I always wanted to make love to a woman. I draw smooth curves of the body, pleasing roundness, tenderness of the skin. I'm always with the secret interest examined the ladies around me, I am interested in what underwear they are wearing today, the last time they had sex, they looked at the same. I especially like to pry into all sorts of locker rooms, saunas, swimming pools. It is interesting to watch how inaccessible beauty turns into a naked defenseless girl, or vice versa little gray mouse, is sweltering under a special clothing. At the same time they do not pose as would have done to a man, they remain themselves and do not think that watching them. Such diversity panties, tights, socks, T-shirts, bras, you will not see anywhere else. What a spectacle when the nymphs expose their bodies. Here they are asses, bellies, legs, breasts in all colors, sizes and ages. All sorts of twists caress the eye. The foam envelops the body and seductively opens the nipple, the Gorny shoulder, round the knee. At the right of the nice wide hips of women giving birth, from her and smells of peace and tranquility, I want to cuddle up to her large breasts with nipples purple. There's a very young fledgling baby, with a thin back, little ass and still very elastic skin. That girl in the juice, which is already aware of their beauty, fragrance hovers around her some marvelous plants of all kinds of bottles, of which she washes herself. And couples club, and flushed female body around, and I quietly tracking for each of them:
Which one would you like? I do not know, I would be hard to choose. I often imagine how this could happen. For example, imagine yourself in nature in a tent next to someone random girlfriend, but us in the tent one. Early morning four hours. The air is still too fresh and cold and we lie under a blanket. Me and her chilly and we involuntarily presses, to each other, she sleeps warmed my heat and I was starting to tear it intimacy. Breathe its scent becomes unbearable torture, and I casually put his hand on her thigh and gently stroked. Then I go up to the buttocks and lower back, crawled under a T-shirt. Spit it or not sleep? I want to touch the breasts, but suddenly she was frightened and uporhn¸t of my legs. I feel that my child is strained, it is nice and unusual, and it is quite undecided. Soothingly stroked her head gently and almost a kiss kiss on the ear, sliding his lips to her neck, do not be afraid, do not be afraid, my little, I do not make you feel bad. For her muscles relax, and she trusted my hands. Finally I get to the coveted chest and deliberately torturing her, gently drive a finger on the skin without touching the nipples. She begins to purr softly, and I through the tissue to reach for her red suns and biting them in turn. She already understands nothing and moaning very loudly. I put your pen into her panties and finger finish their affection. She sighs softly and last shudders in my hands. As my body spreads a pleasant warmth. I'm fed up, I cat, which is full of strange moans and happy and me too well ...