Other side. Part 1

Lantern outside the room sank in the thick gloom. Photos are almost indistinguishable, but memory tells parts: a hug and a tender kiss, passionate touch of man's hands, scratching his neck bristle. The photographer was not clearly seen this pair, but the details are clearly visible. Even the most candid photos are made in good quality: visible even a thread of saliva connecting the tip of the tongue and head, moisture and shine leave no doubt in the women's desire, erection hardness confirms its readiness to intercourse.

- Lustful slut - whispers the man, tired of waiting. - Even now, somewhere fucks creature!

Turn key makes him jump without thinking, he quickly moves toward the girl. Click and lit corridor

- Kirill?! - Fear instantly passes, and she smiled feebly, continues. - You know, the doctors say ...

Slap interrupted phrase, the head leans back.

- Olga, shut up! Do not talk about doctors! At least now, the creature!

Sudden movements, crack - and clothing is no longer hides the underwear.

- Damn! You're dressed like a whore! For some, these stockings kruzhavchiki, transparent panties, huh? Answer !!!

Another slap in the face upsets the body on the floor, and not waiting for an answer. Wind the long hair on his fist, he pulls his prey in the darkness of the room:

- Whore, davalka, damn! This yours? All yours, huh? - Pokes in the face falloimmitator, vibrators stopper.

He pulls out handcuffs:

- This is also yours? - Fixes the hand stretches the thin lips and sticks a vibrator. - Show how you are able to, well?

Olga shakes his head and tries to escape. Then Cyril shows her the photo: vygnuvshis swollen lips caressed member, introducing a some kind of toy.

- There you like do not hesitate! Or it's not you?

She pauses, and frantically nods shyly down face down.

Rapist grins.

- Oh, look what I found! Gag with a member, it obviously helps you get a taste! - Rough sticks gag in her mouth and buttons with a belt at the back. - Or do you like it hot? I saw the photo, you wear a chain? Now I find, especially for you - with weights.

And immediately catches the clamps on the nipples. Not holding back, again he beats down his cheeks, turns on his stomach, and dissects the skin on the buttocks with a thin whip. Olga silently crying, wincing from every blow. Swollen scars cover his back, buttocks and thighs. Hardly Cyril discards whip aside and leaned forward to whisper:

- You're a whore, dirty whore, slut! You also have to like it! I will bring you pleasure, voluptuous creature!

It retrieves the heap thickest vibrator and enters it, not noticing that the vagina is dry. Slightly lubricate anal plug, plug twists to the end. After securing the toy guy connects girl so that she can not even move.

- All holes are plugged, yeah, trash? I do not forgive you for it ever! For treason to pay, slut! - Spit the word ends and leaves the photos so that Olga could see them. - Think what you've done!

Not paying attention to the bellowing, he goes quickly, slamming the door behind him.


The guy at the table is clearly trying to get a drink. Clutching a glass in his hands, he did not take his eyes from the carafe.

- Cyrus, hello, did not think you were here. Worried because his brother? - Cute blonde sat down next to him and picked up a palm. - Vlad woke up, you hear? We tried calling, but your phone was disconnected.

- We? - The guy looked at his interlocutor.

- Well, I'm Olga.

- Olga something to do with it? It all evening somewhere wandered, dressed - swaying, the guy swore incoherently. - Chris, do not tell me about it!

Christine raised an eyebrow in surprise:

- Well, you're drunk, darling! Olga came to the hospital immediately after you, and did not depart from her husband. Calmed down only when Vlad regained consciousness and, about an hour ago, we sent staff home. I personally Olga drove home. You think only you are going through?

- Olga creature! All because of it, slut!

- Cyrus, what are you doing? Crazy? What happened? Previously Olka considered the ideal of chastity. In general, for the floor to the next!

- Chris, she betrayed Vlad, do not you understand? It is because of an accident and hit! Yes you snorts? Do not trust? For, look! - The guy pulled out a crumpled photograph in which his daughter, fucked with a stranger guy was depicted.

She selected a glass of Cyril, poured vodka and drank, grimacing.

- It's a shame to admit, but you're a moron. I forgot what your brother? Vlad at one time a single skirt missed. Shut up and do not interrupt! First, to listen! So, Vlad perverted to complete, and now Olenka, light and pure love. Not Roar, I do not banter. Vlad never cheated on his wife, as far as I know. But he was trying to change his wife. Toys, Subject, any other garbage - Olga somehow seek advice. But the obsession of your brother has sex vayf all pious persuaded him to change. Ha! Olga is not in any. In the end, it turned out that Vlad wanted to at least look. They even had a fight because of it. But because both like, you know them. We decided to do a photo shoot. On a photo Mark, B-boy, but good-looking. Fuck knows who his aroused stronger - Olia or Vlad.

- Who fotkal, obviously not in the studio? - Cyril opposed hear.

- In a studio! You're still a moron! - Christina grinned. - I forgot which one of us two of the photographer? Yes, all the pictures I took. It was complicated. Olya embarrassed by many refuse, no penetration. Barely persuaded to touch! But Vlad liked, he looked at them often. By the way, where do you find this picture?

- On the table in their bedroom. In the apartment. Things drove from the hospital and saw. They do not even have hidden ... Envelope and pictures on top of it. Shit ... I thought I saw Vlad and crashed ... ... specifically. Oh, Olyayaya hell !!

- What Olya? - She immediately stiffened. - You saw Olu? He insulted? Well? What did you do? What did you do?

The guy shook his head uncertainly, muffled groan and nodded sharply.

- Where's she? Answer me, you bastard, where is she? - Christina almost cried.

- There ...

- Where exactly?

- At home...

Jumping up, she ran out into the street. Cyril hurried after her.

- I have the key, Chris, wait, where's your car?

Christina suddenly stopped, swung and slapped across the face:

- I hope she's okay? In general, shut up!

Ten minutes later they were standing near the front door. Cyrus could not get the key into the keyhole. The girl eagerly taking away the key, quickly opened the lock.

- Ol, Olga, are you there? This is Christy!

Hearing strange noises, she looked uncertainly at his companion and came into the room. Feeling a switch flipped them and immediately saw his girlfriend on the floor. Clutching his mouth with his hands, he stifled cry, quickly ran to the bound and fell beside her on the floor. Then he turned around:

- Stay there, you freak!

Christina began to unravel the rope to release the body from the distorted toys, something whispering soothingly.

- What do you stand? Score a bath, quickly! - Again I shouted at the guy. - Olenka, Olga, my dear, now, all right now. My good, a little patience. Here, I found the keys. Ugh, stupid gag. Tell me something, Ol, you hear me?

The unfortunate victim silently shook her head, trying to close his hands and wept. Quietly sobbing over the body.

- Cyrus! - I heard the name, Olga immediately cringed, but Christie, hugging, continued calm. - Hush, baby, hush. I am close, it will help you to walk to the bathroom. You have to wash, then grease the whole, and you will be able to sleep. Hush, little quieter, kitty ...

After Cyril spent the girls in the bathroom, he sat near the front door and looked at the floor glazed eyes. Stress listened to was the sound: the splash of water, murmuring, again water, weeping, quiet voices. The guy did not even realize, when all was quiet. Suddenly realizing the complete silence around, he looked up. Olga stood opposite, wrapped in a long robe.

- Cyrus, I understand you - the voice sounded muffled, interrupted. - I know ... You're not guilty ... wrong. I'm fine, just ... Go away, please go away! I can not see you ... now. Get out !!!

Hid her face in her hands, she burst into tears. Christina soothingly hugged her friend silently shook on Cyril look and said:

- It's morning, you can visit a brother ... I'll call you, Cyril, everything will be fine ...


The car slowly stopped at the shore. The driver was driving, and his passenger walked carefully, and limped toward the girl sitting on the grass.

- Olya, Christie, hello - with a warm smile greeted them.

- Vlad, glad to see you! - The other girl just nodded silently.

Staying close to her, he removed the lock of hair from her face.

- You look good, Olka - sigh, Vlad continued. - I came to talk ... sorry, I did not think that all will turn out well. I'm sorry, very sorry! Cyrus is not to blame, just blame me. I'm selfish, thinking only of himself, of his lust.

Olga silently reached out and squeezed his hand.

- I'll give you a divorce, Ol, I understand. This will never be forgotten, and we ... Try to be the same again! You're a strong girl, you can do it, I know! And do not be mad at Cyril, he too worshiped you ...

Vlad paused, kissed his wife on the cheek, briefly buried in her hair, sighing scent hugged. Without waiting for a response, he turned and limped to the car. He opened the door, gripped with the power metal and, without turning around, shouted:

- Honey, come back !!!

He added quietly:

- When you can...