New toy captain. Part 2: Spanking

Because Emily refused to lick the fingers of my assistants, we have decided to flog her. At first I wanted to think of something cheerful, but then we remembered how bright she responded to his first encounter with a whip, and we wanted to develop this theme.

Kate chained our toy to special pitons in the ceiling and the floor so that it was stretched in the middle of the cabin. Ropes, pulling her arms and legs in different directions were stretched so much that she almost could not move, and the nodes at the wrists and ankles heavily dug into the skin. I've always liked that picture - absolutely naked girl with wide spread legs and arms that can only shake his head and a little wag ass froze in the cold cabin in anticipation of spanking. Today, the view was especially beautiful - Emily's blue eyes sparkled as two diamonds, blond hair fell to her waist, and a light pink nipples on a large but sturdy, chest stood upright. I went to the girl, bound, ran his fingers lightly on the blond hair at the bottom of her stomach and slid his hand between her legs.
- It is still not calmed down? - I asked in surprise when my finger into her still wet from the lubrication hole.

She did not answer, and I gagged her special round stick tightening ropes on the back of his head.
- Yyyeeayae? - Loudly she mumbled, trying to shove a gag.
- For language is not bitten off, - I said, tightening the straps tighter. - It happens. But that does not stop screaming! You can resent all you like - we do not mind it at all!

I smiled and patted her breasts and pinching "goodbye" behind the nipple, and departed, and sat in a chair in the corner.
- Come on, Kate, work!

She swung and struck first. The whip lashed thigh captive, wrapped around him, flicked a knot on the inside of the slightly lower genital lips, and with a whistle flew back. From eye Emily gushed tears, and she screamed so much that I nearly became deaf. On her hip flared red semicircle. It started and ended outside the bright spot on the site "landing" of the node.

"Perhaps for the first strike is too" - I thought, but decided not to intervene. After Kate risked her life to please me and to drag the girl here. Why not let her have some fun too?

My pirates did not hurry - go around its victim, stroking her whip on the velvet skin and choosing a place for the next blow.

Short stroke, and the coarse woven leather lashed over a gentle tummy girls around the palm below the navel. Oops ... And this is nothing! There was already a trace of impact and at the intersection of the old and new bands appeared red scar. Emily screaming mad voice, tears streaming hail, and the skin covered with perspiration.
- Hey - I called Kate. - Do not get carried away! This track will come no earlier than two weeks, and you know that I did not like it. Bay hurt, but do not freak out!
- Sorry, just missed, - she said, with a smile. - I'll fix it now.

She got out of the bag lying in the corner of the box with ice (or where she found it?), And put one cube to the fresh scar above the pubis girls. Reins them in hand. From hot body heat began to melt the ice and ran a large drop in the skin. Not letting it slide down, Kate bent down and licked it. Then he walked on the tongue intersecting dark pink stripes and then apply ice.
- So come down much faster! - She smiled.

"Damn, but it in fact wind up torturing this girl much more than me! Vaughn's eyes shine! It seems that it is now her nakinetsya! "

But pirates are not pounced on Emily, and he went forward a step back, waved his whip again. This time the blow fell on the ass, but not crossed with the old - gently zaalel parallel stripe on the soft white skin.

Captive already sobbing loudly and jerked in all directions in a frantic attempt to escape. Ropes even more dug into her arms and legs, from them had small abrasions. But it seems not even notice it, continuing disembodied attempt to escape.
- Everything - I said - ends. Do not I want to spoil her pelt, not even having time to enjoy its beauty.
- Good. It can be the final blow?

I looked at Kate, breathing excitedly and excitedly stroking the lash. Then he looked at Emily - she seems to have caught her breath from the last searing strike and now hopefully watching me.

"Deny! Deny it! ! Please "- read in her eyes the most, in large letters, which you can imagine.
- I learned a very big hit! It will be a shame if you did not see it! I'm a little! I promise that nothing it does not spoil! - I rattled pirates, feeling that I hesitate.
- Then just show the movement! Just a light touch!

I was really wondering what trick mastered my obnoxious pervert, but Emily torment I no longer wanted. Penalties need to be able to stop in time, otherwise it becomes a stupid torture, which does not deliver any joy.
- Well - Kate agreed. - Just touch.

She grabbed his whip tighter, but I caught her arm.
- Did you hear my order - I said firmly.
- Yes captain. I'm not strong.

She waved her whip. Swing looked really weak, only the tail of the whip did not go at the top or the side, as usual, but from the bottom up, stretched between the sides girl legs, and landed between the jaws, clicking a bundle on the clitoris.

Emily wailed, her face instantly nalilos paint, and she groaned and hung unconscious in the hands chained to the ceiling.
- You are crazy! - I shouted to his assistant, and she threw back the whip aside, took a step toward me.
- Do it will not be! Half an hour later wakes up, and after a couple of days there will be jumping with joy his hole in your penis!
- Once I was going to fuck her early! - Evil I snapped.
- Of course, the earlier you need! You-what's the difference? And this girl will suffer! - Relentlessly argued pirates. - But what a cool kick! Two days pussy will fire burn from any touch! Here we have some fun with it, when wake up! You're not angry with me, for I will not listen? It was possible and more whip ...

She looked thoughtfully at the hanging limply Emily, obviously wondering what else would sort vytvorit with it.
- I'm not angry - I answered her question. - I just punish you for violation of the order.
- Oh, and let's now punish! - Fun she exclaimed, untying the rope on the waist of my pants ...


After an hour of madness, we were lying on the bed and rested. I rolled over and looked at the chained directly in front of us, Emily. She seems to be a long time woke up and saw most of our pleasures.

We have to admit that Emily was very fun toy. And it's not her beauty, though, I confess, it is impressive. Case in character. Right now, she stands in the middle of a stretched cabin iskhlestannaya whip, with burnt cruel blow crotch. Must be frightened and downtrodden. But no! Her eyes lit with fury! In her mind there is a rod that makes our games much more interesting. She pulls back, but do not give up, is subject to, but does not turn into a dull meat.

Somehow, I thought about their previous slave. I remember the girls who after the first spanking or other punishment "blurred" - they did everything they say without delay, without hesitation. Everything that could break down in their soul, broke at once, they were brought to the fate and just waiting for when it's over. They were bored. With their bodies could do anything to force them wherever you go, whatever you like and what you want. But their minds are flying somewhere else. They are too afraid of punishment to be human beings, not spineless amoebas.

When I got tired of it, I finished the game. Just I gave the girl and the team looked much as it will hold. Sometimes such moments captive "came to life" - to understand what entertainment they do not survive, they began to shout, tried to break out, looked at me pleading eyes and promised to do "everything, everything, everything" - if only I stopped the violence. Fool. They did not realize that I threw them precisely because they were willing to fulfill my every whim, without surprised, without resistance and without trying to beg the indulgence.

I'm on the ship nearly one hundred person team. All the men, except Kate. No girl is not able to withstand this. When I threw them on the deck with the words: "Guys, it's yours," they were immediately grabbed by the arms and legs, torn clothes and laid somewhere on the bow of the ship. Then the long queues and started. The victim had one and in groups, sometimes inverted, placed in different poses, forced to take an active part - suck, bounce on the members, try to move to the beat most rapists. I used to watch this show for fifteen to twenty minutes. While on the girl's face still has some emotions, and the team works imagination. Then look toy finally goes out, and instead of a varied and exciting fucking start swotting stupid crowd into all available holes. At this point, I'm like the rules to his cabin. After another hour and a half to me comes to Kate.
- It is ready - she said usually.

This means that the victim lost consciousness, and now just raped the unconscious body. When finished - thrown overboard. I think that almost all of them survive - sea water quickly leads to feelings and "last game" I arranged only when we go near the shore. I do not know why. I just want to.

I looked again at his new toy. Noticing how furious look she is looking at a naked Kate, I came up with a very original for pirates punishment for violation of the order. I think it is time to teach how to be my assistant. And that is something she has recently become much svoevolnichat ...

- You something to think? - Kate interrupted my thoughts.
- About anything serious, - I smiled back.
- I look at our toy awoke. Maybe it will continue until it bored?
- I do not think it is boring to look at what we got up here, - I replied. - Besides, you forgot one important point.
- What? - I asked innocently pirates.
- You broke my order and should be punished for it!

My friend tensed and pursed his lips, said:
- As punishment, you forbid me to play with your slave?
- I do not forbid. Simple rules of the game will now be a little bit more. I'm not sure you will like it, but I'm definitely going to be fun! - I said a sinister voice.

- No Rocks! You do not do it! She's going to kill me! - Kate indignant when I told her the new rules of the game.
- I do not think. Firstly, she road her life, and sign a verdict for the sake of revenge, it will not. Secondly, I will not let her do anything that could hurt or kill you.
- I'm still afraid! I ... I ... - excitement pirates stammered. - I can not even imagine what she would do with me!
- I think she will make enough so that you always remember that my word - it is the law that should never disturb!

I turned to Emily still connected.
- Do you understand what I want? Now Kate untie you and give you my "magic" bag. You can use whatever you find in there. And you can do with your tormentor whatever you want. You're willing to help me and to punish her for violation of the order?

She nodded furiously.
- Great! I feel I was waiting for a grand spectacle! But this I will make an extra twinkle in your fun.

With these words I took from Kate whip and put it next to his chair.

Continued: A new toy Captain