Card debt - a debt of honor

I once again went to one of the hundreds of online dating sites in order to find a girl. Although in the 23 years he knew it was a waste of time. And instead of that would be like normal guys shoot of girls in clubs, discos, concerts and other places where the available girls, I'm stuck in the Internet, wasting their time killing. Perhaps it was one of the reasons that he still remained a virgin. However, it was virtually unknown, due to the fact that I had no friends.

Here and now, just looking through profiles of girls, really, even without considering neither the text nor the wishes of nothing. One or two photos and the following questionnaire, and again a couple of photos. Since last about half an hour, but none of the girls I did not write. Just occasionally, and view profiles of boys on one side of envy, because the photo commented on dozens of girls, on the other - to laugh with descriptions and requests. Half an hour later successfully left the dating site and went about his business.

In the evening when returning home and going to the Internet, I had a surprise. One of the guys, Alex, on whose page he visited, wrote to me. And the message was simple, without any hint or something else, just a desire to communicate. So, word for word, and we became friends. A few days later we met up communication. The meeting was successful and strengthened our friendship.

A couple of days later I was with Alex, met again. Only this time, Alex was with her sister Julia, a girl of sixteen, who identify themselves as emo subculture. In this connection, it was not the owner of the black long hair, put it in, so popular, bang. As she had beautiful blue eyes and medium sized breasts.

The primary purpose for which Julia was taken, is to reduce it to me. However, relations with the girl I once went wrong. A couple of failed jokes about emo plus its not sweet nature. As a result, Julia often pinned and podstebyvala me. After the first meeting Julia miraculously got wind that I was still a virgin, most likely from my correspondence with her brother, where I happened to mention this fact. For which he paid. Now Julia has more jiving me. And my unfortunate remark that women should have long hair, were turned against me. And my hair long just below the shoulders, became another cause of mockery at me girl. As a result, I tried to avoid Julia. However, it was not much trouble, after a short dialogue with Alex on this topic.

In a few days, Alex invited me to visit, due to the fact that he was going to go abroad to study. I, at first, refused, but when he learned that Julia will not be accepted. The evening promises to be long, so we pre-purchased in the store different foods. Chat, Alex spoke about studying abroad, which was going to go, where to learn from one and other.

It came late in the evening, which spoiled the arrival of Julia with her friend, Christine, a girl of twenty, up to Julia's head, slender, with long hair, firm breasts, brown eyes and long legs. Both girls were drunk and more fun. Blockages to us, something began to talk, and then wanted a drink, but it was not that. It was therefore decided to play cards on the desire, the results of which - the loser goes for a drink. As evil coincidence, it turned out to be a loser I am.

Ten minutes later, after going to the store and returned with alcohol, which was immediately demolished. While alcohol is drunk, were conversations about nothing, during which girls once kept looking askance at me, smiling. A couple of times and saw a smile from Alex, who looked at me. I could not figure out what caused it, but written off alcohol. After talking back to the maps. First we played on the interest, and then to desire. After the game, the desire to, I was forced kissed Alex and Christine too.
As Christina kissed Julia. After Christina lost and showed us to the chest, which both boys caused delight and excitement. Then there were a couple of games where special interest desires were not, well, in the end, I lost again and the girls make come true to make up me.

I resisted, but card debt, a debt of honor, as they say. As a result, after five minutes, we returned to the game. At this time we played on the strip. Play Girl, but we do not lag behind. The first was Julia, then Alex, then I, and at the end of Christina in her underwear. In this connection, we have had an erection that is not hidden from the sight of girls. True it was obvious that Alex's bigger than my size is what has hinted Julia and the girls laughed, trying to guess my size. Then Christine said that there is nothing to drink, so she goes to sleep. Julia followed suit and left.

We stayed with Alex. I was about to wash away the makeup, but he said that till the morning I could not touch her. So I was left sitting in cosmetics. a couple of times then played another card. After Alex offered to desire. I agreed, and that was my next mistake. The first desire was simple: push-ups, jump on one leg, or drink a glass of vodka. Since I'm not a drinker, for me it was a test. After a second, his head began to spin, and even a little potashnivalo. Clarity of movements and thoughts disappeared.

For this reason I wanted to stop, but Alex continue the game. Once again lost, was the desire - to masturbate him. All my failures went into the void. He said he was bi, as I guessed, and it is a common occurrence for him. For me it was a shock, but he reminded gambling debt, a debt of honor. Since he often engaged in masturbation, it is not easily reached, though it was a bit unpleasant. When Alex came, a few drops fell on me. Because of what has fallen down to the bathroom and washed his hands.

Yet nothing drank vodka, because as he walked to the bathroom and back a couple of times I almost fell. His head was spinning, and the state was not the best. Once returned, I played a couple of times, but just go to sleep and gathered, but Alex has offered for the last time on the desire. I agreed, although I do not know why. It was clear the desire for revenge. But, alas, luck was not on my side. Once again he lost. And I was not surprised when I heard that I had made him a blowjob. But then he added that it should take place in the room where the girls are asleep and I had no clothes. I mean, without panties, which I only stayed after the game on the strip.

Choice I did not. Quietly going into the room, I knelt, gathering strength and desire to quickly stop it all. True Alex especially not in a hurry, and before you start, buttoned up my hands handcuffed behind his back. Interrupting my objections and disclaimers that I need to do blowjob hands. It was humiliating and very uncomfortable, and the fact that the next two girls sleeping, which can wake up at any time, even frightened.

Video I've seen where the girls do blowjob, helped me, and I knew that in such situations, you need to do. The truth is I never thought that this would have to ever do. But a gambling debt, a debt of honor. Whether this rule is not okay.

Initially, it was necessary to excite his penis and it was the easiest. Then, clumsily and awkwardly he began to suck him, but took him deep into her mouth. A couple of attempts to cause nausea. It took five minutes of obscure movements. A couple of times I heard the girls are moving in a dream and scared froze with a member in the mouth, afraid to make any noise.

Apparently Alex is tired of everything and he took matters into his own hands. At first, his hands on my head, slowly began to control my movement, then the same every time began to increase the speed and eventually just pecked me in the mouth, making chmyakayuschie sounds. I was afraid that these sounds will wake the girls, but it is clear alcohol in their bodies drowned out any sounds.

Ten minutes of agony and Alex began to slow down. Then he pulled out a member and began to quickly nadrachivat his hand. After a couple of seconds finished on my face, a few drops fell into the mouth. I spat in their direction, for which he received a slap from him. On my request to undo the handcuffs, he smiled and walked around me. True handcuffs he never unbuttoned, and in turn, fastened one more on my feet and joined them with handcuffs on his hands. When I asked what he was doing, he replied, 'card debt, a debt of honor. "

Then he left the room and closed the door. And I was left kneeling, naked, in cosmetics, with traces of semen on her face, handcuffed and the room where slept two women.

I do not remember how I fell asleep, but I was awakened by a slap. Opening my eyes, I did not immediately realize where I was and who I was awakened. Focus the mind, and a little come to himself, he found himself and kneeling in the middle of the room in handcuffs on the hands and feet. His face felt dried semen. And turning his head to the side, where a slap arrived and saw Julia standing there. She stood in the same underwear, which yesterday had gone to bed, and quite smiling at me. Turning to the other side glance, I saw Christina, who just looked at me smiling.
- Well, here you got, baby - Julia smiled and gave another slap in the face.
Seeing the lack of understanding on my face, and the fear in the eyes, Christina brought the paper to my eyes. It was the text of the hand written.

"I'm sorry, Andrew. I am guilty that you got into this situation. But before you run to the store, we played cards. And I lost. But the desire that they make come true - it's you. I objected, but the "card debt, a debt of honor." Sorry again."
And below the signature, Alex.

I once again with fear in his eyes looked at Julia, but I realized that I did not wait for mercy.