A trip on vacation 3. Winter Holidays

Dennis and Natasha went out of the gate of arriving at the airport Sheremetyevo-2.
Daddy! - Natasha screamed and threw herself on the neck of Victor, who came to meet the children at the airport.
It has been almost half a year with the wonderful trip on summer vacation during which their family has become much closer to each other.
Natasha kissed dad on the cheek.
Hello Hello. With the arrival of you. - Said the pope - How to flight?
Everything is fine. - Denis said.
Victor embraced Denis, took his bag and all headed for the exit to the parking lot.

Mom has been waiting for you. - Said Victor. - Yes, I am too. - He added.
Yes, communicating on Skype is no substitute for a real meeting. - Natasha giggled.
I must say that after the departure of the children back to France at the end of the summer, the family has found an alternative to its meetings. Although children and lived in different rooms of the pension at the college, they sometimes spent the night in each other's room. And in the evenings the parents enjoyed looking at the computer screen how their children indulge in amorous pleasures. Victor and Jeanne did not remain in debt and the "orgy" happens quite often.

It was the end of December and in Moscow was a strong frost. The children, having arrived from the south of France where they studied, were not quite dressed for the weather. Denis was wearing less heat - in jeans and jacket, but Natasha. At Natasha was wearing a black mini skirt with slits on the sides and sandals with heels. On top she threw a beige leather jacket that was visible under the little white topic that barely covered her breasts. Natasha did not even wore stockings. Victor looked at her skeptically outfit and muttered.
Well, you're dressed up. You're not watching the weather?
Daddy what are you what? In the car, because the heat. And if it will be cold, warm me Dennis.
Good Dad parked the car in the vicinity of the exit. While he was putting things in the trunk, children already have settled down in the back seat. Denis hugged his sister and hugged her hands began to move to disperse the blood. Dad sat in the driver's seat and started the engine. Gently having handed back the car joined the stream of cars that ran to the exit.

When the car pulled away from the airport on the movement it became easier and Victor added gas. A couple of days before the arrival of snow fell clean and everything was white and joyful. Looking at the children in the rearview mirror, he did not forget about the movement, but in his mind wanted to be close to them. Natasha and Denis have full kissing passionately, and has already squeezed the hand of Denis sisters breasts under the jacket. She, in turn, did not lag behind and gently rubbed his brother dick through his jeans. Before coming home was still time, and the children wanted to have fun. Dennis put his hand on his thigh and spent her sister ran a short skirt. Natasha did not wore panties and fingers so Dennis at once found themselves in the wet pussy sister.

Guys, do not be honest. - Said the father. - Natasha, think of me. - He added in jest.
But Natasha did not think to joke.
Of course dad. - She purred.
Natasha squeezed between the seat and by reaching the lever in the passenger seat pulled him over. The back seat leaned back forming a small lounger. Natasha, kneeling was placed on it and handed it to stick to the fly on the father's trousers. Quickly unbuttoned, she pulled out a member of Victor and began to lick the head. Behind her Denis lifted her short skirt and ran his tongue from the clitoris and ending on the small ring of the sphincter. They have already tried such affection for Natasha and brother to touch the ass were not unexpected. Denis held his tongue around the small ring anus sisters and slid into Natasha's ass. Sticking his tongue as far as possible he tried to penetrate into the depths. Natasha moaned in pleasure, not forgetting to caress dad.

Victor was about to close my eyes and finish, but he knew what to do this should not be. Finally, the car drove on a flat stretch of road and a man at ease. Natasha had already realized that the pope is now over, and immediately began to suck his cock deep. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, Victor put his other hand on the back of the head daughter and began to pour it in her mouth. She pressed her plump your lips around my father's trunk, trying not to miss a drop of sperm. Right handle it rolls testicles, thus bringing the Pope even more fun. Behind her Dennis he pulled out his penis and tried to gently poke his sister's pussy. But the ceiling of the car was too low, and he began to breath again to lick Natasha. Natasha has been with his father and turned to her brother.
Can I help you? - She asked slyly.
Yes, soon. - Said Denis and leaned back in his seat.

Natasha leaned over and licked a member of his brother drops of grease that has oozed from the holes. Denis came up with the idea, and he lay down in the backseat. His sister was already clear what he wants, and she gladly swung his left leg over the head of Denis. He sat her pussy on his brother's face, she again bowed to the penis and brother and sister have merged in position 69. The brother and sister were already rather excited, and therefore they had the couple of minutes foreplay. At first, Natasha, and her and moaned from surging Denis orgasms. Denis erupted into the mouth sister and Natasha tried not to miss a drop. She loved the taste of semen was on cloud nine when my father and brother and then watered it with his seed.

Victor was driving on the cleared streets of the village elite and looking at the children in the back seat smiling, posing as a family will catch up. At the end of the street he seemed to their home and Victor children hinted that it was time to dress. Not enough yet that would see their neighbors in this form. The car pulled up in front of the house. Through the window next to the door silhouette mother Joan was seen, which has been waiting for her husband and children. Dennis and Natasha opened the door and ran to the front door that is already open Mom. On my mother she was wearing a black silk robe, and on his feet black stockings and platform sandals. It was noticeable that the mother intended to meet in a special children. Children ran through the open door.

Mom, we are so bored! - Denis shouted.
Come to me soon, I give you a kiss. - Mom said.
First to my mother Natasha ran and embraced her mother's shoulder she immediately touched his lips to my mother's. For the half year absence Jeanne little children out of the habit of touching children. And when her daughter slipped his tongue between her lips to Jeanne flooded wide variety of emotions. Her legs buckled and she would certainly have fallen if not for Denis, who has already stepped up and hugged his mother and sister. Only now, Jeanne felt in the mouth the familiar taste of semen and puzzled looked at her daughter.
Daddy's? - She asked.
And Denis. - Natasha giggled.

And what about me? You did not leave me anything. - I handed mother.
Do not worry Mom, you have enough. - Dennis reassured her.
While Victor took out bags of children out of the car already pulled Natasha mother inside the house in the spacious living room. Natasha and Denis fumbling hands began to untie the belt of my mother's silk robe.
Natasha took off her mother's bathrobe and whistled in admiration. On Jeanne wore stockings with a belt and a bra that is not covered chest, and only raised her. From this Jeanne chest seductively he bristled forward and Natasha clung to her with a kiss. My mother sat on the sofa and spread her legs in front of her daughter. She immediately sank down and leaned lips to the clitoris. On the side of the mother Denis came and pulled out his penis. Jeanne opened her plump lips and let the son of a member in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Victor entered the room and his eyes appeared a little ass Natasha that completely got out from under a short skirt. Without a word, he pulled out his penis and knelt behind Natasha. Natasha shivered with pleasure when she felt the touch of my father's term to her pussy. She wrapped her mother smeared juice face and groaned.
Well, as soon as Daddy, fuck your suchechku. I've been dreaming about your dick.
Indecent speech spurred his daughter and Victor groaned loaded term in the daughter. She moaned in response. For some time he moved steadily, but a minute later began to increase the amplitude.
Natasha was a bit hot and she gave Dad a sign to stop. She quickly took off her jacket and underneath it was discovered that the topic barely covered her breasts. Seeing the writing on the topic «DADDY'S LIL SLUT» Victor smiled and said.

My little whore, go to bed.
Victor and Natalia moved from the floor to the couch and Natasha place between the mother's legs took Denis immediately. He lovingly looked at her mother and went softly into the vagina a member of his own mother. Joan hugged the waist and legs crossed their son behind him. Next to her on the couch was that her daughter fuck behind Victor. Joan reached out and hugged sweet Natasha head. She pulled her face to his and my mother with her daughter again merged in a kiss.
Suddenly there was a trill of a telephone call. Joan sighed and broke the kiss and reached for the phone. Denis stopped and looked at her mother. She has already picked up the phone and pressed the receive button. Then Denis gently moved member inside mother and looked at her reaction. Jeanne languidly looked back, put a finger to his lips, and then beckoned him with a finger. Having regarded this as a sign of approval, he resumed motion. Jeanne barely restrained herself that would not scream into the phone.

Hello? - She said, a little hoarsely.
Lena hello. Yes, we have already arrived. - She replied.
And we both missed it if you knew. - Mom said, and gently bit her lip. Just at that moment a member Denis went particularly deep.
I am a bit simple, but better. - Jeanne replied to a question that she had a voice.
Natasha smiled and bowed between her mother's legs covered with stockings. Its clean shaven pussy lips wrenched behind scurrying in her son's member. Natasha couple of seconds looking at it, and suddenly pulled to the clitoris. Jeanne arched and moaned softly.
Ahh.- she moaned into the phone.
Yes, there is nothing special. - She said quickly.
Just a little cramped muscle, but already seems to let go. - She added an invisible interlocutor.

Jeanne put her hand to the head blonde daughter. Member Denis so sweet beat in the womb, and Natasha's tongue fluttered over the clitoris that Joan felt that soon will end. Natasha redoubled affection and a little later, my mother could not restrain himself. As if in a delirium, she came saving idea in her head and she pressed the button on the handset thereby turning off the microphone. And as if this button is operated her orgasm immediately began to shake in waves of orgasm and cried zaohala of indescribable pleasure. Half a minute later, still shuddering from the pleasure she turned on the microphone and continued the conversation.
Hello Hello. Yes, here I am, that's probably a bad connection.
Well, come, you'll come in how many? - She asked.
And already I left? - She said Jeanne hiding disappointment.
At this point, Denis made a sign to Natasha that he will soon be over. Natasha willingly opened her mouth, but my mother had a different plan.
On here you want to talk to Natasha. - Jeanne said into the phone and handed it to her daughter.

She herself immediately slid off the sofa down and captured her lips member Denis. He has closed his eyes and felt that as soon as his penis wrapped around someone's lips relaxed and breathing loudly vomited a stream of sperm in the mother's mouth. She purred with pleasure and began to swallow everything that poured into her mouth her dear son. Next to her, Natasha tried to lead a normal conversation while her father was a member of her narrow pussy the entire depth.
Flew horoshooo. - She handed.
We met the pope at once and we did not expect egoo. - She continued.
And you gdeee? - She asked.
Well znaachchit skooroo see you. Not saying goodbye. - She said, and hung up.
For we are now going to go to Lena Bear. - Said Jeanne swallowing sperm Denis.

Lena, or rather, Aunt Lena was the younger sister of Joan, and Mishka was her 15 year old son. The fact that it was supposed to go to my aunt crossed out all the hints to family orgy of which all have been dreaming of. Jeanne has long wanted that to her fucked in the ass her man and she prepared to do that tonight. She prepared before the arrival of the ass, and Victor knew about this surprise for Denis.
Victor is very excited that his wife and daughter talk on the phone while they fuck the father and son. He said that Natasha will soon be over, and she quickly turned her face to the Pope. Victor quickly thrust his cock in her mouth invitingly open daughters and growl came. After the women finished licking stained members of men, father and son sat on the floor spaced between mother and daughter feet.
Aaahh. - They breathed in unison when the father and son began to lick the juices flowing from the vagina.

Continued: on vacation trip 3. Winter Holidays (Continued)