The benefits of massage

Natasha and I met quite by accident many years ago. In our relationship there was no romance, just sex, and even then not very often. I just potrahival it from time to time, usually in cases of emergency, when there were no new candidates. She is older than me by 10 years, but in adolescence I liked to shoot women older than themselves. She looked very nice, slender, not a gram of excess weight, with a round and small popochkoy sisechki neat, very well appointed, and in all places. Banging it just fantastic, and there was only one drawback - Natalia was insatiable. For this reason, it is not very fond of sucking, but did it great, deep and tight, afraid that her pussy will get less.
That evening, as the time was an emergency when other heifers dock did not work and I had to call the long-standing davalki Natasha. Quickly asked for a visit, I bought a bottle of semi-sweet and have a snack and pinned to her home. Natasha was very happy my visit because we have not seen for several months. After a brief exchange of news, which lasted until we were drinking wine, talking about what was not. To dispel prolonged pause Natasha began to wash the dishes, slightly bent over the sink. Jeans even tighter obtyanuli her lovely ass, which was immediately noticed my body. From crowded eggs member team came to attention! and he immediately stood up. I went over and put his arm around girlfriend from behind, he began stroking her breasts and tummy, gently kissing her neck. Gradually, under my caresses Natasha began to become soft, but when I tried to push his hand into her pants, pulled back sharply.
-No, I have monthly.
I was discouraged, if so, why she invited me to visit, because she knew just what I needed from her only one.
-Natasha, you're feeling that comes with it - I clung to her even tighter standing member - let him calm down.
Perhaps this oil my voice she heard for the first time, so I did not have to ask for a long time. She turned to me and put her hand to my groin. Deftly wielding hand, she looked me in the eye and probably waiting for me to say something. But I silently took her hand out of his pants and unleashed my long been stagnant unit. Natasha sat down and began to lick it lightly. I was so excited that I was not up to the delights of her blowjob technique, so as soon as she put her head with his lips, I stabbed her in the throat to overflowing. She gasped and tried to pull away, but was pressed down to the sink, quickly and brutally fuck in the mouth: lick the last drop of sperm, Natasha got up and lit a cigarette, I also lit a cigarette and sat down on a chair. Getting good, I would like to continue - I thought. In my head there was a funny idea - to unleash the blyadinu anal sex. Prior to that, she did not make me such gifts. One day I was drunk without any preparation prisunul her point, but she immediately pulled away, saying that hurt her.
-If you want, I'll give you a massage? - I put out a cigarette and stood up.
-You and I decided to make nice - Natasha languidly looked me in the eye.
-Why not just perturbation some cream to hands slid better.
In the bedroom, Natasha took out a bottle of oil tables Johnsons Baby, undressed, showing me a neatly trimmed pussy sticking with thread plugs and lay down on the sofa. Pouring oil on your hands a little, I took up massage.
Natasha really kayfovat, uttering groan. After working on her upper half is enough to make it razomlela, I began to descend lower to the waist, slowly stroking the buttocks, then got to the foot after foot massage once again moved to the ass. A member of my long-standing and he was impatient to go somewhere zanyrnut. Continuing to stroke her friend with one hand, I quickly pulled on a condom. Plyuhnuv in the palm of a hefty dose of oil, I have concentrated their actions on two fine hemispheres and the gap between them. Stretching Natashkiny ass I slipped a thumb to the coveted hole, lubricating the edges and quietly pushing so that the anus was revealed little. The response to my actions were only sweet postanyvaniya. After a few minutes of manipulation I was already unbearable to stay, wanted to place a finger on turned out to be tired of waiting for cock and to fuck, to fuck that ass.
-Natasha, I really want your popku- my voice sounded so gently and sweetly, that it was difficult to refuse.
-Well, - has agreed Natasha- only little by little, all right - and she turned on the side- Lie.
I lay down, put his arm around her breasts, leaning ready to attack a member in the ass waiting for me. Natasha took him in hand and sent back to his hole.
-Only akkuratney- she asked again.
I nudged the head and slipped into the lubricated point.
- Oh - Natasha moaned, and I tried to push a hose deeper. -Can You well enough - she asked, when she went to a couple of centimeters, - I am afraid that I will be hurt - and she squeezed his fingers, preventing progress forward, rammed her ass dick.
- Okay, how do you say - and I was so happy, and pulled back his friend to send him to a new attack.
Pulling out completely, I again leaned forward, head with difficulty pushing ring anus, went deeper. What a thrill, to fuck undeveloped point! Natasha caved forward and put his hand between her legs, lightly squeezing my balls. For a long time I could not hold out and squeezed harder located in my hand, he pulled out a member of the boob out in full, waited a few seconds to hole shrank back and planted in well liked me to point at an angle such that the penetration was not particularly deep, but the resistance is maximized. Our moans merged, Natashkiny mild pain from my great pleasure. I graduated a long time not to weaken the embrace is not my little buddy went limp and did not fell out.
- Your popka- a miracle I kissed Natasha's neck.
- Thank you for not ripped her- she jokingly said to me the favor.
A little breathless, we went to bathe and smoke. I wanted to continue, so to speak consolidate this success.
Back in the bedroom, we were lying in the arms and listened to music. My hands reflexively caressing a woman's body, causing the body mistress began to breathe more often.
- The next time I do a massage as it is today - Natasha sat down and took in his mouth.
Under the influence of her lips and tongue, and hands, caressed eggs, my cock filled the void in her mouth, I just lay and baldel from her skillful action. After about 15 minutes of active sucking Natasha podustala and removing it from the shiny penis saliva from his mouth said:
- Can I tell you just masturbate ?.
- You can - I graciously agreed - but better in the ass, I really enjoyed it out there with you.
He hesitated a few seconds, Natasha wore a condom on me and reached for the bottle of oil. Turning and legs dangling to the floor, I'm reclining watched as she lubricates his anus. The spectacle, I tell you, it is very exciting!
- I want you to myself sat on a member, want to look at eto- and I took it in his hand, holding in the upright position ....
Natasha got back to me, he sat down, and stretching the buttocks hands, lowered his point on my prick.
- Come on, come on - I was impatient.
Slowly, very carefully, ass sit down millimeter by millimeter sticking to my count. That still picture! When it became 10 centimeters, ass began to rise, reaching the head of the penis stopped for a moment and then crawled down.
More, more, more deeply - could only say I- sit down deeper - I was boiling mad and I wanted to plant it in the ass to the most eggs.
Natasha tried to sit down lower than usual, but stopped, apparently in pain, but I could not wait. Grabbing her hips, I arched forward at the same time sharply pulled her friend over. Here, like this, finally her ass touched my pubic area, a member of the full length absorbed in the gut this blyadiny, it was nice there and I was not going to extract it from there, except to drive back to the same. Natasha moaned, tried to get up, but my hands again and again drew her to him as long as he felt that is about to finish.
- Be patient a little longer, my dear, very soon - and I am again with the force drove dick in her ass.
As soon as I had finished, Natasha got off me and instead take offense because I'm a little too far, I took a condom and began to suck my end as a favorite candy. Lick the last drops she got up and went to the kitchen for a cigarette. We were lying in bed and smoking, as she thought I did not care, and before my eyes flashed shots tonight. Never, perhaps, I do not forget how stretched on my dick pink anus.