some technology on Russian speaking learned freak.
I lie to myself and think, and what I should sleep with this Afghan? A guy like civilized, and so do not freak out. What I lose in thirty-two years? I decided to go for exploration, because his shop was just in front of our unit (this is the type of our hrusch¸vok).
Afghan - Hamid, greeted me as usual saccharine smile ... that's what a good Honam, come ... Everything is just for you to give you cheaper and so on. I told him then so soon and say ... "Something you promised me to make coats Canadian?"
Swarthy this, thirty-five, laughs and says that a good sheepskin coat is necessary to go to the old city, where you find it.
I told him blatantly that, say, Hamid, do not need to be rude, come, as agreed, and I'm not going anywhere. He tells me ... "Okay, Honam Lena, come behind the screen talk".
At the very point he is playing, but it came to him in an auxiliary room. It stinks so - well, so the smell of pure Afghan, they are here and eat and cook kettle to boil. Mats on the floor, dastarhans any, in general, where to eat, and then sleep.
"Sit, - he said the woman - now you'll get to see". And I say to him ...
"Okay, Hamid, already late, I went to my husband, so go ahead as agreed yesterday".
Sama sat down on the chair, lifted her skirt a little, showing his feet, to understand quickly what was going on.
"That's another conversation will be very good you will order Sheepskin"- He bustled, ran. He pulls out a bottle of whiskey. "I think it is such a miser whiskey forked, then do something can. Especially because the girls told friends that if Afghans a good substitute, one can download a lot of money.
A few minutes later the guy, his younger brother, came skewers brought, put the cups, they call "Hylas" (English), all apprentices dispersed. Dukan closed, sit drink whiskey. I told him, when already tipsy ... "Since, Hamid, will buy coats?" Very slightly parted her skirt so that he noticed that I wore no panties. Hamid uncomfortably, and then holds his hand between her legs. And they have such wide trousers, under which I notice that the member had already jumped. I look, drunk alcohol played a role, and he started to become impudent ... "We all just if I'll like it, and you can agree". Sam stroked my legs, and with the other hand blatantly currently podrachivaet member through his pants. No civilization ...
Here and I, too, all leaped. Feel the heart-pounding, breathless, I pulled his head and kissing on the mouth climb. He tells me ... "We especially do not like to kiss, let's pussy will ..."
And I'm already drunk, settled here on the mat, I thought what would be the prelude. Here Hamid me hard so says ... "Business talk - let's naked shoot, all I want ibat!" Skirt, I took off and just lifted her shirt to me tits matzah. I think, well, throw a stick now, I'll get your coats and go home.
An Afghan man pounced on me really like a hungry. Of course, I seized upon a white woman ... I still really, it's only cheap stories are huge members, head, dickhead. It's true ... a member of his normal, but stood like a stake. And so he began to tear me that I have already tears flowed from his eyes. For a long time no one so passionately fucked. Husband more and more with stress, drunk with a limp, and then, well, just a number to you is stuck.
I threw him the legs, start, podmahivat, and he, bitch twitching and ends.
I tell him ... "Hamidik that so soon, let me once more".
He said something in his own mother, he says ... "Now brother will come". I Spreading her legs wide so he still have sex. But Hamidik shouted my type ... "Biya barodar bezanesh". Then a guy comes to the young. Seeing me naked pants off his tears and with standing by a dick to me in indecision. Dick he has such a black, elastic, the cut - Muslim. The most important of dickhead already droplets emerge.
I was even funny, but I'm a bitch, it is already sold out. Tear off her mouth, tongue was playing, saliva collected and show him the finger, they say, let's try it here. The guy did not wait a long time sat on the side, I turned my head and swung swallowed his penis almost eggs.
This I did not know they were in my glass of some stimulating drug spiked. Sucking his dick with pleasure, having passed his hand between his legs, he grabbed his bare hairy buttocks. Sosa and Iron-on transfer, Sosua and Iron-on transfer arm, trying to hold on anus fingers. The boy mutters type ... "Kuhn trouble, trouble Kuna".
This I later realized that "Kuhn"On Afghan - Ass. In short, he wanted me in the ass fuck. But he broke down and squirted cum in my mouth. A wonderful feeling when you feel internationalist-mezhdunarodnitsey Afghan ... in your mouth later.
We still sat, drank whiskey, along with some drinks. I thought that they were still on me razochku fuck, because I did not finish properly managed, just warmed up. Suddenly a terrible sleep attacks on me. Well, I can not just hand or move a foot. Like all know that did not drink, and on the body, as if attacked by paralysis. I of course came the fear, trying to get up and run away from their home, but can not do anything. I fell asleep.
I woke up, lying completely naked in some strange room. I see no longer neighborhood. Smells pure Afghan, under my mattress Afghan theirs, and most importantly, the wall are four men in national dress - well, the spitting image of the Mujahideen.
Right to me Hamid bent, whispering in his ear ... "It bandits, keep my shop. You're with them a little bit ibis, then ladies coats"- And in my mouth with a glass of swill. I choked, trying to scream, and he told me his nose with two fingers squeezed and put it in his mouth.
Before the eyes of all floated. Just I hear men laughing at something his bazaar.
All that understand, so it's ... "Rus, Rus ... ".
One can see that the chief was, his stern blurted out ... "Berid Biruni, mizanamesh". At the same time, he began to undress. The other three had gone for some curtain. The leader simply stripped from the waist down with a smile and walked toward me, naked, sprawled on the carpet. His cock dybilsya swaying. With bare head, persistent and resilient. Severed dick, shaved pubis, black with hanging dark eggs. All this was coming toward my face. I was very scared, I wanted to scream, but the cry is not pulled out from his throat. "Maybe not ... kill"- Frantically fought the idea ...