Love in Muslim (a variation on the theme)

I fucking Arabs.
Ibrahim opened the front door and let another second. Here - it all started. I was injected with something toi I felt good, but apparently something easy and challenging, I would just .... Ibrahim immediately took me by the hair and thrust his huge circumcised penis in my mouth, it was salty, and with the other hand She tore her blouse and so on which have nothing left, as Ali already being stroked my back and buttocks. His dick quickly went in my mouth and poked in the throat. I sucked and sucked. I just wanted sex and rough sex, and I got it. I'm all flowed and moaned, and Ali spreading my buttocks all the way, has already introduced his penis into my point (and Arab members of a very large and they love anal sex with a child) I was in pain but not for long, then I start to like it.
- Suck, suck, bitch. Bury deepthroat, fuck your throat, bitch. Ebis, ebis, damn. Suck ... Suck bitch, bitch, suck, suck, suck, suck ... - He yelled Ibrahim skewer me on his penis in front in the throat, and Ali put off, while he strongly slapped on my buttocks and pulled his hair to to see how I was sucked off his friend. He smiled and fucked faster and stronger. They were beautiful - strong, powerful relief breasts with brown nipples, naturally hairy from head to toe. Their short beard and mustache rubbing my lips and nipples.
This they soon tired of it and they turned me back on the table, forced to masturbate in front of them using two candles, I did not work out, I'm not special in that they have helped me, then perhaps action that I have stuck over and I began to struggle . Ali said, will twitch tie and hand shove in her pussy and tied. Raising my feet up, he brazenly inserted his fingers (I think all 4) me in vlagalishe and Ibrahim started filming it on camera as he said, for a visual aid to his son 13 years ... He turned his hand in my pussy and fingers heavily squeezed why I still hurt inside. And he looked neotryvayas into my eyes and smiled seeing how hurt me. Shoot, they did not stop the next three days. Ali entered only in my ass very often and long. Ibrahim I had to wake up every morning blowjob and masturbate in front of him before going to bed after he enjoy all the perverse postures with me. Sucked I always long and swallows all the sperm. But the worst thing was when we went to dinner, they simply chose the corner booth and removing all of the camera, sold me his Arab friends, and then went into the room together and filmed orgy, do not participating in them. A favorite pastime of friends was fucking me in Troy at the same time. One lay on her back in the pussy, I'm on top, one at the back of the anus and one in the front and watching all patting me on the back, the hair potaskivaya enjoyed my mouth thrusting cock deep into his throat. They especially liked to move forward at the same time - all members pushed me forward and I choked.
The most opposite me in some degree all liked it, and the cartridges we saw every day, first under duress, and then I asked myself about it. While watching me sometimes tied and touched three, four in all, put their hands in pussy, gave in his mouth, lowered to the face and I had finished and had finished all these hands, candles, rubber phalluses and everything else. But one night I just realized that I could no longer live without a sponsor. It was the night before we left, Ibrahim asked if I would complain about, well, of course, "Yes" I said out of habit, then he just turned and said that then forget about sex at home with us. And believe me, I was scared, was just what he would fuck me in any position he likes, and right now, he said, that there is more you do not get it. I promised not to tell anyone this, and promised to take them all at home in any quantity and at all times. Then Ali brought 5 people to visit the same evening and showed how I'll have to take them (naked with a tray of drinks). It is terrible but it has brought me so that we had a rehearsal.
Their friends looked at me like a toy, and I wanted one so I had everything on everyone - violently and roughly. So until now the way we live ... almost all of the male half of the company comes to visit me and I'm happy. When they stay at my house until the morning, I wake up in the morning from the fact that someone else feel dick in her mouth or in her pussy and it moves me, t dry vagina. They in turn have me and cheer for each other ...
- Come on baby, lick his balls. Well, well, let's sucked them one by one. Now a member of the whole - I choke but suck. Ali is now squatted over my face and says ...
-Come on, girl, lick me a. Oh-oh-oh ..... blyayayayaya deeper language let's bitch.
I lick his hairy point and I like it - it smells and secretions of his body, hair hammer nose, I see both compressed and decompressed his sphincter. - Oh-oh-oh, bitch, come on, come on, lick, pussy fucking. And he does sit on my face, I gasp, and he pushes my head in my pillow with a point. Then he slips and starts to fuck me in the mouth. As always deeply and brutally. Sperm lot, his face smeared with her, and has already Ibrahim puts in my mouth. And Mehmed just fuck in the pussy. I saw it later on cassettes. It was unforgettable - two men, hairy, move on me, the head is not visible, but rising behind the Arab and the other hammer between my legs spaced.
Then slide and Hassan puts me in the ass his huge, 26 cm., Cock, I'm starting to moan, and he is gaining so much speed that I shiver shiver. Dick until the end comes back to me. He descends into me. Sperm lot and dick with chpokanem Hassan pulls out of me.
I also have a daughter, Sveta. Guys have noticed it a long time ago, but I do not let her touch it. She is only 12 years old. But recently, when I otebli the morning on the weekend I went to the bathroom and walked past her room she saw that my baby lies and groans under Ibrahim. Her mouth plugged his own shorts, she wags her head in different directions, and he moves on it. Her legs spread wide open and I can see how a member of the Ibrahim barely enters into it a little, baby pussy. He licked her ear, and then he saw me said ...
- See Marie, I got to her. She has such a tight pussy and hot. When I saw her ass today, I could not stand it any longer. Dick is, so I put her. All the same, when it was necessary to do so.
I looked and did not know what to do. I saw that from Sveta hole has something flowing and hear it chomps when Ibrahim takes his dick out of her. His hair on the penis and the eggs stuck together with sweat, he probably fucked her for a long time. I walked over and began to lick his point as I could in this position. And then he came. He was so deeply stuck her cock that Sveta screamed so that even cowards could not stifle her scream. And he thrust deeper. Then he began to slowly remove from children's pussy dick and looked at it. Yes, it is so beautiful, when healthy, thick, dark cock in her black hair and dark smudges pink pussy lips child. There are veins and then red head dick, covered in slime, blood and semen. Ibrahim rubbed his head a little sponge light and moved to the child's face. He took the panties from her mouth, and then there was such weeping and Ibrahim quickly pulled the cheeks Amy, she opened her mouth and he deciduous member crept into his mouth to my baby. She could not even understand it. He dospustil remnants of sperm in her mouth and crawled away from her. He smiled like a kid. He came up to me and said ...
- Well, now you two going to fuck.
He called the others. They entered and saw how she asks lying on his bed with his legs pulled up, roars. On a sheet ... blood and semen stains, her legs and face all the mucus, little pussy blush between the legs. The men did not know what to do. They slowly came to light, and sat down beside her and began to stroke.
At first slowly and gently, soothing her. But then their fingers began to touch her ass, pink lips of her pussy, still flat chest. Ali put his finger in her mouth and began to move it there.
- Suck finger, baby, suck, poprivykni. We have you now do a lot of good.
And with that, I not moved to become the first head of stroke her ass. Slipping from the points on her lips her holes. They squished and moved apart under its pressure. And he put in. Light moaned and she immediately closed her mouth. Ali clenched hands the child's body and began to peck her. The others stood and podrachivat its members. Ali quickly finished and was replaced by Hassan, then Mehmet Ibrahim. Light was sedated ......
In the evening, when I returned home in the big room I uvidelaHasana. He sat in the chair legs wide apart. From its white, released on his dark hairy body panties sticking out member. But the most important thing is that he was in Amy's lips. She sucked him, licked of red head, licked the drops of lubricant.
Suddenly moans Hassan became particularly loud, and at some point he abruptly pulled away pulled Sveta mouth his huge dick. Which almost immediately began to shoot himself from such powerful streams of hot thick sperm that I even felt like something scared at the thought of what would happen to me if all this is the number of shots in my throat. Everything was bathed and splashed this eruption, and Hassan exhausted with rolled her eyes still could not recover his breath ... Suddenly, I clung to the lips almost lost their value a little wrinkled head and began to vigorously suck the last remaining drop of sperm in it ... Hassan moaning and suchil feet ... Nearby sat naked Light flooded with sperm face and licked his lips. Yaponyala that she entered into the taste and how then she told me she could not longer tolerate members in your vagina and told her ... then take in the mouth. There was nothing. But still to come ...