First sex

In fact, I'm bisexual. Though in my life to have sex with women in the number had more than men, but men I had still more than women. It so happened that the first sex I had with a man (with a female sex I've had in 16 years and it was all rather banal). The first sex I had when I did not even know how to masturbate. To be precise, I was just a few weeks before she learned that I can finish. I accidentally ran out of wallowing in the image on the couch. I, apparently, much rubbed on the couch and felt a sense of the unknown before. When I came to myself I realized that finished and panties at me very wet. But now the first sex ...
- Wow, so here we have is a girl! It is a pity, of course, that the tights and stockings are not, well, nothing. Do you like to be a girl?
- Do you want to learn that adults are able to girls?
- Umnichka girl. Drochat like that, - he said, and took my hand, placed it on his penis and began slowly nadrachivat him my hand.
- Do you ever kissed?

He touched his hand to my cheek and leaned over to kiss me on the lips. His lips touched mine, I almost fainted with excitement. He gently kissed me, then I felt his tongue penetrated my mouth and started to look for me there. He let go of my hand, and I, too, had continued to hand caressing his penis. He started stroking my dick through pantyhose. He pulled away from my lips, ran his thumb over my wet lips.
- Yes, - I replied.
- Highly! - So kiss him.
- Lick it, and then take it to the mouth, - he said.
- Now let us try what you're in bed.
- Importantly do not strain yourself and you will be pleased. Do you trust me?

He turned me against the wall, and said, "Put Your hands against the wall." I put her hands on the wall, he took my hands on the hips and pulled to her. I felt his head rested on my hole. "Score the air in the stomach, my dear," he whispered in my ear. I listened and felt in my hole began to enter his penis. He slowly began to sink into me. Surprisingly, I have not felt the pain, but then did not know what should be hurt. He began to move, and it was delicious. He took my penis in his hand and began to caress. Suddenly he groaned, and I felt like a liquid fills me and at that moment I came in his hand. We finished almost simultaneously. He pulled out a member of my ass, and I felt like my legs flowed liquid. He gathered in the arm rest of my semen and handed to my face. I started to drink and lick his sperm from his palm. Then he gave me lick his dick. I licked all the sperm from it. Second hand he collected his sperm with my feet, then spread my buttocks, and out of my hole cum flowed into his palm. He held out his hand to me, and this lick. I licked all the sperm.

Then we got dressed and went to the elevator. When the doors opened, he entered the cabin, I tried to get him, but he stopped me. He kissed and said: "Thank you, Baby, bye." The elevator door closed, and I had never seen before. I went home on the stairs.

Later, I sometimes come to this place and remembered how it was. I really wanted to repeat, but did not know where to find the man who did not yet exist sites. At age 19, I caught sight of the newspaper in which the ad was dating men with men. Then I wrote a letter and met the second man in her life, but that's another story.