How I loved the Caucasus

My name is Nastya before had racial prejudices imposed by my ex-boyfriend. Once he was beaten, and since he does not like priezshih, but beat him for a reason. It's a long and uninteresting story. And you, dear reader, are not here. So skip the entry.
In general, I walked myself in search of romance. In a short dress, stockings, pink thong and without a bra. I sat down on a park bench, and looked around. Opposite me sat three Caucasian and talked about something on her. But for people could easily guess: discuss girls passing through the park. Before, I would not pay attention to them, and if paid, it would have hastened to get away as far as possible. But this time, they are interested in me. Imagination painted my face with the former, his hatred for him, and now to me.

Suddenly I noticed that they paid attention to me. And then I thought: why not? Actually I'm not shy, in some cases even arrogant. Blonde with big tits and ass sports, in principle, nothing much to be ashamed of. I winked at the boys, gently spread her legs and lifted her dress, showing the crotch thong barely hidden. Guys correctly interpreted my hint and went. We met. After a brief conversation Ruslan, Ahmed and Mahmoud invited me to visit. Without hesitation, I agreed, and I was led into a two-room apartment, seated on the sofa and poured beer. Sipped from a mug, I looked around. Interior modest but generally clean and comfortable. Akhmed and Ruslan sat on either side of me, Mahmoud sat opposite. We talked a bit more, I finally relaxed alcohol. Ruslan put his hand on my knee, I turned to him and kissed him.

Immediately I felt a few hands rummage through my body. I looked up from the lips Ruslana and her arms behind her head, allowing the children to feel me. I am extremely excited feeling of helplessness in the hands of three men. They roughly clutched my chest, climbed into her panties and blatantly shoved his fingers into my sch¸lku. Fortunately I have all flowed and fingers were hard, but almost painless.
- Like slut to be? - Ruslan asked.
- Yes - I moaned softly.
- Then get up on his knees and be hos - Mahmoud said.

I knelt down, pulled off my dress and Ruslan turned me to myself. Before my face appeared rather large penis. I kissed her head, then licked it, then wrapped her lips, tongue tickled. Ruslan impatiently took my head and began to stick my mouth on his penis. Deeper and deeper. Having started to choke, I tried to pull away, but no. A minute later he was literally fucked me in the throat. Tears welled. Ruslan let me go and then, on the left and the right, there were members of Ahmed and Mahmoud.

I took them one by one into his mouth, closing his eyes and smacking. From time to time I was praised saying: "Good bitch" or "Keep up the good work, our little girl." Then they took me into the bedroom and put on his back. Ruslan threw my legs over his shoulders and without hesitation entered into me. My whole body ached, I cried.
- Hold on, bitch, now would be nice - Ruslan said.

I nodded. Ahmed Mahmoud and lay beside him. To suck, I had only to turn his head from one to another. Ruslan was part of my jerky, rough and deep. After a few minutes he was sweating and gave way to Mahmoud, then it was the turn of Ahmed. When I visited in all three of them, Mahmoud lay down and gestured to sit on top of him. My pisya had grown accustomed to their size and I have no problem, do not hesitate to spread on the entire length. Rotate the pelvis, I continued to suck two members, when I bent down and Mahmoud strongly pressed me to her. Ruslan stroked my back from neck to ass and slapped me on the buttocks.
- And now it's time to check shlyushkinu ass - he tale, swiping at my sphincter.

I was scared. Before I tried anal sex, but not with such a big dick, and not with the coarse partners. I thought that now they tear my ass apart. From fear, I began to shake.
- Ruslan, slut afraid - said Mahmoud, pinning me even more.
- Do not worry, I gently - Ruslan said.

With these words he spat on my hole and brought back into the middle finger. A little fumbling inside them, Ruslan introduced the second. My ass relaxed and expanded. Ruslan, as promised, gently and slowly began to enter it in the penis. Holding the little cock in my ass, he began potrahivat it. Slowly at first, but quickly picked up speed. It was very painful, I moaned. Two huge hollowed member of my slits, Ahmed pulled my head to one side and stuffed my mouth with his cock.

I do not know how long it lasted. From the excitement and pain, I lost track of time. After I put on all fours and had my ass on the line. Slap me on the chest and buttocks, they affectionately called me a whore, bitch, creature and other words. Which it was not offensive to me. After all, it was true. I became a whore for the three Caucasians, and was happy. After they in turn merged sperm in my mouth, I swallowed with gusto.
- Bitch like semen? - Ahmed said.
- It is like - I said.

I went into the shower, and then I was offered to stay the night. Of course I agreed. This is how my prejudices vanished and now I love the Caucasus. After all, its inhabitants brought so much pleasure. While the priest was sick for a long time.