Seduction of the innocent spouse

We happily married for more than twelve years old and live in one of the warm American states.
My wife, let's call it N, a very interesting and fun, our sex life is in almost daily long tumbling on the bed, it seems to me, is our only advantage.
It was not always the case.
A few years ago, we met at a dog show with a married couple and, united by a common love for their four-legged pets, maintained relations at the level of telephone conversations and the rare meetings. A couple of times they invited us to the party, which took an unusually dull and decorous, for the audience gathered at the respective interests, again, canine, as we know, all good in moderation, during a mass communication want to talk not only about the animals ..
Once, during one of these postoyalok (similar gatherings) we met an interesting couple. They came to us as soon as the owner of the house introduced us to each other. Paul, a tall, slender, very dark, like a mulatto, Italian attracted me immediately his extraordinarily erotic, unusual for such a party dress. It opened almost everything that is usually hidden. When her long, thin fingers were in my hand, I felt an extraordinary excitement, she looked me straight in the eyes and clenched his fingers lightly held by them on my own. Handshake Mike, was the name of her husband, was short and strong. Mike was a short, powerfully built, completely bald, a little like the actor to Sukhorukov, American.
Soon we were sitting in a cozy alcove four, leaving the company in the house. Mike previously served in the US Navy and knew a few Russian words, the stock of which there also proudly showed me. Then the conversation turned to the dogs, and then Mike went back into the house to fill your glass. Suddenly I felt a touch on his leg at the same time gaze floors. I immediately rushed to the fire, sat next to the spouse and the fear of her reaction was stronger. Our relations were in a state of routine, normal for a little tired, but the love of the spouses. And our devoid of special romance, sex life 2-3 times a week, I did not promise us any surprises. My wife is by nature "konchashka", Every second my motion it causes a rapid orgasm, accompanied by sirens moan. Therefore, no new heights in his bed, we were not looking for satisfaction achieved easily.
When she podustavala then ispolzavat only two of us see the point of my body, touching her hand which instantly caused my eruption.
Throughout our married life, I never thought about other women, but survived rather rough adventures of youth.
And then a young, beautiful woman doing me favors directly in the presence of my wife ........... leg removed Paul, seeing my confusion, and I went there also for a new drink for himself and his wife. When I returned I found that Mike was already sitting at the table, talking on a cell phone, and my wife is a lively conversation with Paula. They talked about the delicate relationship between the two Hollywood actresses, and I was not interested. I began to frantically search for the reason of such floors attention to his person. Regarding his personality, I do not cheat, being common, at the age of Christ, slightly zatyukali immigrant life, in the words of my mother in law, a little worse than the hell I'm not in any way be Xfr interesting field. What then? The answer was not found, and soon I was involved in the prandial chatter.
Suddenly struck me unusually flushed face suprugi.Sleduya his whim, I looked down at the table and saw a hand floors lying on the knee of my wife. Mike, seeing my confusion, invited me to go with him for the next portion of potions. Filling capacity he started talking about what Paul shows increased interest in women that it relates to this positively, respecting the wishes of his wife. But I still felt the touch of floors to myself that this is all meant? Mike Listening with half an ear, I tossed in a loss. Suddenly we saw suitable to us nashihsuprug turns out it started to rain and they had to go back into the house.
The guests began to disperse, Mike and I began to exchange phone numbers, and suddenly Paul proposes to continue the party at their home, just two blocks away. Refuse was uncomfortable, I saw that my wife all that interesting. I, too, remained fascinated by Paula, and off we went, following the car of Mike.
They were extremely cozy and comfortable, Mike explained that Paul Is a professional designer and the house is fully built and furnished for her personal taste. From the living room sliding glass doors lead to the indoor garden, which has a small cozy, oval shape, a swimming pool and, quite small for four people, jacuzzi. Mike began to plead with a drink, Paul pulled out several small fotoalbomchikov, all the pictures were devoted to demonstrations of various belya.Zatem we sat in front of the TV, and we saw at Half screen with another woman. Clearly, they had sex. Squinting at his wife, I saw that she was looking zataya breath. Suddenly I felt a hand on his elbow floors, it is easy to gently stroked me, seemed carried away by chtotproiskhodit on the screen. With the other hand she touched the wrist of my wife, and gently stroking her. Mike, relax, drink your drink, it seems that it is not happening kasaetsya.Potom appeared on the screen, and Mike joined the ladies, he began to caress both while they are engaged in each other.
At that moment I realized that we have been the object of sexual interest in another couple, we had to hear about swingers, spouses who exchange partners.
Of course, neither I nor my wife ready for it were not, even though I felt that she was interested in everything proiskhodyaschee.No surprised that not a single sign of attention was not on the part of Mike's for my wife. Or am I just not noticed? The screen went dark, Paul suggested that we take a dip. The problem of lack of bathing suits me personally did not care, I was waiting for the reaction N. She agreed to my surprise, and we undressed quickly jumped into the bubbling jacuzzi. Paul and Mike were both very harmoniously folded, looking at her breasts, I felt I was going uma.Mayk, despite the low growth turned out to be the owner of a very large penis, which, however, visel.Ya seen that H aroused on what I saw. They stepped into tab.Pola I was right, H-left, in front of Mike. Paul clung to my wife and H remained completely indifferent, pressing my ruku.Pola pulled away, we sat in silence. Suddenly I felt that once the two arms fighting for my rising up instantly, member. Paul took it in his hand, N did not give.
Situvtsiya became comical. Paul pulled away again, this time from me .. Saving the environment, I began to caress his wife, passionately thinking about the one that was sitting on my right, and wanting her wildly.
H answered me, she did immediately start, responding to a caress. I vaguely slvyshal that the owners of the house occupied by the same. Trying to keep the situation under control, I suddenly saw that my hand is extended under supugi boiling water in the direction of sitting across from Mike. Not to say that I liked it. At this point, Paul completely captured my attention, started kissing my face and gently caressing my hands clung to me. I gave up, switched to her. Mike moved to the H and I saw that they tseluyutsya.My Paula octervenelo caressed each other and my hand was between her legs. Completely devoid of vegetation Pussy floors made me, a sense of novelty ... took possession of me, I have for many years I did not touch to any woman other than his wife. I lost my head. Paul suggested that we go to the bedroom, reached by the same sliding door, we came out of the water, H pleadingly looked at me and whispered in Russian, he wants only to me. It was a complete collapse of my plans, I was all Paula. Paul and Mike, of course, feel that there is delicately left us, having gone into the bedroom.
We dressed quickly said goodbye, kissed and left. It was too new for H, I realized that she had acted reasonably, not allowing events to develop in spite of ourselves.
Once home, we rushed to the bed and frantically loved each other all night.
Later H admitted that like wild sex with Mike, but was not ready to see me with another woman.
We both knew that what happened to us the event will forever change our lives, we felt that we were much closer to each other and hope. And once again we began to understand each other.
So we came to the swing.
The next day Mike called and left a message with gratitude for our visit and offer to phone and meet again.
But with them, we have not had a chance to have sex, despite the fact that we have met several times at parties.
But we got a lot of other familiar pairs, but this, like some other time.