The day when she invited everyone to a birthday. Eight girls and six boys. We are not children from poor families, and our school is no ordinary high school, but something close to the schools, which in England are considered elite. Our parents could afford to teach their children the way it should, without sending abroad. Olga was the name "newborn" , Celebrated the fifteenth anniversary. In the old - the age of majority, when she became a woman of marriageable age. And I must say that it is Olga formed for this purpose.
As is often the case, the name is quite consistent and figure, and character. Funny, is not thin, with brown, curly hair, growth of just above me, she stood out from all the girls class of their emancipation and freedom, but about all of us it was impossible to say that we skromnyagi. And here, a minibus enters into the possession of her family. Small passage among the pines on a narrow asphalt road, slightly meandering among them, and we are on the lawn in front of luxury mansions as if copied from here handout construction company.
End of May was warm, the day was incredibly enjoyable, and the table is set under a canopy near the pool. It was fun, funny and all the frolicking, to the fullest. It was especially nice that the pool turned out to be warmed, and we freely splashing in clear blue water.
You've probably already realized that I was secretly in love with this scamp. As far as I was quiet and a little closed on itself, as it was open and the contact. That is what is missing to me. Olga often made fun of me, and sometimes her jokes were on the verge of a foul, but I still forgive, never angry, and was very happy when I touched her hand. He himself had never dared to touch even her jacket, except that brought a her, to the host of the machine, a bag with books. Basically we were straight friendships, and I never gave reason to suspect myself in secret worship.
But at home I had a big album of her pictures. She had never seen them, because it was shot from a distance and so that did not notice that rented. My unit with a tenfold zumm allows large portraits from a distance. And I tried, removed, putting in every shot that was hiding from everyone. If one day she will see the album, he will understand everything at once. And I was afraid of this, and did not want to. Secretly adored, he wanted to touch his lips to the hem of the dress and hard to hide their feelings.
From a fun splashing in the pool, when I first saw her in a bathing suit, I'm speechless, and was unable to take his eyes off her. Oh, those eyes! Although wear a black armband, so that the heart remained calm. And it betrayed me, and she saw it. When we brought myself up, wiped towel, pulled on a shirt and pants, Olga, in the dress came up to me and asked if I wanted to see gifts from parents and friends.
- You're such has never seen.
We entered the house, on a small elevator up to the third floor, and she led me to her room. Needless to say, what was going on inside of me? I'm all, like a taut string, sank all, I do not see anything but the feet in front of him. Feet, which is ready to fall off, easy skirt, summer dress, blew them. How do I want to kneel down and kiss it all!
Large bright corner room with two windows in different directions. In neatly tucked bed, on the desk, on the floor, lie everywhere, and there are gifts. And she got it into her head to show me all of this? The spectacle more for girls, because most are clothes, cosmetics, and various large, including, amazingly beautiful dolls, flowers and room decorations. Among all this diversity girlish pleasures, a little bit away something stood high, covered by a light blanket. Olga pulled it, I saw a copy of a full-length, and was stunned by how much it was accurate. Even he was dressed in the same dress, which was on it now!
- Well, how? - She asked, standing next to his copy in the same position, hands on hips.
I just grunted in response, trying to tighten sagging jaw. And at this very moment the phone rang a mobile phone. She said she told me that she asks them to forgive, because its name for a moment to my mother. Came one of the new arrivals, it is necessary to think.
- You can wait here?
Again, I mumbled something unintelligible, and she flew out of the room. He stood and looked at the doll Olga and could not take his eyes. I walked around, gently touched his hand to her dress and touched her hair, and I wanted to pull over to the pain face to hem, kiss leg, handle this magical copies. Complete the illusion that she is. As is the case even realize their secret dreams? When will I be able to feel the reality that haunts me at night? And I knelt down, and approached close to her, took her hands the edge of the dress and drowned in his lips there. He dropped lower and kissed the shoes, feet, raised his head to kiss the dress again, but caught on the hem, and suddenly I was under him. Under a bright dress was very brief combination of soft silk, trimmed with delicate lace. I touched her lips and stood with delight.
Kissing silk, I realized that you can not look up, - it is forbidden: there is something that I will finish. But it was beyond me, and I looked up. It paralyzed me! I froze like a rabbit before a boa, and could not move. I heard the door open and entered Olga, but he could not help himself. I burned face, weak knees, I just could not get up. Olga came and stood silently beside him. I gradually came to himself, but he did not know what to do next.
- You're so like a doll that you do not react to me?
I lowered my head to the floor, afraid to pick it up, put his hands on the carpet, turned on his knees to Olga and fell at her shoe.
- Tell me what you're doing here.
Slightly stammering, in a low voice, I told the whole truth. All about how to actually treat it as worship. It was easy to do it, because I was standing in front of her on his knees, his nose buried in her legs. I did not care what she thinks that will happen to me next.
- You say you wanted to kiss the edge of my dress? I allow you to do this not with a doll. Just do not rush, kiss, first leg. Do you like them? You wanted it?
I did not wait for re-invitation, fearing to miss a moment, and began feverishly kissing girls feet, Olga's feet, legs, my classmates, my goddess legs.
- Oh well. Not so fast, nicer, gently?
I followed the advice, and she said:
- Wait, I sit in the chair.
Olga moved to the back of the room, leaving me kneeling next to the doll. Sela, crossed her legs. She looked at us: kneeling classmate and her doll, put it on his knees, crooked finger and smiled innocently. I slowly, without looking up, looking at the floor, on his knees went to meet his good fortune.
She casually took off her shoe and slightly raised, extended toward me bare foot. Standing on all fours, I covered her leg kissing, licking each finger, poking his tongue between them, swallowing saliva, closing his eyes with pleasure. Apparently I liked it, because she changed legs, substituting ... for kissing another. For five minutes I kissed, and she suddenly put them on my shoulders, clutching his ears tightly-tightly, pulling to yourself. I moved the chair back to back, caught between her knees. Olga was sitting, leaning back, eyes closed, hands gripping the armrests. Her feet were on my shoulders, my nose rested on her dress, just cover your white panties. Suddenly, her body arched, it is slightly raised and my face instantly turned back to back at the white silk panties, Olga grabbed her hair, pulling my face to his, and I felt the hot lips moist flesh girl. About my dreams! Whose birthday today? Who gets unusual gifts? I kissed, licked, just inhaled the magic smell of a young body, girls, today has become an adult woman. She responded to my caress subtle moan of joy.
(Possibly continued).