Sinner on a white horse. Part 8: The Dark Night

On reaching the police department building, Alex Vlad found near the gate. Finished his cigarette, Vlad threw a cigarette butt on the pavement and headed for the Maybach. He wisely decided it would be much better if they were not seen together, t. To. "Veronica Seregin deal" was a rotten. Once in the car and shake his hand, Vlad went directly to the point.
- I found everything. The girls sew 112 th and 162 th, - he said.
- Do you think me about something do these numbers mean? - Alex asked a little annoyed.
- 112 - harm to health of average weight. 162 - robbery. In the first article, she undergoes 5 years, and on the second - up to 10 years.
- What kind of nonsense? Who and when the mouse is managed grabanut?
- Ostensibly grabanut. Terpily name Igor Zhurov. One more type. Nowhere learns and does not work, and all day thumps with his buddies. A couple of times it was delivered to us on hooliganism, but immediately released.
- Why?
- Because his father work in a law office, and uncle - in the chapter MIA.

"Gee. It looks like a mouse specifically hit!" - Alex thought.
- But that's not all - continued Vlad. - It turns out Seregina Zhurov and familiar with each other. They were in the same class.

Then Vlad told the following: according to the Zhurova, he was attacked in his own porch, when he went up the stairs. Returning home, he met in the stairwell Veronica, and struck up a conversation between them. While she spoke, Igor teeth behind him someone crept up and struck on the head with a truncheon. When Zhurov fell Veronica cleaned out his pockets and stole money and mobile phone, and then ran away. Consider the face of the attacker Igor did not have time.
- This case investigates Terekhin. It is said that he called Polkan of Glaucus, and ordered the closure of a girl in full. There you have it - finished his story, Vlad.

Alex mused. He is on a personal experience that Veronica, in which case, robust design can attach to the head. However, the fact that she did it for the money and a mobile phone, hard to believe.
- Well, what do you think yourself? - Alex asked after a pause.
- It put all of this. This is the more Garik face ... These mugs only to frighten children. Fuck knows how it was in reality, but obviously not as Zhurov said. The problem is that Terekhin do not care how it was actually. He was given a command to close Seregin, and he will do it.
- And if he is to throw some money?
- Neither in this case. I say, - an order from above. If you are so eager to help Seregin, call for help to his father. He put in a jiffy Colonel Zhurov place.

Alex shook his head. Oleg Lavrov was alien to altruism. Even if Alex crashed his father on his knees and began to kiss his shoes, even Lavrov Sr. would not help absolutely a stranger, especially if it did not promise benefits to him personally.
- Well, then another option: you can talk with terpily, and persuade him to give up all claims - Vlad suggested.

But this idea seemed to Alexander limiting. There were only two options: to give Zhurova money or give him lyuley. The first option was easier, and the second is more preferable.
- Thanks for the tip. Throw me a photo and address Zhurov SMSkoy - Alex said, and held out his hand to Vlad.

Vlad Lavrov, shook his hand, but before leaving the Maybach decided to make something clear.
- Why are you even harnessed for Seregin? What's she do? - Vlad asked.
- She saved my life after she is almost killed, - said Alex with a smile.

Vlad thought his friend was joking, but he did not persist. Lavrov realized that his answer sounded implausible, but the truth would have sounded even more wildly. Alex Admit that it seriously interested homely mouse, Vlad would still did not believe him.

While white Maybach drove away from the police station, Veronica sat in front Terekhin, trying unsuccessfully to convince investigators that her arrest - a terrible mistake.
- Yes of course. Everything you say, - said Terekhin bored.

Veronica was silent, realizing the futility of his efforts. The investigator took from a drawer a sheet of paper and a pen, and put them in front of the girl.
- If you write how it was, and be called the name of an accomplice, then so be it, you will go only by the article 162, - proposed Terekhin.

Veronica hard to believe that all this is happening to her. Determined to fulfill the request Antonina Vasilyevna, Nick had found the right house. Climbing the stairs, Nick stumbled on her ex-boyfriend. Igor Zhurov sat on the window sill, smoking a cigarette, and spat on the floor. At the sight of Garik, Veronica felt uncomfortable. Covering the face with his hand, she slipped past Garik before he could see her. Returning woman her passport, and conveyed greetings from his grandmother, Nick began to descend. At this time just pass did not work - Zhurov recognized his ex-girlfriend, jumped from the window sill, and barred the passage.
- Well great, bitch. Long time no see - greeted Garik Veronica.
- Fuck off, - angrily said Nick, and went to meet Zhurova.

Garik stepped aside, and pretended to miss the girl. But when Nick tried to go past Igor he grabbed her arm and turned to face him.
- Where are you going, you fool? I will not let go! - He said, showering Woman smell of cheap tobacco.

Angry Veronica giving squirt foot, and when he let go of her, snatched the bag from a gas canister, and sprinkled caustic jet directly into a brazen face Garik. Zhurov howled, as if awakened medvedshatun, covering his face with his hands. Veronica walked her former boyfriend and ran downstairs. Nothing seeing Garik stumbled and rolled head over heels down at the end of hitting his head on the iron door. Terekhin tried to convince her that the victim suffered a concussion, but Veronica knew that everything was a lie. She saw with my own eyes, as a mother Garik rose to his feet and returned to the window sill, and then sighed with relief, and hastily left the dangerous entrance. Two hours after Veronica went home to visit her visited by opera, and asked to go with them to the department. Not knowing what was happening, she followed the police, what is now very sorry.
- I will not write anything! - Veronica said stubbornly, defiantly looking Terekhin eyes.

Realizing that the client is still not "ripen" the investigator called to duty, and ordered take Nick back to the monkey. Before nightfall Veronica sat in the monkey alone. Then, in the police department came Opera, detained four prostitutes. Three of them were taken somewhere, and the fourth, hoisted to Veronica. While the girls were down the hall, they were laughing uncontrollably. What caused this joy, Veronica and could not understand. When the giggling girls shoved into the office, one from an opera called out on duty, so he warned them if their department will drive someone from his superiors.
- What's happening? - Nick asked a friend in misfortune.

Prostitute (her name Snezana) snorted contemptuously.
- Do cops today Saturday - she said after a pause.

Snezana is not the first year working as a prostitute, and had time to see much. Opera from this department krysheval massage parlor, where she worked Snezana and her tovarki. Once a month, after the change of the opera frequented the salon, we chose several girls and fucked. Naturally, neither of which payment of sexual services could be no question. Snezhana and her three friends were detained in the street when the girl returned home. Since the massage parlor was on the other side of Moscow, the girls were taken to the office. Since then, both prostitutes brought into the room, it took 20 minutes. Sitting at his post on duty filled some papers and yawning. At this point, the police department have welcomed two PPSnikov - Stas and Jura. I found out that their colleagues have brought "fresh meat" Jura and Stas visited by the department to remove the sample. Finishing 9th grade, Stas and Jura dreamed to go to work in the police. Even then, the future law enforcement officers know what they want from life. And they wanted to shake Caucasians in the markets, and free to fuck whores. With both tasks PPSniki coped 5 plus. While Yuri spoke with duty, Stas critically examined the girls in the monkey.
- Not much, - said Stas, stopping view of the Veronica.

She shivered. Taking on duty keys of monkey, Yuri opened the chamber seized Snezhana arm, and dragged into the investigator's office. The prostitute did not even try to resist. When Stas tried to get closer to Veronica, she recoiled. Then Stas took a stick and hit her on the bars. Nick swallowed the lump in his throat mistimed, and nodded.
- That's better, - said Stas happily, and put the stick.

Realizing that it is not necessary to wait for help from the duty, Veronica followed the PPSnikom Terekhina in office. When Stas and Veronica went into the office, already being sucked Snezana sitting at a table Jura. PPSnik closed his eyes and muttered something under his breath. Opening one eye, and observing the observers, Jura in a joking manner directed at Stas two fingers. Second hand Snezhana he grabbed his head and tried to stick his dick right in her throat. Hooker opened his mouth wide and let a member PPSnika reach his throat. Stas watched all this with frank envy. After removing off the stick and gun, he ordered Veronica kneel. Nick looked furtively at a club, but Stas caught her eye.
- Just try it - in a voice distinctly policeman was heard an undisguised threat.

Meanwhile, the Jura, he borrowed enough mouthed prostitutes, Snezhana bent over the table, and ordered the girl to take off her skirt and panties. When a prostitute has fulfilled an order PPSnika Yura shoved into her pussy gun.
- I always wanted to do this - PPSnik said. - Count to three.

Snezana shuddered, and turned to face the Jura. Then PPSnik shoved the gun, which was most recently in Snjezana pussy, her mouth, quickly counted to three, and pulled the trigger. Shots are not followed.
- Not ssy, slut. For this and come up with a fuse, - said Stas, who knew beforehand that Yura would not shoot a prostitute.

"Sick bastards. By comparison, even Lavrov seems appropriate!" - Nick thought.

By removing the pistol in the holster, Jura prostitute turned back, bent over the table and abruptly shoved in pussy Snjezana his unit.
- Enough already staring! On your knees, bitch! - Veronica shouted at Stas, dissatisfied with the fact that Yura has fun at all, but it still did not suck.

After collecting the remains of courage, Veronica shook her head. Stas grabbed her by the hair and brought to him.
- You Th, greyhound? - He said, showering Woman fumes.

Nick knew that to do so not worth it, but could not resist, and spat in the face nasty PPSnika. Stas's eyes widened, and then they played the devil's flames. Having alienated Nick Stas hit her foot in the stomach. Veronica gasped. She dropped to her knees and began to greedily gasping for air. Stas abruptly pulled off his pants and sent his cock in her mouth Nicky. However, Veronica beginning to shake his head from side to side, desperately not wanting to swallow dick PPSnika. Stas much amused by this flash of defiance. He grabbed her with both hands behind his head, and brought to his groin. Veronica abruptly closed his mouth and clenched her teeth. Fucking Snezhana Yura, threw on his colleague look over his shoulder and grinned.
- Not Tupi, and shut her nose! - I advised PPSnik.

Stas did. Veronica's eyes bulged and twitched his head. She promised herself that if the geek in the form of still shove your arm of her mouth, then pull out of it only half. Almost losing consciousness from lack of oxygen, she grabbed the hand of a member of the rapist, took him aside, then opened his mouth and sank his teeth into his thumb PPSnika. Stas screamed and backed away from Nicky, though from a leper. By the time Yuri had finished fucking Snezhana, and pulled out of it blown out his penis. Seeing that his friend still nothing perepalo, Jura laughed.
- Stop laughing! - Stas barked at him, massaging the finger on which the traces of the bite.

Jura stopped laughing, put the cock pulled up his pants, and looked at Veronica. Having seen the determination in her eyes, PPSnik realized that she will fight to the last.
- Score this girl. Do not you see - it is half-baked! - He expressed his professional opinion.
- No problem. I'm out of it all that shit now! Knock! - Stas growled and grabbed the stick.

The door opened a crack, and peered into the office on duty. Veronica abruptly rose from his knees.
- Slow down there! - He complained.
- And you all shut up! - Stas shouted, and threw in his colleague baton.

Scared duty immediately disappeared behind the door.
- I would in your place would not poke his bolt in the mouth of a rabid. She did you bite off entirely, or even to choke! - Jura tried to warn Stas.
- Just let them dare, and I'll knock her teeth! - Stas promised.
- Unequal exchange. She left without teeth, without you baldy. How then explain that the doctor, who will sew your dick back?
- Bandit bullet - a barely audible voice said Snezana.

Fortunately, it did not hear PPSniki. Stas looked at Veronica's eyes, and realized that this girl really able to leave him without a penis.
- Well, bitch, ready to risk health? - He asked bluntly.

Trying not to show fear, Veronica knelt.
- Try it - you will know - she said, and opened his mouth wide.

Rather than try again to force the girl to cocksucking, Stas slapped her hand over his face. Nick collapsed onto his stomach and put his hand to his bruised cheek. Wearing pants, Stas sharp jerked the girl to her feet, something growled and took her back to the monkey. Throwing Woman camera Stas locked the door, and returned to the office Terekhina. Before you go inside, PPSnik Veronica threw a look of hatred, through his teeth, the word "bitch", and entered into the study. Watch this scene on duty chose to pretend that crossword puzzles. Still not believing that it was possible to avoid rape, Nick sat on the floor and grabbed her shoulders with his hands. Ten minutes later, Stas and Jura led to the monkey house Snezhana, then hastily left the police department building. Looking at Nick as if in trance, the prostitute placed a hand on her shoulder. Veronica started.
- Relax, friend. These monsters are gone, - said the hooker, and sat down on the bench.

Snezana has gone through more than one work day, and got used to the fact that the cops treat them like dirt. Returning to the office Stas tore her hard in the ass and then in the mouth. In the end he called her whore, threw on the table, and began to choke. If not for the timely intervention of the Jura, Stas would definitely kill her. Returning to the monkey, Snezhana wanted revenge on Veronica, t. To. It is led by Stas from himself, but when he saw the condition of the girl decided not to touch her. Gradually moving away from the shock, Veronica got up from the floor, and sat down next to a prostitute.
- I do, of course, I understand, but all the same you fool. Got in the belly, I get in the face, almost lost teeth, and all in order not to bother with these skorostrelami. Is it worth it? - I asked a prostitute.

Veronica ran her hand down his cheek, still the burning from the impact of Stas, a couple of times licked her tongue and held for injured spot, then turned to face Snezhana.
- Even as the cost, - she said after a pause.

Soon enough monkey tightened rested opera. Taking Snezhana and her friends fighting, the guards took them back to the point, and Veronica was left alone. Despite the fact that the threat has passed, Nick all night never closed my eyes.

To be continued...

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