I forgot the keys

I am an ordinary schoolgirl, of medium height, quite pretty with green eyes and long brown hair. However, I am obsessed with sex, but, until recently, remained theoretically a virgin. Theoretically, it is because I have not slept with anyone, but I broke back in the 10 years since its virginal pleura, when only began to masturbate - I thrust her various subjects, in general, fully disengage. I have a strange disposition, for example, I was very excited when boys kiss and certainly when having sex. Homosexual porn did not find, even on the Internet it is small, but if in a normal film has at least one kiss between boys I'm terribly excited. The porn consistently show lesbians and homosexuals will never, it's not fair !!! But I digress, it's time to start my story, this is what happened to me at the end of September.
In our class there is a guy, Yegor, we had not really get along, since he has a terrible character, he is a hypocrite, etc. But I always suspected he was a fag, I have to do a bunch of evidence, now I will not give anything. For example, he deals more with the guys can not stand girls, calls them all whores (on this basis we have quarreled with him), and in general when I look at him for some reason I just think that he's gay. Last year, I managed to convince a few people in it, but mostly spoke with him as before. In the class we have each other, or did not notice, or at each opportunity exchanged barbs. Most of all, I called him a fag, and he gave me a whore - we have with him it was normal communication. At the same time we have in the classroom there is a very sweet boy, Vanya, it was beautiful, very funny and kind. He lives near the school, and sometimes we have it hang out. Especially we had no friends, only at school, but I always liked it. By the way, he often played with Egor football and is also believed that he was a fag.
One day after school, we went as usual to Van, a little drunk, and slowly began to disperse, I had another course, so I went too. Even before reaching the subway, I found that I had forgotten the keys and Vanya student, I thought it would be too late after the course, and his parents have to go back, so I had to go back. I wanted to call the intercom, but from the front left some aunt and I went quietly. Approaching the apartment, I was worried, because I Vanya has never remained not alone, so I pulled the door in the hope that there still remained some of our (when we had not locked the door because usually a lot of people or smoke on the stairs, or come and go - the door lock just once). To my relief, the door gave way, and I came in for some reason it was closed. Full play the music, but the vote I did not hear it alarmed me, and I went to look for the people. In the kitchen I found my things and put them in a bag, I could go, but I was curious where all? I went to Vanya's room, the door was ajar, and what I saw there made me freeze in his tracks. In the middle of the room, next to the bed stood Yegor and Vanya and kissing !!! At this very moment Egor took off his shirt Vani. Despite his character, Egor was still a nice guy and a fairly high above Vani. So you can imagine what a beautiful spectacle of opened my eyes. Of course, I could go, but it was stronger than me, and, taking advantage of the fact that they did not notice me, I decided to see what would happen next. Meanwhile, they both were naked to the waist, and Yegor embraced Vanya, stroking his back and kissed his nipples. Gradually, he began to descend lower and that's got to navel played a little with him and started to unbutton his pants. I gently lowered her bag on the floor, away from her, dropped to her knees and scooted closer to see better. With one hand, Egor got into his pants, the other member of the poddrachival Wani, then he gently licked him, and took in his mouth and began to suck with delight. Vanya was at this time with his eyes closed and moaning with pleasure. I watched my dear Vanya catches the buzz from the hands and tongue of this monster, and could not tear myself away from this picture. My hand lifted my short skirt and climbed into her panties, it was not that wet, it was very wet. I began to pull at the clitoris, which already had a solid excitement, simultaneously thrusting his fingers in my pussy.
And the guys were already lying on the bed completely naked and covered each other's body with kisses. I could not really see their members, but they were small, but I, after watching porn, of course, represented more guns. I was beginning to stroke and squeeze her breasts, I was very hot, so I took off my sweater that I had instead of a jacket, and remained in a blouse, which I naturally undid half. At that moment I was at all do not care, I just wanted to watch without stopping. Plenty nalaskavshis Yegor put cancer Vanya and began to gently stroke his ass (by the way, he's so cool ass!), Then he came to the ring anus and introduced there first one finger, then rubbed (right there on the table was a jar of petroleum jelly), introduced two finger. Ivan rolled his eyes in pleasure when Yegor began to insert his hard cock in his hole. For a while he stopped, and then began to move with strength in it. It was so beautiful, the two young men to indulge in forbidden pleasure, I especially liked it when his balls were fighting on the back Vani, this was something vulgar and extremely exciting. Movement Yegor accelerates as my hand in panties. is not nothing there for me except these sensations that sweet wave spilled over my body. I had not even noticed that the music had long ceased, and nothing prevents this sweet couple at any time to find me. I just focused on her pussy, and could no longer hold back a groan, which inadvertently flew from my lips, simultaneously with the onset of orgasm. I threw back her head and pushes her hips, literally nasazhivayas on his hand, I felt at that moment, the door opened and in front of me stands naked with Egor flushed standing member. I immediately jumped up, pulled down her skirt and was about to flee, but was not in time, and his strong hands dragged me into a room.
- Look who I caught! - Yegor said, referring to Van. - What, bitch, peep? You that my mother did not teach that it is wrong - he continued.
I could not answer anything in my mouth all dry and I was terribly scared, and suffered from the recent orgasm, everything was happening as if in a dream.
- What are we to do with you? - Egor uttered it with some nasty grin, obviously pleased that I was scared.
All this time he held me in his arms from the back so that it rested standing member in my ass. Then he began to move his hands over my body, and I seemed to awake.
- Let me go, please, I accidentally, I had forgotten the keys returned, the door was open, I did not want - confused I started to say, then add at the end. - I will not tell anyone.
- What you will not tell anyone? You think I believe you? You already who can only say that I am a fag! What a slut, she paused, and say there is nothing! - With these words he climbed my hand into her panties, I tried to pull away, but he held me.
- Oh, how we've got wet, you're a born bitch. And you did, even very much, - he said, while trying to Climb under my blouse. - What do you think, Wan?
With these words, he threw me on the bed, where it all while lying Vanya. At that moment I thought that still will cost, and looked imploringly at Vanya. He, too, looked at me, I've never seen that he looked at me. Amazingly, in this view it was so much passion, lust, desire, love, but I do ... then it seemed that he was sorry for me. I did not notice that my eyes have long been tears. He gently pulled me to him, I thought he would protect me, do not give me at the mercy of Yegor, allow me to leave, so I did not resist. I clung to him like a small child began to cry, and began to stammer:
- Can I go? I will not tell anyone, I promise. You do believe me?
- Of course I believe. Relax, everything will be fine. We will not hurt, I promise you will be very pleased.
He gently took my head in his hands and kissed me. At the same time he began to take off my blouse, head belatedly alarm occurred, I tried to pull away, but he held me. There is still behind Yegor approached and began pulling off my skirt and panties. It was too much, I started to kick, but he grabbed my legs, but still strong addition slapped on the ass. I tried to scream, but Vanya squeezed my mouth. Then I felt between my legs something nice, it's Egor licking my pussy juices expiring. I myself did not realize, but what is happening began to like me, as clearly said my crotch. I lay back on the Van and he did not hesitate, kneading my breasts and kissing her neck and shoulders. Yegor began to nibble my clit and pull lips sex, I bent, groaned and was ready for anything. Yegor looked up from my pussy, but at the same time there fingers slid Vani.
- Well, like a whore, please?
Yegor turned me on my stomach and dramatically put his dick in my vagina. I wanted to scream, but then my lips pressed her something warm, open my eyes, I saw that it was a member of Vanin. I'm not eager to suck it up, but he pushed me on the cheek and sharply lowered my head, so that it has become an instrument in my mouth tender. I started to do what I saw in porn films and that what I had read, of course, I did not practice, but it looks like I have pretty well, and besides, even Yegor add my ardor, after some time, Vanya He began to breathe heavily, groaned and let my mouth portion of the hot, viscous semen. I wanted to push his dick of myself, but he shouted:
- Swallow, you bitch! - And I pressed down.
Again I wanted to cry, but then with a loud cry to me Yegor finished and I huddled in orgasm and all swallowed. But this is still not the end of anything, Yegor pulled out of my pussy his dick, turned me around and put me in an already razebany mouth.
- Suck, rubbish! Ah, well, you're a born nipple! This damn you sin not to fuck. Ohhhhh!
His cock was all in my secretions with an admixture of semen, the new scent, it was a bitter-sour and terribly excited me, and I began to flow again. Yegor went on to say nasty things and I liked it too. Then he became rude stick my mouth on his penis, so that the head of his dick rested against my throat, causing a gag reflex. He suddenly stopped, pulled his erect dick and came up behind me. At this time, Ivan masturbate, looking at us, and now came up and said that I was not relaxed, forced to suck his dick.
- Now we'll make you into a real whore! - Yegorov said, sticking my fingers in the ass.
- What I like girls, they have a lot of holes, insert what you want to, as it were reusable.
He pinched my pain in the ass, grabbed his hair and pulled him sharply.
- Well, that is a whore, do you want, what would I have you fucked in your gorgeous ass. Say, well!
It is even more pulled by the hair.
- Yes, I damn, I beg you fuck me in the ass like the last bitch.
- And thou mourn howl with delight, and, lustful creature!
- Yes, I would groan and ask for more. I catch a buzz from a dirty animal sex.
- So it is better, rubbish.
He rubbed my hole and abruptly drove his cock. Member easily entered almost affected my daily workout with bananas and so on. really I like experimenting with my ass.
- Oh, we've got all rastrahano, well you give, slut.
All this time Vanya looked at us and smiled, stroking his penis. Then he came up and began to fuck me in the pussy. I trembled with delight, I was sandwiched between two guys and I felt every bit of my body in contact with a hot body Man, I did not feel any more that belong to myself, I fully belonged to them and was glad. If someone in that moment would have prevented me from receiving pleasure, I would not hesitate to kill him. Yegor finished quickly, it stirred up the insults addressed to me, and apparently went out somewhere, I can not say, because at that moment I caught up with one of the strongest orgasms. My body throbbed in the sweet languor, Vanya came out of me and I fell exhausted on the bed, not even able to lower the ass, only parted knees. I was breathing heavily, recovering after an orgasm, and Vanya already hard fucked me in the ass from which slowly trickled down my legs sperm of his friend. After receiving a new dose of sperm, I do no longer represent what's going on between my legs, so there was wet and sticky. Taking pity on me, Vanya began to lick my ass and crotch, with the words:
- Never before did not drink from the cup of the divine!
He climbed into his fingers, collecting sperm clots. I did not care, I do no longer think, Yegor returned here, I heard through the veil of his voice:
- Look what I brought!
I howled in pain as my ass began to penetrate an object, I turned around and realized it was an empty glass bottle of beer remaining after today tusy. I was terribly hurt, even though he smeared it with Vaseline. I am saying what I am good bitch and what my beautiful ass, Yegor still managed to insert a bottle in my ass razebany. Then he began to fuck me in the pussy, then I sucked again, though this time on I was a little confused. I was relieved when I was taken out of the bottle, but it turned out it was not all. They thrust their cocks together in my huge hole and fucked until finished. With each beat their eggs plopped on my crotch and my boobs were shaking to the beat of their shock. Perhaps there was another orgasm, then I just remember someone covered my body with kisses, then I finally collapsed on the bed and passed out ...
To be continued.
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