- I broke your car !!

Blurted out at once, his eyes closed. It is expected to answer anything - screaming scandal, but it is ... calm cold gray eyes and an indifferent question:
- Margo, why?

She sighed - gasped, eyes to the floor. I can not admit his jealousy. In that day I saw you and your friend in a summer cafe table, nice and slowly chattering to each other. Your eyes caressed her body, I know that look - a cat plays with a mouse. And then your phone has long been out of reach. And now you're home - a lazy, relaxed and well-fed.

I'm friends with a friend since childhood, it is also named as a me - Margarita. Only I - Margo, and she - Rita. I - blonde, brown-haired woman, it, both with green eyes. ""We complement each other exceptionally and look great together!"" - God, how many times I've heard this phrase in my life. Tall, slender girl with the same figures. Two beautiful girlfriends. Friends together, studied together, rarely quarreled .. Separated only after school, she went studying in another city, but have always been aware of each other's lives. That's it, I told both met the guy of her dreams ... like crazy with love ... how to make ready for his strange love everything ... how long and hard fought his strong desire to humiliate me, to subordinate his will and perverted sick fantasies.

And now Rita has returned to our city. On vechernika best friends I have come to you to introduce you.
- You look great together - you said, looking straight into my eyes and loudly - for everyone. And then I leaned to my ear and whispered:
- I'm going to fuck you both - to go from one to another and to drive. And the two of you will suck my cock and licking balls - a race !!

At the same time you squeezed my breasts with your fingers so that made cry. He smiled and patted on the ass: " Well done". I did not move away from you ... I have learned to listen to and obey ... I learned this a long time. I tried to grab at straws:
- I know it well. It is not so
- You were not so well. And it will be interesting ..

You taught me slowly, slowly ... Good education, love of parents, an only child - a spoiled princess, which revolves around the world and even first love - tall, handsome gray-eyed king :)) Initially, romance, kisses - from little fingers on the legs and up to the the crown .. Tell me that you love me ... tell me what you want me to tell you ... my ... tell my thing ... tell me you're my bitch ... say that you're my whore ... ask to fuck you ... and I asked, and was on her knees, and repeating your phrase ... and was excited not by words, how teplel your opinion, it's nice to smile as you liked to humiliate me ..

I do not forgive ... I'm looking for another host ...