Proklizmovannaya Dashunya

Dasha, let's you watch cartoons on dzhetiks, and I'll make you klizmochku in three stages: the first relaxing, cleans second and third soothing. Yes? No, it is not necessary - the girl began to cry. Dashunya, well, do not worry. If you might be unpleasantly hard, and I will not tell. You lie down on my knees to the midsection, and you will watch your favorite channel. Let's try?
La dno.Vot and-done! I'll get it. When the first enema was recruited and placed on the table, and the girl was lying on my lap, he seemed relaxed, she suddenly squeezed ass and jerked. I beat on her back, and said in a calm voice: Dasha, relax the ass, is not it will not work!
-I changed my mind - she said tearfully.
-Late - and smeared Vaseline tip Grushki, hardly introduced in the ass sister. She screamed, jerked, but I struggled vodichku introduced into the intestine girls, representing how difficult, I will do it 2 more enemas.
Pulling the nose of popochki enema, I squeezed it and said: If you are not compressed, you would have liked, so during the second klizmochki you to relax and have a pleasant feeling.
I do not damsya - she rolled up her legs - but I pressed her belly to the pillow and whispered softly: My dear, I still proklizmuyu you, or do you want me to be called an ambulance and they have kept you.
-NO! -zaorala Dasha and I shoved her ass enema tip. So I repeat again. Then it was over and everything was full circle.