Getting through the Internet

Andre: OK, I agree, unless of course you're not kidding ;-)
Ann: That's agreed ...
Andre: give the address
Ann: Capture ... (***)
Andre: we will not leave, I'm flying)))
"Sometimes dating chat is really helpful "- Gathering, I thought.
... and here I am already in place. Standard courtyard, around the panel high-rise buildings. "Crazy act! "- Flashed through my head. But back up too late! "Or maybe it will be interesting ... to leave, I always have time, "-soprotivlyalsya the brain, causing the fingers to dial a number on the door of apartment.
-Hey, right now I open! - There was a little hoarse voice dynamics.
"Probably a lot of smoke in their 20s? "- The brain processes the incoming information.
As always, the elevator walls were spray-painted abstractions of young artists and stamped sugar phones and the Internet ...
The iron door was ajar, clearly inviting to come ...
-It is automatic, just clap it - the voice came from behind another piece of iron, upholstered kozhzamom.
-Long was getting, I thought I do not come at all. Come on ...
I saw her face, peering from behind the door, and again the voice pleasantly schekotnul hearing!
-I even fell asleep a little bit ...
Wet wave has not lost its properties and curl of the spring to the beat of her laughing lips. In the corners of the eyes lurk small wrinkles. Face a little round, quarrelsome nose ... an ordinary girl, of course I do not TOPmodel, but not ugly. Such as it is, the crowds can be met in the morning in the subway.
-Hi, do you mean that's what?
-Well, what you break. You that have to beg? Come in, and that a draft blowing on his feet!
... The door clicked behind him. And female gaze began to investigate me as an X-ray. Usually so guys scan the exterior of the young ladies.
-Now you are my ... I'll steal !!! - She said suddenly.
-I mean stolen?
-I stole all, stupid ... and I will do what I want! - She laughed loudly.
-So, I do not understand, explain ...
-Well, I'm so, just in case, and if you start bad behavior, call the police and say that in the house of the thief, you're not a local.
-This is blackmail, my friend !!!
-Yes, I'm so ... and then suddenly your nose will begin to roll.
-And if you will behave badly, then I will punish you, - she winked.
-Granted, I'm a good boy - a parody of her voice, I played up to her.
-Keys to the house I gave her friend without the door is not open, take off your clothes!
-In the sense of?
-You're funny, take off your shoes and jacket ...
She stood in the hallway, leaning his hands on the wall behind her back. From this her gown of silk taut, creating the effect of a second skin ... and a little parted to the side, exposing the top of her breasts. At the same time, her nipples were visibly protrude through the fabric.
-Where you look, your eyes will not break?
-Yes, I'm so appreciate.
-So how is it?
-Delicious! - I lied a little.
-And so?
She turned, so I appreciated her loins ... Not very tall, beautiful hair, a short bathrobe to elastic ass. "A little stout thighs, plus there are small nodules at the waist, buttocks a little more medium-sized ... I do not Apollo-Bilvidersky to the same disadvantages are at all. It's nice to spend an evening in the society of women, especially me with her down the aisle not go ... "- I thought the jacket hanging on a hanger.
*** (I think our conversation over a glass of tea, there is no need to tell) ***
She expertly undid the belt and pulled it completely out of the jeans, which are easily Umali down, exposing my boxers with a rather protruding mound.
-Wow ... do you want me? - Whisper touched my ear, and his hand dropped down.
-Yes ... - I said, untying the belt on her robe.
-Then take off the unnecessary things - with these words robe slid down.
Slipper gladly followed to jeans, and then ... she jerked me down by the hair. I found myself on my knees in front of her crotch. Small, neatly shaved pubis triangle touched my forehead. The nose has got a sharp and slightly pungent smell of a woman, so alluring and exciting ... My cock is already swollen and nervously twitching ...
-Come on - a tough voice, she said, and with a force pulled her hair.
Startled, I leaned forward, but jeans are entangled in the foot area, and I involuntarily fell on his shoulder.
-You resist !? I warned you ... about the punishment.
-Yes, I accidentally ...
-Do not snap, kneel and push the hands your ass - she commanded again.
-This is a game?
Suddenly, a sharp blow to the belt burned my anus, I completely forgot that she held in her hand strap. There is a new oschuschenie- pain from the blow mingled with wild excitement and the body reacted - I broke moan ...
-What do you like, earn more ... and more ... and more ...
The tip of the belt ringing slaps, stuck into the ring suffering ... She beat strong short strikes. The anus was shrinking, and I stretched his hand to the next shot hit right on target. My head was squeezed between her legs. Last shot hit right on the testicles, by this member instantly opal ...
-I do not want it quickly ended - she commented.
Made from a noose belt, she deftly threw her on the neck and tightened.
-You see, as I said, you're mine. Follow me...
As an animal on four legs, I dragged her down the hall to the bedroom, where she immediately lay down on the bed, legs spread apart and sorting belt, pulled my head to his crotch. In the nose the smell hit her again. Neat labia slightly swollen and parted, revealing the folds of pudendal lips and the entrance to the cave.
-When we met yesterday, I already knew that you would be mine ... So I do not wash away with the night before, I like it when I'm dirty, and I lick !!! Do it well, otherwise ...
She grabbed my head with his hands and brought to his bowl, so I drank her juice. "Again, begin oddities "I thought, slowly licking at her tender flesh. She intermittently breathed. My tongue felt her little velvet folds on the lips and slippery secretions from the crotch. Her bosom was moving towards me and moving forward, I touched her clit tongue and nose sinking into the soft vegetation on the pubic hair.
-Yes ... uhh, how do I do it ... well ... yeah-ah, - she whispered.
Then, lowering his hand down, squeezed between two fingers clit and pulled him a little. I increased the pressure on her tongue erogenous zone. She ceased to control myself, and her movements became like a snake dance ... on the back she moved to the bed and put her back into it, her fingers frantically fingered the unfortunate clitoris. "Now you got to ... ", Even more glaring in her shame, I was jubilant ... Her body began to publish a wheeze and strange sounds, while the crotch answered squish.
-Ahh ... right now I finish th ... ... Mom ... how Horo ...
She pressed her head kicks, the more I have not heard anything, but felt a small tremor on her hips ... she arched her back and froze. In its body there is a process inherent nature, and she must have been far from here ...
Gradually the grip of her legs is gone, they slowly dispersed in hand ... the sash of her cave were opened, revealing the entrance to the most beautiful creation of nature ... slowly rolled translucent drop, leaving a wet trail ... and then it caught up with the second. She ran to her chocolate ring, from this it contracted and relaxed ... again withheld, I touched her finger to a button! I spent at the crease around kolechka- it sank again ... I'm a little pressed on the center-forward and it relaxed.
-As well ...... so much I still did not finish !!!
-Lie down on your back ...
She raised herself on her elbows, her hair haphazardly covered her face. Her eyes seemed to me insane, or rather drunk from the experience ... They were the eyes of the female, horny female human female is ready to devour ...
-Lie down - she whispered.
Her hair gently touched the stomach muscles tensed in the abdomen ... tickling her tongue penetrated the navel and slid up, stopping about breasts. I felt a hot body, a subtle touch of her breath and wet lips. I was ready to explode from the stress !!!
She bent, taking a pose rider, slightly move the pelvis, trying on the saddle, and sat up a little bit. Her hand slid down, clutching the purple palm member, it's a bit pulled the foreskin, exposing the head, glistening from the selected lubricant ... She spent a sweltering member from the anus to the place where converge the labia and forth a few times ... and then .. . start quietly press on a member of his body, but something prevented, not giving in. I swallowed "She wants in the ass !!! ". I was holding the last effort ... a moment ... and my head sank into her. Her sphincter rhythmically pulsing, flowing inside me ... now she began to move up and immediately fell down, and so hard that once planted the entire length ... and froze, getting used to the new dimensions.
My cock throbbed, ready to pour out, and her muscles responded to me, a little squeezing member. She began to slowly move her hips, her hair touched my face, at this time I focused on feelings. The rate grew from crowding her hole, I began to strain, friction gave its effect felt, she grabbed my body. It all started from the feet, gradually rising above the sweetness of laying the whole body, but the tension still remains, abdominal muscles tighten, tighten, and groin muscles. , But the seed channel the sperm was already running up, ready to shoot a little more muscle ... kept this avalanche ... before the eyes of all swam again ... I saw her eyes, with irises tightened film eyelids were half covered with a dam ... erupted with force and the sperm flew ... I'm coming ... she kept me and only move her hips. Another jet took off, she dug her nails into my shoulder. The next digit ... and through prikushennuyu pillow heard a long groan. She had not moved, but it beat shiver ... I felt inside cut her muscles she milked me. Doyle his ass !!! I continued shocks discharged into it can not stop. It was wonderful ... She was lying on top, ragged breathing, my process of gradually fall down and decrease in size, gently pushed him from the cozy nest, until it is not dropped, the gate flap closed behind him.
I have 4 years married, but this orgasm I had never been. My wife sometimes denied legs after a stormy orgasm, and I laughed at her ... Now I myself was in the same situation, I could only think, absolutely no body heard me- body was exhausted.
She turned her head and looked up, then sat up in his arms and threw her leg over me. Another movement, and she knelt down, opened a wonderful picture of her genitals, I could only watch and I looked, and she looked at me between his legs, his head bowed slightly ... A little after waiting she leaned back towards my face. .. her ass began to approach. Rare hairs around her anus stuck rings and stuck to the skin, they hung over my face. Sam anus had a reddish tint, and stretched skin without wrinkles closed up in the middle, going inside. Then the center of a bit leaned forward, revealing a bud ... and appeared thick white drop (a drop of my sperm!), Stretched touched his upper lip ... she has grown into the second drop, already larger, which touched the lips, the glass on the cheek. .. I could only watch !!!
-Lick me ... - she whispered, and squeezed my testicles palm, further bringing your ass. "It is better to lick, and then calculate the forces and all the ... ", Referring to the language of her backside, I resigned. By language flowed hot liquid. "She feeds me ... from the trough ... but also my seed! "- Brain realized what was happening, and a new wave of excitement passed through the body! At this time she began to carefully lick my trunk ... Language plunged into her anus, sometimes open and close, allowing a new batch "stern"... The sphincter was so supple and soft, the language went pretty deep inside. The tip of the tongue could feel the flesh of the inner walls of her anus. Sometimes I make a circular movement within the language, referring to the wrong side of its rings. I licked her point !!! and I was beginning to like !!! Meanwhile, it has already swallowed my balls and rolled them in my mouth ... My sperm mixed with her vaginal discharge, flowed on the chin and below the neck. Once again, plunging the tongue into the anus, I went into her slit ... ... and ran into a barrier, pushed harder ... and there she was a virgin !!!
"Virgin ... t. E. Still a girl, and at the same time experienced slag ... I wonder who she will give the most precious thing ... "- My thoughts are interrupted by a phone ringtone. Her charms began to move away from my face ...
-Yes, raise, we have completed ...
-It's okay, I was quickly reassured.
-Yes, now he was lying prostrate on the couch, for he is, and yet how is !!! - She finished talking on the phone.
-Do not be afraid, my friend called it her the keys to the apartment ... - slyly she smiled.
"Do not be afraid ... what this could mean? "- Flashed in my head ...
... but that is another story ;-)
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